7 bad drinking habits that are bad for your health

When you come home after a long walk and are looking for a cool drink, what do you choose? This is a question that health experts have answered.

BingMag.com 7 bad drinking habits that are bad for your health

When you come home after a long walk and are looking for a cool drink, what do you choose? This is a question that health experts have answered.

You probably prefer drinking cold water to anything else, but there are still cases when people choose drinks that are more harmful to their health. . In fact, these small choices may become people's daily habits and have a negative impact on their health (such as; weight, heart health, liver, mental health, and even affect people's sports performance).

Don't worry now. Fortunately, there are many useful drinks that do not harm your health and you can consume them without feeling any discomfort. Make a little more informed decision.

Consumption of diet drinks

Many times, people turn to diet drinks to consume less sugar and calories throughout the day. However, drinking diet soda regularly can be more harmful than you think, especially if you're trying to lose weight.

A nutritionist explains: Diet sodas, They contain artificial sweeteners that can trigger the brain to store fat. So, even though these drinks are sugar-free, they can still slow down your weight loss or even make you gain weight.

In fact, diet drinks add more calories to your diet, which causes They can also bring weight gain with them.

Consumption of drinks

Probably no one expects you to drink only water during the day. But it is better to drink other liquids, take a good amount of them, especially if you want to avoid weight gain. Juice, soft drinks (regular and diet), coffee and smoothies can all hinder your weight loss. Although you don't need to completely eliminate drinks from your diet, if you don't take the necessary precautions, you may put yourself at risk of weight gain, heart health, and blood sugar by consuming too many calories, sugars, and fat-generating additives. /p>

Excessive use of caffeine

BingMag.com 7 bad drinking habits that are bad for your health

When you do not consume caffeinated beverages during the day and Again, your body needs it, which means you are caught in a bad habit in your food basket. There is a reasonable and healthy amount to drink of any beverage that will do the least harm to your body if you want to consume it throughout the day. When you continuously use caffeinated drinks (coffee and energy drinks), your body may undergo some changes that have a negative effect on your physical health (increased heart rate, anxiety, sweating, and insomnia) and your mind.

If you are constantly experiencing these symptoms, it may be time to cut back on your caffeine intake and consult a doctor if necessary.

Consumption of high-fat beverages

The American Heart Association recommends that only 5-6% of people's daily calorie intake should come from saturated fat. Also, some studies have shown that excessive consumption of dairy products containing saturated fat may increase cholesterol levels and impair heart function. Threatening the health of the heart may have other consequences for the body and cause insufficient blood to the organs that are necessary for activities such as breathing, urination, etc.

Drinking water to hydrate the body

BingMag.com 7 bad drinking habits that are bad for your health

The liver relies on a daily intake of plenty of water to function optimally. Given that the human body is made up of 60% water, it's no surprise that our internal organs thrive when they are well hydrated.

The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently published a study. has shown that drinking water regularly may reduce the risk of fatty liver disease in men. In this trial, which involved 16,000 adults, researchers found that men who drank four to seven cups of water a day were less likely to develop the disease.

Although fatty liver disease can sometimes be classified as a silent disease" and without symptoms. But if you have symptoms such as fatigue, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, bruising or bleeding, it is better to see a specialist as soon as possible. Consult.

Eating fresh fruits instead of drinking them

There are many factors that can affect people's mental health, but the same habits that we have chosen for our lifestyles can also. leave a negative impact on our psyche.

While some drinks may have some nutrients, it is better to use the fruits themselves in their natural form. Consuming food, both naturally and artificially, introduces some sugar into the body, which has a negative effect on the human gut and brain, but the important thing is that when drinking them, they probably experience more mood swings, higher levels of anxiety, problems. You sleep and.

Studies have shown that consuming more whole fruits and vegetables can help reduce stress levels and improve mental health. Fruits and vegetables in their natural form contain micronutrients that protect the body against depression symptoms and bring a more pleasant sense of well-being to people.

So instead of drinking a potion that does not contain healthy micronutrients, this Include 10 raw fruits and vegetables that affect mental health in your diet: carrots, bananas, apples, dark leafy vegetables such as spinach, grapefruit, lettuce, citrus fruits. Fresh berries, cucumber and kiwi.

High consumption of protein supplements

BingMag.com 7 bad drinking habits that are bad for your health

Drinking supplements Protein has helped many athletes grow their muscles faster and improve their strength. But you should know that by consuming too much protein, your sports performance may decrease.

A study published in the journal The Proceedings of the Nutrition Society has shown that long-term consumption of large amounts of protein can lead to Loss of bone minerals and kidney damage in athletes. In fact, your kidneys work to break down the amino acids in proteins, and if you consume too much protein, they may be damaged.

Athletes need stronger kidneys and bones to train and perform better. If you cut back on your protein drinks and replace them with high-calcium drinks, you'll likely have a better chance of reaching your goals. Also, evidence has shown that combining a drink containing calcium and protein in your daily schedule before starting exercise has a more positive effect on people's sports performance than protein alone.

Final point

This article is only for education and information. has it. Be sure to consult an expert before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read BingMag Disclaimer.

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