All the tips you should consider for your first solo trip

Traveling alone is one of the unique and interesting experiences that may seem a little scary at first. But with planning, you can have a good trip and enjoy this special experience. All the tips you should consider for your first solo trip

Traveling alone is one of the unique and interesting experiences that may seem a little scary at first. But with planning, you can have a good trip and enjoy this special experience.

Traveling alone; Tips you should know before traveling All the tips you should consider for your first solo trip

Traveling alone in words is a simple task, but when you want it Do it, it will be hard. Especially if it is a foreign trip to a country you have never seen before. But this journey, with all its difficulties, teaches you many things. You can make new friends, gain new experiences, and most importantly, practice independence.

In order to enjoy your trip more and have less trouble, pay attention to these points:


1. Decide on the destination

Choosing the destination is very important. When you want to travel alone for the first time, it might not be a bad idea to start with destinations that you are more familiar with and being in them will not cause you any additional stress. When you enter a city that you already know, you will feel less homesick and worried.

If you don't like to go to a repetitive place, choose a destination that you have a lot of motivation to visit; For example, a city that you always wanted to see and you were constantly searching about it. This motivation and good feeling towards the destination will make you experience less negative feelings and positive feelings will overcome negative feelings and stress. Recommendation: To start a destination. Choose the one that has good infrastructure and facilities for tourism. For example, cities that have many hotels, many stores, and many restaurants, and a wide public transportation system, so that you can easily think about accommodation, commuting, and getting the necessary necessities.

Choose a city that is close to the city where you live. So that you can return quickly if you need it or that being close will give you reassurance. If you travel to foreign countries, be sure to research their security in advance.

2. Do your research

One of the advantages of traveling alone is that it gives you a lot of freedom and you don't have to limit yourself to other people's choices. But you are not supposed to take your backpack and hit the road without planning. Always research the destination before any trip.

Collect and study information such as destination weather, tourist attractions, culture and food and everything related to travel in advance. Be sure to research the variety of accommodations and public transportation at the destination. If you want to visit the big and important tourist attractions, be sure to check the rules, costs and working hours.

One of the best options for sightseeing in cities is to participate in one-day sightseeing tours, which require more planning. will do for you and you can safely enjoy seeing the attractions.

3. Deciding on the cost of the trip

The cost of the trip is another important part of pre-trip planning that you must pay attention to and plan for it exactly. The two main costs of travel are accommodation and the other is the cost of transportation, which includes travel to the destination and inter-city travel.

You should be prepared for all these costs. Another important decision to make is the type of accommodation. If you want to be out and about from morning to night during your trip, you don't need to book a luxury hotel. A clean and safe room is enough for you to rest at night, and this possibility is also available in affordable hotels. Be sure to read other people's comments and see the photos of the hotel and check its facilities carefully before booking the hotel. The distance of the hotel to the tourist centers is another important point that you should keep in mind.

Other than these two items, you should also save money for the cost of food, drinks, entertainment, entrance tickets, souvenirs, and travel insurance. Leave it.

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4. Booking tickets

After determining the destination and travel budget, it's time to book tickets and hotels. In most countries of the world, if you book flight and train tickets in advance, you will get a good discount. This point is also true for hotels. Many tourism companies have good discounts for accommodation centers and hotels throughout the year. Be sure to visit these sites so that you can find the best available option on your desired date according to your budget. not so that you can easily get yourself to the hotel at the destination. Consider the reception hours of hotels.

5. Light and smart travel luggage All the tips you should consider for your first solo trip

People are usually divided into two groups when it comes to packing travel luggage; Some people travel with a backpack for a few weeks and others for Staying at their friend's house for one night, they take a suitcase, a handbag and a backpack.

When you travel alone and you have to carry all the luggage by yourself, you should pack your luggage light and smart. Take only the essentials and pack them right in your backpack. Take things with you that can be used in different ways. For example, multi-purpose containers or clothes that you can wear in different situations.

For traveling alone, it is better to have a backpack and a handbag for essential items and travel documents. Backpacking is much more convenient on public transportation.

Take only the essentials. For example, if the hotel gives passengers sanitary items and towels, you do not need to take sanitary items with you again.

Try to always carry these items with you:

Small bag First aid, power bank, waist bag, a few plastic or cloth bags, thread, needle and small scissors.

Tips to remember when traveling alone All the tips you should consider for your first solo trip

After planning the trip and preparing the travel luggage, it is not bad to remember these points about the experiences during the trip:

1 . Use public transportation

When traveling alone, use public transportation as much as possible instead of hiring a taxi or private car. This not only saves travel costs, but also provides more security and confidence. You will also find more opportunities to meet new people.

2. Wake up early in the morning

On the days you plan to visit tourist attractions, wake up early in the morning. The earlier you go out, the more you can visit different attractions in peace and quiet. After the end of the working day when the streets become crowded, you return to the hotel, have a good dinner and rest to start sightseeing again tomorrow.

3. Stay in touch with family

Always stay in touch with family. Wherever you go, let them know when you're leaving, where you're going, and when you'll be back. Reassure them that you are safe and that you are enjoying your trip. In addition, when the family knows about your schedule and destination, they can find you more easily if necessary.

4. Make a friend but don't be quick to trust

It is true that you start the journey alone, but you don't have to be alone throughout the journey. You can make friends while traveling, have fun with them and enjoy your moments. But always use caution in your friendly relationship with a stranger. Do not trust anyone 100%. Be very careful about the details you say about yourself. Do not give your important information to anyone.

5. Be careful

"Be careful" is a general advice that includes many detailed advices. For example, in places where you feel danger, always check your surroundings. Make copies of all your vital information and essential documents. Keep the address and phone number of the hotel where you are staying in your pocket or wallet. Do not take out expensive accessories such as cameras and phones in crowded places.

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6. Trust your gut

Sometimes we feel negative about something for no reason. Even getting to know someone may give us a bad feeling. It is better to trust your feelings. Never put yourself in a situation where you don't feel comfortable.

With these tips, you can have a safe and comfortable trip. Traveling alone is full of experiences that prepare you for independent living. But there are also difficulties that by following these tips, you can reduce the difficulty of the trip and return home with a bag full of sweet memories.

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