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How to add colored men's shoes to your style?

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>add</b> <b>colored</b> <b>men's</b> <b>shoes</b> to <b>your</b> style?

Did you know that men's style usually starts with their shoes? In some cases, their personality is even analyzed based on the shoes they wear. In fact, everything and all looks and judgments start from their shoes. Mistakes in choosing the model, color, fit and balance in shoes and clothes will make it very difficult to make judgments. Someone who judges you based on the shoes you wear, even if it does not work out, not even a stylish suit can change his mind.

In this article from Digistyle magazine, we intend to share with you Let's talk about choosing the color of the shoes. The colors are a bit limited, but the same limited colors with a smart choice can make your style exemplary. If you are also looking to choose the best shoes, join us.

men's shoe color is limited, but choose the right

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>add</b> <b>colored</b> <b>men's</b> <b>shoes</b> to <b>your</b> style?

When buying men's shoes, you will always find that the colors of men's shoes are limited to a few specific colors. Black, white, brown, honey and maybe crimson. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having such shoes, it can even be said that these colors are also suitable shoes for going to a formal appointment or courtship meeting; But you have to be skeptical when it comes to choosing a friendly date.

We are here to tell you that on normal days of the year, when you do not have a big party or formal appointments, limit yourself to this palette. Small colors can damage the quality of your style. Style is expressing oneself through the clothes you wear, and no man can define himself and his style with such a limited range of colors.

It's time to come up with new ideas for wearing colorful shoes and Think happy. Make sure the combination of colors in your clothing and footwear collection is a good idea. Take your style out of boredom and help promote your personal style by wearing light-colored shoes. Bring it to life.

Usually when you spend time with your friends or go to a party, you choose dark clothes to wear. We do not blame you because you are right, you do not leave your safe circle and this way you feel comfortable. We know that it is difficult for you to give up this habit, and of course, there is no problem in having this type. In such a scenario, having a few pairs of light-colored shoes is an idea worth considering.

You may be one of those people who only stick to a few specific colors like black and navy blue for your shirt and pants, and not at all. They do not like to make any changes to their style. It is true that in many parties or events, these colors look very stylish, but our suggestion is to show a little more courage by choosing a light shoe.

It is better to put your character under the colors. Do not hide dark and opaque. For example, if you are hiking with your friends, wearing navy blue T-shirts and pants with a pair of crimson hiking boots will make you look much more attractive. If you do not like this color, try at least white and light cream. Wearing a black linen means shouting, "I can not show who I am." Because we all have a bold part in our spirit that we always try to hide.

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Next winter, be as bright and warm as the sun

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>add</b> <b>colored</b> <b>men's</b> <b>shoes</b> to <b>your</b> style?

It shines brighter. A season of the year when you can safely add more colors to your clothes. Use warm colors like orange and green in the style of your shoes and use this opportunity to look more comfortable.

Do not overdo it while being careful. If you are trying to make your style more uniform with your shoes, you should make a balanced combination of colored shoes and other clothes.

For example, do not try to wear colored shoes with clothes that are a combination of different colors. Usually we suggest colored shoes for a style that is simple and wants to save itself from this simplicity with a trick.

If we want to explain this part with a simple example, we must say that wearing a A very light orange shoe with crimson jeans and a crimson hoodie adorned with orange stripes can be a very smart choice. On the other hand, if your hoodie is a combination of cheerful colors and your pants are very light blue, wearing orange shoes is not recommended at all. Wear white linen and be happy that your style is not in question.

Do not forget the combination of T-shirt and shoes

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>add</b> <b>colored</b> <b>men's</b> <b>shoes</b> to <b>your</b> style?

your T-shirts with Style colored sneakers; You will look younger and more vibrant for years. Just now I was reminded of an old man in a T-shirt and white shoes with blue jeans running and everyone following him with a smile. Of course, it is good to know that T-shirts are not for everyone, but if you like them, it is to your advantage. Now that you have a wide range of colors in front of you, maximize the potential of your style.

If you are a person Constantly looking for an opportunity to replace their mens shirts with a t-shirt, be sure to replace your dark mens shoes with a sneaker. Then you will see that you are a few years younger than your tradition and a group of young people will follow your presence in their congregations. Surely you will be very happy if your child posts your picture on his social network and writes in the description of the picture "My father showed with this style that he can be handsome even at the age of 70."

Tips when wearing colored shoes Clearly you have to remember

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>add</b> <b>colored</b> <b>men's</b> <b>shoes</b> to <b>your</b> style?

remember that shoes are supposed to do something to make your style look different. Keep an eye out, so do not sacrifice them by wearing a hat or shirt of the same color. You are not going to show that you know the colors well. Gone are the days of setting clothes with a certain color. An artist is someone who can use different colors in styling but still look good.

Don't forget to show off your shoes well. Try on all your chances to be different and stylish by wearing colorful and new shoes. Do it with pride. Make sure your pants are not too long so that they do not wrinkle and attract negative attention. Remember that one way to make shoes look good is to wear appropriate pants. You should consider the height of the pants according to its model. Not too short and not too long. Because people may pay so much attention to choosing the wrong pants that they do not see the beauty of your shoes at all.

Wearing brightly colored shoes may seem scary or very challenging at first, but when you see How much They can enhance your personal style and taste, you will definitely want to add more to your collection. Everyone believes that wearing colored shoes takes a lot of courage, but we say that a pair of colored shoes shows that you are a happy person, so more people will take the initiative to communicate with you.

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Rules for wearing a pair of white shoes

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>add</b> <b>colored</b> <b>men's</b> <b>shoes</b> to <b>your</b> style?

White shoes have their own fans these days. If you are also interested in white and you want to give a new look to your repetitive or everyday style to get out of the monotony, look younger and feel fresh, this white shoe is a special choice to look more attractive. Usually white is a great color to start with. Certainly someone who has worn all his black shoes can not suddenly change his style with a red shoe.

Learn How to style crimson shoes

BingMag.com <b>How</b> to <b>add</b> <b>colored</b> <b>men's</b> <b>shoes</b> to <b>your</b> style?

The number of people who go for this color is less than expected. This will give you an opportunity to have your own style. Be aware that shoes of this color are very suitable for summer. You have to choose carefully. The accompanying items of this shoe can be navy blue, black pants and jeans. If you often have a sporty style; The combination of crimson, sumac and liver shoes with light cream pants and light jeans has a beautiful balance. Especially if you are wearing a T-shirt with stripes of crimson.

Last word

Adhering to a certain style can make a person look dull. Reach. But also know that changing style does not always mean creating a revolution and destroying everything you have been and becoming a new person. Making a change in an item such as a shoe or even a collar model will slowly take you away from the jirga you are in and into a new group. Start with a pair of colored shoes and prove to everyone that you are not the dull person they think you are.

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