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Feminism or patriarchy; This is the problem!

BingMag.com <b>Feminism</b> or patriarchy; This is the problem!

In terms of the gender status defined for individuals in society, today there are different types of social systems around the world. Some include well-defined gender roles, while others allow men and women to play an equal and just role in governing society and to determine their own destiny as they wish. But in general, the arena of all societies in the world has always been dominated by two seemingly contradictory concepts, namely, the system of Feminism and the system of patriarchy. they do. In contrast, patriarchy is a social system led by men in which women play a secondary and passive role. We know idolatry, in fact, they were feminist societies, because not only were the main duties of society and family in these societies performed by women and they were respected by all, but also members of society worshiped them as divine mothers or even as gods.

With the evolution of social and religious structures over time, the authority of these mother goddesses was gradually taken away from them and transferred to men, thus creating patriarchal systems.

However, Feminism and patriarchy are two seemingly contradictory social systems that are thought to always be in conflict with each other. But what makes them so different? This is what we are going to address in the rest of this article by BingMag. Join us.

What is the system of feminism?

BingMag.com <b>Feminism</b> or patriarchy; This is the problem!

The word Feminism It was first used by Friedrich Engels to describe an imaginary society in his book The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State. The family manages and leads that family. In this social system, women play a key role in leadership. In this respect, it differs from other social systems in which men hold power and women occupy only auxiliary positions. Feminism may sometimes be an egalitarian approach, sometimes An authoritarian approach, depending on whether in such a system authority and descent are passed on only to the next generation through women or through both sexes.

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Examples of female-dominated societies throughout history

BingMag.com <b>Feminism</b> or patriarchy; This is the problem!

In the history of human civilization, Feminism was a form of society in which women controlled power and wealth at the level of the family and society. In this type of society, social issues were decided by the majority of the female population. Food turned to agriculture, it was more prevalent.

What is a feminist society?

BingMag.com <b>Feminism</b> or patriarchy; This is the problem!

The most important component of feminist societies is the social system in which women have power and control over things. These societies have a social framework and hierarchy of power in which women hold positions of power and govern other members of the group.

However, there are different theories that different types of female domination and participation Some archaeologists believe that powerful women ruled over early human civilizations, but archaeological evidence suggests that such civilizations lived about 5,000 years ago. However, there is considerable evidence to the contrary.

But what is clear is that in the past, some civilizations were ruled by women. These societies were more peaceful and prosperous than those ruled by men at the time.

In fact, feminist societies are an important part of history that many people still do not know about, and more interestingly, until recently There have been in most parts of the world.

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Examples of feminist societies

BingMag.com <b>Feminism</b> or patriarchy; This is the problem!

Female-dominated communities are found in many parts of the world, including Africa, Asia and the Americas. Mothers in such societies have a lot of power and influence over their family members. In some cases, women may even be seen as heads of households. Examples of feminist communities include the Minangkabau people of Indonesia and the Musso people of China.

What is a community based on congenital lineage? 6.jpg ">

Congenital lineage is a form of family relationship in which the lineage of the family is passed on to the next generation through women. This pattern is in contrast to the patriarchal system in which the lineage of the family is passed on to their children through fathers. In fact, this system is a form of social organization that is based on maternal descent.

Communities based on maternal descent are often known as feminist societies. There have been limited examples of such communities in history, yet they have been very attractive communities.

In a truly feminist society, the husband takes care of the children and the home while the wife takes care of Work or do business outside the home. Feminism means that women have power and dominance over the men of their society from birth to death.

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Characteristics of family/society/feminist system

BingMag.com <b>Feminism</b> or patriarchy; This is the problem!

  • The mother is the head of the household and makes all the major decisions.
  • Fathers are often absent in decisions or are inferior to their mothers. Women have more power in this type of family structure than men.
  • Men and women have equal responsibilities in raising children, cooking, cleaning, etc.
  • Women make more decisions at home And family life management plays a central role in their identity.
  • There is no strict gender role in a foster family.
  • Mothers often take on the role of primary caregiver of the family, in While fathers usually work outside the home to provide for their families.
  • Women are more important than men.
  • Children grow up in a collective environment rather than with their biological parents.
  • Men have no role in decisions that affect the family or the lives of their children.

What is a patriarchy?

BingMag.com <b>Feminism</b> or patriarchy; This is the problem!

The patriarchal system refers to the domination of men in the public and private spheres. The word patriarchy actually refers to the rule of the father or grandfather in the family, which was later used to describe a particular type of social system dominated by men.

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Patriarchal society/family/system

Patriarchal societies are defined by a hierarchical structure consisting of biological and cultural factors. These communities promote traditional gender roles, with women taking on household chores while men taking on family responsibilities.

In such communities, the father or grandfather plays an important and active role. In family decisions. In fact, the decision of the head of the family in these communities is usually a final decision and is not opposed by any member of the family or community.

For comfortable and smooth functioning in such communities, special rules must be carefully followed. Observed. For example, people are expected to respect their elders, even if they do not agree with their decisions or actions.

Characteristics of family/society/patriarchal system

BingMag.com <b>Feminism</b> or patriarchy; This is the problem!

  • Men are considered heads of households.
  • The role of women is limited to being a wife and mother.
  • Gender is superior to women in society.
  • Women have less access to education, health care and employment opportunities than men.
  • Male-dominated society
  • Men have more power and authority than women.
  • Women are expected to be obedient to men in all aspects of life, including work and family relationships.
  • >
  • Women are not allowed to make decisions without the consent of men or older.

What is a patriarchal ideology?

BingMag.com <b>Feminism</b> or patriarchy; This is the problem!

Patriarchal ideology is associated with a set of different theories and ideas that justify male domination over women and attribute it to the natural and inherent differences between women and men. Man attributes.

As the world continues to change and evolve, so do we see a resurgence in patriarchal ideologies. This affects not only politics but also many other pillars and aspects of society.

Men and women who espouse these values believe that men should be given more power than women (e.g., positions). Leadership) because they are inherently stronger or smarter than women.

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The patriarchal ideology is constructed Cultural and social are formed in a society and it is an ideology that:

  • hierarchically places men in a higher (dominant) position and women in lower (sub-positions) of the social structure.
  • Divides social roles into masculine and feminine groups and gives priority and superiority to men.
  • Induces a sense of superiority to men and internalizes a sense of inferiority in women .

Difference between Feminism and patriarchy

BingMag.com <b>Feminism</b> or patriarchy; This is the problem!

Although these two concepts seem to be in stark contrast to each other, attention should be paid In fact, they are not as contradictory as they seem. However, there are some obvious differences between the two social systems.

Sovereign societies believe that women should be in charge. In a feminist society, men and children have no power. A patriarchal society is usually more peaceful than a patriarchal society because there is less conflict between the sexes.

On the other hand, in patriarchal societies it is believed that men should be in charge of all aspects of life, including family decisions and social decisions. In such societies, men are considered as the head of the household and have pure domination over women and their children.

Feminist societies are also based on the principle that women have absolute power in society and men They are of secondary importance. Patriarchal societies are also based on the principle that men are the dominant power in society and women are of secondary importance.

Women in patriarchal societies usually take care of children, prepare food, and clothes. They fix, do the housework, and maintain social relationships with other members of the community.

Men in dictatorial societies often hunt animals or fish to protect the family from external threats.

BingMag.com <b>Feminism</b> or patriarchy; This is the problem!

Women in patriarchal societies have more rights and privileges than in patriarchal societies, but there is a balance between the roles of men and women . But this balance does not exist in patriarchal societies.

The role of women in a patriarchal system changes with age. Older women dominate the younger ones, while in the patriarchal system the opposite is true.

The power of the father or husband in a patriarchal society is greater than that of the wife or daughter. A man in a patriarchal society may have multiple wives, but it is rare for a woman to have more than one husband.

Research has shown that a patriarchal system is a naturalistic one. Mothers consider nature as an organic whole and emphasize maintaining balance with it in all aspects of life. For this reason, in such societies, those sources of energy that do not harm nature in any way are used more (sun, wind, water, etc.). In addition, the recycling of resources is considered important in order to maintain the balance of nature.

On the other hand, observations show that the patriarchal system is a consumerist system. Men generally believe that nature has enormous resources that humans can use to their advantage. Accordingly, nature is considered by them as an infinite and exploitable resource, and they consume the bulk of non-recyclable resources and create various side wastes that can be harmful to nature.

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BingMag.com <b>Feminism</b> or patriarchy; This is the problem!

In contrast, patriarchal societies have a very conservative view. They do not always seem to have a positive approach to change, nor do they view new research and experimentation favorably, especially if new achievements pose a threat to societal norms. Instead of looking at the world, they believe in autopsy and take a perfectly rational approach to looking at the world around them. Ethics 14.jpg ">

Feminism is a very open social system that has no strict and decisive moral rules for members of society. Morality is a completely personal matter in a patriarchal system, and individuals are allowed to follow their own moral framework as long as they do not harm or disturb anyone.

In contrast, patriarchy has a The moral system is very strict to monitor the behavior of people in society and people are expected to follow it unconditionally. These rules are basically based on religion, the will of the government and the ideological system. patriarchy always seeks to teach people the difference between good and bad, right and wrong.

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Feminism and patriarchy in the workplace

BingMag.com <b>Feminism</b> or patriarchy; This is the problem!

Undoubtedly, in our current society, the majority of senior executives are men. According to statistics, women hold only 22% of small executive positions and less than 5% of senior executives worldwide. Nevertheless, women make up more than 51% of the world's workforce.

In addition, women are 30% more likely than men to pursue higher education, yet many Fewer of them achieve higher job ranks. Worse, women earn, on average, 21% less pay for doing the same amount of work.

But research shows that a feminist leadership system in the workplace equates equality among employees. Improves. That is, under the leadership of women, hierarchical systems are usually gradually reduced.

In return, a sense of equality and responsibility becomes a norm of behavior so that all genders are treated equally and treat people with disabilities more equitably. It becomes. In fact, the existence of such perspectives leads to improved organizational performance. Conversely, in patriarchal workplaces, there is clear evidence of gender stereotypes in the allocation of organizational positions.

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Whether Feminism is associated with less violence than patriarchy can be explained by examining past ages and comparing it to the world today. With laws such as the EVAW law, the rate of domestic violence has not only decreased, but the world has also seen men treat women equally. At the same time, the evidence in today's societies shows that the patriarchal system can be associated with less violence than the patriarchal system. It is acceptable, but research shows that gender is not a good practice at all, and in any case it discriminates against a group. That is, although military patriarchy is more violent, it is also wrong to replace it with feminism. In fact, violence is more based on human nature than a gender issue. Thus, belligerence is neither patriarchal nor patriarchal.

This is for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the Digitica Magazine Disclaimer .

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