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30 Common Characteristics of Happy People (Must Learn)

BingMag.com 30 Common Characteristics of Happy People (Must Learn)

It seems that in any group of people, whether friends or family, there are people who are really happier than others. If you have ever looked at these people and thought about what they do that make them very happy, here are some ideas for you, and if you have not, you are probably the lucky person that others look at. In this article from BingMag Meg, we will discuss 30 common characteristics of happy people. It is likely that people who are deeply happy have all of these traits and habits, or at least many of them, in their lives. By understanding each of them, you too can incorporate these habits into your life.

They do not consider happiness as their goal

BingMag.com 30 Common Characteristics of Happy People (Must Learn)
It was Victor Frankl who in his book entitled "In Search of the Ultimate Meaning" "Happiness must happen, it cannot be pursued," he wrote. It is the pursuit of happiness that neutralizes happiness. "The more one turns happiness into a goal, the more one loses the goal." In other words, you can not simply wake up one day and tell yourself that you will be a happy person in a week, month or year. Happiness is a by-product of the people and events of your life, so when you focus on these things, happiness comes by itself.

2. Happy people accept life uncertainty

We can never predict the future accurately, and dealing with the unexpected is an inevitable part of life. However, the way we deal with these situations is not predictable, which affects how we feel about them. By accepting the uncertainties of life, when we encounter such events, we can better keep up with the flow rather than ignoring or avoiding them. When you accept the situation you are in (albeit unexpectedly), the level of stress decreases and the level of awareness increases. This will make you feel calm and comfortable, no matter how good or bad the situation is.

3. Appreciate the abundance in their lives

BingMag.com 30 Common Characteristics of Happy People (Must Learn)
It seems that happy people have a "half full" attitude towards life. They are "glasses" and are able to be truly grateful for what they have instead of wanting what they do not have. If you can only think of all the things you would like to have at one time, how do you want to enjoy your current possessions right now? The truth is that you can not do that, because it is not a matter of what you achieve or what you achieve, the problem is that you will always want more.

4. Instead of getting caught up in the past events of their lives, they accept them.

One of the biggest fallacies of the human mind is the belief that you can change the past; While it should be clear to the people that this is not possible. Of course, there are a large number of people who are really trying to understand the meaning of this. Meanwhile, happy people gain a deep understanding of this concept. They realize that what has happened has happened and can no longer be changed. So you too can accept this and let go of the past, because you can not live in the past. So while it makes sense to remember what happened, it is useless to expend energy on it in the form of regret, anger, or sadness.

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5. Happy people learn from their mistakes

It was novelist Paolo Coelho who said a sentence with this meaning: "A mistake that is repeated more than once is a decision." And happy people understand this fact very well. When a happy person recognizes that he or she has done something wrong, he or she does his or her best to understand what the mistake is and how he or she made it. They do this so that they can avoid repeating the same mistake. This is at a time when many people are constantly making the same mistake, and each time, more misery arises. If they can relate the learning attitude to every mistake they make, they will be better able to get out of such a vicious circle.

6. They Ask for Help When Needed

For many people, the thought of asking for help is something that fills them with anxiety and fear. They think that this is a sign of weakness and can lower their position in the eyes of others. What these people do not realize, and happy people understand well, is that, incidentally, asking for help is actually a sign of power. This shows that you have identified a weakness and are ready to receive help from others.

In addition, asking for help can bring two people closer together. The person you are asking for help feels proud because you came to them in the moment of need, and thus a basic appreciation is formed. When you have a problem getting help from others, the bond between you is likely to be even stronger than you thought.

7. They choose the right people to spend their time together

BingMag.com 30 Common Characteristics of Happy People (Must Learn)
In the course of life, the kind of people who The more we interact with them and the more we enjoy spending time with them, the more it changes. However, many of us try to cling to old friendships simply because of mutual acquaintance and experience. If you have reached a point where you know you no longer enjoy being with a particular person, it is unwise to try to keep in touch with them just to maintain morals and politeness. Happy people tend to give up relationships that have weakened over time so that they can focus more time and energy on people with whom they already have a strong relationship and feel more free.

8. Happy people regularly re-evaluate their goals.

Achieving a goal is only successful if your heart continues to beat for it, so happy people take the time to look back at their goals. To make sure they are still in touch with their present. So you may want to own a home by the age of 30, but if at the age of 27 you are satisfied with your current living conditions and the pressure to save somewhere can cause unnecessary stress, you either have to set aside your goal or do it that way. Adjust to fit your lifestyle and desires.

While setting goals can be an effective way to achieve the things you want to achieve in life, do not be under the illusion that after Writing, a goal can not be changed. Trying to pursue a goal that no longer leads to the desired happiness is futile.

9. Happy people are not on the right side

You might say that no one has any rights other than a safe place to rest, enough water and food on the table, and fair behavior as a human being. But in the modern world, we are accustomed to asking for more in addition to these things. While education, health care, and better living services can add to the above, many of us expect more benefits.

When you feel you have a right to something, until you receive it. You will feel uncomfortable. Instead, a happy person naturally accepts the things that come into his or her life without accusing the world of not fulfilling all his or her desires. These people understand that they are having a good life right now and asking for more points requires their own efforts.

10. They do not compare themselves with others

There is an important point about merit, because the human mind is too quick to compare itself to others. If you think someone else has done better in your life, you will never be happy with what you have as a human being. If you are going to compare yourself to someone, consider those who are more unlucky than you; Those who live in poverty or struggle with other issues or worries. At least in this way you can be thankful for the blessings you have. However, the best approach is to try not to compare yourself to others, regardless of whether they are better or worse than you. Happiness does not depend on financial wealth, physical strength, beauty or anything else that you can see in the appearance of others, but it is the feeling that exists within.

11. They are open and do not judge

BingMag.com 30 Common Characteristics of Happy People (Must Learn)
Conflict between two people will only lead to negative emotions and therefore Is that happy people try to keep their minds open. With such an approach, they may disagree with the other person's views, but they do not judge them or consider their views a personal attack. On the other hand, if you have a closed mind, you may find that conflict is a current feature in your life. The negative emotions that result from this suppress the happiness and pleasure and prevent them from being fertile. It is better to remember that almost always, there is no absolute right and wrong and the thoughts and opinions of others do not prevent them from enjoying their presence or even loving them.

12. Happy people practice forgiving others' mistakes

While opinions may differ (as mentioned above), there are times when someone else intentionally or accidentally hurts you. Too often, these mistakes become ambiguous and your negative feelings about them intensify and spread. These feelings can make your outlook worse and reduce your existential capacity to love others. For the sake of yourself and those around you, it is better to try to forgive the other person and understand that what he or she has done to you does not necessarily define his or her character or yours. Forgiveness is a healing process that can be time consuming, but every effort you make will have many beneficial feedback for you.

13. They do not try to satisfy everyone

We are creatures with limited time and energy and sometimes, when we want to satisfy all parties in our lives, we forget this! Being everything to everyone is a fruitless task in life and often leads to fatigue, frustration and feelings of failure. Happy people, on the other hand, understand the importance of saying no sometimes.

No matter how much someone relies on you, it is not your job to take on the responsibility. Do this only when you think you can help others; Not when others ask you for help and you feel compelled to do so. Likewise, you should not feel that you are changing yourself to fulfill the desires of others. No matter how hard you try, the truth will sooner or later become clear to everyone if you are not honest with yourself. So what is the use of spending energy to do this ?!

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14. Happy people celebrate the success of others

When you see someone else succeeding, you can hate them or congratulate them. The second is the path that a happy person chooses each time. When you celebrate the achievements of a friend or even someone you do not know well, you are thinking positively. Jealousy of their success, in turn, will only devalue your beliefs or your own, and make them feel bad about the other person. This goes back to the issue of comparison with others, and we conclude that your happiness does not diminish with the happiness of others, and in fact, the opposite is true. When people are happy in your life, you will be happier.

15. They are also looking for good and positive aspects in a bad thing

BingMag.com 30 Common Characteristics of Happy People (Must Learn)
There is no life without ups and downs But when the bad days come, the person who can look for the good in such a situation and find it is the one who will be most comfortable and happy. So while it may be very easy to get frustrated or have other negative reactions to what has happened, if you can discover good things in the heart of the situation, you can calm down faster despite the circumstances. p>

16. Happy people do not shy away from problems when they arise.

When life presents us with an unwanted problem or event, there is a fleeting pleasure in avoiding it or not getting caught up in the fringes of the subject. . Very few issues are resolved without you taking any action, and when you refuse to take action, the clouds of negativity will remain with you. A happy person, with determination, will face his problem to find a solution to it, because he knows that as soon as he encounters it, the weight of the problem is removed and happiness comes again.

17. They are not afraid of or resist natural changes

We as human beings do not have a fixed identity but are always evolving in terms of physical, mental and spiritual characteristics. If you try to resist these changes or live in fear of them, your happiness will be suffocated. But if, like happy people, you accept this natural process and even welcome it, then you release yourself from a fundamental anxiety caused by uncertainty about the future. One thing to keep in mind is that even when change looks bad, it is often good and only looks bad because it is unfamiliar to you.

18. These people also find surprise in small things.

BingMag.com 30 Common Characteristics of Happy People (Must Learn)
Life may seem normal to many, because The relatively repetitive nature of everyday life has filled our time and minds. However, if you look a little closer, you will come across moments and things that can fill anyone with a sense of wonder and amazement. Creating a habit of actively pursuing these little things is something that comes naturally to happy people.

19. Pay attention to the signs that they are slowing down

Sometimes we all take a little more than we should, and there is usually a feeling of trying to meet all our commitments. Let's be afraid. While some people try to persevere and fight to the end, a happy person monitors his body and mind and listens to what he says.

If the symptoms tell them that there is a risk of burnout In the future, they will pay attention to these signs and reduce their commitments and find balance in their lives. One way for happy people is to ask for help, and as we said above, this is a sign of mental strength. However, what they do not do is ignore the symptoms of overwork, as this rarely improves mental health.

20. They are patient

BingMag.com 30 Common Characteristics of Happy People (Must Learn)
"Good things come to those who are patient." This is another expression of an old English proverb that was perfectly used by Hines to promote tomato sauce, but there is definitely a truth to it. Patience is something that can have a significant effect on your enjoyment of an event.

Late satisfaction is one embodiment of this hypothesis, and there is much scientific research to support these claims. These studies show that patience is associated with many positive physical and psychological outcomes by setting aside smaller current wins for the prospect of bigger wins. This does not mean that good things will always be for those who are just waiting for them to happen, but rather that good things come to those who follow a certain foundation and planning. When they are rewarded for doing so, they will experience even more joy than those who receive the same reward without doing the equivalent work.

21. Happy people do not put the blame on others

When things fall apart, a happy person will not seek to blame others for it. Happy people know that if they want to be admired when good things happen to them, but they have acted in a way that has hurt them or someone else, they must also be responsible. Blaming others is rooted in selfishness above all else, while accepting the consequences of one's actions shows maturity that naturally results from superiority.

22. Do not try to save or change others

Regardless of good intentions, when you try to change someone else, the result will rarely be your or their happiness. You may try to save others from the situation they are in, if they also believe that there is a problem, otherwise they may end up upset by your actions. Of course, sometimes you can try to help someone, just because it does not meet your expectations!

If you want to keep yourself and them happy, you should follow the previous advice on choosing people who Be mindful of spending time with them and think carefully about your future relationships. Happy people know that they can only have the life given to them and not the life of others. Of course, if someone asks you for help, it is another matter, because such a person has reached a stage where he himself has accepted that he needs this help; At this stage you can advise them. .

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BingMag.com 30 Common Characteristics of Happy People (Must Learn)
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BingMag.com 30 Common Characteristics of Happy People (Must Learn)
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