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7 excellent and effective ways to reduce puffiness

BingMag.com 7 <b>excellent</b> and <b>effective</b> <b>ways</b> to <b>reduce</b> puffiness

Our face may become puffy for a variety of reasons. Facial puffiness can have several causes; From poor diet the night before, such as eating a salty snack in the middle of the night to not getting enough sleep. Sometimes puffiness of the face occurs for no reason or the cause can not be detected. In any case, no one likes to show up at university, workplace and party with a puffy face. There are several ways you can reduce puffiness.

What does it mean to reduce puffiness?

BingMag.com 7 <b>excellent</b> and <b>effective</b> <b>ways</b> to <b>reduce</b> puffiness puffiness is part of a skin care process or skin routine that reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. With these methods, the puffiness of the face does not disappear all at once, but it decreases. If you always follow these tips, you will get less facial puffiness, but you should not expect a miracle from any solution after puffy face.

To get the best results, you can use several methods at the same time. Use.

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What causes puffiness?

BingMag.com 7 <b>excellent</b> and <b>effective</b> <b>ways</b> to <b>reduce</b> puffiness

puffiness has several factors. Depending on the cause of puffiness, the method of solving it is also variable.

1. Sleeping on the face

One of the most common causes of puffiness is sleeping on the face. Gravity actually causes lymphatic fluid to flow down the body and accumulate during sleep, which eventually leads to puffiness under the eyes and a swollen appearance all over the face.

2. Allergic reactions

Things like pollen, dust and dandruff on pets can cause allergic reactions in some people, one of which is puffiness of the face. To prevent this problem, you should try not to be exposed to allergens. Use a mask when dusting and sweeping the house.

3. Using New Cosmetics

If you have recently added a new product to your skin routine, you may be allergic to it. Sometimes the active ingredients in cosmetics can cause this reaction on the skin. These products are usually more effective around the eyes or mouth because the skin in these areas is thinner.

4. Sinus Infection

If you have a sinus infection or sinusitis, you may wake up with puffy face. This puffiness is accompanied by a slight pressure and pain. Sinus infections are usually caused by colds, and as the disease progresses, the swelling goes away.

5. Cushing's syndrome

This syndrome is one of the diseases that can cause puffiness. This disorder occurs when your body is exposed to long-term secretion of the hormone cortisol. You must see a doctor to treat your problem.

6. Tooth Infection

Infection of the gums and teeth can cause swelling of all or part of the face, which you may confuse with normal puffiness.

Not getting enough sleep

If you slept badly at night or had insufficient sleep, you may wake up the next morning with puffy face. To get better sleep, remove stressors from the bedroom; For example, do not check emails and do not visit social networks. Adequate and quality sleep is one of the secrets to having beautiful and healthy skin.

8. Eating salty foods

If you spend the night eating salty foods and snacks, you may see your puffy face in the mirror the next morning. Eating salty foods causes water retention in the body, especially on the face.

How to get rid of puffiness on the face?

BingMag.com 7 <b>excellent</b> and <b>effective</b> <b>ways</b> to <b>reduce</b> puffiness

If your puffiness is not swelling, that is, it is not due to an acute medical problem, and it is just puffiness that you sometimes experience, paying attention to the following points can reduce it.

1. Immerse your face in cold water

If you wake up in the morning and notice that your face is puffy, fill the sink or toilet with cold water and immerse your face in it. In addition to dipping your face in water, if you are in a good season such as summer, you can also try a cold shower.

Cold water constricts blood vessels, and this has several advantages. Both your puffiness and redness will decrease. Cold water hydrates the skin and overall reduces a large amount of puffy face volume. To speed up this process, you can also use a few pieces of ice to have colder water.

2. Hydration of the skin

One of the most important things you need to know to treat and prevent puffiness is to hydrate your skin regularly. When your skin is properly hydrated, you are less likely to experience puffiness. Always use a great moisturizer. The chin line and the areas under your eyes from this permanent hydration They benefit the most. If you do not want your eyes to darken and darken over time, be sure to use moisturizing creams. Hydration to the skin should be done both externally and internally.

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3. Massage the face with ice cubes

One of the methods you can use after puffing your face is massaging your face with ice cubes. When massaging your face with ice, focus on areas that are puffy or red. Little by little, he notices that the puffiness of the face decreases. Cold and water humidity reduce puffiness, but massaging the skin also greatly reduces puffiness by creating blood flow to the face.

4. Pay attention to the foods and drinks you eat

Always pay attention to the food you eat and the drinks you drink. Drinks such as caffeine, alcohol and sodium can cause dehydration. Dehydration causes a phenomenon called water retention, one of the results of which is puffiness of the face. In addition to blocking water in the body, alcohol also has a negative effect on your natural sleep cycle. Caffeine can also cause insomnia if consumed in the last hours of the day. Insomnia and lack of adequate and quality sleep, along with dehydration leads to puffiness of the face.

5. Lying on your back

One of the best ways to reduce puffiness is to lie on your back. In this sleeping model, be sure to put a pillow under your head so that the height of the face is slightly higher so as not to cause water retention in the face. When you sleep on your side, your face is more likely to swell.

When you sleep on your back, try to keep your face facing the ceiling. In this case, even if you are dehydrated, body fluids do not flow to your head and therefore to your face. Of course, in addition to this method, you must consider consuming enough water.

6. Using eye tea with green tea extract

Eating caffeine in the last hours of the day can interfere with sleep, dehydrate and eventually cause puffiness. However, the use of caffeinated creams, such as eye creams with green tea extract or the use of special facial oils in the morning, reduces puffiness.

Low levels of caffeine and antioxidants in cosmetics that contain green tea cause Reduces redness and puffiness of the face and most of all affects the areas around the eyes. If you have enough time, use face masks; Masks that contain one of the ingredients of green tea extract.

7. Using a face roller

BingMag.com 7 <b>excellent</b> and <b>effective</b> <b>ways</b> to <b>reduce</b> puffiness

It is much easier to remove puffiness with the help of a tool called a face roller. ; Especially if it is cold. First, put a jade roller or roller in the freezer overnight. The next morning, massage your face with it. This stimulates both the facial skin and the lymph nodes. This massage and lymphatic drainage technique stimulates collagen, has a positive effect on blood circulation and contraction, and reduces puffiness.

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