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Everything you need to know about hair extensions and their types

Hair extensions are one of the most popular methods for thickening and beautifying hair. There are several methods for hair extensions and each has its advantages and disadvantages. If you want to experience hair extensions, read this article to find the answers to your questions. Be with Digistyle.

types of hair extensions

BingMag.com <b>Everything</b> <b>you</b> <b>need</b> to <b>know</b> <b>about</b> <b>hair</b> <b>extensions</b> and <b>their</b> types

Different methods for extensions There is hair. Some of them can be done by yourself and at home, and some methods must be left to a specialist. They are attached to a person's own hair with a ring, bead or tissue. The hair strands are spread all over the scalp. you should seek professional help to install these extensions as well as to remove them.

Sewing extensions

In this type of extension, as the name implies, extension strands are sewn to the hair. . This method is suitable for those who have thick, thick and curly hair. In this method, your hair is braided tightly to the scalp and then the extension strands are sewn to these tissues with thread and needle.

One of the disadvantages of this method is that braiding the hair tightly on the scalp causes the skin to stretch In the long run, it can irritate a person or cause hair loss in people with thinning hair.

Another thing to consider is that in this method, washing And it gets harder to clean the hair from grease and dirt because the hair is braided tightly.

you have to go to beauty salons to do this. you should check again every six weeks to make sure the extensions and hair texture are not loose.

If your hair texture is loose or there is a problem with the extensions sewing on the hair, it should be repaired. do. As a result, you may have to spend a few times to repair it. In addition, damage to the roots of your natural hair can cause hair loss and thinning of your natural hair. Minimal damage to hair strands. you can do this yourself at home. In fact, this method is one of the temporary methods of hair extensions and you can install and remove them whenever you want.

This method is suitable for when you want volume in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost. And increase the length of your hair. you can not use these extensions in the bath and while swimming. extensions are also available, and even hair extensions with natural hair can be easily found in cosmetic stores. Give.

Tape extensions

These extensions have a short strip at the top and attach to the individual's own hair with the same strip. These types of extensions last 6 to 12 weeks. One of the disadvantages is that you have to leave it to a specialist to install it, and as the hair grows longer, they cause knots in the hair. Also, with this type of extension, it is not possible to style the hair, for example, to tie a ponytail.

Adhesive extension/creatine bond

They are connected and glued together with a hot tool. This technique requires special tools and constant visits to the salon for inspection and maintenance. The advantage of this method is that they look completely natural, but they also have disadvantages. Do not use hair oils, conditioners, or tools that heat the hair with these extensions, as these oils, materials, and heat loosen the creatine bands and loosen the extensions.

Why you should Use extensions?

BingMag.com <b>Everything</b> <b>you</b> <b>need</b> to <b>know</b> <b>about</b> <b>hair</b> <b>extensions</b> and <b>their</b> types

People have many reasons to use hair extensions. The most important reasons to use extensions are:

Increasing hair length

If your hair grows too late or for some reason you can not lift it, extensions are a good opportunity to grow long hair with its help. experience. Sometimes haircuts do not go as we expect. If you are not happy with the result of your short hair, you can use extensions for a while until your hair grows back.

Color change

If you want to change the look of your hair without Color your hair, with hair extensions you can experience highlight, lollipop or amber. Without changing the color of your hair, you can give it a new look with extensions.

Increase the volume

If you have thinning hair and your hair is thinning, you can add volume with hair extensions. Increase it. Sometimes you just want to have thicker hair for just one occasion. In this case, extensions Temporary is a good opportunity to change the volume of hair.

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What is the best type of hair extension?

The best type of extension is the one that fits your hair well and is compatible with your lifestyle. Each extension method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your needs and lifestyle, you should choose the right extension.

Before consulting a cosmetologist, decide on the following: Whether you want your extension to be permanent or temporary, need repair Whether or not it lasts, how long it lasts, and whether or not your lifestyle is active. For example, are sports such as swimming in your daily routine or not?

How long does a hair extension last?

The duration of a hair extension depends on the type of extension and the amount of maintenance and care you take. Some types of extensions last up to 6 months or even a year, with proper care. Clip-on extensions are temporary and can be installed and removed for a few hours.

Do hair extensions damage a person's natural hair?

BingMag.com <b>Everything</b> <b>you</b> <b>need</b> to <b>know</b> <b>about</b> <b>hair</b> <b>extensions</b> and <b>their</b> types

Extension injuries depend on the type. More durable types usually do more damage to one's natural hair because they use glue, bonding, strong hair texture, and to attach extensions. Clip-on extensions are the least harmful because, like decorative clips, they are very They are easy to install and you can easily remove them without damaging the hair. Also, because you separate them after a few hours and do not sleep with it, the tension and stress on the hair strands is minimized in this method.

How to style the hair extensions?

When you extend your hair, you can style it just like your hair. Of course, their durability and beauty when you put it in that state, depends on the type of extension. you can even style and curl your hair with the help of heaters.

If you plan to use these tools, be sure to get a quality extension.

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Is it possible to use extensions with curly hair?

Yes. you can also extend your hair with curly hair. All you have to do is consider either straightening your hair to match the shape of the extension or styling the extension to make it look like your own hair.

How much hair should you have for an extension? Are they long?

In order to be able to extend your hair, your own hair must be at least 15 to 17 cm long. This value means that your hair is up to your shoulders. If your hair is shorter than this, it may be difficult to hide the end of the extension inside the hair.

What is the best type of extension for short hair?

BingMag.com <b>Everything</b> <b>you</b> <b>need</b> to <b>know</b> <b>about</b> <b>hair</b> <b>extensions</b> and <b>their</b> types

If you have just cut your hair short and you are not satisfied with the result, or you like to experience short and long hair at the same time or you can not grow your hair long And they get frizzy very soon, use the clip extension to lift your hair. Clip-on extensions are the best type for those with short hair.

What is the best type of extension for thinning hair?

extensions are the best way for those with thinning hair who want volume Increase. But some types of extensions, such as sewing extensions, can damage your natural hair and make it fall out more. To choose the best type of extension, be sure to consult an experienced specialist.

Is the hair extension visible?

BingMag.com <b>Everything</b> <b>you</b> <b>need</b> to <b>know</b> <b>about</b> <b>hair</b> <b>extensions</b> and <b>their</b> types

If the hair extensions are installed properly, it does not matter what type it is and it will eventually look like your own natural hair. But the better the extensions and the more natural hair you use, the more natural and beautiful it will look. But do not worry about the end of the extensions. If you attach it correctly, your hair extensions will be lost and no one will notice the extensions on your hair extensions.

When should I use a hair extensions? They connect for 10 minutes. As a result, you can use them a few minutes before leaving to reach a specific place or event. If you have no previous experience with attaching it, take a little more time.

The only thing you need to know is to separate them at night, before going to bed, so as not to damage the hair during sleep. Do not do it yourself.

What products can be used on hair extensions?

hair extensions, like your own hair, do not receive nutrients from the scalp. As a result, you have to watch out for it from the outside. Therefore, it is important to provide suitable and compatible products to protect it.

In order for hair extensions to always remain shiny and beautiful, try to use natural hair products such as oils and very mild shampoos as much as possible. do. Organic products ie Products that use the least amount of chemicals are the best choice for extended hair.

If you do not have access to organic products, at least try non-alcoholic products and shampoos and conditioners without sulfate. Sulfate and alcohol can dry out the hair very much, causing it to frizz, dull and tangle.

It is best to use products that are made for dry hair. Before using heat conditioners such as hair dryers and irons, be sure to use heat-protective sprays so that the heat does not damage the hair strands.

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How to wash and dry extensions?

extensions do not receive natural oil from the scalp, usually less than normal, oily and dirty hair be. As a result, they may need less washing than normal hair. One of the things you need to know about extensions is that the less you wash them, the more durable they are.

Use sulfate-free shampoos and products to wash your hair to keep your hair dry And do not be mischievous. Wash extended hair like your natural hair. Use more conditioner and make sure all the strands are soaked in conditioner.

After rinsing the conditioner with cold water, you can also use a hair mask. The hair mask makes your hair very soft and does not get tangled when combing your hair. you can use coarse toothed combs to spread the mask over the hair.

Finally, rinse your hair and gently pat dry with a towel. Be careful when drying and do it calmly. Dry your hair from top to bottom by just placing a towel on your hair. Do not squeeze the hair tightly with a towel and do not handkerchief too much. To comb them, you can use special comb knots or coarse toothed combs. When combing, do not comb the scalp on the scalp and only comb the hair shafts from below the edges of the extensions. Comb from top to bottom.

Can I dye my hair extensions?

If you use natural hair extensions, you can easily dye it like your own hair. . Of course, to color your hair, it is better to go to a hairdresser who has previous experience in coloring extended hair.

It is recommended that you do not lighten the extended hair and use only darker colors. Because you need to dechlorinate your hair to lighten it, and the ingredients for dechlorination are chemicals and harmful substances that can ruin your hair extensions.

Can I sleep with hair extensions?

you use temporary extensions, you should not sleep with them and you should remove them from your hair before going to bed because they get tangled during the night. But permanent extensions do not cause sleep problems. you can loosen your natural hair so that it does not get tangled in the permanent extensions and does not damage your natural hair.

Can I swim with my hair extensions?

When swimming, it is best to remove the clip extensions. Chlorine in pool water, salt in seawater and the ocean, and contaminants in the water in which you swim can damage extensions over time. In addition, swimming with clip-on extensions can tie in with your natural hair.

If you want to swim in the water with clip-on extensions, be sure to tie your hair up and use a swimming cap.


Can I exercise with hair extensions?

When you have hair extensions, it is best to avoid any physical activity that makes you sweat more. Body sweat is acidic and salty, and can quickly damage extensions, dry and swell them, and cause them to become tangled. To extend the life of clip extensions, remove them from your hair before any physical activity.

What is the difference between extensions and natural and artificial hair?

BingMag.com <b>Everything</b> <b>you</b> <b>need</b> to <b>know</b> <b>about</b> <b>hair</b> <b>extensions</b> and <b>their</b> types

Synthetic hair is much cheaper and hair extensions made with natural hair are much more expensive.

extensions made with natural hair you can dye it like your natural hair and style it with heat tools.

extensions made with synthetic fibers are much more sensitive to sunlight; They are harder to style and more difficult to combine with your natural hair. They also last less than natural extensions.

Natural extensions can last up to a year or more, and can last longer if cared for properly.


Each hair extension method has its own advantages and disadvantages. you have to choose the best extension method according to the cost you can pay for it, the length of time you want it to last and your lifestyle, and enjoy having thick and beautiful hair.

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