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7 Common Mistakes in Painting a House Wall and Things You Need to Know

BingMag.com 7 <b>Common</b> <b>Mistakes</b> in <b>Painting</b> a <b>House</b> <b>Wall</b> and <b>Things</b> <b>You</b> <b>Need</b> to Know

Painting a House is a great way to change the mood and change the dcor. If the walls of your House Need paint and You are thinking of doing it yourself on holidays, You are probably repeating the Common Mistakes of novices. Despite the variety of colors, home furnishings, and murals available these days, You may be confused and confused. Here are some Common Mistakes to make when Painting your home wall, and paint your home like a professional.

Common Mistakes in Painting Your Home

BingMag.com 7 <b>Common</b> <b>Mistakes</b> in <b>Painting</b> a <b>House</b> <b>Wall</b> and <b>Things</b> <b>You</b> <b>Need</b> to Know

By considering the following points and avoiding these Common mistakes, You can do the House Wall Painting project yourself and without any problems at home.


1. Choosing the wrong brush

If You have trouble Painting a House Wall and You find it difficult, You probably do not have the right brush. The choice of brush type depends on the type of paint and the place where You want to paint. You can consult a tool shop to choose the right brush.

For example, using a water-based latex paint with a natural bristle brush makes it almost impossible to spread the paint on surfaces. While using a quality brush helps You achieve a smooth and even surface. Naturally brushed brushes work best with oil paints. Synthetic brushes, made of nylon and polyester, are suitable for use with water-based latex paint.

2. Late detachment of adhesive tapes

Painters use special adhesive tapes to be able to paint smoothly and without protrusions on the edges and edges. In fact, these tapes are glued to the edges that are not to be painted, then painted, and finally, the tape is removed. One of the most Common Mistakes You can make is to procrastinate. When You wait too long to remove the adhesive, layers of paint may also peel off the walls and surfaces when You remove it.

Ideally, the adhesive should be applied one hour after Painting the surfaces. Remove. But if You forget and it's too late, do not worry. There are tricks You can use to remove the tape without removing the paint. For example, You can use a hair dryer to heat the glue. By heating the glue, it can be easily separated from the wall.

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3. Ignoring the Climate

Most types of colors do not tolerate very hot or very cold climates well when painting. Therefore, when You want to start a Wall Painting project, be sure to pay attention to the weather. High humidity can increase the drying time of the paint, especially for water-based paints.

Very cold weather prevents the paints from drying evenly. For this reason, parts of the paint may crack or rise from the surface. Too hot air can cause bubbles to form on the paint surface, or the paint may dry out too quickly and You may not be able to create a uniform appearance. If You want to get the best results from home painting, read the instructions for using the paint carefully. Usually on the paint packaging, there is a description of the right temperature for painting.

If the paint You bought is not easily placed on the surfaces, the ambient temperature may not be suitable for painting. You may Need to heat the environment with a warmer heater or cooler, or move the Painting to another day.

Do not use primer

BingMag.com 7 <b>Common</b> <b>Mistakes</b> in <b>Painting</b> a <b>House</b> <b>Wall</b> and <b>Things</b> <b>You</b> <b>Need</b> to Know

When using a dark Wall with a light color, use a primer that will be important. With primer, the old color will not penetrate into the new color and You will have a uniform and flawless color. The infiltration of the undercoat into the upper layers occurs in two ways. One is that the difference between the previous color and the new color is very noticeable, and the other is that when You paint the wood, it may give back color to the upper layers and cause color spots or even a complete change of the new color.

You can solve this problem by applying a primer for Painting the building. This primer prevents the transfer of color from the underlying layers. If the color difference is large, You can apply two coats of primer and then paint the surface with a new color.

5. Improperly Painting the ceiling

Where the walls reach the ceiling is usually the hardest place to paint. If You paint the walls with rollers, it is possible that You also mistakenly paint part of the ceiling. If this happens and You paint part of the ceiling, You can immediately clean the piece with some glass cleaner while the paint is still dry.

You can use special adhesive tapes to avoid this problem again. Tape a few inches around the ceiling near the walls. This way You can easily paint the Wall and not worry about the rollers hitting the ceiling. Remove this tape later.

6. Do not prepare glossy surfaces

Glossy paints, often chosen for their durability, have excellent resistance to dirt and grease. The same thing that protects glossy surfaces from stains and fingerprints can also prevent new paint from sticking. This problem can be easily solved by sanding the glossy surface so that the paint has a good surface to stick to. Sanding should be done with thorough cleaning to remove any remaining particles. Another method is to use glossy surface cleaners, which can be used to easily clean the surface to create a surface ready for painting.

7. Using water-based paints on wallpaper

Some people decide to paint wallpaper on a House or one of its rooms. This is not a problem, but You should be careful in choosing the type of color. Water-based paints and primers can activate wallpaper adhesives, and the reaction that occurs between the paint and the adhesive makes it impossible for You to paint the Wall evenly. Bubbles and bumps on some of the wallpaper are some of the problems You may encounter when Painting wallpaper. You can use oil-based primers to prevent this problem.

Things to know about home Wall Painting

BingMag.com 7 <b>Common</b> <b>Mistakes</b> in <b>Painting</b> a <b>House</b> <b>Wall</b> and <b>Things</b> <b>You</b> <b>Need</b> to Know

When You decide to paint the walls of your House yourself, You have to make many decisions along the way; For example, what color to choose, what steps to take, and what brush and tool to use. Do not worry because in the following we will talk about the most important questions You have about Painting the Wall of the house.

You can use the following article to choose the color. The color You choose plays an important role in the mood of the house; So it is better to decide on the color You want based on the theory and psychology of colors.

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Here are the most important Things You Need to know about Painting your walls:

Choosing the type of paint

Building paints fall into two main categories; Oil-based paints that are known for their radiance and gloss, and water-based paints. These days, there is no Need to use oil paints to paint walls. Water-based paints, which dry much faster and have less odor, are very versatile and slightly shiny. You can also easily wipe these colors with a towel.

When buying paint, try to buy the best paint from famous brands. Inexpensive colors can waste all your efforts and not create the beautiful look You expected.

2. The amount of paint required

There is a general rule about the amount of paint needed. Every 4 liters of paint is enough for an area of 32 square meters. In fact, 4 liters or a gallon is suitable for a small room, such as a bathroom. First measure the area of your desired surface and buy the amount of paint based on that plus a quarter more. However, You may Need more color and it may be difficult to find a similar color later.

Using Primer

You may be wondering if You Need a primer or not. You usually do not Need to use a primer unless You are applying a light color on a dark color, the walls are not well painted and stained or the walls are uneven.

In these cases, using a primer helps to surface Have a smooth and even color that sits well on it. Instead of using a separate product, You can buy paints that have two uses and do the primer well.

4. How to do Things

BingMag.com 7 <b>Common</b> <b>Mistakes</b> in <b>Painting</b> a <b>House</b> <b>Wall</b> and <b>Things</b> <b>You</b> <b>Need</b> to Know

After buying the paint, You must be wondering where to start? To paint a house, do the following:

  • Clean and dust the corners of the walls and the walls themselves.
  • Apply special tape where needed.
  • Spread a cloth on the floor so that paint stains do not stain the floor.
  • Paint the walls from top to bottom; First the ceiling, then the walls and then the baseboards if needed.

5. Painting the ceiling

To paint the ceiling, You must use a device with a long handle. Never paint the top of your head, but the ceiling from the side.

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With the above points, You can do the work of Painting the Wall of the House yourself. All You Need is the right tools for the job and a little patience. You can consult with tool shops to choose a brush, paint and glue.

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