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5 Amazing Ways to Motivate From the Perspective of Psychologists

BingMag.com 5 Amazing Ways to Motivate From the Perspective of Psychologists

Motivation is crucial to success. Motivation is a driving force that motivates you to keep moving, even in the most difficult situations. This issue is wide-ranging and comes up with almost every effort. Specialists are always looking for new ways to do different things; For example, increasing students' motivation to increase their exercise time and

many theories and tips are designed to help people motivate, but knowing some of the psychological factors that can affect motivation, you may To surprise; For example, did you know that the embodiment of success can have the opposite effect ?! Or sometimes encouragement can reduce people's motivation ?!

If you are curious how to justify these dichotomies, join us in the continuation of this article from BingMag to look at the issue of motivation from the perspective of psychologists. And see what techniques we can use to motivate ourselves more.

1. Use incentives with caution

BingMag.com 5 Amazing Ways to Motivate From the Perspective of Psychologists

pay attention. If someone already enjoys doing something and you reward them for it, you will not make them like it more. It is even interesting to know that in many cases, this behavior will have the opposite effect. In fact, this encouragement is an extreme behavior, and if it occurs in activities that people were previously eager to do, it can in some cases destroy a person's motivation!

Researchers have found that rewarding It can backfire on people doing things that they already have an innate motivation to do. Intrinsic motivation is something that is rooted in the individual. Doing something that is backed by an intrinsic motivation is automatically enjoyable for the individual. For such a person, this task is the greatest reward. Let us give a simple example; Consider a child who always enjoys playing with a particular toy, and now you reward him or her for doing so. What do you think will happen? Surprisingly, you will find that he no longer has the usual passion for that game. Do you know why? Because his motivation is lost with an untimely reward.

Psychologists refer to this phenomenon as the over-justifying effect.

So be careful when awarding. Incentives may be appropriate to increase and motivate an activity that is not appealing to individuals, but over-reliance on such rewards may have the opposite effect. This can lead to a decrease in motivation in some cases.

Now you may be wondering how you can use this concept to increase motivation? Consider these tips:

  • Use small prizes.
  • Rewards can be effective if the person is not really inherently interested in the activity.
  • >
  • In the early learning period, try random prizes. But with more people interested in the activity, set aside those rewards.

2. Meet the Challenges

BingMag.com 5 Amazing Ways to Motivate From the Perspective of Psychologists

Compare these two modes:

  • You are asked to do something you have done hundreds of times and you can probably do it in your sleep.
  • You are asked to do something within your abilities But you will probably have to learn new things to complete it.

Undoubtedly, the first task is much easier to do, but do you agree that the second task seems more challenging, more interesting and more motivating? Is it coming?

If you want to increase your motivation to do something, you have to challenge yourself; For example, you may want to get out of bed earlier to run, to change your previous habits and try new ways. This is an effective way to maintain this motivational spark.

But how do you think you can make the most of this trend?

Challenge yourself to do so. Register for a local competition. Focus on making the most of your time or working out a little more than ever. Our goal here is not the goal, but to be able to properly create new challenges for yourself to motivate you more. In addition, these challenges develop your skills and take you one step closer to success.

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3. Do not visualize success

BingMag.com 5 Amazing Ways to Motivate From the Perspective of Psychologists

One of the most common motivational tips is to simply succeed. Visualize, but it is interesting to know that research shows that, contrary to your expectations, this can sometimes backfire. The problem is that people often imagine that they are achieving their goals, but they give up visualizing all the effort that is needed to achieve those goals.

Assuming that you have achieved your goal, In fact, you are wasting the amount of energy you have to spend on a task.

Research shows that ideal fantasies about the future are often met with poor success, and recent research It has been shown that mental exaggeration in such visualizations reduces the available energy.

So what to do?

  • Instead of imagining a sudden success, take all the steps needed to Imagine what you have to do to achieve that success.
  • What challenges will you face? Knowing what you may be facing will help you deal with the problem more easily when faced with it.
  • What strategies can you use to overcome these challenges? Future planning can prepare you to overcome the problems you may face.

Take control of the situation

BingMag.com 5 Amazing Ways to Motivate From the Perspective of Psychologists

People often feel when something is going to happen , Have control, get more motivated. Have you ever been part of a group where you felt you really had no personal control over the outcome? Were you particularly motivated to participate in the group?

One of the reasons people sometimes dislike "teamwork" is that they lose their sense of individual control and participation, but what should be done?/p>

There are several things you can do to take control of a situation in a group.

  • If you work in a group (or try to create Motivate a group of your followers), finding a way to create a sense of power and influence in each person can help.
  • Show group members how they are involved in presenting or using their ideas. li>
  • Allow group members to determine what goals they want to pursue.

5. Focus on the path, not the outcome.

BingMag.com 5 Amazing Ways to Motivate From the Perspective of Psychologists Focus on the outcome, whether success or failure It can seriously impair your motivation. Psychologist Carol Duke, in her research on different ways of thinking, found that admiring children because of their fixed characteristics (such as being smart or attractive) can actually reduce their motivation and perseverance in the future.

According to him, these kinds of praises make people consider these definitions as a fixed mentality that does not change. People with this mindset believe that personal characteristics are inherent and unchangeable. There is no gray spectrum in the way they look and think; They think that people are either smart or dumb, or ugly or beautiful, or athletic or non-athletic, and/

but the question is how can you create such a mentality? Avoid Fixed?

Carol Duke suggests praising a person's efforts instead of their main characteristics. Instead of focusing on the outcome and thinking about whether you will succeed or fail, focus on the path you are on to achieving your goals.

Remember Be aware that the path is just as important as the result. Think about what you have learned from the process and what actions have been most effective and beneficial along the way. By evaluating your efforts, you can properly adjust your future actions to get better results.

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Last word

Whether you're trying to lose weight, get a higher degree, or run a martin run, you need to know that motivation plays an important role in your overall success or failure. Some of these research findings may not be consistent with your previous mindset about the concept of motivation, but you may now realize why sometimes you have not, despite a clear vision of success!

Try some of these Incorporate tactics into your daily routine to increase your enthusiasm for doing things and make your efforts to succeed successful.

Source: verywellmind </ p>

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