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8 characteristics of people with hidden depression

BingMag.com 8 <b>characteristics</b> of <b>people</b> with <b>hidden</b> depression

Although the general perception of depression has changed in recent years, misconceptions about depression and its symptoms are still frequently observed. Because of the persistence of negative beliefs, we can not recognize that people are struggling with this disease in their lives. Many people are not even diagnosed with depression because of misconceptions about its occurrence. The result is that many people have hidden depression from themselves or others.

So we need to put aside the misconception that depression symptoms are always clearly visible and have a better understanding to help people with depression. To find this disease. In the following, we have examined some of the symptoms of people with hidden depression from BingMag.

1. people with latent depression do not seem to be depressed

BingMag.com 8 <b>characteristics</b> of <b>people</b> with <b>hidden</b> depression

due to media and cultural stereotypes, Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. We assume that a person with depression does not leave his room, does not have a good style of dress and always looks poor and helpless. But people with depression are not.

Of course, not all people are different, and the symptoms and ability to cope with depression are different in different people. Many people can protect themselves by maintaining a good appearance, but in no way is the amount of suffering they endure because of doing so. Also, those who can not maintain their appearance are by no means weaker.

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2. They are often tired or criticized for being tired

One of the most common side effects of depression is persistent fatigue. Not all people with depression have this problem, but chronic fatigue is very common.

Fatigue is often one of the most difficult side effects of depression to deal with. However, if a person lives with undiagnosed depressive disorder, the cause of fatigue can be complex. They may get a lot of sleep each night and still wake up tired in the morning.

In worse situations, they may blame themselves for believing that laziness or other personal mistakes have caused them to lose energy. . It is also a sign that people who have been diagnosed with depression and are trying to hide it from other people are very difficult and it often affects their work and personal relationships.

3. They suffer abnormally quickly

BingMag.com 8 <b>characteristics</b> of <b>people</b> with <b>hidden</b> depression

Depressed behavior can be interpreted as melancholy even if This is not how they really feel. Premature ejaculation is one of the most common symptoms in people with depression. This should be understandable because depression is a health problem that is not visible or accurately assessed, and this makes it difficult to deal with. It also takes energy and leaves little room for patience and understanding. If someone you know finds out about clinical depression and shares it with you, it may confuse you if their previous behavior does not match common misconceptions about depression, such as shyness and depression. If you find that these people get angry easily and suffer quickly, it is because of the side effects of depression.

4. It is difficult for them to respond to love and concern

The main misconception about depression is that depression means feeling sad and upset. But more depression does not mean having a specific feeling or just the expression of emotions and it depends on the person, but some people with depression have reported feeling numb and something close to feeling uncomfortable or premature. Because of this, it is difficult for them to respond appropriately to kind gestures or words, or they may not think about it. They may even be upset with you for irrational reasons because it is very difficult for their brains to process and respond to kind and loving behaviors.

5. They may repeatedly stop doing activities they once liked

Lack of interest in activities for long periods of time can be a sign of depression. depression depletes both physical and mental energy, making it difficult for the body to enjoy many things. Activities that used to be interesting can lose their appeal altogether because depression often deprives you of enjoyment or satisfaction. If you have no other reason to describe your loss of interest, you are more likely to have clinical depression.

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6. They may develop abnormal eating habits. They become: as a way to deal with or as a side effect of not taking care of yourself. Undereating or overeating are common symptoms of depression. Overeating often causes embarrassment. When food is a source of pleasure, one will be able to overeat.

When a depressed person eats very little, it is often because depression affects their appetite and their desire to eat. Has destroyed them. In addition, it can also be due to the subconscious need to control some things because they can not control their depression. If a person with a eating disorder or eating disorder is not diagnosed with depression, people will think that their eating habits are due to personal error and will judge them and make them feel bad.

7. They may want more of you

A depressed person cannot act like a mentally healthy person. Some things can not be done as before or at all. Harassing or embarrassing them because of this not only does not help but also annoys them. If they keep their depression a secret, it will be much harder for them to deal with the anger of others because they can not act like healthy people. That's why it's best to always have a good understanding of the people in your life.

They can have bad days and good days.

depression can have ups and downs. If a person has undiagnosed depression or hidden depression, depending on whether or not he or she has persistent depression, he or she may appear to have mood swings.

Changes if undiagnosed depression Moods seem for no reason. If you know a person is depressed, you may mistakenly believe that they are always good because they feel good for a few days. While it is always good to be better today than you were yesterday, you should always let them tell you when they are ready for what. Assuming they have fully recovered their energy and forcing them to do certain things too quickly can make them too tired.

This is for education and information only. Be sure to consult an expert before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

Source: Lifehack

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