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7 beautiful apartment plants suitable for summer (for beginners)

BingMag.com 7 <b>beautiful</b> <b>apartment</b> <b>plants</b> <b>suitable</b> for <b>summer</b> <b>(for</b> beginners)

The summer heat usually prevents us from being outdoors during the day. This can take us away from the green space and watching the beautiful plants. But you should know that you can easily keep beautiful and colorful flowers at home and easily create your favorite green space. summer is a good season for plants to grow and you can easily grow flowers and plants. If you do not have experience in caring for plants or you live in an apartment and do not have enough open space to keep pots, this article is for you.

In this article, we ask BingMag for 7 beautiful apartment plants that are easy to maintain and Let us introduce you to easily grows in any space.

1. Red agglomerate

BingMag.com 7 <b>beautiful</b> <b>apartment</b> <b>plants</b> <b>suitable</b> for <b>summer</b> <b>(for</b> beginners)

This summer plant is suitable for storage on small balconies or in a well-lit place in the apartment. . Red agglomerate needs moderate to low light. If you have a skylight, the best place to put an agglomerate is next to a window. If you are not interested in keeping flowering plants, red agglomerate is a good choice because the color of its leaves can change the mood of the house. Water it properly and do not forget that the leaves of this plant are closed every once in a while.

2. Pearl string

BingMag.com 7 <b>beautiful</b> <b>apartment</b> <b>plants</b> <b>suitable</b> for <b>summer</b> <b>(for</b> beginners)

This houseplant needs almost no special attention, so if in the field of maintenance of Pots You are new to start with the string of pearls. After you bring the pot home, place it in a place that receives indirect sunlight. Water the florist regularly and according to the schedule you asked for, so that you can see the growth of its stems after a few days. You can hang the pot on the wall or on the ceiling to have a beautiful view as the stems grow.

3. Begonia

BingMag.com 7 <b>beautiful</b> <b>apartment</b> <b>plants</b> <b>suitable</b> for <b>summer</b> <b>(for</b> beginners)

The variety of colors in Begonia is so great that you can match your vase with the interior decoration of your home! This plant only needs a little water and sunlight to grow well and beautify your home.

  • A complete guide to maintaining and propagating begonia plant at home

4. Flowering maple

BingMag.com 7 <b>beautiful</b> <b>apartment</b> <b>plants</b> <b>suitable</b> for <b>summer</b> <b>(for</b> beginners)

Maple is a flowering plant. The color theme of its flowers is similar to the sunset and makes the space cozy and summery for you. Caring for this plant is not easy for beginners and people who have no experience in caring for plants. You need to prune it regularly so that it does not look like a plant. Irrigation schedule should also be regular. So if you have never kept a pot, do not go for maple.

5. Oxalis

BingMag.com 7 <b>beautiful</b> <b>apartment</b> <b>plants</b> <b>suitable</b> for <b>summer</b> <b>(for</b> beginners) Oxalis is the most unique summer plant. The leaves of this plant grow in two colors, purple and green, and have a magical appearance. There are almost always white or pale pink flowers on this plant and this makes it more beautiful. It is easy to maintain and is a suitable plant for beginners. The interesting thing about oxalis is that when the ambient light is low, the leaves of the plant close and the so-called plant falls asleep.

6. Lily of the valley

BingMag.com 7 <b>beautiful</b> <b>apartment</b> <b>plants</b> <b>suitable</b> for <b>summer</b> <b>(for</b> beginners)

As the name implies, this plant is supposed to be present in the home of people's stress. Family and environment are reduced. Lily Peace is a good plant for beginners because it can stay without water for days. The lily of the valley blooms in all months of the year, but the peak of its flowering season is summer.

7. Calatia

BingMag.com 7 <b>beautiful</b> <b>apartment</b> <b>plants</b> <b>suitable</b> for <b>summer</b> <b>(for</b> beginners)

Calatia is a plant that is not at all difficult to maintain. You can even leave it to the children to take care of it. The leaves of this plant are colorful and do not need to be pruned at all. So put a pot of calatia in the corner of the house today and enjoy its beauty.


Hot summer days prevent us from being outdoors and enjoying the greenery of nature It becomes. That's why we usually feel bored this season. In this article, we have introduced you to 7 beautiful plants that are easy to maintain so that you can bring green space outside by placing a few pots in your house. Even if you live in an apartment or have no experience in caring for flowers and plants, you can easily keep these plants at home and enjoy watching them.

Source: Mensxp

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