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Emotional discipline; The power to choose emotional reactions to our liking

Sometimes emotions can overwhelm us and take control of our decisions, but there are some helpful steps we can all take to overcome them. Let's do these emotional outbursts. One of the best ways to manage your emotions is to accept the fact that you can choose your emotional state to your liking.

We have been repeatedly told by Russian mental health professionals that we should Pay attention to our feelings. Because they represent some of our most honest inner realities.

We all know that human emotions have tremendous power and sometimes even affect our whole lives. These feelings and emotions not only shape our mood, but also have an undeniable effect on the thoughts and decisions we make.

In fact, these seemingly simple, transient emotions can sometimes lead us astray. Take the path of achieving our real goals in our lives. Sometimes they cause deep conflicts in us that, when the slightest emotional stimulus from others, triggers explosive behavior on our part.

Psychologists believe that we should not be influenced by our emotions. . In fact, we can control them in our own way and in a logical way and direct them to useful and constructive channels. This ability to rationally choose emotions is what is called "emotional discipline." Emotional discipline helps you to control your emotional state according to your desire and in a useful and constructive way. Join us.

What is emotional discipline?

BingMag.com Emotional discipline; The power to choose emotional reactions to our liking

Dr. Manz "Emotions are actually a source of information, and if we learn how to control and process them and use their energy to achieve our positive goals," says the author of "Emotional Discipline: The Power of Emotion Choice" in the book's introduction. In this case, their existence can be useful and constructive for us. "

Emotions, which are the primary source of energy and motivation for each person, are composed of separate dimensions. These dimensions include behavior, thinking, physical physiology, spirituality, and meaning.

From each of these emotion-forming components, different and valuable information can be extracted about our diverse emotional experiences. In addition, these elements act as tools for exercising emotional discipline.

As each of us has had different experiences in our lives, there are different factors that can evoke our emotions. It is different for each person.

For some, the possibility of conflict and war with another country may seem scary, for others, the loss of a job, and for some, the loss of loved ones. Many of us may be upset for a few days because of interpersonal conflicts with different people, such as a co-worker or spouse. And not the same. Rather, everyone can personalize the process according to their needs and adapt it to their own circumstances.

Organizing your emotions and feelings will increase your capacity to deal with current and future challenges. Lives life and increases your control over your mood.

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Ways to achieve Emotional Discipline

BingMag.com Emotional discipline; The power to choose emotional reactions to our liking

The main strategy in this process involves taking a few simple steps in the face of any emotional event. It is important in life. Things to keep in mind about any emotional event include the following:


The trigger or cause that triggers and experiences certain feelings and emotions in you You can identify. For example, what causes the emotions you are experiencing right now?


Examine your body and identify the location and intensity of the physical reactions that each sensory experience causes in you . Where do you feel the physical manifestation of anger? Is the physical reflection of this feeling pleasant or unpleasant for you?


BingMag.com Emotional discipline; The power to choose emotional reactions to our liking

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Mental Reconstruction

BingMag.com Emotional discipline; The power to choose emotional reactions to our liking

By changing your view of the world and the events around you, you can turn failures into opportunities Convert to success. When you are in a difficult emotional situation, in addition to the problems and negative dimensions of the issue, focus on the good opportunities in that situation. For example, a discussion with loved ones gives you the opportunity to learn different ways in which people look at and analyze the world around them.

Spiritual Dimensions

You You need to identify what part of each sensory experience most reveals you (your intimidated child? Your adult, healthy personality?) And what parts are hidden in shaping that experience.

There are many strategies for managing and There is a discipline to emotions. Here are two of the most effective strategies you can access with your mind.

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Emotional Kung Fu

BingMag.com Emotional discipline; The power to choose emotional reactions to our liking

In the Chinese art of self-defense known as kung fu, the purpose is to use From every force the attacker is in his favor. In fact, you are not fighting the attacker. Only direct his energy to achieve your goals. In this way, you throw your enemy to the ground with the energy of his attack.

Dr. Mans believes that the same approach can be applied to emotional conflicts. Instead of resisting an emotional attack, you use its energy to find a solution.

In emotional conflicts, people do three things: force their positions on us, attack our ideas. They do or they attack us. In such cases, we are usually tempted to retreat, to defend ourselves, or to reject their ideas. use. By doing this, you are trying to find a critical approach to a logical and correct solution instead of dealing with an emotional crisis.

This is just an education and information aspect. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

Source: Psychology Today

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