Are you bored? Do these 50 fun things

Winter has its own beauties, but the problem with this season is that it is difficult to go out and explore due to the cold weather. That's why you should spend most of your time at home, which will make you very bored. In such cases, it is best to go for fun activities. In this article that we have prepared for you today at BingMag Meg, we are going to introduce you to 50 fun activities that are good options for times when you are bored. These activities are interesting, meaningful and engaging. So we suggest you try them. Stay with us until the end of this article. Are you bored? Do these 50 fun things

Winter has its own beauties, but the problem with this season is that it is difficult to go out and explore due to the cold weather. That's why you should spend most of your time at home, which will make you very bored. In such cases, it is best to go for fun activities. In this article that we have prepared for you today at BingMag Meg, we are going to introduce you to 50 fun activities that are good options for times when you are bored. These activities are interesting, meaningful and engaging. So we suggest you try them. Stay with us until the end of this article.

1. Walk

Never neglect the miracle of walking. When you are bored, you probably do not want to leave home. However, be sure that walking changes your mood. Put your cell phone aside and focus on nature instead. Look at the grass and the sky. Walking in the open air will get you some vitamin D and you will feel better.

2. Arrange a part of the house

Arrange the house when we are not bored? This may not be interesting at all, but rest assured that when you clean and tidy a part of the house that has been untidy for a long time, you will feel good seeing the results of your efforts. It does not matter which part of the house you start from. Organize your closet or bookshelf cluttered and cluttered. Also see if you can find something to donate from your equipment.

Wash Dirty Clothes

Washing dirty clothes is not fun, but it is not a bad option. Later, when you look at your clean, fragrant clothes, towels, and bedspreads, you will be glad you chose to do so.

40. Meditate

Have you heard everywhere about the benefits of meditation, but have not tried it? It is best to start meditating when you are bored. By doing this, not only will your mood improve, but you will also learn a useful exercise. Turn on the air freshener and start meditating. One of the useful applications for meditation is called (Calm app) that you can download and use it easily. It is better to dedicate a certain part of the house to meditation. Commit yourself to meditating for at least 20 minutes a day.

Practice Yoga

Take a few deep breaths and get all the negative thoughts out of your mind. If you have not practiced yoga before, you can get help from the videos on YouTube to get you started. You can also take online yoga classes. Sit down and take a few deep breaths. This will help calm your mind. Do not neglect after doing it.

6. Get help from puzzles and tables

Puzzle making and solving tables are a lot of fun options for times when you are bored and do not know what to do. Puzzles and tables can keep your mind occupied and entertained. The puzzle takes at least an hour. So be sure to try it.

7. Organize your emails

Have you received many emails and have not had time to delete them? Now is the best time to do that. Open your email and delete your extra emails.

8. Varnish your nails Are you bored? Do these 50 fun things

Women know how effective varnish can be in changing their mood . Women have different colors of lacquer. Choose one of your attractive and colorful varnishes and start varnishing. Varnishing takes a while, so you will have fun. In addition, the result of the work will encourage you.

9. Strengthen your brain

Help strengthen your brain by doing things like solving puzzles or playing mind games. It is interesting to know that mental games are very useful. So be sure to try them.

10. Change the decoration

Changing the decoration of the house can also be a good option for times when you need a hobby. You do not need to change the decoration of your whole house. Start small; For example, move your dining table and place it in another part of the house. Put the boards somewhere else and move your desk to another part of your room.

11. Make New Foods

Nothing is more fun and enjoyable than making new foods. Of course, this applies to those who are interested in cooking. If you do not like cooking, look for another activity. You can use a cookbook to make new and non-Iranian dishes. Of course, these days, despite Instagram and YouTube, there is no need to buy cookbooks. Just search the internet to find a list of the best and most delicious domestic and foreign dishes.

12. Make a video call to a friend or family member

We used to get together every week and have a good time, but unfortunately the coronavirus kept us all apart. Now that you have less time to visit in person, you can make video calls with your friends and family who you miss so much. Now ask them and tell them about your daily life.

13. Update your resume

Always try to keep your resume up to date.

You may not have much time to update your resume on normal days, so now that you do not have much work to do, this is the best time to do so. Take a look at your resume and see what information you need to update.

Write a letter to a loved one

You may think that writing a letter is a thing of the past and no one else is doing it now. That is a fact but difficult does not mean impossible. Send a loving letter to an old friend you miss. Make sure that by doing so, you both fit in and give a good mood to others.

15. Start Watching Movies

Make a list of the movies you've always wanted to see. Now is the best time to watch a movie. When you watch a movie, you are immersed in the story of the movie and your mind gets involved in it. We suggest watching comedy movies, however you can watch movies of any genre you like.

16. Draw and draw Are you bored? Do these 50 fun things

Painting and drawing are also on the list of interesting and fun activities. You may say to yourself that I'm not good at painting and drawing, so these activities do not help me. Keep in mind that you are not going to create a work of art. You want to draw and draw to feel good. So it does not matter if you are not very good at it.

17. Take a shower

Lying in the bathtub can be very relaxing, but if you do not have a bathtub, do not be upset. You can take advantage of the miraculous properties of showering. You can find the benefits of taking a shower with a simple internet search. Taking a good shower calms your nerves. Also, keep in mind that taking a shower before bed helps you sleep better.

18. Make pickles

If you like pickles, make your own homemade pickles instead of ready-made pickles that are not known how they are made. Find out how to make your favorite pickle on the internet and start making it. This can keep your account entertained.

19. Learn the Coffee Making Profession

If you are a coffee drinker in a coffee shop, you have probably always wanted to know why the coffee served in the coffee shop is so delicious and hearty. The answer to this question is available on the Internet. Now that you are bored and have nothing interesting to do, the best opportunity is to learn how to make coffee professionally. All you have to do is find a great coffee instruction video on YouTube.

20. Do volunteer work

Doing volunteer work will make one or more people feel better. This will make you feel good too. Use the skills you have to help others.

Organize your closet

You know better than anyone that you have shoes and clothes in your closet that you have not used in years. Take all your shoes and clothes out of the closet and put away the ones you no longer need or want to use. Now you can sell these shoes and clothes or donate them to charities.

22. Read a book

Reading a book can give you peace of mind. Take a look at the books you have on your bookshelf and find one of your favorite books. It does not matter if you have read that book or not. It is important to improve your mood by reading a book (whether repetitive or non-repetitive).

23. Have a small party

Of course, these days it has become more difficult to party despite the corona virus. However, you can have a small party and invite a few of your friends who have all been vaccinated to your home and spend some fun time together.

24. Take a nap Are you bored? Do these 50 fun things

Yes; You read that right! Taking a nap is one of the easiest and best things to do when you have nothing to do. Taking a nap for just 30 minutes can relieve fatigue and give you energy.

25. Clean your windows

When was the last time you cleaned your windows? Get a good glass cleaner spray and a nice towel and start cleaning your windows that are full of stains and dirt. Do not doubt that you will feel better when you see the windows of your house that shine with cleanliness.

26. Listen to music

Listening to music is what energizes us when we are well and calms us when we are sad. Listen to soothing or energizing music when you are bored. Turn up the volume to play throughout the house. Make a delicious drink for yourself and enjoy it while listening to music.

27. Try watching the series

What is your favorite series? Is it Iranian or foreign? Friends or a lady? No matter what series you like, leave one of your favorite series from the first part and continue watching it until the last part. This will make you so entertained that time will pass you by.

28. Look at Pinterest

We all agree that surfing on Pinterest is a lot of fun. You can get ideas from Pinterest for different things like birthday theme or painting your room wall.

29. Write a memoir

There are many benefits to writing a memoir. In addition to being fun, this will make it easier for you to reminisce in the future. Pick up a nice notebook and write down your daily routine.

30. Bake cakes and pastries

Baking cakes and pastries can be a lot of fun. (Of course, for those who are interested in this work!) In this case, you can also find a way to make various and delicious cakes and sweets by searching the internet and various social networks. Do not worry if the cake and pastry you baked are not good. Next time you will make a more delicious cake and pastry.

31. Start learning a new language

You can entertain yourself by learning the language you have always dreamed of. To learn the language, you can attend face-to-face classes or use apps like Dolingo. By doing this, you will not only find an activity to entertain you, but also learn a new language. Learning a new language can have a positive effect on your job situation and offer you a variety of opportunities.

32. Learn a new activity Are you bored? Do these 50 fun things

If you are not interested in learning a language, you can start learning one Focus on your favorite skills such as knitting, drawing or drawing or even making an instrument. In addition to learning your favorite skills, you can focus on learning applications such as Photoshop and After Effects. Do not think that you have to spend a lot of money to learn these skills.

If you are smart and search well, you can find channels on YouTube that teach the mentioned software for free. "Poyot academy" is one of the very good Persian language channels that offers various software tutorials on YouTube. Just log in to your YouTube channel and search for the name of the mentioned channel. The instructor of this channel is very professional and can give you useful information.

33. Find a good podcast

Listening to a podcast is one of the most fun things you can do. You do not need a special device to listen to the podcast. All you have to do is download your favorite podcast from the internet and listen to it whenever you like. One of the most useful applications for listening to podcasts is "Google Podcast".

34. Dance

Do you remember when was the last time you danced? It probably was a long time ago. Now that you are bored, improve your mood by dancing. Play some happy music and start dancing. Make sure you get some energy after this.

35. Plan a trip

Now that you're not in the mood to do anything special, the best opportunity is to plan a trip. Choose a place you love to travel to and plan to go there. If for any reason you do not have the conditions to travel, you can visit the sights of your city. Make sure your city has some interesting places you have never seen before. By going out and visiting different places, you will feel good.

36. Find a good restaurant in your neighborhood

Have you been working hard for a long time and now you are tired and do not have the patience to do anything? So you have to reward yourself for your good performance. It is best to invite yourself to eat a delicious meal in a good restaurant. Find restaurants in your neighborhood online and check out reviews. See if people have positive reviews about the restaurant of your choice. Choose the best restaurant and order a delicious and hearty meal for yourself.

37. Buy Flowers and Plants

Having a plant at home can have many benefits. If your head is busy, buy a plant that is easy to maintain. Taking care of flowers and plants is both enjoyable and fun.

38. Enroll in a class

Ever wanted to learn French, but never had the opportunity to do so? Call a good school today and sign up for a French class or any other class you like. At least five sessions in a class and then if you want to be carefree.

39. Look at the photos on your phone Are you bored? Do these 50 fun things

You have more than 200 different photos on your phone in different situations Have you got it? Now that you are bored, it's time to look good in old photos that remind you of happy days.

40. Arrange the apps on your cell phone

We all have different apps on our cell phones that we may not have even used once. Now is the best time to go to your mobile phone and delete extra apps. You will probably find at least two to three apps to remove.

41. Cook for a loved one

Do you have nothing to do and are you bored? So it's time to dazzle your family members with your cooking skills. Make an attractive cake or pastry or make a different and delicious meal by putting your finger on everyone's mouth.

42. Challenge yourself

Try new projects and activities. Exercise at least 30 minutes four times a day. Set a business goal for yourself. Learn a new skill and /.

43. Coloring

Coloring is not just a fun activity for children. Adults can also create good and relaxing moments by coloring. Make a coloring book for adults and start coloring it. This enjoyable activity can occupy your mind. This will allow you to get away from your worries and have happy moments, even for a short time.

44. Make a Thanksgiving List

Everyone we see these days is unhappy with their lives, but if we look at our lives in a little more detail, we realize that we all have things in our lives that we can be thankful for. Let's be. You may think to yourself that you are the most miserable person on earth! You are reading this article right now, so you are literate; This is a blessing in itself. In addition, you have a mobile phone, laptop or computer. This is also a blessing.

You might think that these are trivial things and that everyone enjoys them. We dare say that there are still people who can not afford to buy a cell phone. These are small examples. If you make a list of things you are thankful for, you will find that you have many blessings that you have overlooked.

45. Make a smoothie

Smoothies, which are very popular these days, are ready in a short time. A smoothie is a healthy drink made with various fruits, vegetables and nuts, and therefore has many health benefits. By eating a smoothie, not only will you feel better, but you will also receive a variety of vitamins and minerals. In the following articles, we have taught you how to make different smoothies. We suggest you try the following smoothies.

46. Look at your grandparents

Surely you agree that nowhere is it like grandparents's house. If your grandparents are still alive, plan to see them at least once a week. Rest assured, they will be very happy to see you. .


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