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3 Benefits of Dynamic Stretching Exercises and Getting Started Exercises

BingMag.com 3 <b>Benefits</b> of <b>Dynamic</b> <b>Stretching</b> <b>Exercises</b> and <b>Getting</b> <b>Started</b> Exercises

Most of us, when we think of Stretching exercises, quickly turn to things like bending and touching our fingers or bending our arms and Stretching our shoulders; The same Exercises known as static Stretching exercises. But have you ever heard of Dynamic Stretching exercises?

Dynamic Stretching movements are movements that keep the body active and warm, while at the same time Stretching and relaxing the muscles. For example, circular rotation of the legs and arms, squats, and squats are some of the best Dynamic Stretching exercises.

These Exercises help prepare the muscles for exercise. This is why coaches and experts recommend Dynamic Stretching Exercises to warm up before exercise. Research has also shown that these Exercises are a great way to prevent muscle damage, increase joint flexibility, and improve athletic function and physical activity.

In this article, we want to look at Dynamic Stretching movements and see why they should be. Do it before your main exercise program. Here are three important Benefits of these exercises, as well as a few good Exercises to get you Started and tips to keep in mind. So join us.

What are Dynamic Stretching movements?

BingMag.com 3 <b>Benefits</b> of <b>Dynamic</b> <b>Stretching</b> <b>Exercises</b> and <b>Getting</b> <b>Started</b> Exercises

Dynamic Stretching Exercises refer to Exercises that stretch and relax the muscles, and do so by keeping the body active. In other words, unlike static Stretching movements, they do not keep the body still and motionless.

This method of Stretching Exercises is used to warm the muscles and tissues of the body, increase blood flow and improve range of motion and flexibility of the limbs. It becomes. Conventional movements that activate and warm the body include a variety of sit-ups, swinging arms and legs, sit-ups, and so on. Certain are done. In general, movements that involve controlled jumps and Exercises and should be performed slowly are a better option. By doing these Exercises slowly and not overdoing it, you can get the best results and be less prone to injury.

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Dynamic Stretching Compared to Static Stretching

Although both types of Stretching are useful and efficient and have their own characteristics, the way they are done and when they are best used They differ from each other.

The main difference between Dynamic and static Stretching movements is that Dynamic Stretching involves mobility and dynamics, and static Stretching refers to performing Exercises in a fixed, motionless position. For example, when a person is performing the Badakonasana movement, they should remain motionless for an average of 10 to 30 seconds. Static Stretching Exercises have their benefits, and are usually performed after Exercises are suggested. Stretching the muscles of the body after exercise causes the body to cool down, to recover faster, the muscles to soften and their injuries to heal, and you to prepare for other daily tasks. If you do these Exercises along with using a foam roller, you can get a much better result and recover well.

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Apart from discussing the Benefits of post-workout static Stretching exercises, we must say that these Exercises are not suitable for warming up before exercise at all! Doing these Exercises before exercise is not only beneficial, but also increases your risk of injury as well as decreases your strength and power.

In general, experts believe that Dynamic Stretching Exercises to warm up the body And static Stretching Exercises are also suitable for cooling.

3 important Benefits of Dynamic Stretching Exercises

BingMag.com 3 <b>Benefits</b> of <b>Dynamic</b> <b>Stretching</b> <b>Exercises</b> and <b>Getting</b> <b>Started</b> Exercises

Here are three important Benefits of Dynamic Stretching to see why these Exercises are the best option. p>

1. Increase the flexibility and range of motion of your limbs

Dynamic Stretching movements increase the range of motion and flexibility of the muscles and joints, and do so by softening and Stretching the soft tissues of the body. Tissues refer to parts of the body, such as ligaments, joints, and muscles, that allow you to move and relocate. And keeps flexible. All of this means that you can easily move your limbs and have a problem with Do not do various daily activities or more sports.

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2. They can help you improve your athletic performance

You can get better athletic performance by doing Stretching exercises, given your previous benefit. When your body is softer, warmer and more flexible, you can move better and do a variety of exercises.

This is especially important for athletes who compete in competitive and endurance sports and require explosive strength and high speed have. If you do Dynamic Stretching Exercises regularly, you can run faster, jump higher, strengthen your balance and balance, have more strength, and be less injured. All of these make you perform better in different sports and get much better results.

3. These Exercises are a good option to prevent injury

As we said, doing Dynamic Stretching Exercises is a good way to prevent injury. By warming up your body, you can relieve dryness and muscle cramps and soften your joints. This will help prevent injuries and reduce stretch marks and pain after exercise.

Tissue Stretching or tearing is one of the most common sports injuries. The best way to prevent this event is to do Dynamic Stretching Exercises before exercise and static Stretching Exercises after exercise to warm and cool your body, respectively. By warming up before exercise and cooling down after exercise, you can prevent many problems and injuries and exercise better.

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Examples of Dynamic Stretching movements

BingMag.com 3 <b>Benefits</b> of <b>Dynamic</b> <b>Stretching</b> <b>Exercises</b> and <b>Getting</b> <b>Started</b> Exercises

Includes a proper warm-up session Perform Dynamic Stretching Exercises for 5 to 10 minutes at normal to moderate pressure. Consider doing the following 10 to 12 repetitions to begin with.

You should warm up according to the exercise you want to do. But in general, regardless of any exercise, you should warm up the whole body, from the muscles of the lower body and upper body to other organs. If you want to do a particular exercise that focuses more on certain organs of the body, you need to work on these specific organs in addition to warming up the other muscles so that they are fully prepared for the exercise. Here are some good Exercises to get you started.

To warm up before exercise

Before your main workout, you can do the following Exercises that engage and warm up various parts of the body, including the shoulders, neck, legs, back and central muscles. p>

  • Rotate the neck
  • Rotate the ankles
  • Rotate the upper body
  • Swing the arms and legs
  • Long
  • Scott Jumping

2. For runners and other sports that include running

One of the most common running tips, especially for beginners, is to do Stretching Exercises before and after running. Warming up leg muscles such as the hamstrings, quadriceps and buttocks is very important.

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    • Swing your legs
    • Long (facing, sides or walking)
    • Hamstring stretch
    • Long and rotating your upper body
    • Lying on the floor and raising and lowering your legs

    3. To engage the upper body muscles

    • Circular rotation of the neck
    • Stretching movements for the back such as "baby stretching" or "cat and cow"
    • Circular rotation Arms
    • Stretching the arm
    • Rotating the shoulders
    • Swedish auxiliary swimming (on the bench either with the knees bent or with the help of pull ropes)

    4. To engage the lower body muscles

    The following Exercises and movements are also a great option for activating the lower body muscles.

    • Stretching the hip and thigh flexors, such as moving the knee to Chest while lying down
    • Long and upper body rotation
    • Standing and rotating hip circles
    • Normal squat or jump squat
    • Sit up and up Bringing the knees
    • Standing and kicking in the air (like sitting exercises)
    • Moving the bridge by raising and lowering the hips

    Dangers and complications Lateral

    One of the main disadvantages and disadvantages of Dynamic Stretching Exercises is that you can not notice the excess and you may put a lot of pressure on yourself. In other words, it is possible to move the limbs beyond the proper range of motion and therefore damage them.

    So to do these exercises, you need to do your work slowly and in a completely controlled way. Be careful not to move your limbs suddenly and do not go beyond a certain point. You must do the Exercises with complete calm and pay attention to their reaction when you put pressure on the muscles and joints. Be. If you experience severe pain and discomfort, you should stop exercising immediately.

    Also, instead of doing the Exercises for long periods and high repetitions, divide them into 2 to 3 sets. And take a break between each set. In general, you should be careful that the less you do these exercises, the better. Exercising more may come with more benefits, but overdoing it can lead to serious and troublesome problems that are far more dangerous than not exercising!

    Try and try not to go beyond this range. If you reach a point where you feel pain and discomfort, you should stop moving your limbs before reaching this point.

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    Concluding remarks

    Dynamic Stretching movements refer to Exercises that stretch and soften muscles, and do so by keeping the body active. Compared to static Stretching exercises, you need to move your body and not be in a fixed position.

    Stretching Exercises generally have many health Benefits and improve athletic performance. You can put your muscles in a recovery position and cool your body by doing static Stretching Exercises after exercise. Performing Dynamic Stretching Exercises before exercise is also associated with Benefits such as preparing the body for exercise, increasing flexibility and range of motion of the limbs, improving athletic function and preventing injury.

    Depending on the sport you want to do Give and you have a goal you can go for Dynamic Stretching movements. The Exercises we reviewed in this article are perfect for Getting Started and will help you have a better and more efficient exercise program.

    Of course, pay attention to what we have said and be careful not to overdo these exercises. An ideal warm-up session includes 5 to 10 minutes of Dynamic Stretching with moderate to moderate pressure. So remember not to put too much pressure on yourself and keep a balance. Also, consult a specialist before doing these Exercises and be aware of your physical condition. If performing Dynamic Stretching Exercises is not a problem for you, get help from them and take your exercise program to a higher level!

    This article is only for training and information. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

Source: Dr. Ax

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