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A complete guide to keeping spotted flowers or spathiphyllum at home

BingMag.com A complete guide to keeping spotted flowers or spathiphyllum at home

It is an evergreen and tropical spike flower of the hornbeam and spathiphyllum family and one of the most popular houseplants that flowers. This beautiful houseplant is best known for its beautiful white flowers. Stay tuned to BingMag to learn how to care for spikelets.

What are spikelets or spathiphyllum?

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It is a scaly flower of the Spathiphyllum family. It is kept as a houseplant and will produce beautiful flowers if you provide the right environment for it to grow. The white and horny flowers of this plant are placed on stems above its green leaves. This plant has glossy and oval leaves. A well-maintained plant can flower twice a year. Flowers are usually long-lived, so you can enjoy seeing the beautiful flowers of this plant a few months of the year.

If this plant is planted in tropical and subtropical gardens, it grows in its natural environment, usually in spring It is planted when the weather is still cool. If you want to keep it as a houseplant, you can buy it and bring it home at any time of the year.

Do not reduce because it is very sensitive to cold weather. This plant usually grows lightly and it takes about three years for the plant to reach maturity and maturity. h2> General information table about spikelets Common name of spikelets, spathiphyllum, peace lily Scientific name Spathiphyllum spp Type of tropical flowering plant The size of the plant is 30 to 90 cm in height, up to 180 cm in the open air. Need for sunlight Partly shady Wet soil type with good drainage pH Acidic soil Spring flowering time White or yellow flower color Poisonous poisoning for dogs, cats and humans

Caring for spikelets

BingMag.com A complete guide to keeping spotted flowers or spathiphyllum at home

This beautiful plant is mostly kept as an apartment plant because in most climatic zones, it is not suitable for outdoor storage and planting in gardens and orchards. Of course, in the warmer months of the year, you can move the spoon flowers planted in the pot to the outdoors. But as soon as the temperature drops, you should return the plant immediately to the house. The environmental conditions of this houseplant should always be balanced.

This plant does not suffer from many of the common pests and problems of houseplants. Of course, sometimes it can be attacked by pests such as bedbugs and mealybugs. You do not have to work hard to get rid of these pests. With pesticides or soaps, you can get rid of it to have a healthy, lush plant.

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Suitable light

Plant spike flowers are shade-loving and grow in their native environment in semi-shady environments. But when you store it indoors, they need more light. This light should not be direct sunlight but should be filtered light, for example, from behind the curtain. Of course, some varieties of this plant are more tolerant of direct sunlight.

If the leaves of the plant are twisted or faded, it means that the plant receives a lot of light. Burning of the edges of the leaves also indicates that the plant receives a lot of direct light. If this happens to the plant, move it to a darker place. Usually, once the problem is solved, the leaves of the plant become fresh and healthy again. Potted light soils are usually a good choice for planting spikelets. This plant grows in its native environment under the shade of tropical trees. For this reason, the soil of this plant in the native environment is always full of dry and rotten leaves of other plants. If you want your plant to grow well, you can provide the same conditions for potting soil.

Make sure the potting soil is well drained and plant the plant in earthenware pots that return excess moisture. .


Spoon flowers prefer to live with less water instead of over-watering. So be careful to water the pot only when the soil has dried at least two inches above the surface. In summer, be sure to spray the plant regularly because the spikelet grows best in a more humid environment, just like in rainforest environments.

In winter, the number of times the plant should be watered should be reduced. But never allow the potting soil to dry completely.

If the water in your home is chlorinated, it is best to use purified, non-chlorinated water, such as boiled water. You can leave the water that is going to be given to the pot in the environment for a few days so that the chlorine in it evaporates and comes out. Then pour this chlorine-free water at the bottom of the pot.

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Proper temperature and humidity

This plant prefers relatively warm temperatures and humid environments. To maintain this plant, you must be careful not to be exposed to cold winds from the seams of doors and windows, and the temperature of its storage environment should not be less than 12 degrees. This plant will die very quickly if exposed to cold and long weather. The average temperature for keeping this plant is between 20 and 25 degrees.

To provide the required moisture for the plant, spray its leaves every week with distilled water or water that does not contain salts and chlorine. Be sure to do this during the growing season, ie in summer.


This plant welcomes occasional fertilization. Fertilizing makes you have a strong plant that also flowers seasonally. In summer, you can fertilize it every week or use fertilizers that spread slowly in the soil. Apply these fertilizers to the plant at the beginning of the growing season. You do not need to fertilize it in winter because this season is not really the season for plant growth.

Types of scaly flowers

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This plant is usually highly grafted and therefore has different varieties, many of which are popular and are kept as houseplants. Their size varies from miniature flowers to very large flowers. The color of their leaves also changes. For example, some varieties have dark green leaves and white flowers, while others produce golden leaves. The most common types are: Power Petite spathiphyllum This plant is relatively small and has bicolor leaves. Its height reaches a maximum of 40 cm.

S. Mauna Loa Supreme

This model is very common and its height is between 90 and 120 cm. This model has large leaves that reach a width of 20 cm.

S. Sensation

This model is the largest type of spike flower and its height reaches 180 cm. The length of its leaves is 25 cm.

S. Mojo

This model has large leaves with a dazzling green color.

S. Golden Delicious

This model has beautiful green and golden leaf spoons.

S. Starlight

The leaves of this model are narrow and have a large margin and give several flowers. An average plant of this model sometimes produces up to 20 flowers.

Propagation of scaly flowers

This plant is usually propagated by division. This means that when changing the pot, you can separate part of the plant and plant it in another pot. You can do this in any season. To propagate in this way, examine the plant thoroughly to find the newly branched branches of the mother plant.

To propagate the plant, follow these steps:

1 . Remove the whole plant from the pot and separate the newly branched branch from the main plant along with its roots. You can even remove parts of the main root of the plant with it. Any part of a plant that has two or more leaves and has a root attached to the main root is usually propagated successfully.

2. Fill a pot about 20 cm deep with fresh potting soil. This soil should be moist but should not have too much water.

3. Immediately plant the cut branches in this soil and water it.

4. Place the pot where it is warm and well lit. Roots gain strength in less than a month and plant growth begins.

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If you notice that the space of the pot has shrunk to the roots of a small scaly plant, you should move it to a larger pot. You should change the pot in early spring. Always use good potting soil and make sure that both the soil and the pot are well drained.

What can we do to make Spotify flower?

BingMag.com A complete guide to keeping spotted flowers or spathiphyllum at home

This plant usually flowers hard indoors. Sometimes even the happiest and healthiest plants bloom somewhere other than their native environment, in the tropics and rainforests. However, if you want your houseplant to bloom indoors, you should try to provide a perfectly ideal environment and conditions similar to the native habitat of this plant. In terms of moisture, light distribution and regular fertilization, you should carefully check the condition of the plant. Space such as greenhouses or patios in some homes may provide a good opportunity for the plant to flower. Apartment and its maintenance There are many questions for those who are interested in houseplants. For example:

Is it difficult to maintain this plant? This plant needs more attention and care than other common houseplants. In addition to fertilizing the plant regularly, you must be careful not to get too much or too little light. You should not over-water the plant and at the same time, it should not stay dry.

How fast does the spike flower grow?

The growth rate of this plant is almost slow. It takes between three and five years for a plant to reach its maximum size.

Can a spike flower be grown indoors?

In many climatic logic, this plant It does not last again. For this reason, it is better known as an apartment plant. As long as you can provide conditions similar to the plant's native environment, you can enjoy its stunning beauty in closed spaces such as home and workplace. Proper planting can cause problems, almost all of which can be easily solved. If the flowers do not receive enough light, the chances of flowering will decrease. This plant is well tolerated in low light, but this resistance does not mean that you keep it in a dark place. In order for the plant to grow whole, it must be moved to a brighter environment to receive more and more indirect light.

Green flowers, weak flowers, or no flowering at all may also be due to lack of nutrients. If the flowers are green, reduce the amount of fertilizer. If the plant does not flower or has weak flowers, use a fertilizer for houseplants. These fertilizers have a lot of phosphorus that is needed for the plant to flower.

Browning of the tips of the leaves

Another problem of this plant is the browning of the tips of the leaves. There are usually several reasons for this problem; Excessive light, excessive fertilization, lack of water and low humidity around the pot. To increase plant moisture, place a tray containing pebbles and water next to it or spray the plant regularly.

Yellowing of leaves

Yellowing of leaves if leaves are old Be, it is normal. But if the new leaves turn yellow, it is probably due to excessive watering or watering less than the required amount of the plant.

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Bedbugs and mealybugs, if given the chance, will soon settle on the leaves of houseplants. To get rid of these pests, clean the leaves with a soft, damp cloth soaked in pesticide soaps. Sometimes you need to do this several times. Separate the infested plant from other plants so that it does not contaminate them.

Interesting Facts About Spike Flowers

  • One of the most common names for this plant is Peace Lily. The reason for this naming is the white flowers that this plant gives and they are usually located at a higher height than the leaves; Just like a white flag of peace.
  • Despite its lily name, this plant has nothing to do with the lily family or lilies.

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