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7 attractive ideas for home decoration with 2022 color

BingMag.com 7 <b>attractive</b> <b>ideas</b> for <b>home</b> <b>decoration</b> with <b>2022</b> color

Every year, Pantone color experts introduce a color, and in the following months, this color is reflected in the fashion, beauty, technology and interior design industries. will find. This year, the choice of purple (Very Peri) was no exception to this rule. Purple, which represents a vibrant combination of blue and red, is meant to inspire joy, creativity and imagination, making it the ideal color to renovate your home and create a variety that keeps pace with the 2022 trends. With furniture, accessories and colors, you can turn your space into an energetic space. In the continuation of this article from BingMag Meg, we will tell you some interesting and practical ideas for using the color of 2022 to decorate the house.

1. Introduce shades of purple into the space

BingMag.com 7 <b>attractive</b> <b>ideas</b> for <b>home</b> <b>decoration</b> with <b>2022</b> color

The color of 2022 is a bright and vibrant color and is for decoration The house is a bold color. If a few shades of this color are used, it will give a new spirit to the space. Use this color for bathroom walls or to highlight a piece of furniture and see the unique result.

To have a bolder choice of this color, you can use this color for kitchen island or cabinets. Or even paint the ceiling of the living room or hallways in this color to direct the eyes upwards. But do not forget to do not overuse this color and try to always maintain visual balance.

2. Use purple as an indicator color

BingMag.com 7 <b>attractive</b> <b>ideas</b> for <b>home</b> <b>decoration</b> with <b>2022</b> color

If your space is arranged in neutral colors Using this color for a piece of home appliances can give a very special and different effect to your space. Using a large and prominent painting in this color or a single sofa and even sofa cushions alone can give a different and more modern atmosphere to your space.

Do not forget that to implement this special technique correctly, The color combination of your space must be neutral and then you can use this color as the indicator color (called the accent color) so that it looks distinctive and index.

You can even Turn your attention to a specific device that is very important to you, use this color for that device.

3. Use lighter shades

If this color is used for large rooms, it may seem a little too much and annoying. Therefore, using lighter and softer shades of this color for the walls can be a more beautiful and pleasant choice. This color theme leaves you free to choose accessories and create a suitable color palette.

4. Create a soothing bedroom

Using this color for the bedroom conveys a sense of comfort and relaxation and is a great choice for the bedroom space. If you do not want to use this color extensively, you can use this color for pillows and cushions or even your bedroom curtain color. This color looks very luxurious, especially on soft and velvety fabrics.

5. Use the color of the year for accessories

BingMag.com 7 <b>attractive</b> <b>ideas</b> for <b>home</b> <b>decoration</b> with <b>2022</b> color

To add the color of 2022 to your home decoration, You do not need to paint the walls of your space in this color or make purple furniture. Take a closer look, a vase of purple flowers, a work of art, a collection of purple glassware or a book on a purple tablecloth are great choices, especially for those who do not want to risk the widespread use of this color. For a while, you can use this color in the details of your home appliances, and if you like the look of this color combination, you can gradually apply this color combination in wider parts of your space.

6. Combine the colors of 2022 with the colors of nature

Since this color is often seen in flower gardens, it will definitely look harmonious and very beautiful along with other colors taken from nature. Use this color next to a palette of similar colors such as sky blue and spring green to have a soft and gentle look. For a better effect, choose deeper shades such as forest green and cobalt for the highlight colors of your space. This color combination, in addition to being reminiscent of the feeling of being in nature, will flow a pleasant relaxing feeling in your space.

7. Take the color out of your home

If you have a terrace or backyard, blend the color naturally with your outdoor environment by painting railings, window frames or even using purple pots. In this way, you will give a much more pleasant and attractive look to the exterior of your home.

Note that this color, despite its special beauty, its excessive use can be annoying and even in terms of Psychologically have unpleasant consequences. So be careful in using this color and do not overdo it to create a pleasant and eye-catching combination.

How to choose a color palette next to purple?

BingMag.com 7 <b>attractive</b> <b>ideas</b> for <b>home</b> <b>decoration</b> with <b>2022</b> color

The color of 2022 and purple in general, represents creativity, peace and luxury. By looking at the color wheel you see above, you can see which colors complement each other. Colors that are directly opposite each other are complementary colors. Colors such as yellow, orange, and green.

Contrasting colors actually balance each other, and if placed side by side in a space, they will convey a visually pleasing feeling. In addition to the opposite colors, the colors that are placed next to each other are also colors of the same family and complement each other; Like indigo and pink.

From this color wheel you can choose from three or four colors that form a triangle or a rectangle, and these colors will be the colors that make up your color palette. For example, you can choose a triple combination of purple, orange and green.

You can also play with purple in different tones and shades and combine it with neutral colors such as white, black, gray and brown. In fact, the choices are endless, it is enough for you to know the color cycle well and choose and use your color palette wisely.

What colors will the 2022 color be set with?

BingMag.com 7 <b>attractive</b> <b>ideas</b> for <b>home</b> <b>decoration</b> with <b>2022</b> color

Earlier we talked about colors that look beautiful next to purple. In the following, we will introduce the colors that go well with the color of 2022 and create a beautiful appearance.

Purple and green

This color combination is a good choice for the living space. Purple and blue

Purple and blue will create a dreamy and nostalgic color combination. You can even use a combination of purple, blue and green, which is very relaxing.

Purple and mustard

This color combination will give a magnificent and luxurious effect to your space.


Purple and brown

Combining purple with brown or beige creates a great and unique combination.

Purple and gray

This color combination is unique and is quite suitable when your main color combination is used in a neutral color and more gray and you use purple as an indicator color in the space. Do not doubt that this color combination is buzzing and gives a very stylish effect to your space.

Purple, pink and blue

This color combination is very delicate and beautiful and will be a good choice for the bedroom.

The Last Word

Using 2022 color to decorate your home requires only a relative knowledge of the color cycle, how it combines them, and what your taste buds are. Be bold, go beyond the usual trends that you have followed so far and add the attractive color of 2022 to your home decoration in a smart and eye-catching way.

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