8 benefits of hula hoop for fitness that you did not know

If you think hula hoop is just a tool for kids to play and have fun, you are wrong. In addition to adding to the attractiveness of your exercises, this simple device makes you train better.

BingMag.com 8 benefits of hula hoop for fitness that you did not know

If you think hula hoop is just a tool for kids to play and have fun, you are wrong. In addition to adding to the attractiveness of your exercises, this simple device makes you train better.

To be able to exercise regularly, the most important strategy is to choose exercises that you enjoy doing. When you have an attractive exercise program that you enjoy doing, it is more likely that you will be able to continue this program regularly and you will be more motivated to improve.

On the other hand, variety of exercises and that How useful they are for maintaining health and getting fit are other factors that play a role in choosing exercises. The hula hoop is an attractive and useful exercise that can be added to any workout program. Stay with us.

Benefits of hula hoop

BingMag.com 8 benefits of hula hoop for fitness that you did not know

Hula hoop is an attractive sport that The reasons you will read below can be a good option for fitness and increasing physical activity.

1. Calorie burning

When you are looking to lose weight, one of your most important goals is to create a calorie deficit. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to exercise and burn calories, and choosing exercises that you enjoy doing will help. . In these reports, the average calorie burn in a 30-minute hula hoop training session for women is about 165 calories and for men up to 200 calories.

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2. Fat burning

When you burn calories with exercise and make the right changes in your diet, you have created the conditions for reducing fat mass.

According to the results of a small study in 2015, hula hoop exercise It is suitable for reducing waist circumference and hip circumference, and if you use weighted hula hoops, the effect of this exercise will be much greater. In this study, 13 women did a 6-week exercise program with weighted hula hoops and the effects of this program were evaluated. The result was that the participants managed to reduce the average waist circumference by 3.4 cm and hip circumference by 1.4 cm.

3. Increasing Cardiovascular Endurance

Aerobic exercises affect the function of the heart and lungs and help improve oxygenation throughout the body. Better oxygenation in the body can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes, lower cholesterol levels, help improve brain function, and even reduce stress. Do it with a steady rhythm, the heart rate will increase, the lungs will work harder and the blood flow in the body will improve. During the time you continue training with this constant rhythm, you will burn calories and strengthen your cardiovascular endurance.

4. A challenge for the core muscles

Those who have worked out with hula hoops know very well that it takes a lot of movement in the hips to keep that waistline.

To be able to work out with hula hoops You need strong core muscles. These are the muscles that help you move your hips sufficiently. Doing hula hoop training in the right way is an excellent way to strengthen the right and oblique muscles of the abdomen and gluteal muscles.

5. Improved balance

People who have better balance have more control over their body movements. In addition, better balance helps to improve body posture and plays a role in performing other exercises more correctly.

According to the opinion of sports experts, any type of exercise that requires maintaining body posture and having a stable support Yes, it can help you improve your balance and the hula hoop has this feature.

6. Involvement of lower body muscles

In hula hoop training, not only the middle body muscles are involved. The muscles of the lower body, including the quadriceps, which are located in the front of the thigh, the hamstring muscles, which are located behind the thigh, the gluteal muscles, and the calf muscles all feel the burning sensation. Especially if you use weighted hula hoops, you will feel this burn more.

In order to be able to continue moving forwards and backwards as well as side to side during hula hoop training, you need the large muscles of the legs. And also engage the gluteal muscles.

7. Family exercise

For those with family responsibilities, implementing an exercise program can be challenging. Between personal tasks and all the things you have to do as a parent, exercise is usually the first option to cross off the list.

If you want to exercise and be with your family, Well, the hula hoop is a good workout. Invite your children and your spouse to do this interesting and useful exercise. You can even organize a sports competition to make training more interesting; Who can train longer with hula hoop?

8. Inexpensive and portable

Going to the gym, attending crowded sports classes and waiting in line to use aerobic exercise machines are all problems that can be solved by choosing a hula hoop. In addition, the hula hoop is an inexpensive sports equipment that you can use anywhere; Living room, yard and parking lot.

Hula hoop training for beginners

All you need to get started is a hula hoop and a place to practice. Of course, there are some important points that will help you practice better and more correctly.

1. Choosing the right hoop size

Success in hula hoop training depends largely on the hoop size you choose. It is better for beginners to start training with larger rings so that they can do the rotations more slowly. If possible, try the ring before buying.

2. Choosing the right weight hoop

If you want to use weighted hula hoops and you are a beginner, it is better to start training with hoops that weigh less than one kilogram. Gradually, as you become stronger, you can increase the weight of the ring, but only if you do the exercise correctly.

3. Use video tutorials

If you can't go to a gym to learn how to hula hoop, use an online tutorial to learn how to hula hoop the right way.

4. Start with shorter workouts

When you're learning how to hula hoop, your circulatory system gets more active at the same time. For this reason, you may need to start with shorter workouts. Two or three 10-minute sessions a day is a good plan. Doing this amount of exercise per day separately or simultaneously depends on your level of physical fitness. Over time and by improving the level of physical fitness, you can increase the duration of the exercises.

5. Focus on proper execution and posture

To ensure proper hula hoop execution, follow these steps:

  • To Start by making sure your feet are in the right position; You should spread your legs a little more than shoulder width apart and one leg should be slightly in front of the other.
  • In the next step, make sure that your back is straight and your mid-body muscles are engaged; You should not bend your back and put pressure on your back.
  • Throw the ring around your waist, stick it to your back and hold the sides of the ring with your hands.
  • Turn the ring counterclockwise by hand. Of course, if you are left-handed, it is easier for you to rotate the ring clockwise.
  • At the same time as the ring starts to rotate around your waist, move your waist in a circle until the ring continues to rotate. have When the ring moves on the stomach, move the hips slightly forward, and when the ring moves on the waist, move the hips slightly backward.
  • In the beginning Don't worry about the ring falling off; This is normal. Remove the loop and keep practicing until you become proficient.

Safety Tips You Should Know

BingMag.com 8 benefits of hula hoop for fitness that you did not know

Although hula hoop training is relatively safe, it is necessary to observe the following points:

Proper execution

During the exercise, keep the spine straight and the core muscles engaged, and avoid bending the back.

Wearing tight clothing

Wear clothes that fit your body perfectly. Yoga pants or cycling shorts along with a t-shirt are good options. When you turn your back, the clothes should not interfere with your movement.

More caution for people who have a history of injury in the back or spine area

If the history If you have a back or spine injury or suffer from chronic back pain, consult your doctor or physiotherapist before starting hula hoop training.

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Hoolahoop training is an attractive and safe way to burn calories and fat, improve balance, strengthen mid-body muscles and increase cardiovascular endurance. In addition, the hula hoop is a sports equipment that has a low price, it is easy to train with it and you can do this exercise anywhere. Whether it is suitable for you or not, consult your doctor about doing it.

Source: Healthline

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