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Does ovulation time affect women's creativity?

Ovulation time is one of the most important factors influencing women's success rate. A woman's productivity, creativity, and energy level fluctuate dramatically with the time of ovulation and the menstrual cycle. This is not an indigenous belief or myth, but has been scientifically proven by biologists and physicians. According to a recent study by the International Journal of Environment Research and Public, women not only have more fertility at the time of ovulation, but their creativity, productivity and energy are at the highest possible level. In other words, it can be said that creativity is a sexually selective trait that can indicate women's readiness for fertility. To better understand the relationship between ovulation time and increased creativity in women, read more from BingMag.

The study process and its results

In this study, 751 Polish women They participated with a normal menstrual cycle. The women reported that they did not use hormonal contraceptives and that none of them were pregnant. Participants also showed the date of their first and last day of menstruation, and the researchers used this information to calculate the probability of each woman getting pregnant per day. To measure creativity, women were shown a picture and asked to ask as many pictures as they could within five minutes. As expected, the type of participants' perceptions and the questions asked were directly related to their menstrual cycle. In fact, women who were ovulating at the time were more creative and had more creative ideas than images. Also, by examining their energy levels, the researchers found that women who are in the golden age of ovulation have more energy than other women and are more inclined to communicate in teams and work in groups.

How to ovulate in a way Identify completely accurately?

BingMag.com Does ovulation time affect women's creativity?

Ovulation, you should record your period accurately and note the days of its beginning and end. There is a general estimate to determine the time of ovulation. In this method, the first day of menstruation is considered day 1. By this assumption, if you are in the group of people whose period is 3 days, the probability of ovulation on the 11th day is higher, and if you are in the group of people whose menstrual period is 7 days, this probability will be higher on the 21st day. But the accuracy of this method is low and is associated with many errors. For this reason, we will tell you about other signs of ovulation below.

7 signs to determine the time of ovulation

Paying attention to the signs is by no means a difficult task. It may seem a little complicated at first, but when you know these symptoms, you will see that they have happened to you many times before and you have noticed them, but you did not pay attention to them because you did not know the reason for these symptoms.

1. Paying attention to the positive sign of the ovulation kit

Many people use the ovulation kit to determine the exact time of ovulation. This kit works exactly like a pregnancy test kit, and you can determine the time of ovulation by taking a sample of your urine.

2. Pay attention to the amount of cervical mucus

In the days close to ovulation, the cervical mucosa is white and its consistency is like egg white. In fact, a change in the shape and color of the cervical mucosa indicates that you are on the day of ovulation.

3. Paying attention to your desire for sex

During ovulation, your desire for sex is higher than at any other time. In other words, during this period, the space inside the uterus is not dry and your desire for sexual intercourse increases.

4. Pay attention to changes in body temperature

During ovulation, your body temperature rises and you feel cramped. Some people confuse ovulatory fever with infectious fever and take antibiotics, which is a very dangerous procedure.

5. Notice the changes in the position of the cervix

Just before ovulation, the cervix rises (you may even have difficulty reaching it), becomes softer to the touch, and opens slightly. You must do this test by hand.

Feeling of pain and tenderness in your chest

Have you ever noticed that your breasts sometimes become tender? But not always? In most cases, the reason for breast tenderness is the proximity to the ovulation period.

7. High pain in the ovaries and lower abdomen

Have you ever noticed severe pain in your lower abdomen that seems to happen by accident? If this pain appears in the middle of the cycle, it may be ovulation pain.

You are most productive and creative during ovulation, so it is best to change your schedule a bit these days.


Scheduling things at the time of ovulation

BingMag.com Does ovulation time affect women's creativity?

Regardless of whether you are a housewife, a You are a mother, a bank employee or the manager of a private company, you will feel the highest level of energy during the ovulation period. Experience has shown that the decisions made at this time are less error-prone and lead to minimal regret.

So to maximize the results of your work in this period:

  • Finish the work you left out.

We all have lots of half-finished books, half-finished artwork, unfinished writing And we are always looking for an opportunity to complete them. Ovulation is the best time to do half-baked work. It is safe to say that nothing is impossible for any woman at this time.

  • Try to focus on more complex projects.
  • Review your to-do list.

Prioritize tasks It must change during ovulation. Try to prioritize tasks that require more creativity and thinking. Managers are often advised to hold brainstorming sessions at this time.

  • Strengthen your exercise program.

Due to the high energy level, it is recommended that you strengthen your exercise program during this period and do heavier sports.

  • Socialize with family and friends.

Spend more time with your family. Due to the good mood at the time of ovulation, you can have a better and friendlier relationship with family and friends.

  • Get pregnant.

If you and your partner are trying to have children, this is the best time to have sex. At the time of ovulation, you are at the highest level of fertility and are more likely to get pregnant at this time than at other times.

  • Do things you have not been confident enough to do before.

You can take part in any challenging discussion at this time and win this discussion. Because you look at things more accurately and you can examine all aspects of an issue. Understanding the cycle of existential change of any person can help him to experience the highest level of productivity. By knowing your body, you will be able to have the best planning and minimize the amount of mistakes and wrong decisions. In fact, you should be fully aware of your period and menstruation.

For example, have you ever noticed that you are at your lowest energy level during your period? So you should:

  • say no to your plans, or reschedule your current commitments.
  • If possible, prioritize lighter tasks that require less thought.
  • Go to bed earlier if your body is more inclined to rest.

Note the difference between the above three and the ones mentioned in the previous sections. This type of scheduling will happen if you are familiar with your body cycle and have identified all the golden dates. You need to know the premenstrual period and all the disorders that result from it, the menstrual period and its fatigue, the time of ovulation and how your body functions. Only then can you plan your daily routine and get the most out of your productivity.

After reading this text, follow the instructions below step by step

  • Download a menstrual reminder app.
  • Record the start and end days of your period.
  • Record your ovulation day.
  • Try to plan your activities by identifying the period of PMS, menstruation and ovulation.
  • See a gynecologist immediately if you have any changes in your regular menstrual process.


Remember that any change in your body can affect your soul as well. Many of these changes are invisible and you may never even notice them, but the effects of these changes are quite evident in your soul. For this reason, you should consider your physical condition as a major factor and indicator in your daily planning. What you read in this text was a scientific proof of this principle.

This article is for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .


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