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8 attractive art activities to reduce stress and fight depression

BingMag.com 8 attractive art activities to reduce stress and fight depression

Many people who engage in an artistic activity acknowledge that doing artwork and creating a work of art reduces their stress and worries. Gives. It is interesting to know that the effect of art works in reducing stress has been proven, and these days art therapy is used to solve many psychological problems. To enjoy the benefits of art in reducing stress, stay tuned to BingMag Meg and try some of these fascinating art activities.

Art therapy and stress reduction

BingMag.com 8 attractive art activities to reduce stress and fight depression

Artistic activity can be useful for expressing difficult emotions, distraction from thoughts and stressful experiences. In addition, by doing these activities, you will eventually produce a beautiful work of art that can be both a great gift for your loved ones and a source of income.

Even non-professional artists can Benefit from doing works of art. To enjoy the benefits of art, you do not need to be an expert in a particular field of art or create flawless works of art. The participant has not been reviewed. Even the quality of the artwork created has not been examined. Only the effect of art and the feeling that is created in a person after the creation of a work of art has been studied in research. These effects have been very positive and hopeful.

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Does the result matter?

People who have no talent or skills in art can enjoy the benefits of art therapy, but people who are talented, ultimately enjoy creating a beautiful and flawless work and can even use this work in different ways. Finally, the work you create and the end result of the artwork have no effect on stress management.

In one study, people with moderate stress were divided into two groups. One group had special artistic skills and the other group had no skills. Both groups were asked to create a work of art. The results of the study showed that these artistic activities had a similar effect in both groups, and the group that was skilled did not benefit more from the result of art therapy.

So if you are a person who enjoys creating art but for it Do not waste time, or are someone who doubts your artistic ability, stop thinking about the result. Just create something. This work is for you and is not intended to be published in a journal. Pick up a canvas or sheet or whatever you have and get busy.

8 Art Activities to Reduce Stress

BingMag.com 8 attractive art activities to reduce stress and fight depression

Research has shown that art therapy, mandala painting, and drawing in general can minimize anxiety and combat negative moods. In many studies, people only paint or color for 20 minutes; So you don't really have to be a talented artist or a professional.

One of the reasons painting and coloring can be so stressful is that it keeps us in the present and prevents us from being distracted. Doing is the past and the future. In fact, artwork is a kind of mindfulness exercise. Your mind is focused on the moment and the work you are doing.

In addition, creating a beautiful work of art can be engaging and energizing.

There are many ways to help They can be an art activity to soothe your troubled nerves or to deepen your inner peace and expression, and each of these methods has its own appeal based on your personality and needs.

If you are looking for a You are a great and attractive way to reduce stress, without your talent and skill playing a role in it, you can try a number of artistic activities that we introduce below.

1. Mandala Design

BingMag.com 8 attractive art activities to reduce stress and fight depression

Carl Jung was one of the main proponents of the idea of creating mandalas as a therapeutic tool. A group of therapists and art enthusiasts later joined the recommendation for this treatment. Mandalas are circular designs that often draw intricate patterns and symbols.

A study has shown that creating and drawing mandalas can reduce the symptoms of trauma in people with post-traumatic stress disorder in just one month. Do it three times. Mandala design gives you the opportunity to draw what you feel on paper in symmetrical shapes. Each of these signs and symbols can be a sign of one of the events in your life. By designing a mandala, you can put on paper the challenges you have gone through in life.

In addition, this art activity keeps you in the moment and keeps you from thinking about the past and the future. He even avoids thinking about whether your artwork is good and real or not. Because a mandala is an abstract design, your work does not have to look like any other.

The mandala you draw can be any shape. It can be crowded and full of various designs or solitary and simple. The choice of designs is up to you. You do not need to think about the result at all, just take a pencil and enjoy the mandala drawing process.

2. Mandala Coloring

If mandala design seems like a daunting task, there is an easier way to enjoy creating it. There are many books on mandala coloring on the market these days. You may have flipped through one or two of these books. These books contain several unpainted mandala designs. All you have to do is buy one of these books and start coloring; Just like childhood coloring books. The only difference between these books and childhood books is that they do not have a coloring book. This means that you have to choose the colors with your creativity and complete the mandala.

Because of this possibility of choosing the color, mandala coloring is a kind of creativity exercise in addition to reducing stress. You might think it would be better to start with simple designs, but a study of 50 college students found that mandala coloring was more effective in reducing stress than coloring simple designs or ordinary drawings.

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3. Attend art classes

If you have enough time to attend a class, this option is also a good choice to reduce stress. It does not matter what art you choose. In these special art classes, most of which are not specialized classes, only a group of people learn simple art techniques together, you can interact with people who are stressed like you, and even do art work in groups./p>

Another advantage of these classes is that they have a specific schedule and get you to do certain things. This careful planning will make you more focused on your daily routine.

Another advantage of art classes is that in addition to having a support group, you can get good results from the time you leave. This means that after the classes are over, you will learn some art techniques and your ability to create your favorite works of art will increase. The more professional and beautiful your work becomes, the more you enjoy doing it.

Perhaps these art classes are a window to discover your latent talents.

Doodling Art Doodling Art is a new art in which artists try with relatively simple designs. They can express their thoughts and ideas in a crowded and cluttered collection of paintings. If you do not have enough time to attend art classes, short 20-minute doodling sessions may be a good alternative. Whenever you have free time, even ten minutes, you can experience the art of doodling with a notebook and a magic or pen. Always carry these tools with you whenever you have the time. And design can play an important role in reducing stress. Doodling is also a subset of painting.

To give your paintings direction and motivation to do so, you can design a journal for yourself and do your daily work and daily experiences in a doodle. Bring it on paper. All you have to do is give it time and let your mind, with complete freedom, visualize whatever it wants through your hands.

5. Knitting and crocheting and carpet weaving

These works of art that deal with yarn and dye will keep you busy. You will be immersed in the colorful world of yarns, and with every knot you make, you will be one step away from negative thoughts. In addition, doing these works of art requires concentration. Sometimes you have to count the number of beads and knots, and this causes you to be distracted from negative thoughts.

Various colors and dealing with them also increase creativity and improve mood. Finally, the work you create is very practical and you can use it in everyday life or give it as a gift to your loved ones.

6. Stone Painting

Another fascinating art activity is stone painting. This artistic activity has several advantages. One is that to find suitable painting stones you have to go out of the house, walk in nature and find suitable stones. In nature, you have to carefully monitor the stones and the surrounding area to choose the best stones for this job.

The next step is to choose the design and color for the painting. At this stage, you will deal with various colors and attractive designs that will make you focus more on this work and pay less attention to negative thoughts. You will also enjoy doing this because it is a new and different experience. Touching the texture of the stone makes you feel good and when you do something with your hands, the anxiety gradually disappears from you.

7. Changing Old Clothes

Another hobby that takes negative thoughts away from you and reduces stress is changing old clothes and accessories by adding new ones. For example, you can embroider beautiful flowers on old denim clothes. You do not need special equipment to start embroidery. Embroidery threads can be found at all thrift stores and in BingMag. Needles that are present in all homes. You also need an embroidery workshop to get the job done more accurately.

All you have to do is enter the colorful world of embroidery with one or two simple instructional videos that abound on the Internet, and you will gradually realize that working What a relaxing and engaging activity with colored yarns and turning them into beautiful designs.

8. Design and manufacture of postcards

BingMag.com 8 attractive art activities to reduce stress and fight depression

Handmade postcards are the best way to thank and appreciate or congratulate friends and Dear ones. Handmade postcards, because they have no analogues, are special gifts that everyone enjoys receiving as a gift. One of the most important benefits of making a handmade postcard is that there are no restrictions. You can design a postcard with any tool you have at home, with any art technique you are familiar with.

From painting and calligraphy to collage and embroidery, there are no restrictions on creating a postcard. You can use all these arts to make beautiful cards; A work of art that both relieves stress and is a valuable gift for your loved ones.


Art is one of the best tools for combating stress and anxiety. Some art activities are more effective in reducing stress. For example, art group classes can be a support group in addition to teaching a new art. Art activities that reduce stress include drawing mandalas, painting mandalas, and drawing simple paintings. Of course, any art activity can have a similar effect. If you are a traditional artist, you can make the most of this opportunity by taking time to get rid of your favorite art, stress and worries and experience a happier and calmer life.

It has the aspect of education and information. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the Digitica Magazine Disclaimer .

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