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Guide to buying stationary bikes (home and professional); Tips, pros, cons and best sellers

BingMag.com <b>Guide</b> to <b>buying</b> <b>stationary</b> <b>bikes</b> <b>(home</b> and <b>professional);</b> <b>Tips,</b> <b>pros,</b> <b>cons</b> and <b>best</b> sellers

If you're a fan of cycling, two years of the coronavirus pandemic have probably convinced you that buying a stationary bike at home can be very useful. On the other hand, if you are an avid cyclist, you may want to find a way to continue your training on days with polluted air, especially in Tehran! Therefore, buying a stationary bike can be a suitable solution for you. Considering this issue, this buying Guide can help you make a satisfactory purchase, because like any other tool, knowing the basic points and factors in buying this category of products is a great help for a successful purchase.

  • An overview of the benefits of a stationary bike
  • Types of stationary bikes and their advantages and disadvantages
  • 8 golden tips before buying a stationary bike
  • Investigating the possibility of buying different models according to the price of stationary bikes
  • The best-selling models of stationary bikes in the Iranian market

Overview of the benefits of stationary bikes

BingMag.com <b>Guide</b> to <b>buying</b> <b>stationary</b> <b>bikes</b> <b>(home</b> and <b>professional);</b> <b>Tips,</b> <b>pros,</b> <b>cons</b> and <b>best</b> sellers

At the very beginning, it is necessary to know that the use of these devices should be used as a supplement along with other sports. . This means that the stationary bike involves only certain parts of the body, and its long repetition without exercising other parts of the body can cause muscle wasting. But in general, this sport is very safe. In fact, perhaps the most important advantage that can be considered for a stationary bike is that the worries of using the bike on busy roads and uneven paths do not exist with such products. At the same time, the benefits of the stationary bike are also associated with other things.

  • Improving the resistance of the heart muscles: Using the stationary bike has benefits for the heart, lungs and other parts of the body. Of course, you should know that this does not only include stationary bikes, and treadmills can be a popular alternative among these products. , without putting pressure on your knees!
  • Usable for different age groups: In general, the degrees of resistance of the stationary bike are divided into three parts: low, medium and high, which the user According to the level of physical fitness, age and the goals he pursues, he can change these degrees. When you set the resistance of the stationary bike to low, you need minimal force and pressure to pedal the machine. So, with a stationary bike, you can slow down or speed up your pedaling effort; This feature is very useful in a stationary bike, especially for the elderly.

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Types of stationary bikes and their advantages and disadvantages

There are different types of stationary bikes in the market, the main examples of which are upright, recumbent and indoor stationary bikes. In general, you should know that each of these models is designed with a distinctive style and offers different levels of resistance and durability to its users.

1. Upright stationary bike

BingMag.com <b>Guide</b> to <b>buying</b> <b>stationary</b> <b>bikes</b> <b>(home</b> and <b>professional);</b> <b>Tips,</b> <b>pros,</b> <b>cons</b> and <b>best</b> sellers

As their name suggests, stationary bikes are for pedaling in an upright position. It is designed to allow you to switch between sitting and standing. Also, like road bikes that are used outdoors, in these options the pedals are placed directly under your body. Among the other characteristics of this type of goods is that the seat of the saddle has a narrow size and allows your legs to move without hindrance; But they don't support your back.

Of course, you need to know that the position of the upright bike seat in this way can naturally cause optimal muscle engagement throughout the body. The stationary bicycle has been sold in the market in different designs and with the possibility of folding, for storage in smaller spaces. Some even have movable handles to engage the upper body while cycling. Also, most of these options have an electronic display to track speed, distance and other key metrics.


  • This type of stationary bike with all The styles match and it's very practical.
  • This type of bike activates the whole body.
  • Standing bikes have folding options for easy portability and storage.


  • You may feel discomfort in certain parts of the body, such as the back and neck, during exercise.
  • The seats of these models are often not comfortable for long-term training.
  • In cases where the pedaling speed increases, you may feel unstable and unbalanced.

2. Seated stationary bike

BingMag.com <b>Guide</b> to <b>buying</b> <b>stationary</b> <b>bikes</b> <b>(home</b> and <b>professional);</b> <b>Tips,</b> <b>pros,</b> <b>cons</b> and <b>best</b> sellers

Recumbent stationary bikes soon became a large segment, mainly due to their availability, lower back strain and affordability. occupied the market and are particularly popular in sales. This type of stationary bike is more popular than standing models due to its wider seat and bent position that provides better support; In fact, due to the fact that the pedals are further forward, its bending puts less pressure on the joints.

Fixed bicycles of the seated type often have a display for entertainment while working and showing the necessary indicators. In general, due to the more support for the back in these models, sitting bikes are the optimal choice for those who have just started exercising or need more support for their back during training.


  • Better support for the back and neck and more comfort
  • Application of concentrated exercises in the lower body
  • Applying less pressure to Joints


  • The heavy weight of the device and the lack of comfort in moving it
  • To a certain extent especially in small environments

3. stationary bike of gym or club type

BingMag.com <b>Guide</b> to <b>buying</b> <b>stationary</b> <b>bikes</b> <b>(home</b> and <b>professional);</b> <b>Tips,</b> <b>pros,</b> <b>cons</b> and <b>best</b> sellers

Those who prefer to speed up during their training, stationary bikes It is a more suitable option for them as a gym for fast pedaling and burning calories. It is interesting to note that these powerful machines are commonly known as spinning bikes (brand name) and between 2019 and 2028, interest in these products is predicted to increase by 4.9% globally.

Salon bikes have sturdy handles that allow you to control the machine in different situations with a simple twist. In addition, the seats and handlebars are adjustable according to the height of the user so that the user can sit or stand while riding the bike like road models. It should be noted that the resistance or gear of the bicycle in these products can be adjusted so that pedaling can be changed from easier to more difficult modes. It controlled the amount of resistance and the intensity of the exercise. In order to do this, indoor bikes have a disc to increase and decrease resistance, which according to the type of track you are pedaling (by changing the pedaling modes), change the speed, incline and other things, as a result A few sessions, in addition to improving aerobic capacity, things like burning fat and shaping muscles also happen. Also, this type of stationary bike is one of the softest models available in the market.


  • These options provide the most accurate possible experience of cycling in They imitate the open space.
  • The ability to choose the type of pedaling, from easy to hard.


  • The saddle of these models may be a bit uncomfortable.
  • It can eventually lead to body deterioration.

4. Mini Bike

BingMag.com <b>Guide</b> to <b>buying</b> <b>stationary</b> <b>bikes</b> <b>(home</b> and <b>professional);</b> <b>Tips,</b> <b>pros,</b> <b>cons</b> and <b>best</b> sellers

If you don't want to spend a lot of money on pedaling, you can easily use a mini bike. and pedal while talking on the phone, working on the computer or while watching TV. In such a case, you will surely enjoy the mobility you give to your body.

Generally, such devices have a seat and pedals, but no neck support or handle, so they are small enough to fit under a table. take It should be emphasized that the mini bike is the best type of bike for gentle toning and keeping stiff joints mobile.

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8 golden tips before buying a stationary bike

In this section, we will have an overview of 8 important factors when buying a stationary bike so that you can make a correct choice more carefully.

1. Paying attention to the size of the device

If you are buying from the store in person, be sure to sit on it before buying this product and try it, in order to do this, you only need to adjust the stationary bike according to your height. Adjust and use it. On the other hand, if you buy online, it is better to choose it from reliable sites and read the characteristics and opinions of people carefully. Also remember that a characteristic such as the height adjustment range is also important in the purchase, especially if you are one of the very tall or very short people.

Before buying a stationary bike in person, check it carefully. Adjust to your height and then use; If you are interested in online shopping, be sure to check the settings!

2. Electric or mechanical

Mechanical or manual models start with just your pedaling, while an electric bike with smooth and easy movement with electric power, adjustable speed, display to show speed, time, distance and calories consumed, The amount of blood circulation etc. can bring comfort and accuracy during exercise. Mechanical stationary bikes usually have a plate to change the degree of resistance; But they are certainly not as convenient as pressing a button to change the resistance and may disrupt your training process.

3. stationary Bike Features and Features

Be sure to decide which additional features are important to you before making a purchase. Accessories on a stationary bike usually include a water bottle holder, dumbbells, a dumbbell holder, or a heart rate monitor. Also, if you are interested in doing something fun while exercising, be sure to pay attention to the capabilities of holding books, tablets or smartphones. Some models of stationary bikes require the use of special cycling shoes, which are optional in most other models, so check the type of bicycle pedals when purchasing.

The type of stationary bike pedals determines the use of shoes. It's cycling or not, so be sure to keep this in mind when buying!

4. Data that can be measured and displayed on a stationary bike

BingMag.com <b>Guide</b> to <b>buying</b> <b>stationary</b> <b>bikes</b> <b>(home</b> and <b>professional);</b> <b>Tips,</b> <b>pros,</b> <b>cons</b> and <b>best</b> sellers

Regardless of whether your bike is capable of connecting to the Internet and displaying To have the video, a suitable and practical display on this category of products should be able to show things like heart rate, calories burned, speed, pedaling rate in the form of revolutions per minute (RPM) and details like time and distance traveled. to give In general, if you are interested in recording and measuring your progress over time, you need access to such data.

5. The importance of folding design in today's small homes

If you like to use your bike in your living room, folding models seem like a good choice. Remember that even if you don't have a huge budget, it's not that hard to find a stationary folding bike in a variety of price ranges. These models are a suitable option for beginners and do not take up much space.

6. Pay attention to the type of resistance system of the stationary bike

Remember that it is the resistance feature of the stationary bike that makes training purposeful and worthwhile, otherwise all the effort you put into your training will be for nothing. It will not be a waste of time. In this regard, you should know that there are two types of resistance systems in stationary sports bikes, one of which is the weight-based system of the flywheel disk (also known as the brake-based system) and the other is magnetic resistance.

Many stationary bikes have a heavy metal disc in front, which is called a flywheel. The working procedure of this type of resistance system is that when you pedal, the disk stores the kinetic energy! So the faster you go, the greater the resistance on a stationary bike. It should be noted that brake-based systems require a heavier flywheel in order to achieve high resistance and increase the level of training, and you need to constantly change the disc with a heavier model as you progress.

On the other hand. This is not a problem with stationary bikes that use magnetic resistance systems. Because in this special system, two strong magnets control your movement and by attracting the wheel, they increase the resistance in the stationary bike. stationary bikes that use a brake-based design are usually less expensive than magnetic resistance bikes. But models with a magnetic system require less maintenance and produce less noise.

7. Product warranty

Look for a stationary bike that has a warranty that includes at least two to three years covering major moving parts and one year of device performance. Of course, the best warranty for this category of sports equipment is a lifetime body cover, a three-year warranty for other parts, and a one-year device performance warranty. The weakest warranty options among different brands are a one-year body warranty, or less than six months for bike parts and operation.

8. Safety of the device during use

Sports bikes have many moving parts, and for this reason, the use of low-quality products may be dangerous, so be sure to check the quality of the device before buying, and when using it, Follow the device instructions. The stationary bike must have a quality lock for reliable operation. Also, during use, make sure that your bike is locked and out of the reach of children. At the price of a stationary bike

BingMag.com <b>Guide</b> to <b>buying</b> <b>stationary</b> <b>bikes</b> <b>(home</b> and <b>professional);</b> <b>Tips,</b> <b>pros,</b> <b>cons</b> and <b>best</b> sellers

As you know, the amount of your budget to buy a stationary bike is directly related to the quality and facilities. on this product.

Inexpensive stationary bicycle models

You can buy a stationary bicycle by spending about 5 million Tomans in August 1401, but expect many features from it. do not have On the other hand, most cheap bicycles are not electric and work mechanically. In general, if If you are a beginner and looking to test different models for a better choice, inexpensive models of stationary bikes can be a good option to start with. If you were in the gym, or you are sure that you will use your bike regularly, you can invest in a mid-range model in the price range of 5 to 20 million. In general, for this price, you can get an electric product with higher resistance levels and a wide range of features, such as measuring calories burned and pulse.

Expensive models

These options They usually cost more than 30 million tomans. Many more expensive exercise bikes can pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth to more accurately track your posture. Also, this category of goods has a large and color display that allows you to approach planning and goals in this sport.

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The best-selling stationary bike models in the Iranian market

So knowing the key points in choosing this product, it is time to familiarize yourself with the most popular stationary bike models in the Iranian market so that you can choose a suitable model according to your budget.

Sitek stationary bicycle model 155B

BingMag.com <b>Guide</b> to <b>buying</b> <b>stationary</b> <b>bikes</b> <b>(home</b> and <b>professional);</b> <b>Tips,</b> <b>pros,</b> <b>cons</b> and <b>best</b> sellers

Sitek stationary bicycle model 155B is a Chinese product with The dimensions are 110 x 56 x 150 cm and the weight is 40 kg. It is marketed with an electro-magnet resistance system with a 9 kg flywheel. This mid-range car comes with a 4.92 x 2.2 inch screen and has a USB port. The maximum weight capacity of this product is 150 kg and it is a 3-piece product with the ability to adjust the saddle horizontally and vertically and adjust the handle. It provides you with a lot of information, including speed, time, distance, calories burned, recovery, heart rate, and the number of pedal revolutions per minute. Also, this system has 8 preset programs for weight loss, exercise based on heart rate, random exercises and programs for different time goals for fat burning. /h3>

BingMag.com <b>Guide</b> to <b>buying</b> <b>stationary</b> <b>bikes</b> <b>(home</b> and <b>professional);</b> <b>Tips,</b> <b>pros,</b> <b>cons</b> and <b>best</b> sellers

Powermax stationary bicycle model 5105R, a Chinese product with detailed instructions for correct installation of the device and a 12-month equipment warranty Sports of the world is a mid-range product that can meet your sports needs well. The display of this system can display information such as speed, distance, calories consumed, time, heart rate and number of revolutions per minute, and its resistance level reaches 8 degrees of pressure. In addition to these items, it is necessary to know that this product is equipped with the main base and seat settings, and the stationary Powermax model 5105R bicycle has an extra wheel for easy movement, its weight capacity is 130 kg, and it offers you the possibility of measuring the heart rate. /p> View the product in BingMag

Marshall Fitness stationary Bike Model 110B

BingMag.com <b>Guide</b> to <b>buying</b> <b>stationary</b> <b>bikes</b> <b>(home</b> and <b>professional);</b> <b>Tips,</b> <b>pros,</b> <b>cons</b> and <b>best</b> sellers

Buy Marshall stationary Bike Fitness model 110B can be the right decision for semi-professional cyclists at home because this affordable bike has interesting features such as a display to display basic information (speed, distance, calories consumed, time, heart rate and number of revolutions per minute), It has 8 levels of different pressure adjustment and the ability to adjust the base and saddle in both horizontal and vertical modes. This product comes with a 12-month warranty and can bring you the pleasure of exercising at home in the most convenient way possible. src="https://bingmag.com/picsbody/2208/22455-12.jpg" alt="BingMag.com Guide to buying stationary bikes (home and professional); Tips, pros, cons and best sellers" loading="lazy">

NUVOLA V3 Proteus stationary bike is a suitable device for doing aerobic exercises, especially for those who get tired of doing physical exercises very quickly. In general, this machine can bear weight up to 120 kg, and compared to similar models, its polished and shiny color has multiplied the beauty and attractiveness of this product.

This bike has the ability to adjust the handle. And its dimensions are such that it practically occupies the least amount of space. NUVOLA V3 comes with special features such as a screen with a mobile phone and iPod stand, 8-mode magnet mechanism, the ability to measure speed, distance, calories burned, time, heart rate and number of revolutions per minute, 8 levels of resistance and a weight capacity of 120 kg, so It can be a good option to start exercising at home or at work. It should be noted that this stationary bicycle is Chinese and was released to the Iranian market under the license of Taiwan's Proteus. ="https://bingmag.com/picsbody/2208/22455-13.jpg" alt="BingMag.com Guide to buying stationary bikes (home and professional); Tips, pros, cons and best sellers" loading="lazy">

If you are looking for a high quality stationary bike However, we offer you the 8719RP furnished model stationary bike, because it has features such as 140 kg weight bearing with electromagnetic function, 9 kg flywheel, resistance level with 32 electromagnetic gears, and the ability to adjust the saddle vertically or horizontally. , along with steering wheel adjustment, medical and anti-sweating seat, LCD display and 1 horse power. The space is not very optimal and it is practically considered cramped; But your sports needs can be met in the best possible way at home or in the company.

View the product in BingMag

Proteus stationary bicycle model JC-500R

BingMag.com <b>Guide</b> to <b>buying</b> <b>stationary</b> <b>bikes</b> <b>(home</b> and <b>professional);</b> <b>Tips,</b> <b>pros,</b> <b>cons</b> and <b>best</b> sellers

One of the types of cheap stationary bikes in the market of this kind of products with a price range below 6 million Tomans in the year of August 1401 is Proteus stationary bike model JC-500R. In general, this product is a very suitable and economical option that weighs 16 kg, but this lightness has no effect on its weight capacity and it can easily bear up to 100 kg.

This attractive car with The LCD display is capable of displaying speed, distance, calories consumed, time and heart rate. Among other features of this product is the ability to manually adjust the power, the belt motion transmission system, and the ability to change the intensity of resistance from 1 to 8 degrees. Also, this bike has wheels for easier transportation. The dimensions of this device are 82 x 54 x 120 cm, and the saddle of this stationary bike is designed in such a way that it can be easily adjusted and ensures the comfort of the user. h3>

BingMag.com <b>Guide</b> to <b>buying</b> <b>stationary</b> <b>bikes</b> <b>(home</b> and <b>professional);</b> <b>Tips,</b> <b>pros,</b> <b>cons</b> and <b>best</b> sellers

Marshall Fitness stationary bike model MFDs74-XB is another economic option with a very reasonable price that attracts the attention of many users. has attracted Because it has significant features such as 18 kg weight, 110 kg weight capacity, 3 different time programs, small space, the ability to display heart rate and 12 months warranty. In general, this type of stationary bicycle is of higher quality than other models in this price range and can meet your sports needs in a suitable way and at a normal level.

View the product in BingMag

Spinning bicycle Circle Fitness Model SP7B

BingMag.com <b>Guide</b> to <b>buying</b> <b>stationary</b> <b>bikes</b> <b>(home</b> and <b>professional);</b> <b>Tips,</b> <b>pros,</b> <b>cons</b> and <b>best</b> sellers

Circle Fitness Spinning Bike Model SP7B is a Taiwanese, professional, gym-type product that The needs of spinning athletes can be met in the best way. This product has features such as an LCD display with distance, time, calories, RPM and average speed display instantly, spinning circle resistance system of type Lenti (24 kg flywheel), one horse power, weight capacity of 150 kg and The step distance is 50 cm.

Besides these things, it is interesting to know that among the other advantages of this home spinning is the presence of a standard pedal and a water bottle stand, and the handles and saddle of this bicycle can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. adjusted according to the height of the user; Therefore, the Spinning Circle Fitness Bike model SP7B can be considered a complete product for professional users. -17.jpg" alt="BingMag.com Guide to buying stationary bikes (home and professional); Tips, pros, cons and best sellers" loading="lazy">

One of the stationary bike models that is classified among the expensive and high-end options is the Fabul stationary bike model R43. The engineered structure and solid chassis of the device is one of the features that make you realize the reasonableness of the device's high price. In general, the fuel stationary bicycle is electric and programmable (6 programs in 20 different modes), which is combined with an advanced electromagnetic electric system and adjustable in 20 different modes.

among other features This particular bike has the ability to adjust the seat on the corresponding rail, an advanced monitor with a 5.5-inch color screen, the presence of a speaker and a fan, strong handles on the side of the monitor and the seat to maintain balance, manual heart rate sensors, weight capacity of 130 kg and dimensions It is 130x55x125 cm.

View the product in BingMag

Proteus fixed bicycle model NUVOLA R3 code B

BingMag.com <b>Guide</b> to <b>buying</b> <b>stationary</b> <b>bikes</b> <b>(home</b> and <b>professional);</b> <b>Tips,</b> <b>pros,</b> <b>cons</b> and <b>best</b> sellers

Proteus fixed bicycle model NUVOLA R3 code B is a weapon with suitable dimensions for home use, which can bear weight up to 120 kg. The presence of a backrest in the seat of this type of stationary bike makes your body in a standard position during exercise and does not cause damage to the spine. In general, the saddle of this device can be moved and adjusted vertically and horizontally, and its handles also have this capability.

The large display of this device (speed, distance, calories consumed, time, heart rate and number of revolutions per minute) is the same color as the main body and comes with a mobile and iPod stand, these features also bring you ease of use. Im is a Chinese product under the license of Proteus Taiwan, and with 8 levels of resistance, it is considered a mid-range product. src="https://bingmag.com/picsbody/2208/22455-19.jpg" alt="BingMag.com Guide to buying stationary bikes (home and professional); Tips, pros, cons and best sellers" loading="lazy">

House Fit HB-8293HP stationary bike is another high-quality but economical model in the Iranian market that can meet the needs of novice users well. . This product is the result of the cooperation of two countries, Taiwan and China, and has features and capabilities such as bearing high weight (110 kg), displaying practical information (speed, distance, calories consumed, time, heart rate and number of revolutions per minute), having a shock absorber, It has gradation of speed display, heart rate display, 8 levels of pressure adjustment, 5-inch display and professional and standard 3 kg flywheel. It should be noted that the installation of this fixed bicycle is not difficult and it is considered one of the very convenient and small models. "https://bingmag.com/picsbody/2208/22455-20.jpg" alt="BingMag.com Guide to buying stationary bikes (home and professional); Tips, pros, cons and best sellers" loading="lazy">

Sculpture model 7360G stationary bicycle, product with 12 months warranty, ability to measure and display speed, heart rate, distance and calorie consumption, weight capacity 130 kg It is an electromagnetic resistance, along with a display and an adapter, which has a power of about 1 horsepower. The step distance in this type of stationary bike is 45 cm and its dimensions and weight are 150 x 65 x 130 cm and 43 kg respectively. It should be emphasized that the 7360G inflatable body sculpture stationary bike has default programs for better exercises that can be implemented through its display. S20

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Final Remarks

Once you have purchased the right stationary bike, the better Before using it, observe the following points to get the maximum result from your training. At first, it is better to adjust the seat and handles according to your height so that you are comfortable while riding. After doing this, choose the appropriate resistance level, be careful not to increase the resistance of the bicycle system too much at first, because an easy start and warming up the body is preferable to a heavy activity at the beginning. In the end, we hope you have a successful purchase and enjoy home sports!

Source: Consumer Reports

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