The amazing health benefits of taking B-complex supplements

B-complex supplements are available free of charge in pharmacies; But are these vitamins effective? Are there any benefits to these B-complex supplements? In this article, we will examine the properties of vitamins contained in pills and B-complex drugs for the human body. The amazing health benefits of taking B-complex supplements

B-complex supplements are available free of charge in pharmacies; But are these vitamins effective? Are there any benefits to these B-complex supplements? In this article, we will examine the properties of vitamins contained in pills and B-complex drugs for the human body.

Proper nutrition is one of the health factors. Eating healthy foods prevents a variety of diseases and improves quality of life. Certain amounts of different vitamins are essential for the body. B vitamins are essential for preventing various diseases.

These vitamins are found in fresh vegetables, fortified or whole grains, dairy and meat. Research shows that B vitamins improve metabolic function and reduce the risk of stroke.

Take vitamin B12, for example. This vitamin is soluble in water and plays an important role in nerve function, blood cell formation and DNA production. People on regular diets get this vitamin from a variety of food sources, but people on vegetarian diets may be exposed to the damage caused by a deficiency in this vitamin.

Symptoms of B12 deficiency in the body Benefits of B-Complex Supplement The amazing health benefits of taking B-complex supplements

Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency:

  • Madness
  • Depression
  • Difficulty balancing
  • Fatigue
  • Abdominal and Intestinal Problems
  • Mood Disorder
  • Muscle weakness
  • Numbness and tingling in the palms of the hands and feet
  • Memory Poor
  • Pickling of the tongue and mouth

Vitamin B6 is essential for the normal development and growth of the brain. This vitamin also plays an important role in improving and strengthening the immune system. People who eat fish, poultry, poultry, potatoes, peas and bananas have sufficient amounts of vitamin B6 in their bodies. Many diseases, such as kidney problems and malabsorption syndromes, can lead to a decrease in vitamin B6 in the body and cause a deficiency in the body.

Deficiency of this vitamin causes a decrease in red blood cells. These cells are responsible for delivering oxygen to the body's cells. People who suffer from vitamin B6 deficiency have been shown to experience problems such as mood swings, depression, and anxiety. Folate or vitamin B9 is the most important vitamin for mood stabilization. Numerous studies have shown that people with depression have less folate in their blood.

Folate is found in green leafy vegetables, beans, and other legumes and citrus fruits. In 1998, the US Food and Drug Administration asked manufacturers to add folate as a supplement to bread and other foods produced and consumed. Early pregnancy is very important. This supplement prevents certain problems in brain growth and formation. Helps prevent vitamin D deficiency.

In some cases, your doctor may conclude that your body has too little B vitamins and needs to take a B-complex supplement. Apart from taking vitamin supplements, it is necessary for people to have a proper and adequate nutrition of these vitamins in order to benefit from its benefits by preventing a deficiency of this vitamin.

In the following, people will need B vitamins. And introduce natural sources and foods containing these vitamins.

B-complex vitamins supplements

B vitamins play an important role in metabolism, skin and hair health. In addition, doctors have shown that B vitamins can play an important role in the occurrence or non-occurrence of strokes.

There are two types of strokes. The first type is when blood clots block the arteries in the brain and cause a stroke, and in the second type, the capillaries in the brain rupture. Tests have shown that taking B-complex supplements for six months or more can reduce the risk of stroke.

Be sure to check with your doctor before taking B-supplements.

Vitamin B1 Prevents Bribery

According to the US National Institutes of Health, the correct dose of vitamin B1, also called thiamine, is 1.1 mg for women over 18 and 1.4 mg for women. Pregnant women. Breastfeeding women need 1.5 mg of vitamin B1.

Vitamin B1 plays an important role in the metabolism of food to energy. This vitamin can be found in foods such as whole grains, beans, nuts and meat. Excessive vitamin B1 deficiency causes beriberi. It affects the heart, digestive system and nervous system. Bribery is found in people with malnutrition and people who drink a lot of alcohol. Symptoms of beriberi include difficulty walking, numbness of the limbs, and paralysis of the legs. he does; Therefore, if you want to take vitamin B, it is better to use B-complex supplements.

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Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) strengthens the immune system The amazing health benefits of taking B-complex supplements

This vitamin is effective in strengthening the immune system . According to doctors, men need 1.3 mg and women 1.1 mg per day. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers need 1.4 mg of this vitamin per day. It is found in foods such as nuts, vegetables, meat and dairy products. Riboflavin helps the body break down the carbohydrate molecules, fats and proteins we consume. In fact, riboflavin is one of the substances the body needs to metabolize. The function of this vitamin strengthens and improves the condition of the skin.

Riboflavin also plays an important role in the health of the intestines and blood cells. Taking the right amount of this vitamin can help reduce the risk of cataracts and migraine headaches. Riboflavin boosts the body's energy levels, strengthens the immune system and is effective in treating acne and muscle problems.

Vitamin B3 (niacin) converts food into energy

Niacin plays a key role in converting food into energy. We need vitamin B3 daily to convert the food we eat into energy. Women over 14 need 14 mg of this vitamin daily. Men over the age of 14 need 16 mg of this vitamin. Legumes, nuts, fortified breads, dairy products, fish and lean meats are rich sources of vitamin B3.

Niacin deficiency in the body causes Pellagra. Symptoms of this disease include physical and mental problems and symptoms. Diarrhea and dementia are other symptoms of this disease. People may lose the ability to absorb niacin due to high alcohol consumption.

One of the benefits of niacin is controlling blood cholesterol. The use of niacin supplements is effective in controlling blood cholesterol, but due to side effects, you should definitely consult a doctor.

Vitamin B5 is essential for the health of hormones

This vitamin is made to make many It is used as an important hormone in the body. Everyone over the age of 14 should receive five milligrams of this vitamin daily. Vitamin B5 is found in foods such as the word family, such as broccoli and avocados, whole grains, potatoes, dairy, and meat. Many of the processes that take place in the body's cells on a daily basis require this vitamin; Things like breaking down carbohydrates and fats are very important uses of this vitamin. Vitamin B5 is water soluble, so it should be taken daily.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) reduces heart problems

This vitamin helps control and reduce the risk of heart disease it is affect. The average dose of pyridoxine for people up to the age of 50 is 1.3 mg per day. Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding need more pyridoxine, up to two milligrams a day. Vitamin B6 is found in the following ingredients:

  • Bananas
  • Beans
  • Liver
  • Bran
  • Corn
  • Cheese
  • Chicken
  • Enriched grain
  • Lentil
  • Milk
  • Salmon
  • Spinach
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Tuna
  • Turkey meat
  • Whole wheat flour
  • >

Vitamin B6 is important because it plays an important role in the process of making more than 100 vital enzymes in the body. This vitamin helps the body break down amino acids and produce new blood cells.

Some studies show that vitamin B6 reduces the risk of heart disease. Deficiency of this vitamin can cause muscle weakness, depression, short-term memory, nervousness and difficulty concentrating.

Vitamin B12 prevents anemia

Vitamin B12 is very effective in treating anemia. it is affect. Another name for this vitamin is cyanocobalamin. Breastfeeding and pregnant women need 2.6 to 2.8 mg of this vitamin daily.

This vitamin is not found in plant foods, so vegetarians may be deficient in this vitamin. Therefore, it is better to take vitamin B supplements. Natural sources of this vitamin are dairy products, meat and especially liver.

Vitamin B12 is important for the production of blood cells and nerve health. About 15% of people in the United States are deficient in vitamin B12. This vitamin deficiency in the body can lead to anemia. Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency include fatigue, weight loss, and loss of appetite. Vitamin B12 deficiency can also lead to depression or confusion.

Vitamin B9 (folate) is effective in fetal health The amazing health benefits of taking B-complex supplements

Vitamin B9 Folic acid or folate is used for body growth. Adults need 400 mg of this vitamin per day. Breastfeeding women need 500 mg and pregnant women need 600 mg of this vitamin daily.

Folate is found naturally in green leafy plants. Oranges, nuts, and beans are good sources of this vitamin. Folic acid, which is used to fortify breads and cereals, is also a good source of this vital vitamin. Children, pregnant women, and women who are planning to become pregnant have a vital need for this vitamin. This vitamin has a great effect on the development of the fetus. If these people receive the right amount of folate at this time, brain problems are less likely to occur and the fetus and then the baby will grow well.

It is strongly recommended that you take any supplements if you wish. Be sure to consult your doctor about B-complex.


B-complex vitamins are vital for the health and proper functioning of various organs in the body. These vitamins are found in plant foods, legumes, meat, liver and fish and are readily available. In addition, there are B-complex supplements available in pharmacies that can meet part of the body's need for B vitamins through these supplements.

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