5 great and simple yoga moves that are suitable for beginners

Yoga is a relaxing exercise that can be suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. You have probably come across all kinds of yoga exercises and movements. We have written various articles about this in the yoga and meditation section. After seeing these exercises, you may finally want to go for this sport. But you may not know exactly where to start.

BingMag.com 5 great and simple yoga moves that are suitable for beginners

Yoga is a relaxing exercise that can be suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. You have probably come across all kinds of yoga exercises and movements. We have written various articles about this in the yoga and meditation section. After seeing these exercises, you may finally want to go for this sport. But you may not know exactly where to start.

In this article, we want to go to the same topic and see what are the best yoga exercises to start with. Here are 5 popular yoga moves that are the best options for beginners. You can do these exercises and incorporate yoga into your lifestyle. In the future, when you adapt to this sport, you can go to more challenging exercises and movements. Stay with us and 5 simple yoga moves for beginners.

1. Mountain pose (Tadasana)

BingMag.com 5 great and simple yoga moves that are suitable for beginners

This movement seems very simple but it has many benefits and if Doing it right can improve your form and confidence, and even have a positive effect on your other yoga practices. The mountain movement engages several muscles, including the upper body, legs, core, and arms. In addition, it engages and strengthens the soles of the feet.

To perform the mountain movement or Tadasana, you must first stand and keep your body completely straight. The soles of the feet should be in such a way that the heels are far from each other but the big toes are close together. You can also keep your thumbs slightly apart for more balance. In any case, you should stand in such a way that you maintain the balance and proper form of the body.

Now let your arms hang loosely by your body, but let them remain active and engaged. In this position, you should move your shoulders slightly back and down and keep your neck stretched. Also, place the palms forward.

Then by breathing and inhaling and exhaling, spread your weight on your legs and by moving your legs forward and backward, put your body weight on the heel to the toe. Focus your feet. You should swing in such a way that your toes and heels alternately rise and leave a little distance from the ground. Hold this position for a few deep breaths, swinging the legs and spreading your weight over the legs. You can also keep your eyes closed to feel better.

2. Standing forward bend (Utanasana)

BingMag.com 5 great and simple yoga moves that are suitable for beginners

Utanasana movement calms the brain, relieves stress and fatigue and other It eliminates mental problems such as anxiety and also leads to better functioning of the kidneys, liver, digestive system and food digestion process. Additionally, when performing a standing front bend, you focus on and release tension from your spine, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteal muscles.

To perform this First, stand up and slowly bend your upper body. Now stretch your spine and let your head fall towards the floor. Keep your knees slightly bent. Then put your hands on the floor. You can also hold the opposite elbow with each hand, place them in front of or behind the thigh, or even on the back and on the back. Hold this position for a few seconds so that the thigh muscles are well stretched and the abdominal organs are strengthened. adapt For example, place a chair or sturdy object in front of you and place your hands on it instead of the floor.

Note that this movement may be difficult for those with back or hamstring injuries, sciatica, sciatica. It is not suitable if they have high blood pressure or retinal tear.

3. Plank movement

BingMag.com 5 great and simple yoga moves that are suitable for beginners

To perform the plank movement, you can start from the previous movement and keep the body bent and the hands Put it on the ground. Keep your palms on the floor, straighten your arms and bend your knees to extend your legs behind you to get into a plank position.

Keep your whole body tight and your navel towards the column. Take the vertebrae. Tighten your stomach and core muscles, take a few deep breaths and stay still. Make sure your back is straight. The upper body and lower body should be in the same line. Be careful not to move your body and maintain this position with proper body form for a few seconds and a few deep breaths.

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4. Downward Dog Movement

BingMag.com 5 great and simple yoga moves that are suitable for beginners

In this movement, your body turns upside down and this position is for beginners and advanced Daily energy is very useful. In this situation, your nervous system is adjusted, the brain becomes more active and Your body will also be full of energy and feel light. This movement focuses on and engages the arms, shoulders, wrists and core muscles. Apart from this, it stretches and softens the muscles of the hamstrings, spine and legs. Therefore, most of your limbs are either engaged or stretched and flexed.

Also, Downward Dog can be considered a good exercise for treating sciatica and relieving fatigue. If your back is a problem that doesn't allow you to sleep or work well, and if it always leads to pain and fatigue, this move is right for you. Doing this stretching movement for a longer time or doing it several times along with other movements can be a good way to relieve back pain.

To perform this movement, first get into the plank position, then move your hips up and back. and keep the spine straight. Now open the fingers and distribute your weight between each hand. Your body should take the shape of the number 8. At the end, press the soles of the feet to the ground and lift them to stretch the leg muscles. One-legged downward dog movement leads to stretching of your side and hips, and apart from peace of mind, it also increases self-confidence. Try doing this exercise at the beginning of the day to feel better about yourself. By performing the one-legged downward dog movement, you can soften the sides and sides of the body, hamstrings and hip flexors, as well as engage and strengthen the arm muscles. Take it, spread your body weight on both hands and take a deep breath. Raise your right leg while breathing. When you raise your right leg as high as possible and keep your hips parallel to the floor, exhale and bend your right leg so that the heel moves toward your hips. Then rotate your upper body so that the right side of the body is well stretched.

At this stage, take two deep breaths and let the hips and right side stretch and soften. Now straighten the right leg, rotate the upper body again and place the right foot on the floor to come into downward dog position. Then repeat the same cycle with the left leg.

5. Baby Stretch

BingMag.com 5 great and simple yoga moves that are suitable for beginners

This popular yoga move is a great option for beginners who want to strengthen their glutes and thighs. It also stretches the hip and spine joints and doing it at the beginning of the day makes you fresh and energetic.

These body parts are usually dry at the beginning of the day and it is better to stretch them soften The way you sleep has a great effect on your body organs, and if you don't sleep properly and don't have a good form, these organs will face cramping and limited movement at the beginning of the day. It works the piriformis, leg and back rotators, hamstrings, and spine straighteners. In addition to these benefits, the movement of stretching the child can lead to relaxation of the brain and eliminate stress and fatigue. Therefore, it will make your day full of energy and a good feeling.

To perform this movement, first put your feet and hands on the ground and keep your hips up so that the body becomes a figure 8 (like downward dog exercise). . Then kneel on the floor and open the knees. Now straighten your spine, stretch and stretch your arms forward.

Put your upper body between your thighs, your stomach should be on your thighs and knees, your toes on the floor and your hips on your heels. Feet should be placed. Put your forehead on the floor and relax your neck, shoulders and arms and take a deep breath. Stay in this position for a few deep breaths.

Do yoga at home easily with these tips

BingMag.com 5 great and simple yoga moves that are suitable for beginners

Many people exercise at home to save money and manage their time better. Many people may not like sports and crowded environments and prefer to exercise alone. Either way, you can easily exercise at home and improve your health.

Doing yoga exercises at home can have many benefits. For example, you don't have to pay for gym classes or spend a lot of time commuting. Also, you don't have to adapt to other people's exercise program, instead you can prepare a suitable program yourself and exercise according to your ability, fitness level and lifestyle.

For yoga exercise, although some equipment can be effective. They can be, but you can start your work and get results with only simple household tools. Even all movements do not need these devices, and in fact, you can do most of the yoga movements with only one suitable mat. Keeping the following tips in mind will help you have a better yoga session at home.

1. Determine the right place for exercise

You will only need a space the size of your yoga mat to perform yoga movements. had Anywhere you can place this mat can be your yoga studio.

However, you should keep the space of the rooms and the house quiet and tidy enough. The quieter your environment is, the more motivated and focused you will be to exercise. Therefore, clean and tidy the house, put your mattress on the floor and don't pay attention to anything except this small environment for exercise.

2. Get help from music

Among the five senses, the sense of hearing is transferred to the brain faster. You can use this feeling to have a better and more efficient exercise and also transform your home into a suitable environment for exercising. Get help getting into more of a sports mood. Using headphones and hands-free also makes you have a better sense of music and feel it with all your heart.

Music has a great impact on your sports performance. If you listen to the right music, you can have an efficient physical activity at home and get better results. This will help you change the mood of the house to feel like you are in the gym. As a result, you can have more motivation and energy and look at the home environment with a fresh perspective.

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3. Make the space and environment of the house gentle and relaxing

Now that you know the importance of music and the sense of hearing, you should also work on your sense of sight and smell. Your gym should be suitable for exercise in every way. You need a lot of relaxation to practice yoga. You can achieve this relaxation by focusing on your five senses.

As we said, by listening to music, you can find more relaxation through the sense of hearing. For the sense of sight and smell, you should keep the home environment dark or dim, and also use fragrances, essential oils or scented candles.

Try to keep extra lamps off as much as possible. If you are exercising during the day and it is bright at home, you can close your eyes or use an eye patch to block the sunlight. You can also place a towel over your eyes while performing the movements while lying down to get more relaxation. For this reason, always keep your home and sports space clean and use different fragrances.

4. Prepare your aids and make them available

Perhaps one good thing about doing yoga in gyms and sports classes is that you always have access to various equipment. If you want to exercise at home, you should keep these equipment organized and available so that you don't waste your time and don't lose your motivation. Because many people may not have the patience to use messy equipment while exercising. The more organized these equipments are, the better you will feel about using them.

Also, you may not have yoga equipment and have to use household equipment. For example, you should do some yoga movements with a chair, matka, blanket, etc. These basic equipment can be found in every home, but you must have them at hand before exercising so that you are mentally prepared for exercise and don't waste too much time using them.

The benefits of exercise in Home is where you can use household items and not waste a lot of money on sports equipment. Despite this, seeing ordinary household items may not give you the right feeling and motivation to exercise. So you should put these devices in another place before exercising and consider them only as a part of your gym. Whenever your exercise is over, put these things back in place to get back to your daily life.

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Yoga can improve blood circulation, regulate blood pressure, strengthen the body's respiratory system, Increase cardiovascular endurance, increase the resistance of the body, improve the digestive system, strengthen the immune system, improve sleep and also increase life span. And these are only a small part of the benefits of this amazing sport.

Keeping these benefits in mind, you should plan to do yoga and don't let various obstacles stop you. If for any reason you can't go to the gym, you should start doing yoga exercises at home. The exercises we introduced are the best options to start with. So, keep in mind the points we mentioned, start practicing yoga and benefit from the unique benefits of this sport.

This article is only for education and information purposes. Before using the recommendations of this article, be sure to consult a specialist doctor. For more information, read BingMag Disclaimer.

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