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Everything you need to know about houseplants and their care

BingMag.com Everything you need to know about houseplants and their care

These days, houseplants have become very popular and in every house you can see at least one or two beautiful natural pots that have given a special charm to the home space. Caring for houseplants is a pleasurable pastime and has many benefits for peace of mind. In order to know the best houseplants and choose the best option for keeping them in your home, read on with BingMag Meg.

What is a houseplant?

BingMag.com Everything you need to know about houseplants and their care

You may have been asked what is a houseplant and on what basis are different houseplants called and which plants fall into this category?/p>

A houseplant is a plant that is kept indoors, for example in residential units and offices. These plants are usually kept for the purpose of decorating indoor spaces, but several studies have shown that keeping plants at home has many benefits for mental health. In addition, some types of houseplants help to clean indoor spaces.

The most common types of houseplants are subtropical aerobic plants, succulents or carnivorous plants, and cactus. These plants need the right light, enough moisture, the right soil, the right temperature to survive. Every plant has special needs that you should pay attention to when buying them. You can not treat all houseplants the same. Using the right fertilizer and pots in the right size of the plant is also very important in plant growth.

History of houseplants

You might think that in the last few decades, the use of plants Indoor apartments are common. But it is interesting to know that the storage of flowers and plants indoors has a much longer history.

The ancient Egyptians and Sumerians grew ornamental and fruit plants in decorative containers and special pots. The ancient Greeks and Romans planted fragrant trees in pottery. In ancient China, potted plants were displayed in gardens more than 2,500 years ago. In the Middle Ages, ornamental gardening was limited to monasteries. Benefits of keeping houseplants

BingMag.com Everything you need to know about houseplants and their care p>

There are many reasons to keep a variety of plants at home, and there are many benefits to keeping them. Here are a few of the most attractive home decorations. Adding a beautiful natural vase to a corner of the house can make a simple and lifeless decoration look this way and that. Usually, the green color of the beautiful leaves of houseplants comes to any decoration and can give a special vitality to the home environment. Of course, if you are looking for other colors besides green, houseplants will not disappoint you.

Some houseplants have leaves with different colors. You can buy purple, red, yellow, white and multi-colored plants. Some of them give beautiful flowers that multiply the charm of home decoration. In the following article, you can get acquainted with the most beautiful and best houseplants:

  • 17 very beautiful houseplants that you can not ignore

Reduce stress

Anyone who has watered a pot even once and taken care of it, confirms that taking care of houseplants brings peace of mind. If you have stress, one of the best things you can do to reduce it is to keep one or more houseplants at home. Growing pots, watering them, even propagating flowers and giving gifts to friends and loved ones will help you get away from the worries of everyday life and experience a calmer life.

The benefits of keeping houseplants in Numerous studies have proven this. To read more about its benefits, follow this article:

  • 7 Amazing Benefits of Houseplants Based on Scientific Findings

Indoor Air Purifier

One of the topics that NASA has studied and done a lot of research on is the indoor air purification property of houseplants. It is interesting to know that some of these plants help to purify indoor air and reduce indoor air pollution by absorbing volatile organic compounds such as benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. While these chemicals are generally toxic to humans, such contaminants are absorbed by the plant and the microbes in the soil without harm.

Of course, you must have many pots to use this plant property. In the following article, you can get acquainted with the best apartment plants that purify the air:

  • 20 apartment plants to purify the air in the house

Gift to friends And dear ones

When you keep a few houseplants at home, you can always make attractive and lovely gifts for your loved ones. Most houseplants are very easy to propagate. You can propagate the plants you like in different ways, such as cuttings, and plant them in a beautiful pot. This gift will undoubtedly make everyone happy. In addition, you will experience the great pleasure of propagating the plant yourself.

There are several methods for propagating plants, one of the most common of which is cutting. In the following article, you can learn all the necessary photos for plant cuttings:

  • Step-by-step tutorial on cutting and propagating houseplants

One of the best gifts To make your friends and loved ones happy, there is a terrarium. You can make a terrarium or glass garden at home and plant some suitable plants in it. The terrarium leaves your hands free to decorate and is an attractive gift that brings a smile to the lips of your loved ones. Read how to make the best houseplants suitable for a terrarium in the following article:

  • 10 hardy houseplants that grow well in a terrarium (and how to make a terrarium)

Disadvantages of keeping houseplants

BingMag.com Everything you need to know about houseplants and their care

This enjoyable work can also have disadvantages that many Some of them can be ignored and some of them can be avoided. Here are a few:

Need for constant attention and maintenance

Houseplants need constant care and attention. Many plants belong to a variety of climates and you should provide the right conditions for them to grow at home. Sometimes it is difficult to provide these conditions according to our living conditions. For example, some houseplants need moist air, which is not possible to provide this amount of moisture in the house.

If you are busy and do not have enough time to care for flowers and plants, you should choose plants that take care of They need a little. Some houseplants are more resistant and can tolerate a little carelessness. To get acquainted with some examples of these hardy houseplants, follow these two articles:

  • 12 beautiful houseplants that everyone can grow
  • 24 attractive houseplants that kill They are almost impossible

Restrictions on travel and leaving the house

When you have a houseplant, it becomes difficult to plan to leave the house for a long time. It may have occurred to you that after a few days of travel, when you return home, one of your houseplants has broken down. Sometimes the problems created for houseplants can be solved with a little care, but sometimes you lose your beloved pot forever.

With a few tricks and solutions, you can minimize these problems and safely house Leave. For example, to water pots when you are not at home, you can use several methods mentioned in the following article:

Poisoning of children and pets

You may not have heard but Some houseplants are poisonous. Of course, the presence of a poisonous plant in the house alone does not cause a problem, but if the components of this plant, such as its leaves, are eaten by children or pets, it can cause poisoning. In some cases, these poisonings can be very severe.

If you have a pet at home or your toddlers are curious and touch everything, you should be careful in choosing plants to keep at home. In the following article, you can get acquainted with some of these poisonous houseplants:

  • 10 poisonous houseplants that are dangerous for children and pets

Common plant problems Apartment

Various problems may arise for houseplants that will waste all your efforts. For example, a variety of pests can damage flowers and even spread to nearby pots. Excessive watering, watering less than required, exposure to strong light, exposure to cold, and more can damage plants.

It is the shedding of leaves that can have many causes. In the following article, read the reasons for plant leaf fall and how to deal with them.

Another problem of plants is exposure to extreme temperature changes. At home, due to the change of seasons and the use of heating and cooling devices, the temperature of the house may change a lot. To protect your houseplants, prepare them for the changing seasons. In the following article, you can read the complete guide to preparing for the change of seasons:

  • How to prepare houseplants for temperature change in different seasons?

The best houseplants Houseplants have different needs for home care.

BingMag.com Everything you need to know about houseplants and their care

Despite all the differences that these plants have, you should pay attention to a few points in maintaining them. Read the full method of caring for houseplants in the following article. Even if you are new, you can succeed in keeping plants at home by following these tips.

  • A complete guide to keeping houseplants from beginner to professional

When buying any plant, first consider the environmental conditions in which you want to put the pot.

Plants suitable for a bright and airy environment

BingMag.com Everything you need to know about houseplants and their care

If you have a room or space in the house that receives enough light, you can buy plants that need a lot of light. These plants usually have problems in the shade. In the following article, you can get acquainted with some plants for bright and bright space. These plants are suitable for bright rooms, bright kitchens, hallways with windows and so on. Some of them can be kept outdoors, but with the change of seasons you have to move them back into the house.

  • 12 houseplants for storage by skylights

Plants suitable for dark and dim environments

Living in small apartments surrounded by tall buildings has left many of us without sunlight in our homes. If you have a house that gets little light or has light in very short hours of the day, you should get houseplants for dark environments.

In the following article, you can get acquainted with some of the plants that can survive in the shade. Become. Of course, some of these plants survive in the shade, but in the right light they can grow more and even bloom.

Plants suitable for humid environments

BingMag.com Everything you need to know about houseplants and their care

Some houseplants are native to rainy and humid areas. That is why they need a lot of moisture. It is usually recommended to spray these plants in addition to watering to maintain the moisture of the leaves. Or put a tray containing water next to the pots so that the water evaporates over time and creates a humid atmosphere.

Choose moisture-loving plants to keep in this part of the house:

  • 23 houseplants suitable for bathrooms and toilets that grow in moisture

Plants suitable for Storage in the kitchen

Kitchens in today's homes usually have a small space. There are so many things in the kitchen that sometimes there is no room to store the pot. If you have a large kitchen, you can choose any pot you want according to the lighting conditions of the environment. But if your kitchen is small, you do not need to deprive yourself of the best houseplants in the kitchen.

To maintain the pot in such conditions, choose the plants that we have introduced in the following two articles. Most of these plants are hanging plants that you can hang from somewhere so as not to narrow the kitchen space.

  • 10 houseplants that grow well in your kitchen
  • 10 Pendant houseplants that double the beauty of your home

Suitable plants for the bedroom

BingMag.com Everything you need to know about houseplants and their care

The bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation. Keeping a few houseplants in the bedroom can make the room more pleasant and relaxing. If you have a suitable space for storing pots in the bedroom, choose one of the plants introduced in the following article. Some of these houseplants can also purify the indoor air for a comfortable and restful sleep.

  • 11 bedroom plants suitable for your bedroom that help your health

The most popular houseplants

In Iran, some houseplants are more popular than others. One of the reasons for the great popularity of these plants is their easy maintenance. We have already introduced some examples of them in BingMag Meg, which you can read more about these plants below:

  • The complete guide to growing and maintaining the Diphenbachia plant at home
  • The complete guide Bridal Lawn Care
  • A Complete Guide to Keeping a Phytonia or Mosaic Plant at Home
  • A Complete Guide to Keeping a Philodendron Plant at Home
  • A Complete Guide to Growing Shufflera at Home
  • A Complete Guide to Growing Aloe vera at Home
  • A Complete Guide to Planting and Maintaining a Censoria (Mother Tongue)


Houseplants can add stunning beauty to your home dcor, while maintaining them can relieve stress and anxiety. Plants are not difficult to maintain at home. You just have to know the basics and the needs of every plant you buy. With the above tips, even if you are a novice and inexperienced, you can keep houseplants at home and enjoy seeing them and taking care of the flowers.

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