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Everything you need to know about Jade Roller, its benefits and how to use it

Are you looking for a simple trick to reduce puffiness around the eyes and brighten the skin? you may have noticed on social media many times that using a Jade roller is a wonderful way to treat many skin problems. In advertisements and to attract customers, it is claimed that Jade Roller is a versatile tool; From its effect on reducing puffiness around the eyes to helping massage to lymphatic drainage and cleanse the skin.

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Meet Jade Roller

BingMag.com <b>Everything</b> <b>you</b> <b>need</b> to <b>know</b> <b>about</b> <b>Jade</b> <b>Roller,</b> its <b>benefits</b> and <b>how</b> to <b>use</b> it

Jade Roller, the part that is used for facial massage is made of stone. Of course, this stone is not an ordinary stone, but a kind of precious stone called green jade, which comes in contact with the skin and makes a person feel pleasant. The use of roller Jade has been an ancient ritual for the beauty of the skin in China, which was popular during the Qing Dynasty.
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benefits of using a Jade roller

While scientific evidence does not support the use of Jade for facial massage, there are several benefits to using a Jade roller. Have in fact the positive effects of massage. These benefits include:

  • Lymphatic drainage and skin cleansing
  • Helps to strengthen the skin
  • Reduces facial puffiness
  • Improves Circulation
  • Better absorption of skin care products

1. Lymphatic drainage and skin cleansing

The lymphatic system transports fluids and cleanses the body of toxins. Massage of the face and neck stimulates the lymph nodes and causes the drainage of fluids.

2. Helping to strengthen the skin and reduce puffiness of the face

Some people suffer from skin that looks slightly swollen and puffy. But what can cause this problem? In answer to this question, experts blame one of the following factors:

  • Lying for a long time causes fluid to accumulate in the soft tissues of the face. This is why people usually notice puffiness on their face in the morning and after waking up.
  • Hormonal changes during menstruation can lead to water retention and puffiness.
  • One of the negative effects of alcohol consumption is that the body becomes dehydrated. The body's solution to this dehydration is water retention.

Massage of the face and neck directs fluids and toxins to the lymph vessels and stimulates the lymph nodes to drain these fluids and toxins. . This process helps to strengthen the skin and reduces the puffiness of the skin. Proper nutrition and regular exercise is the best and most effective solution.

3. Improves blood circulation

The use of Jade roller improves blood circulation in the skin of the face and helps the skin to look healthier, brighter and firmer. Of course, it does not matter what means you use to massage the facial skin, if the massage is done correctly, it will have all these positive effects.

4. Better absorption of skin care products

Experts recommend using a skin serum or moisturizer before massaging the face with a roller jade, because massaging the skin after using skin care products will absorb more and better. Products help.

benefits that are just a claim

BingMag.com <b>Everything</b> <b>you</b> <b>need</b> to <b>know</b> <b>about</b> <b>Jade</b> <b>Roller,</b> its <b>benefits</b> and <b>how</b> to <b>use</b> it

Jade Roller has the advantages and benefits that have been mentioned. But Jade Roller is not a versatile tool and can not solve all skin problems. Unfortunately, many people who use Jade rollers believe that this device eliminates wrinkles. Or you may have heard that using roller Jade increases collagen production. Or you have been advised to use a Jade roller as a treatment for acne. But scientific evidence does not support any of these benefits, and these are just claims.

how to use a Jade roller

<2> After waking up at night and when Your face is swollen, the best time to use a Jade roller Is. Of course, in addition to the face, you can also use a Jade roller to massage the neck and the areas around the shoulders. Before starting the massage with the roller jade, observe the following points:

1. Keep Jade Roller in the Refrigerator

Unlike hand massage, when using a Jade roller for massage, it is the coolness of the stone that can help reduce bloating.

2. Wash Your Skin

Morning skin care is a routine that people usually do after waking up, and at the very least, it is a face wash. If you want to massage your skin with a Jade Roller, you should use a Jade roller after cleaning and morning care.

3. use a skin serum or moisturizer

use skin-strengthening products before massaging the skin with a Jade Roller, as this will help absorb these products better.

Once you have followed these tips, follow these steps to use the Jade roller:

4. Choose the right direction

The roller jig is designed with two rollers on either side of the handle; One bigger and the other smaller. The smaller roller is suitable for massage around the eyes and the protrusion of the nose, and for the massage of the forehead, cheeks and jaw line, you should use a larger roller.

5. Move the Jade roller gently

Move the rollers gently on the skin. If you move the rollers with a lot of pressure on the skin, it will stretch and damage the skin. In addition, it is enough to massage any part you want with a Jade Roller, if you move the roller on that part 10 to 20 times, and you should not increase the number of movements.

6. Move the rollers outward from the center of the face

To cleanse the skin and drain the lymph through the massage, you should direct the fluid to the lymph nodes on either side of the face. This type of massage naturally stimulates the lymphatic system to drain fluids. After massaging the face, move the roller over the area below the jaw and neck to help drain the fluid better through the lymphatic system.

7. Rinse the Jade roller after use

After each use of the Jade Roller, you should clean it. Be sure to use alcohol-based solutions to clean the Jade Roller, and then wash it off. This prevents bacteria and contaminants from remaining on the rollers. These bacteria and contaminants can damage the skin or cause acne.>

Rollers used for facial massage are not only made of green jade. In addition to rocks such as quartz, amethyst, and obsidian, metal is also used to make rollers. When buying a roller you should pay attention to the fact that the rollers should not be made of materials that easily hold bacteria and you can not clean them well. Using rollers with this feature can cause allergic reactions.

Source: Healthline

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