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Freezing food in the freezer and ways to prevent it

BingMag.com Freezing food in the freezer and ways to prevent it

You have probably found a package of meat, vegetables or ice cream at the bottom of the freezer that no longer looks good. If the food inside the freezer has a hard, dry, wrinkled texture, you change color in appearance, or ice crystals of considerable thickness surround it, it is likely that your food has burned in the freezer. In this article, we will get acquainted with the phenomenon of freezer burns from Digi Kala Mag, and we will find the answer to whether the consumption of burnt food in the freezer is harmful or safe. We will also talk about ways to prevent freezing cold damage to food.

What is a freezer burn?

BingMag.com Freezing food in the freezer and ways to prevent it

The freezer burn phenomenon is the result of moisture loss, and this burn can occur for any food package that has been frozen for a long time. All foods contain water, which turns into thousands of ice crystals when frozen. These crystals migrate to the surface of the food through a process called sublimation and eventually to the coldest part of your freezer. Sublimation is similar to evaporation, but it does not exist in the process of liquefaction and is a direct substance from The solid state is converted to gas. The best example of sublimation is ice cubes that have been left in the freezer for a long time. These pieces of ice become smaller over time, and in fact the process of solidification into gas has taken place.

Loss of water molecules reduces water in the food tissue, resulting in wrinkled frozen food. It will dry and harden. Loss of water to oxygen also provides an opportunity to change the taste and color of food. The change in taste and color due to freezing is very noticeable in inappropriately packaged meat, poultry and fish. Freezer burning occurs when frozen food loses its moisture and oxygen flows to itself, drying and hardening the tissue of the food, as well as discoloration in the texture of frozen food.

Poor quality but still healthy

BingMag.com Freezing food in the freezer and ways to prevent it

Freeze burn reduces the initial quality of food, but causes It will not be corrupted. So food burned in the freezer may have an unpleasant taste or texture after cooking, but eating them will not be dangerous for you.

If you plan to eat food burned in the freezer, you can eat it all. Remove the burnt parts and then consume it. It goes without saying that the overall quality of this food will never be the same as a healthy, unburned or fresh sample.

Tests on chicken breast fillets show that most of the moisture lost in the freezer is between 2 and 6 months and Then it will be 8 months later. After this time, the frozen meat had a 31% rougher texture than the fresh meat, and the color of the meat had also changed. The longer the breast meat is frozen, the darker and redder its color will be.

How to detect freeze burn?

BingMag.com Freezing food in the freezer and ways to prevent it

Any food stored in the freezer may suffer from cold burns. However, dehydrated foods with a higher percentage of water, such as vegetables and greens, meat, poultry, fish or ice cream, are more prone to freezer burns than low-water foods such as nuts, nutritious grains or flour.

Freeze burns of fruits and vegetables are easily recognizable because their texture becomes dry and wrinkled. They may also be covered in ice crystals due to lack of water, and if you cook them, they will probably have a woody texture.

Starchy foods such as cooked cereals, rice or pasta, as well as high-consumption cooked foods Like bread or cakes, they get a rougher texture due to freezing burns. Cereals may also be covered with ice crystals as a result of the burn process, which will dry out and become thicker when cooked.

Ice cream will no longer have its original creamy state due to freezer burns. Ice crystals form in its texture.

How to prevent food from burning in the freezer?

BingMag.com Freezing food in the freezer and ways to prevent it

  • Set the freezers to the right temperature. Preventing the freezer from burning is a priority, but that does not mean that you should not be aware of food spoilage. Whenever you freeze food, make sure your freezer is set to the right temperature. You can minimize food burn in the freezer by keeping the freezer at zero degrees Fahrenheit (minus 18 degrees Celsius) or less. Food freezes faster at this temperature and the freezing process takes place with smaller crystals. Small crystals are less likely to damage your food tissue and reduce the chance of burns.
  • If your freezer is set to zero degrees Fahrenheit (minus 18 degrees Celsius), bacteria and other dangerous pathogens will not grow. And cooking and consuming these foods will not be a health problem. Provided, of course, that these foods are fresh at the beginning and during freezing, and that the defrosting process is done properly. Of course, freezing food, like other long-term food storage methods, such as cans, fruit drying, and pickle jars, will affect the initial quality of the food.
  • Proper food packaging also minimizes tissue contact. It will be oxygenated. For example, meat, poultry or seafood should first be wrapped in freezer paper or plastic bags and then completely covered with foil.
  • Try to use suitable containers for freezing in the freezer. Once you have prepared your food for freezing, you should place it in a suitable container. Depending on the budget and type of food, you can use freezer bags, freezer plastic containers, and freezer storage glasses. If using a bag, try to get as much air out as possible.
  • As much as possible, get air out of fruit and vegetable packages before freezing Bag You use a container, it is better to use small containers to minimize empty spaces between foods when freezing. To maintain the quality of the ice cream, you can also cover it with a good freezer plastic bag before closing it in the ice cream container, and then close the container.

BingMag.com Freezing food in the freezer and ways to prevent it

  • Cool your food before freezing. Placing hot food directly in the freezer raises the freezer temperature, and this increase in temperature affects other foods close to hot food. The arrival of hot food in the freezer will eventually help to create the phenomenon of freezer burns. Therefore, put your food in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 hours first to prepare it for long-term storage before placing it in the freezer.
  • Fill the freezer to size and, at best, three quarters Occupy it. Frozen food acts like ice in the refrigerator and helps cool other foods. But if we overfill the freezer with food packages, these packages will prevent the uniform circulation of cold air.
  • Keep your freezer tidy and clean. In fact, it's good to know where you put everything so you can find the package you want quickly and without wasting time and leaving the door too open.
  • Tip: Remember to open and Frequent closing of the freezer will change its internal temperature and as a result the food inside it may begin to melt. During this time, more ice crystals will form.
  • Finally, the best way to prevent freezer burns is to use frozen food faster. When shopping for groceries, you should only buy what you need and will consume for the next 2 to 4 months. Also, when packing food, in order to put it in the freezer, be sure to specify the date of the first day of freezing with the help of a label on each package so that you can start with the oldest package.


Any food that stays frozen for a long time may be of poor quality due to freezing burns, but the more water in the tissue, the more burns. Look out for signs such as dark or white dry texture on the meat, shrinkage of vegetables or ice crystals on the ice cream. Foods that suffer from freezer burns will have less texture, color, and flavor than before. However, as long as they are properly frozen, eating them will not harm your health.

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