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43 simple hand tools to change home decor

BingMag.com 43 simple hand tools to change home decor

This is the second autumn we start with the corona virus. Given that we still have to stay at home for many hours, the need to change the decor and interior space to the autumn weather is quite felt.

Today at BingMag, we want 43 easy and inexpensive ways to change the decor And introduce you to the renovations you can do on fall weekends.

Make wallpaper

BingMag.com 43 simple hand tools to change home decor

If you want your wall to have a design but you can not because of the high cost of wallpaper Buy it, do it yourself and draw your favorite design on the wall. If the lines are geometric, draw on the wall with long drawers or pieces of wood, and then start painting with a paintbrush. In a short time and at the lowest cost, the walls of the house are designed.

2. Make a Coffee Shop

Set aside a kitchen area for tea and coffee. Put coffee makers, tea makers and cans of tea, tea and coffee there. Hang the mags on the wall and place a box of chocolates next to the utensils. Everything is ready to have a home coffee shop. To make maga pendants, you can sand a piece of wood and spray varnish on it. Then place the smaller pieces that you want the mug to hang on at a 90-degree angle to the wood and secure them with wood glue and nails. You can draw, write or paint on the pendant. Attach it to the wall and hang the mags.

3. Make a regulator for the entrance of the house

If you want to have more space in the entrance of the house and change the beautiful decor in this part, you can organize and categorize all the items with the help of a series of drawers. If you do not have a suitable folding table at the entrance to the house, you can spray paint a few wooden or cardboard boxes and then attach them to the corner of the wall so that you can easily place the items in them. Make sure the boxes are able to support the weight of the objects and place heavy objects in the box that you place on the floor.

4. Make your favorite mirror

If you have a frameless mirror, you can make a frame for it with a few pieces of wood. If your mirror has a frame, you can make it the color you want and decorate it with tools such as stones, shells and small lights. You can even design the mirror frame the same way you painted the wall.

5. Renovate the bedroom

BingMag.com 43 simple hand tools to change home decor

By changing the bedding, pillows and curtains, you can change the bedroom space. change it. Also, by adding a blanket, a few pots and one or two small hanging walls, you can completely change the mood of the room.

6. Change your bedside table

Now that you have changed the sheets and bedspreads and put some new decorations in the bedroom, it's time to think about the bedside table. You can paint the table and add designs to suit your taste with the help of a template. With a little expense and time you will have a new table.

7. Update old cabinets

Instead of throwing away old cabinets, you can paint with non-toxic colors. An old nostalgic closet with a soft and beautiful color is transformed into a new closet that gives the house a new color and surface.

8. Make a niche for photos

Instead of placing a photo frame in the library and cluttering the space, make a few wooden shelves and attach them to the wall. In addition to photo frames, you can place vases and other souvenirs on these shelves. By doing this, you have both filled the empty space of the walls and made a great decor change.

9. Make a painting

BingMag.com 43 simple hand tools to change home decor

Use a few canvases and a little color to map the world in one piece Or draw a few pieces on the canvases and attach them to the wall. It does not cost much but gives the wall a fresh look.

10. Build a Library Shelf

Making bookshelves is not difficult at all and does not cost much. Clean some old shelves or cabinets and paint if necessary, then attach to the wall with bases and make sure it can support the weight. Now put your books and magazines in them.

11. Make a fun place

Find some old cabinets, clean them and paint them. Then attach to the wall with a number of other shelves. Put the TV on the cabinet, put the toys and snacks you like in the cupboards, and fill the shelves with souvenirs or music and movie albums. Now place the sofas and chairs in front of the TV and place the table in front of the furniture. You can easily and cheaply build an entertainment venue.

Update your kitchen

You do not need to spend a lot of money to change the decor and update the kitchen. Adding tiles to a wall can be a great way to make a difference. You can use removable tiles so that you can easily remove them from the wall if needed.

13. Update cabinets

To update cabinets, you can paint them and change the inside with shelving tools. You can also remove the current cabinets from the wall, put them in storage, and replace them with a series of old cabinets that have been cleaned and painted.

14. Change the mood of the kitchen

If you want to make a fundamental change in the kitchen decor and make the space look bigger, you can separate the cabinets from the wall, put them in storage and use old wall shelves and drawers for Use equipment placement.

15. Make a dining table

Buying a family dining table can be costly. To have a table, you can buy some wood and make a table of your own size. When the table is ready, spray varnish on it and paint it after the varnish dries.

16. Make a wood-burning stove

If you have a yard, you can make a wood-burning stove for the autumn days and gather with family members around the fire in the evenings and nights. To make a wood stove, you can put several cement blocks together and fill all the empty parts of the block with pebbles. Do not forget that you should also use cement blocks for the bottom of the stove so that the floor of the yard is not damaged. Now place a few thin chairs and blankets around the stove, light the fire and gather around it.

17. Make a compost bin

BingMag.com 43 simple hand tools to change home decor

Make a wooden tank with pieces of unusable wood and use it for Use compost. If you do not know how to make compost, you can read the article "Making compost at home".

18. Make a green wall

Find a large board and attach a few pots to it. Or choose a flat wall next to the terrace and attach the pots to it. Now put soil in the pots and plant your favorite plants. You can easily build a green wall.

19. Build your terrarium

BingMag.com 43 simple hand tools to change home decor

Take a glass jar with honey or chocolate inside it Fill with cactus soil and beautiful pebbles and plant the cactus. Now put it in the container and enjoy your terrarium. It is also possible to change the decor of the house with a few small tools, so never forget the small changes.

20. Decorate the Entrance

Make a ring of autumn flowers, dried leaves and pine nuts and stick it on the entrance door. You can also add colorful birds, bright decorations and colorful pendants on this ring to suit the autumn weather.

21. Make a bench

Take a few pieces of wood and make a bench. It doesn't matter what the height or size is.

When you are not using the bench, cover it with plastic so that it does not get dirty.

It's fun to get started. After making the bench, sand it and paint it if you like. You can place this bench on the terrace or in the yard, sit on it in the autumn evenings and drink tea.

22. Make a Organizing Shelf

Find some old, multi-piece hanging pegs and use it to make a wall shelf for crumbs. You can place this pendant next to the entrance so you can easily place keys, umbrellas and letters in it.

23. Shelving the warehouse

If your warehouse is one of those warehouses that is always crowded, you should make several shelves for it to finally get rid of the clutter. Buy some plywood and make a shelf with it. You can even make the shelves with the help of metal mesh shelves and plastic packages and put the items in them after sorting.

24. Make a pen

BingMag.com 43 simple hand tools to change home decor

Make a jar of jam or a can of paint with paint, felt pieces or colored beads Decorate, put your pencils in it and put it on your desk.

25. Make a baby play area

Make a basic frame for hanging toys with a few pieces of wood. Take a few wooden beads and loops and tie them with string, then hang them on the frame. Spread a soft blanket under the frame and place your baby on it to play.

26. Make your own closet

You do not need to spend a lot to build a new closet and change the decor of your room. Paint some old drawers to make them look new. Make a place to put the drawers with a few pieces of wood. Choose a part of the room to become a closet. Attach a bar or piece of wood to the wall as a rack to hang clothes. Now place the drawers next to the rack and place a chair and mirror next to them. Now you have a large closet that you can cover with wood or curtains to have a more private space.

27. Make a sofa table

Sofa tables are usually large and away from where you sit on the sofa. To have a table next to a small and functional piece of furniture, you can make a table for the handle of the sofa with three pieces of wood. Place a thin piece of wood the size of a sofa on the floor and attach two pieces of the same size wood to the first piece of wood at a 90-degree angle on both sides. Paint it and then place it on the sofa handle. The empty space between the two legs is filled with the handle of the sofa and you can easily place a cup of tea, a book or a TV control on it.

28. Make a blanket stand

On cool autumn days, a blanket next to the sofa is essential. But when the blankets are folded on the sofa, they create an unpleasant appearance. With a few pieces of wood, make something like a small ladder with three or four steps and hang it on the wall. Now you can place the blankets on the sofa on this stand so that the living room looks tidy and you have a lot of blankets next to the sofas.

29. Renovate the bathroom floor

You do not need to replace the bathroom floor tiles if they are worn. Buy a good floor paint and paint the bathroom floor. Then you can use tile design stickers to decorate the bathroom floor with graphic designs.

30. Customize your laptop stand

If a laptop stand you bought is not as beautiful as you would like it to be, you can change its appearance. Glue several colored boards together to create the design you want. Now stick it on the base of the laptop. You can also use recycled materials at home or colored yarns.

31. Turn a piece of wood into a vase or candlestick

If you are also a fan of keeping plants at home and enjoy lighting candles, making a candlestick or vase with wood will be fun. Find a large piece of wood and drill a hole in it. If you want to make a candlestick, the hole does not have to be very large, but if you are going to make a vase, the wood must be large enough that you can empty it into the size of a vase. You can decorate the wood with the help of paint or decorate it with colored threads and beads.

32. Make Hanging Plants

BingMag.com 43 simple hand tools to change home decor

Or hang metal hooks on the ceiling or wall and put some easy-to-maintain apartment flowers in them. You can even make your own terrariums out of glass jars and then hang them on the wall. It does not cost much and you only need to spend an hour to build it.

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33. Refresh cabinets in the blink of an eye

With the help of colored or patterned backing paper, you can change the look of cabinets in no time. If the zinc in the cabinets is rotten and damaged or you are tired of their color, spend a few hours and a small amount of money, using adhesive backing paper to change their appearance. This is a cheap way to change the kitchen decor.

34. Change the kitchen walls

Paint the parts of the kitchen wall between the cabinet and the counter with a little floor paint. By doing this, you can give a new look to the kitchen and make any part of the kitchen your desired color without spending a lot of money.

35. Make your walls creative

If you are tired of the look of your house walls but you do not enjoy painting them, you can give it a geometric and beautiful look with a few boards. You can draw your favorite geometric or graphic designs on the wall and then place the boards on the wall based on the design.

36. Embroider new curtains

BingMag.com 43 simple hand tools to change home decor

Instead of buying ready-made and expensive curtains, use a few meters of fabric with Embroider your favorite design and color. Sewing the curtain does not take more than one or two hours and you will enjoy watching it after installation.

37. Make an Autumn Vase

Decorate a can of chips or canned food with hemp, paint or colored beads and put dried natural flowers in it. You can even paint them with the help of special craft paints that are diluted with water so that they are always fresh and colorful like their first day.

38. Make room for souvenir cards

Prepare a section of the wall for postcards and memorabilia. You can paint that part of the wall in a different color or use a few decorative tools to separate it from other parts. Now put all your photos, cards and memorabilia in that area so that it is always in front of your eyes and you enjoy seeing them.

39. Make an old painting

Choose a simple design and draw it on canvas or pieces of wood. Paint it and hang it on the wall after it dries. You have a work of art in your home that you have created yourself.

40. Make a frame for your painting

If you are not interested in frames available in the market, make a frame yourself. You can glue, paint and use pine nuts, empty matchboxes, soft drinks or anything else available as a frame. By doing this, you are both helping to reduce waste generation and creating a custom decor for your home.

41. Make different art frames

If you want to decorate the walls of your house with eye-catching and different art, you can make beautiful paintings with the help of a little wood and fabric. Glue a few pieces of wood together to form a sturdy frame. Then cover the entire surface with the fabric you like the design of and attach the fabric to the wooden frame with the help of a staple. This beautiful painting is located only in your house and has the most harmony with the decor of your house.

42. Make a wall calendar

BingMag.com 43 simple hand tools to change home decor

Buy a blackboard and draw a monthly or weekly calendar on it. By doing this, you can always keep a part of the house alive and decorate it with your favorite colors and designs. You can also buy blackboard paint and turn part of the wall into a blackboard. By doing this you will always have a big blackboard.

43. Make a chandelier

Buying a small chandelier or chandelier is expensive. You can make a lamp pendant with simple tools and even recycled items. For example, you can make a small glass chandelier with soda bottles, or you can make a cardboard ball with the help of cardboard strips that you make with a pizza box and use it as a lamp pendant.

Last word

With the beginning of a new season, the desire to change the decor always awakens in us, but this is costly and sometimes we give up because of these costs. There are simple ways to change the decor that will help you change the look of your home at a low cost. In this article, 43 easy and practical methods were introduced to you. If you have a cheap way to change the interior decor of your home in the autumn days, write to us in the comments section.

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