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31 colors suitable for the bedroom to wake up happier in the morning

BingMag.com 31 <b>colors</b> <b>suitable</b> for the <b>bedroom</b> to <b>wake</b> up <b>happier</b> in the morning

Waking up early and getting out of bed, especially in the fall and winter, is not attractive at all, and people usually do it with discomfort. . One way to reduce this bad feeling in the morning is to decorate the bedroom with colors and lights that have a positive effect on your mood. bedroom color can activate the first feeling when we wake up, so we should use colors that make us happier and more energetic.

Today at BingMag we want 31 colors that make mornings happier and Introduce more energetic wake up.

1. Lucky red

BingMag.com 31 <b>colors</b> <b>suitable</b> for the <b>bedroom</b> to <b>wake</b> up <b>happier</b> in the morning

This color makes the bedroom energetic, relaxing and lovely. If used in combination with bright and shiny colors, such as white ceilings or floors, it will have a greater effect. This color is very stylish and will transform your bedroom into a new space.

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2. Slightly bright red

Whiten walls and bedding, and use flooring, blankets, and some pillows in red. Or you can reverse the same combination. That is, light the walls and bedding red and select the rest of the furniture in white.

3. Light chewing gum pink

BingMag.com 31 <b>colors</b> <b>suitable</b> for the <b>bedroom</b> to <b>wake</b> up <b>happier</b> in the morning

Light chewing gum pink is a bold and energetic choice. This color conveys the spirit of youth and enthusiasm to you. In addition to this color, if you use a wardrobe and items with a floral design, you will have a very beautiful decoration.

4. Blush Pink

With this color, your bedroom is neither red nor pink, a color between the two colors with warmth and freshness. This color is very feminine and stylish and conveys a feeling of softness to you.

5. Coral

No color creates as much joy as coral. This color is from the category of warm and light colors, which is very beautiful and energetic along with cold and neutral colors, such as dark gray. It also takes on a special effect when light shines on it.


The use of peach color next to black or white walls creates an eye-catching contrast. If you choose carpets and bedding in this color, you will multiply the beauty of your bedroom. Blush pink, light blue and even bright red can go well with peaches. Cream is a reliable, versatile, warm and soft color like beige, and it is one of the neutral colors that can lighten and warm the bedroom space. This color can create the feeling of walking on a sandy beach in the mind. Also, by combining this color with happy colors, you can create a classic and energetic atmosphere.

7. Dark beige

BingMag.com 31 <b>colors</b> <b>suitable</b> for the <b>bedroom</b> to <b>wake</b> up <b>happier</b> in the morning

To make your bedroom look warm, you do not need to change the decoration or paint All walls, just darken one wall beige. This warm, neutral color can make blue, white, and gray warmer, and brown and cream cooler.

Pottery Coffee

If you paint the walls of the bedroom with pottery brown, you will feel that heat will seep out of them. This color can arouse strong emotions in you. If you are one of those people who do not like pastel or neon colors, this color is for you.

9. Ocher and green

If you paint the walls of the bedroom mustard or ocher and use green or goose bedding and curtains, you will have a room with a warm and energetic atmosphere. The decoration that is prepared with this color combination conveys the feeling of vitality and richness to you.

10. Lemon yellow

BingMag.com 31 <b>colors</b> <b>suitable</b> for the <b>bedroom</b> to <b>wake</b> up <b>happier</b> in the morning

Lemon is always a good choice for creating an energetic atmosphere and combining it with complementary colors or Contrast can create more beauty. For example, the combination of lemon yellow and gray can create a happy atmosphere in which heat and energy flow.

11. Green and gold

If you choose the interior accessories in green and choose light and golden wallpaper, you can create a stunning and colorful decoration for the bedroom. To complete this magnificent combination, you can also install a few paintings on the wall to have a classic and positive atmosphere.

12. Dark Sea Green

BingMag.com 31 <b>colors</b> <b>suitable</b> for the <b>bedroom</b> to <b>wake</b> up <b>happier</b> in the morning

Instead of painting the walls, this time paint the ceiling green Make sage so that there is a shade of this beautiful green in your room. This color can create a feeling of calm, hope and vitality in you.

13. Green gray

Green gray is the color that gives your room a classic light atmosphere. If your bedroom has a curved design, you can use this color for the walls and create a warm and cozy atmosphere with a few simple photo frames and fabrics with complementary colors. Green-gray color is seen by changing the amount of light radiation to different colors. You can see light blue, green and gray colors on your walls at different times of the day.

14. Khaki green

This color with a shade of green and inspired by nature, can convey a feeling of calm to you. If you use this color for the walls, be sure to go for complementary colors for the bedding, curtains and all the furniture in the room so that you can get a feeling of lightness and calmness well.

15. Mint Green

Mint green walls with light wood bedding and light crochet bedspreads can create the look of a classic painting. If you use this color for your bedroom, create a cool and fresh room with details such as wooden chairs and painted vases.

16. Bright oil blue

BingMag.com 31 <b>colors</b> <b>suitable</b> for the <b>bedroom</b> to <b>wake</b> up <b>happier</b> in the morning

Bright oil blue on the walls next to fabrics with crowded designs can make a room Create a unique and vivid sleep. The radiance of the oil blue color makes your room look like a jewelry box and you will feel special in it.

17. Matte Oil Blue

Matte Oil Blue transmits the same emotions and energy of bright blue oil more gently. You can apply this color to the whole room or just to the ceiling, but it conveys the same feeling.

18. Dark Oil Blue

If you are looking for a balanced and calm bedroom, darken the walls with oil blue, whitewash the ceiling, and use patterned bedding and curtains. This combination creates an eye-catching contrast and you will feel comfortable in your bedroom.

19. Metallic blue

Metallic blue creates a chic atmosphere and becomes spectacular if combined with details such as flowers. This color is compatible with all styles and designs and you can easily use it in any part of the decoration.

20. Cobalt blue

Bright colors express a feeling of boldness, and if you use it in the bedroom, it reduces the light in the room and creates a semi-dark and cozy shade.

21. Light blue gypsum

Light blue gypsum is invigorating and full of freshness. Using this color on the walls, by changing the light during the day, you will see different shades of blue in the corners of the room and you will always have an energetic, lively and bright room.

22. Sky blue

Sky blue affects the eye without making the space darker or darker. This color creates a sense of cohesion and strength in your bedroom. So if you want to wake up energetic in the morning, use this color in your bedroom.

23. Light gray blue

Light blue is the main element to create a bedroom full of comfort. This dream color can be used in any space, it turns it into a place full of peace and quiet, so what better place to use it than in the bedroom? If you turn the walls light blue-gray, you can use a bedspread and linen curtains and a delicate wooden chair in the bedroom to feel calm and light many times.

24. Yasi Roshan

BingMag.com 31 <b>colors</b> <b>suitable</b> for the <b>bedroom</b> to <b>wake</b> up <b>happier</b> in the morning

Yasi Roshan recalls the image of a lavender at first glance. This color radiates calm and energy with a low level. With a combination of lilac and pastel colors, you can have a happy, light and bright bedroom.

25. Purple Purple

Purple and black are a classic combination for the bedroom, but it does not seem to be a gentle combination and has a lot of energy and excitement with it. But if you use a combination of purple pus for the walls and gray for the sheets and curtains and use cold colored metal beds and shelves, you can reduce the energy of the room. If you want to make the space of your room a little more impressive, you can use small elements in black.

26. Court Purple

If your room is very bright and the first to last rays of the sun come in through your room window, it is best to use court purple for the walls. This color can absorb light and make the room cozy but energetic.

27. Light Pink and Lavender

Paint the path leading to the bedroom purple lavender and lighten the room for pink. If you make the floor white or black, use a wooden table with dark colors and red sheets, you will have an atmosphere full of warm and radiant feelings.

28. Gray

BingMag.com 31 <b>colors</b> <b>suitable</b> for the <b>bedroom</b> to <b>wake</b> up <b>happier</b> in the morning

If you gray the ceiling and floor of the bedroom and blue and purple curtains and bedding Use it to have a completely romantic atmosphere.

29. Light gray

Very light gray, green and indigo colors create a neutral and soft atmosphere together. If you use white along with this combination, you will have a calmer atmosphere and your eyes will relax seeing these colors.

30. White

White always expresses simplicity. If you use neutral colors in a room with white walls, you will feel that time passes more slowly. Also, by combining different colors between neutral colors, you can create a calm atmosphere, but full of a feeling of vitality and freedom.

31. Matte Black

BingMag.com 31 <b>colors</b> <b>suitable</b> for the <b>bedroom</b> to <b>wake</b> up <b>happier</b> in the morning

While bright and varied colors are used to make the space appear larger, Dark black can also be used to make the space look smaller and create a cozy room. Also, if you paint a small space with matte black, you will create a feeling of power in it. This color creates a good mood for the bedroom and you will feel special and intimate by being in it. A feeling you never get with bright colors.


As you know, colors have a direct effect on a person's mood and can change their mood. So you can use the same properties of colors and turn the dullness of the mornings into vitality and happiness. Using the colors mentioned in the bedroom decoration, you can expose yourself to good and positive energies and feelings as soon as you open your eyes in the morning.

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