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Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Tea is a fragrant beverage derived from the tea plant and has an important place in the culture and tradition of East Asia. This popular product has been produced in East Asia for several centuries and shipped to Europe and the United States. The oldest evidence of tea consumption in history dates back to the third century BC in China. But many believe that this aromatic herbal tea has been known and used for a long time.

BingMag.com Everything about tea

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Tea is a fragrant beverage derived from the tea plant and has an important place in the culture and tradition of East Asia. This popular product has been produced in East Asia for several centuries and shipped to Europe and the United States. The oldest evidence of tea consumption in history dates back to the third century BC in China. But many believe that this aromatic herbal tea has been known and used for a long time.

Tea is a fragrant tea that is made by adding boiling water to dry tea leaves in a teapot. Another way to consume this tea is a tea bag. The aroma and substances in the tea leaves enter the boiling water and the tea is brewed. After brewing, it is better to take the tea leaves out of the teapot. Dry tea is made from a plant called camellia sinicis.

Tea is more than just a beverage. Drinking tea is a common experience among family members and is used in many traditional ceremonies in East Asian countries. Tea is a metaphor for period and rest.

Camellia sinensis

  • Almost all types of tea are made from this plant. The scientific name of this plant is Camellia sinensis. This plant is one of the plants called camellia.
  • Tea is obtained only from certain leaves of this plant. Very few leaves of these plants are suitable for making tea. Most upper leaves and buds are used to make tea. The sinensis plant grows naturally to a height of about three meters. To access the newly sprouted leaves, which are pruned each time, the plant is kept at a height of about one and a half meters at a time. Germinate and germinate; The so-called evergreen plant. The plant originates in East Asia but is sometimes grown in other parts of the world.
  • About three billion people around the world drink tea. Tea is produced in 62 countries and there is a tea market in 160 countries around the world. In most parts of the world, tea is used in the form of tea bags.
  • Sinensis, like many other plants, needs rich, light soil to grow well. In areas near the equator, due to the special climatic conditions, this plant grows better than other parts of the world.

Is it safe to eat tea leaves?

When Use of tea These leaves come out of the container, but eating these leaves is completely safe. Tea leaves, whether in a teapot or in a bag, pose no health risk. In fact, these tea leaves contain a lot of useful antioxidants that are very useful for the body. This is especially true of green tea.

Because of the difficulty of eating and chewing tea leaves, people usually refrain from eating them, but they are scientifically completely safe and even have benefits for the body./p>

Classification of Tea Types

There are about 1500 flavors and compositions of Camellia sinensis. These types of tea fall into 5 general categories.

Black tea

It is the leaves of this black tea, and from other types of tea, a more colorful drink is prepared from it. This type of tea has a high consumption worldwide. This type of tea is usually used in bagged teas. The leaves of this tea are completely dry and dark, brownish and black. The reason this tea is dark is due to the higher oxidation that occurs during processing and production of tea leaves.

Because it is orange and red in combination with liquid milk, it is called red tea in China. . There is a type of black tea called Suchong Lepsang, which has a special preparation method and after smoking the aroma of wood smoke emanates from it, which is very pleasant.

BingMag.com Everything about tea

Green tea

In the production of this type of tea from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, less oxidation is used than black tea; Hence the leaves of the produced product are light green. For this reason, this type of tea has more antioxidants and vitamins than black tea and its taste is less bitter than black tea.

There are different types of teas that are prepared by different methods and tools. Among them, we can mention Macha and Sancha tea.

Macha tea is a high quality green tea that is available in the form of powder produced in the market. This tea is an important element in Japanese culture and small tea buds are used to produce it. This type of tea goes through a special process and is finally used as a powder.

BingMag.com Everything about tea

oolong tea

In China, this tea is called black dragon tea. The properties of oolong tea are something between black tea and green tea. In this tea, due to its special 80% oxidation process, a large part of antioxidants are eliminated. It should be noted that each time you brew the leaves of this type of tea, a different taste and aroma is obtained from it.

This tea has a high oxidation and has a taste between black tea and green tea. You can brew this tea several times. By brewing this tea properly, its good taste is clearly felt every time.

BingMag.com Everything about tea

White Tea

How to make white tea is easier than any other type of tea. This tea has the least amount of oxidation and is very pleasant in terms of taste and aroma. Dry air flow is sometimes used to dry this tea. This type of tea is usually used to prepare mixed drinks and fruits. The best white tea is obtained from the buds of Sinensis.

BingMag.com Everything about tea

Puree tea

BingMag.com Everything about tea

Depending on the oxidation process and processing that takes place on the leaves of Camellia sinensis, the type of tea obtained will be different.

What substances can we add to different types of tea?

From the past for Tea consumption is mixed with milk or in some cases butter. Honey is also a natural and very useful sweetener that gives good taste to tea. They prepared milk; But since the 16th century and the transfer of tea to the United States and Europe, the consumption of tea with milk has declined and most people prepare and consume tea without milk and with water. Today, many people in Western countries continue to mix tea with milk. Consumed with sweet foods. Some artificial sweeteners are used to sweeten tea. Many of these sweeteners have become popular to prevent the countless harms of sugar consumption. The positive effects of adding lemon juice to tea include the release of antioxidants. Tea in the World Economy

More and more tea was introduced to the world. The team included representatives from Canada, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom. :

Consumption of tea in the United States

In the United States, about 80% of housewives keep tea in their kitchen.

By 2015, 80% of consumption Tea in America is made up of black tea. The percentage of this consumption of green tea and the remaining 4% was allocated to the consumption of white tea, oolong and dark tea. The United States is the fourth largest importer of tea in the world. The top three countries are the United Kingdom, Russia and Pakistan. Black tea consumption decreased by about 22% from 2010 to 2015. With the reduction of black tea consumption, other types of tea have received more attention. Ordinary sales of tea bags have declined and people are turning to other types of tea.

Consumption of Tea in China

53% of the tea consumed in China is black tea. The consumption of dark tea doubled in 2015 during one year and its share of tea consumption has reached 12%. Oolong tea also accounts for 12% of the country's tea consumption. And consume drugs.

Canadian and US markets are growing. Statistics, on the other hand, show that the popularity of tea in the UK is declining. Of course, one of the reasons for this decline in the UK is the decline in tea bag production. At the same time, fruit teas and special tea compounds have received more attention.

The compounds in different types of tea

Due to the type of processing in different types of tea, the compounds in them are different. Tea in the form of raw leaves contains water-insoluble substances. Polysaccharides, proteins, are a variety of substances found in tea.

Compared to many tea drinks, tea is a very healthy and natural beverage. This drink is free of salt, fat and calories. There are about 450 types of organic compounds in tea.

Essential oils of all types of tea for the body

The most important beneficial compound in tea is natural oils, which make up about 20% of the leaves. . These oils are the cause of the special taste and aroma of tea. There are about 100 compounds in green tea and about 550 aromatic compounds in black tea.


You may have heard about the benefits and positive effects of tea on the body. There is a substance called T flavin in black tea. This group of chemical compounds is called polyphenols and are a very powerful antioxidant. Drinking tea strengthens the body with these antioxidants. These substances make up 30% of the content of raw leaves.

Polyphenols are the cause of bitterness in tea. The astringent taste of tea is also due to these substances.


There are many nutrients in tea, but they are less than what is said. There are 15 inorganic minerals, vitamins and amino acids in tea. About 70% of the minerals in tea are amino acids. Green tea contains the highest amount of amino acids. Enzymes The breakdown of enzymes in the oxidation process makes the leaves black. The leaves become tubular at the site, breaking open cells in the plant. This increases the aroma of the tea.

During oxidation, two very useful substances are formed in the tea. Polyphenol oxidas and polyphenols are formed from the vacuoles present in the plant.

During the process of tubing, the shape and size of the leaves change and reach the desired size. The method of piping and oxidation is such that the rich oils in the plant are preserved. The method of making tea is very old and has been like this for many years.


There is caffeine in tea. The amount of caffeine in tea is half that of coffee. Caffeine is a type of substance that belongs to the family of alkaloids. There are three very useful alkaloids in tea that are very effective in stimulating muscles, brain and nervous system. These substances can have a stimulating effect on the heart, kidneys and respiratory system. Caffeine, theophylline and theobromine are the three most effective alkaloids in tea.

Tea Production Process

There are two processes for making tea. Traditional type and modern type.

Orthodox production

  • In tea production, fresh and young tea leaves are picked by hand. After the leaves are arranged, they are piled on top of each other. This reduces the water in the leaves. This will make the leaves softer.
  • In the next step, the leaves will start tubing. This breaks down the leaf cell structure and the oxidation process takes place. The oxidation process determines the type of tea obtained. By changing the oxidation rate in the leaves, green, black, oolong and puree tea are prepared.
  • The higher the oxidation rate, the darker the leaves will be. If the tea you are consuming is too dark, it indicates high oxidation on the leaves. Oxidation in green tea occurs very quickly and in a short time.
  • In the next stage, the leaves dry out and so does the oxidation on the leaves. Then they are crushed in different sizes and ready to consume.
  • Brewing good tea and its pleasant taste is one of the specialties that many people try to achieve.

CTC tea

is a modern method of producing CTC tea. This method is a method of mass production of tea. This method produces more tea at a given time. This method is usually used to produce black tea.

In this method, the tea is first stored and dried, then it is entered into mechanical devices and crushed.

Advantages of producing CTC tea

As the leaves are crushed in the CTC process, the leaf area increases and they brew faster in boiling water, producing more color and tea. For this reason, it reduces the consumption of tea leaves.


Tea is a type of herbal tea that is produced in most parts of the world and is very old. This hot drink has unique properties for the body and the presence of effective and rich substances in it can play a good role in people's health.

All types of tea are obtained from one type of plant and different types of tea due to different processing methods. Which is done on tea.

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