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Can walking be effective in weight loss?

BingMag.com <b>Can</b> <b>walking</b> be <b>effective</b> in <b>weight</b> loss?

Exercise and physical activity not only improve physical health, but Can also improve mental health. However, if you are very busy or not very interested in going to the club, finding time to exercise is not always easy. In such cases, walking Can be a good way to stay healthy and active.

walking is a simple way to increase mobility in life and help you lose weight. In general, brisk walking burns about 260 calories for a person who weighs 68 kg.

Although on some days, going out or using a treadmill for an hour of exercise is very difficult Becomes; Just because you Can not spend an hour going out. But that does not mean you Can not exercise at home. When you're short of time and space, be a little creative and try walking.

In this article, we've looked at walking, which Can be a viable alternative to this problem. p>

What is walking in place?

As the name implies, walking in place involves lifting your knees like stepping, but in a way that keeps you still. The good thing about this exercise is that it Can be done anywhere; For example, you Can do it at work or while standing in line, 6. Fit

How to walk on the spot?

  • Wear your hiking boots; if you want just a few Do this for a minute, walking without shoes is okay, but to do the movement for longer, you should wear walking shoes.
  • Just start walking; this Moving is as simple as it sounds. The next time you notice you are sitting for a long time, get up and walk.
  • Count your steps; Using a pedometer program, Keep track of the steps you take. Seeing how many steps you Can walk gives you a lot of motivation to walk and walk in your place whenever possible.
  • Set a goal for the number of steps; strong> Try to reach a certain number of steps every day. If 10,000 steps is too scary for you, start with 7,500 or even 5,000 steps. When you reach your goal for several days in a row, increase it.
  • Use the heart rate monitor; if you are wondering if you are on the move Beating Can help you increase your heart rate enough, using a heart rate monitor Can help.
  • Do interval exercises; Do you have an idea? Does walking seem a little too monotonous? Instead of walking at the same speed all the time, increase the speed for a minute or two and then slow it down. Continue alternating between fast and slow speeds; By doing this, you have done an interval workout.
  • Add strength movements; By combining muscle building movements, make your walking exercise a complete body workout. Walk for a few minutes, then do a few push-ups. Walk for a few more minutes and then do a few crunches. By doing this, you have trained all the muscle groups of the body.

The benefits of walking in place

BingMag.com <b>Can</b> <b>walking</b> be <b>effective</b> in <b>weight</b> loss?

one of The advantage of walking is that there is no need for good weather to do physical activity. In addition, to do so, you do not need to join a sports club and buy sports equipment. In fact, walking is a cost-effective way to stay fit and you do not need to go anywhere else.

You feel great when you look at your pedometer after walking. Just think of the extra calories you burn without real effort.

The best part of this walking exercise is that you Can do it regardless of your fitness level.

Does walking on foot help you lose weight?

Key Losing weight and achieving fitness is an increase in heart rate. It does not matter if you are walking outdoors or walking indoors, you will burn more calories if you Can increase your heart rate.

In a study by Medicine & Science published in the journal Sport & Exercise, participants who walked for an hour burned an average of 258 calories. People who walked the treadmill for the same amount of time burned 304 calories. The study also found that walking on foot during business breaks burned about 148 calories in 25 minutes, equivalent to 21,111 steps.

How to start walking on foot

If walking is tiring for you, keep in mind that you do not have to do it for a long time to get results. It is enough to walk for 5 minutes several times a day. This Can be a simple break after every hour of work at work to protect yourself from the harmful effects of sitting too much. Also, if you watch TV at night, get up and walk when the commercial is on TV. Although these efforts may seem small, over time, they will be fruitful and will play a very important role in achieving health goals.

  • 10 reasons to start your day with a walk

How to get the most out of walking?

BingMag.com <b>Can</b> <b>walking</b> be <b>effective</b> in <b>weight</b> loss?

Here are 7 tips to get the most out of your walking benefits:

  • Use the walking and parade technique; meaning lift your heels towards your hips and return them to the ground in a quick motion.
  • Rotate and swing your arms; Try to move your arms just like when you are walking outdoors.
  • From a heart rate monitor , Use; This will let you know if you have raised your heart rate enough.
  • Wear appropriate clothing D. If you want to do walking for a long time, treat it as a natural exercise. Wear hiking boots, warm up before walking, and then do stretching exercises.
  • Increase your calorie intake by adding strength exercises; Holding light hand weights while doing forearm movement and arm rotation is a great way to move and stretch your upper body naturally.
  • Add times with higher intensity training;
  • Strongly increase the resistance of the exercise periodically for 20 seconds when walkingat a moderate speed. This helps to combine movements and prevents fatigue during exercise and also burns more calories.
  • Add burpee; After a few minutes in place Take one or two walks. Standing is a great movement for whole body mobility and more strength.

In this article, we learned about walking in motion, how to do it and its benefits. What sport do you include in your daily routine? Source: Verywell Fit, MyFitnessPal

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