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Chi Kung Sports; A gateway to the inner world, away from stress and relaxation

BingMag.com <b>Chi</b> <b>Kung</b> <b>Sports;</b> A <b>gateway</b> to the <b>inner</b> <b>world,</b> <b>away</b> <b>from</b> <b>stress</b> and relaxation

Chi Kung, also known by other names including Ki Kung and Chi Gong, is a set of exercises that focus on body movement, breathing and mindfulness. It concentrates and is used to exercise, improve mood and health, as well as meditation and mindfulness. The sport is more than 2,000 years old and, like other meditative sports such as tai Chi and yoga, is very popular all over the world. And today, scientific research has confirmed these benefits. Researchers believe that Chi Kung can help prevent and manage many diseases and health problems. This sport is especially useful for the elderly and those who suffer from stress and mental problems.

In 2010, a study after several studies and other research found interesting information about Chi Kung sport. And it showed that this martial art has many positive effects. Researchers have concluded that by doing Chi Kung exercises you can increase bone density, improve heart and lung health, have better physical function, prevent aging problems, maintain your mental health, and function your immune system. Strengthen and improve your overall quality of life.

In this post, we want to take a closer look at Chi Kung exercise and take a closer look at its benefits. Apart from this, we will introduce some suitable exercises to start with and review the important points for doing this exercise. So stay tuned to see why you should add this ancient sport to your lifestyle.

What is Chi Kung Sport?

BingMag.com <b>Chi</b> <b>Kung</b> <b>Sports;</b> A <b>gateway</b> to the <b>inner</b> <b>world,</b> <b>away</b> <b>from</b> <b>stress</b> and relaxation

Chi Kung is a term used for many ancient Chinese exercises and physical activities. Some experts claim that in the modern age there are more than 3,000 different styles of this sport. Today, doctors recommend Tai Chi and Chi Kung exercises to people because of their benefits for reducing stress, improving body flexibility, and strengthening the mind and inner concentration. Research shows that most people who live a healthy, long life typically engage in some form of regular exercise. And focuses on the connection between mind and body. Hence, Chi Kung can be considered similar to yoga. Although Chi Kung is a sport, it is also a mental skill that must be learned over time and practiced.

Research has shown that Chi Kung improves the body's energy level, inner peace, Physical strength, quality of sleep and vitality. In general, many people use Chi Kung, Yoga, Tai Chi and Kung Fu to help improve their health.

Regardless of which style of Chi Kung you use, the sport has several key features. :

  • All types of Chi Kung include special physical exercises that are both static and dynamic, as well as dynamic and active. In some exercises you have to stand firm and in others you have to move like running water.
  • These exercises have a deep connection with breathing.
  • You have to concentrate when performing exercises and movements. And focus your mind completely. For this reason, Chi Kung is a mindfulness meditation.

Chi Kung does not require sports equipment, and you can do it in almost any place. Depending on your goal and fitness level, you can do this exercise and enjoy its benefits. Chi Kung is more or less suitable for anyone of any age and that is why most people use it to improve their range of motion, peace of mind and boost their mood.

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5 Important Benefits of Chi Kung Exercise

BingMag.com <b>Chi</b> <b>Kung</b> <b>Sports;</b> A <b>gateway</b> to the <b>inner</b> <b>world,</b> <b>away</b> <b>from</b> <b>stress</b> and relaxation

Although in traditional Chinese medicine it is believed that Chi Kung exercises are beneficial for all aspects of life and help you deal with many problems, here are the benefits that have been proven by science. Experts believe that Chi Kung has the most positive effect on the following diseases and problems:

1. Chi Kung can lower blood pressure and improve heart health. Many people who practice tai Chi regularly claim to feel warmer, softer, lighter and more energetic after exercise. Researchers attribute this effect to improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage due to tai Chi exercises. Chi Kung can have varying intensities. Therefore, depending on the style and method you use, you can affect your cardiovascular system. Some exercises include movements They become slow, continuous, deep, soft and related to breathing. All of these help to calm the heart and mind. Increasing the intensity of exercise also increases your heart rate, and in addition to the benefits mentioned above, you also enjoy the benefits of aerobic exercise and sweating.

Studies show that Chi Kung and tai Chi typically increase Physical endurance is associated with strengthening the heart, increasing blood circulation and reducing stress, and therefore helps to improve the body's blood pressure. Some studies have reported that these exercises are appropriate and effective for patients with myocardial infarction or myocardial infarction and coronary artery disease, and for those with heart failure and bypass surgery.

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2. Exercise Can Reduce the Risk of Disability and Age-Related Injuries

A 2005 study found that a 6-month Tai Chi exercise program with 3 sessions per week significantly increased the risk of disability And reduce the problems associated with aging in patients over 70 years of age.

The researchers also found that patients experienced significant improvements in their physical balance and function. Even patients with inactivity and limited mobility can benefit from Tai Chi and Chi Kung.

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3. Negative effects also reduce stress and mental health problems

A 2014 study found that practicing tai Chi and other meditative sports have a significant positive effect on mental health problems and conditions such as depression, anxiety and chronic stress. With this exercise, you can prevent mental illness and effectively manage your mind and psyche. And because stress and digestion are so closely linked, you can also get help from Tai Chi and Chi Kung to deal with problems such as gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome and stomach ulcers. Chi Kung can be linked Establish body, mind and soul. That's why it's so much more important than other sports, and it can affect your emotions and your inner world. Some of the benefits associated with Chi Kung and tai Chi include deeper spiritual growth, higher self-confidence, more attention and awareness, as well as deeper feelings and connections with others. All of these help improve mental health and prevent or treat mental health problems.

Linking body movements, breathing, and mental focus make Tai Chi and Chi Kung very similar. Both exercises improve the function of the parasympathetic nervous system. This system helps to calm the mind and body, relieves tension and anger, improves breathing, reduces muscle tension, increases body relaxation, and promotes better and deeper sleep.

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4. Chi Kung helps boost immune system and fight cancer

Chinese researchers claim that among all the strategies used to improve the connection between body and mind and reduce the symptoms of cancer and better fight the disease, Tai Chi and Chi Kung exercises are the most effective and are considered the best option.

Research shows that Chi Kung and Tai Chi significantly reduce fatigue, improve immune function, fight cancer, And lower cortisol levels in the body.

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5. Exercise also helps reduce chronic pain

In 2008, researchers reviewed 12 different studies that tested the effect of tai Chi on the treatment of patients with joint problems, including osteoarthritis and joint pain. p>

They experienced a significant reduction in pain in patients who underwent tai Chi exercises. In addition to reducing pain, the researchers also observed improvements in physical function and activities of daily living. More research and experiments on a larger scale are definitely needed to consider these two exercises as the best alternative to other therapies.

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The best exercises and movements of Chi Kung

BingMag.com <b>Chi</b> <b>Kung</b> <b>Sports;</b> A <b>gateway</b> to the <b>inner</b> <b>world,</b> <b>away</b> <b>from</b> <b>stress</b> and relaxation

The most common way to practice Chi Kung is to learn a series of tai Chi movements. Tai Chi is commonly known as a set of hand and foot movements. You can enjoy the benefits of this exercise and stay healthy with just 15 minutes of tai chi.

Learning and performing these exercises at home is easy. Of course, keep in mind that some exercises require enough outdoor space. So stay indoors or exercise outdoors and in the yard.

Here are some exercises to get you started:


should first involve stretching or exercising Get warm and ready by moving your legs, arms and back. Be sure to wear loose-fitting clothing to allow you to move around easily. Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the 10 to 20 minutes a day for tai Chi and Chi kung.

Learning movements and postures will take time. So be patient and do not overdo it. Over time, you can learn these movements and exercise well. Be careful not to push yourself because this is against all the beliefs and goals of Chi Kung sport.

2. Basic movement

This is the most basic form of tai chi. To do this, spread your legs shoulder-width apart, keep your toes slightly inward, your knees soft, your chest slightly bent, and your hips slightly tighter. This position should be as if you were sitting on a high stool.

3. Step by step and change position

Step by step and change position from one exercise to another is very important in Chi Kung. You need to be able to move, rotate, walk and balance your body slowly. When stepping and moving your body, be sure to keep your center of gravity down and your legs bent.

Energy Ball

Rub your hands together then away from each other. What power is flowing between them now? Bring the hands together again, but be careful not to collide. Continue to move the arms closer and farther apart to form a ball of energy. Try to walk at the same time and keep your body active. Do this continuously and slowly.

5. Whip movement

BingMag.com <b>Chi</b> <b>Kung</b> <b>Sports;</b> A <b>gateway</b> to the <b>inner</b> <b>world,</b> <b>away</b> <b>from</b> <b>stress</b> and relaxation

This hand movement is usually used for tapping or whipping. To do this, first hold your hands as shown: Bend the fingers of the back hand and keep the front hand open. Now stretch and pull the front leg slightly, keeping your upper body to the side. Your hind leg should also be bent. Do this slowly and in a controlled manner and be mindful of your gentle breathing.

Who can get the most out of Chi Kung sports?

According to the Chi Kung National Association Exercises in this sport can be considered martial, medical or spiritual. from an alternative medicine perspective, Chi Kung can be considered medical because it is a form of exercise that activates the body and helps with cardiovascular health and improves flexibility, immune system and mental health.

However, Chi Kung can also be considered a martial art, because learning is a skill that has been taught for centuries and can be mastered after years of practice. In addition, it is spiritual because it includes mental focus, breathing techniques, and focus on the life force (chi). The spiritual aspect of Chi Kung makes this sport different from other sports and is a better option for mental health and strengthening the bond between body and mind.

Considering that Chi Kung reduces stress, Helps treat joint pain, increase strength and endurance, as well as strengthen the immune system. Those who benefit most from this exercise are:

  • Those who have high anxiety and stress
  • Heart patients, high blood pressure or high cholesterol
  • People with muscle aches
  • Those with joint pain, tendons or osteoarthritis
  • People Who are always tired and low in energy and have problems with sleep and rest
  • Patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Disabilities
  • People with weak immune systems and susceptibility to disease
  • People with other circulatory, lymphatic, and gastrointestinal problems (such as bowel or kidney)
  • Elderly people who cannot exercise vigorously

Chi Kung sport is more popular among middle-aged and older people Is. Many people who practice Chi Kung claim that with the help of this sport, they can have more flexibility, strength and relaxation at an older age. In addition, they face other benefits, such as increased recovery speed after illness or traumatic events.

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Chi Kung Compared to Tai Chi

As you can see, Chi Kung and Tai Chi have similar benefits and always do. Their names appear next to each other. But what are the differences between the two sports?

Tai Chi is considered a special style of Chi Kung. This sport includes a set of specific exercises and movements and has specific rules, but Chi Kung does not have a specific order. Apart from this, tai Chi is a more popular form of Chi Kung and is a quiet and gentle form of martial arts. But Chi Kung is not always calm and gentle. Some Chi Kung styles may be static and relaxed, some may be very fast and intense.

Also, the main benefits and focus of the sport may be slightly different. For example, tai Chi movements have been shown to improve blood circulation, range of motion And they help focus, and doing them may take between 10 minutes and 2 hours. Is focused on the whole body. Chi Kung, for example, can be a special movement that helps open the lungs. You do this exercise and repeat it to reach your goal.

In general, these two exercises are very similar. Tai Chi can be considered a kind of Chi Kung, but Chi Kung does not always include Tai Chi. To better understand this, you should think of Qi Gong as a weight to strengthen the arm. Suppose Chi Kung involves movements that only strengthen the arm. That means you are lifting weights to strengthen your arms. But tai Chi involves the same weightlifting for the whole body.

So, with tai Chi you strengthen other limbs in addition to the arm, but Chi Kung is only about strengthening the arms. In other words, tai Chi includes the sport of Chi gong, but Chi Kung does not include the sport of tai chi.

Interesting facts about Chi Kung

BingMag.com <b>Chi</b> <b>Kung</b> <b>Sports;</b> A <b>gateway</b> to the <b>inner</b> <b>world,</b> <b>away</b> <b>from</b> <b>stress</b> and relaxation

The 2,000-year-old roots of Chi Kung's sport go back to the ancient philosophies of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucius. The term Chi Kung is derived from the two ancient Chinese words "chi" meaning life force or vital energy and "kung" meaning skill or success.

Although the term Chi gong can be found centuries ago, But what we know today from this phrase dates back to the 40s and 50s. The best definition of Chi Kung for non-Chinese is to say that it is a way to promote life force, warm and refresh the body and calm the mind.

In the past centuries, this sport has been used for various purposes and most people in history They have tried to get help from it to achieve a better position. In Confucianism, the sport of Chi Kung was used for longevity and moral teachings. In Taoism and Buddhism, the sport was used as a meditation practice. In Chinese martial arts, Chi Kung also played the role of increasing physical strength for battle.

In ancient times, this sport was passed from teacher to student, and each lineage and region used its own unique method. . Just like martial arts, Chi Kung was different among the people of each region and reported their popular and cultural differences.

Be sure to keep these points in mind

Although Chi Kung sports And tai Chi can help improve body flexibility, prevent disability and burnout, reduce pain and mental health problems, but these exercises are effective when you have a healthy lifestyle and other exercises such as aerobic exercise, strength training as well as healthy diets. And use tonics.

Chi Kung is a great option for the elderly and those with limited mobility or recovering from an injury. But if you are not sure about starting this sport or you want to see if it is suitable for you or not, be sure to go to a doctor or sports coach and consult with him. By being aware of your physical condition and getting help from experts, you can have safer and more efficient exercise and get much better results. Also known as Ki Kung and Chi Gong, it is a set of exercises that focuses on body movement, breathing, and mindfulness, and is used to exercise, improve mood, and health, as well as meditation and mindfulness.

Although Chi Kung exercises are beneficial for all aspects of life, but the most important benefits can be lowering blood pressure and improving cardiovascular health, preventing problems and injuries caused by aging, reducing the negative effects of stress and psychological problems, strengthening the immune system and He mentioned the fight against cancer and the reduction of chronic pain.

By doing the exercises we have introduced, you can incorporate Chi Kung into your lifestyle and enjoy the benefits we have mentioned. But remember that this exercise is effective and efficient when you change your lifestyle and use other exercises, including aerobic exercise, strength training, as well as healthy and nutritious diets.

Also be careful. See a specialist before exercising and find out about your physical condition. If you do not have a problem with exercising Chi Kung and do the exercises properly, you can build a healthier life for yourself and be safe from many physical and mental illnesses.

This article is for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

Source: Dr. Ax

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