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Cold weather camping; 15 key tips for staying warm at bedtime

BingMag.com <b>Cold</b> <b>weather</b> <b>camping;</b> 15 <b>key</b> <b>tips</b> for <b>staying</b> <b>warm</b> at bedtime

Enjoy the tranquility of nature, inhale the scent of rain-soaked trees and watch the clear sky full of stars and snow-capped mountains; If you have experienced these, you will say that you have experienced the best moments of your life in nature. But you will probably agree that even the most spectacular scenery can not compensate for the bitterness of a night camping experience in very Cold weather. If you are not prepared, enduring winter conditions and sub-zero temperatures can be very annoying. Stay tuned to BingMag for tips on staying warm and getting the right camping gear.

List of essential camping gear

BingMag.com <b>Cold</b> <b>weather</b> <b>camping;</b> 15 <b>key</b> <b>tips</b> for <b>staying</b> <b>warm</b> at bedtime

  • Flexible foam mountaineering mat
  • Sleeping bags of the type that are suitable for use at lower temperatures.
  • Some woolen or synthetic clothing
  • Socks, gloves and hats for Cold weather
  • Camping tents are types that have restraining nails and ropes and are resistant to wind.
  • Nutritional snacks
  • Reusable straw
  • A small hand-held vacuum cleaner
  • Women's Travel Toilet Tools Outpatient Model
  • Insulated Bottle Bag
  • Steel Water Bottle Stainless steel

Cold weather camping professional guide

1. Always check the weather and possible hazards

This is the golden rule for any activity in nature; Check the weather before you leave the house. Depending on the time and place you choose, you should learn enough about temperature fluctuations, approaching weather phenomena such as wind and rain, road changes such as road closures, and any potential hazards. Always let a loved one know about your itinerary. You must give him detailed information about your route, place of residence and return route.

2. Find a suitable place for camping and create a flat surface for sleeping

BingMag.com <b>Cold</b> <b>weather</b> <b>camping;</b> 15 <b>key</b> <b>tips</b> for <b>staying</b> <b>warm</b> at bedtime

any place in nature It is relatively dry, has a smooth surface and is sufficiently safe, suitable for camping in Cold weather. First find a place with these features so you can set up your tent there. If conditions allow, remove the snow to expose the ground and level the ground with your own tools or shoes. After setting up your tent, go inside the tent and use your knees to help flatten the area where you want to sleep. Experienced people advise not to delay this because the ground is wet and it is difficult to clear it when it freezes again.

Some of these people have a shallow pit to sleep in so as not to move too much during sleep. Create. This allows you to sleep in a smaller space and be less exposed to Cold weather. If you do not get warm enough during the night, you will experience a difficult night and may experience symptoms of frostbite or frostbite.

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How does the body lose heat?

  • Surface evaporation: Evaporation has a cooling effect. Sweating causes the body to lose 85% of its heat when you do strenuous exercise. Increased respiration and perspiration cause clothes to get wet, and wet clothes also cause body heat to decrease.
  • Radiation: Radiation causes heat to escape from the body. It becomes. At temperatures below 20 C, the body may lose up to 50% of its heat due to radiation.
  • Heat conduction: Heat conduction Heat transfer is through physical contact. Heat conduction occurs at a temperature of 20 C. This is why your body loses heat when you sleep on a Cold floor.
  • Convection: Convection occurs when a fluid is heated. (Liquid or gas) away from heat source. Take a cup of hot tea, for example. The steam that comes out of the cup shows the movement of heat that is caused by the conversion of hot water into gaseous water (wet steam).

3. Bring a foam mountaineering mat that is insulated

If you sleep on Cold ground, you lose heat and heat conduction is to blame. If you use a warm sleeping bag to sleep in Cold weather but you do not have a quality underlay and insulation under it, heat conduction will occur and you will lose heat. Most self-propelled air mattresses are insulated only to minus one degree Celsius. Therefore, if you want to use these mattresses for more comfort, put a foam mat under it.

4. Insulate the tent by reducing the ambient space

BingMag.com <b>Cold</b> <b>weather</b> <b>camping;</b> 15 <b>key</b> <b>tips</b> for <b>staying</b> <b>warm</b> at bedtime

If you are not alone in the tent, as much as you can Bring your mats together. You can even tie the mats together with special straps to reduce the space even more.

act like a mound; Place backpacks and accessories around the inside of the tent to further insulate the interior.

Create a thermal insulation by attaching a life blanket (space blanket) to the roof of the tent. These blankets can literally be life-saving.

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5. Keep yourself warm with a hot water bottle

If you have a stainless steel hot water bottle and take it with you into your sleeping bag, the space inside the sleeping bag will be warmer due to radiation. . Place this temporary heater next to one of the three most important areas of your body; Intermediate, inner thigh (near femoral artery), neck (near jugular vein). Choose. When buying water bottles, be more careful and check the specifications on the bottle label, because not all metal water bottles are made of 100% stainless steel.

6. Be careful to keep your arms and legs warm

Your body prioritizes keeping your torso warm, so keeping your arms and legs warm helps maintain energy. Use quality wool gloves and socks that reduce moisture and smell less. After a Cold night, you want to get out of the tent and breathe a little in the open air. In this situation, there is no more bitter experience than dipping your feet in icy shoes. Be sure to keep your shoes in a safe place overnight so that they do not freeze until morning.

Wear the right clothes for sleeping in Cold weather

Some people think that when they use a sleeping bag, they do not need to wear a lot of clothes, but they think wrong. For temperatures below minus one degree Celsius, you must wear several layers of clothing. Of course, when choosing clothes to wear, pay attention to the following points:

  • In the case of underwear, socks and gloves, wear very tight clothes that may prevent proper blood flow to the Avoid limbs.
  • Do not overdo warm clothes.
  • Woolen clothes are the best option.
  • Do not wear cotton clothes.
  • Choose comfortable, warm socks, gloves and hats.

Why aren't cotton clothes suitable for camping?

Experienced people say that cotton clothes are deadly, but what is the reason for this opinion?

Since cotton clothes do not absorb moisture, they can be effective in lowering body temperature. And provide the conditions for the growth of bacteria. Fibers made of wool, polyester or polypropylene absorb moisture and redistribute it through a function called capillary. But cotton fibers, like sponges, retain moisture just enough to saturate themselves.

To stay warm, do not wear silk or cotton clothing, and wear several layers of appropriate clothing, such as woolen clothing.


8. Ways to manage camping tents on windy nights

BingMag.com <b>Cold</b> <b>weather</b> <b>camping;</b> 15 <b>key</b> <b>tips</b> for <b>staying</b> <b>warm</b> at bedtime

Winds on sleepy nights It also changes. People should take turns sleeping, and one should check the restraining nails and ropes every few hours as you may need to tighten some of them again. If you do not run this program and do not want to leave your warm sleeping bag, you will find yourself in a situation where the tent is damaged and it is almost impossible to control the situation.

If you go to areas for camping where the situation is unpredictable And there is a high probability of wind and storms, you should choose a more suitable tent. The more restraining nails and ropes this tent has, the more resistant it is to strong winds. Some tents also have grooved rods, the installation of which makes the tent more resistant to strong winds.

Of course, you should set up the tent in a place where the lowest level is exposed to the wind. In places where the wind direction is constant, the narrowest side of the tent should be in the wind direction. A tent that loses its function, in addition to being able to cause significant financial losses, also endangers your safety and health.

9. Eat a high-calorie snack before bed

The body needs energy to perform various functions, and you need to get the energy it needs. Choose fats, carbohydrates and sugars. The closer this snack is to bedtime, the better. Especially if you choose a snack that is high in fat, following this schedule will work better. In the body, protein metabolism takes place before fat metabolism, and fat metabolism takes longer than carbohydrate metabolism. Therefore, choose high-calorie foods such as chocolate and nuts. A hot snack that does not take long to prepare strengthens your body.

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10. Use reusable straws so that drinks do not spill on your dry clothes.

After dehydration, spilling liquids on dry clothes is the most annoying thing you can experience. It is very important to get the water your body needs, so put a reusable straw next to your water bottle so that you can drink it in the middle of the night without spilling water on your clothes. Choose steel nails that are more durable and easily disinfected.

Remove morning frost from your tent

Water vapor usually condenses on the inside wall of your tent, and this can happen even if the door is not completely closed. Wet your belongings when the ice melts. To prevent the equipment from getting wet, cover it with a suitable cover or put it in a garbage bag and vacuum the ice before thawing. Inspect the equipment daily if conditions allow, and dry if wet. If you do not use the tent during the day, turn it upside down to let the sun and wind dry out the moisture.

Do not hold your urine overnight

If you need to go to the bathroom overnight, do not delay. This delay makes you feel colder over time because the body has to burn calories to keep your urine warm. Is the air Cold enough that you can not go to the bathroom? You should use a urine bottle. Mark this bottle very clearly.

For the convenience of women, new devices have been designed to help them withstand less Cold to go to the bathroom. Just do a little research on women's travel toilet tools.

13. Insulate water bottles

At higher altitudes and in extreme weather conditions, you are more prone to dehydration. If the water you want to drink freezes, you will have trouble getting the water your body needs. In addition, having this bottle of frozen water will lower your body temperature. Use insulated bags to hold the water bottle so that the water does not freeze overnight. In this case, it is better to drink warm water to hydrate the body.

14. Protect Electronics from the Cold

Cold air can not only quickly drain the battery of electronics, it can also damage them in a way that they cannot be repaired. Put electronics, travel gas canisters, and anything else you do not want to freeze overnight in your sleeping bag and under your feet. For this reason, when buying a sleeping bag, buy a sleeping bag that is longer. The length of the sleeping bag should be slightly longer than your height. Electronic devices have a specific operating or usable temperature, and the maximum and minimum temperatures at which you can use these devices are set. It is wise to check these things about electronics before going to nature. If you use or charge these devices outside the specified temperature range, they may be irreparably damaged.

15. Do not expose yourself to frostbite or frost

BingMag.com <b>Cold</b> <b>weather</b> <b>camping;</b> 15 <b>key</b> <b>tips</b> for <b>staying</b> <b>warm</b> at bedtime

You all have a lot of energy to go but before Going to nature, especially camping in Cold weather, you should think about safety and health in unusual conditions. Everyone knows that Cold can be a problem for anyone and no one is safe from the cold. Providing the necessary equipment is very important, but acquiring the knowledge and skills needed is no less important than that, and you should take enough time for this.

Cold weather is a barrier for many people to continue. There is no such thing as mountaineering, hiking or camping. If you love nature, you probably plan on camping in the Cold in winter as well. By following the tips mentioned in this article, you can experience a pleasant and hassle-free tour and return home safe and sound.

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