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23 key points for bedroom layout and creating a relaxing atmosphere

BingMag.com 23 key points for bedroom layout and creating a relaxing atmosphere

It does not matter if you want to design a room from the beginning or if your only reason is to make small changes in the bedroom, it can be anyway. Become a different challenge. Bedrooms are usually lovely places for decorators. Because the coziness of this room always creates a good feeling from the time of design. Can be used to arrange small bedrooms and finally a few practical tips for decorating the bedroom. So join us.

How to have a more cozy bedroom?

BingMag.com 23 key points for bedroom layout and creating a relaxing atmosphere

Try to use neutral colors for the design and layout of the bedroom

BingMag.com 23 key points for bedroom layout and creating a relaxing atmosphere

Bedrooms should be at the same time Have a beautiful, relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. The best colors to achieve this are neutral colors such as white, cream or a palette of lavender and light blue. Of course, this does not mean that the bedroom should be a soulless space. If you are one of those people who like bright colors, you can add small but important details to your favorite colors to make your bedroom dull and boring.

For example, we suggest that Try to use neutral and light colors for the walls. The bed surface should be slightly darker than the wall color. Of course, the color of the bedspread should match the color of the bed. Because both wall and bedding colors are neutral, try adding warm, vibrant pillows to your bedroom space. This will make the bedroom space more attractive for a longer period of time, and due to the neutral color of large components, only changing the color of small components is a great decoration change.

2. Make sure that the arrangement of the bedroom accessories does not obstruct the passage

One of the best ways to feel comfortable in your bedroom is to put the components together so that it is not difficult to walk in the room. Whenever possible you should have all four of these components in place for launch to maximize profits. The only essential components are the bedroom, the bed, the dressing table and the two bedside tables for easy access to bedtime. If you feel you have limited space, try to use boards and tables that have drawers and can accommodate your extra accessories.

3. Pay special attention to the visual weight of the components related to the bedroom layout

BingMag.com 23 key points for bedroom layout and creating a relaxing atmosphere

any device next to the weight Real also has a visual weight. For example, a bed with a crowded canopy may be the same size as a bed with a simple wood design, but the visual weight of simple designs is less. In fact, the feeling of heaviness of the body that is created at first glance can be called visual weight. Try to use accessories that have a low visual weight to arrange the bedroom.

If the ceiling of your bedroom is high, it is definitely better to cover the empty space of the wall with a bed with a long crown or a panel with Use a simple wooden structure. But if the ceiling of the room is short, try to use a bed with a short crown. In general, try to choose accessories for the bedroom that feel a little heavy.

4. It is better to layer the bedroom light

Instead of relying on overhead lights or a table lamp, try to layer the light in your bedroom, which means you have multiple light sources. You do not need to have a chandelier to layer the light, it is enough to use small light sources and delicate lamps on the ceiling, wall or floor of the room.

5. Try to use soft components in the bedroom layout

BingMag.com 23 key points for bedroom layout and creating a relaxing atmosphere

The bedroom is a very large component and It is soft and it is a bed. The bed should be at the focal point of the bedroom. To avoid too much contrast between the bed and other parts of the room, try to include this feeling of softness in other parts of the room. For example, use velvet curtains and soft fluffy rugs.

6. Never Forget a Bedroom Ceiling

Many novice dcor designers ignore a bedroom ceiling and miss out on a huge source of beauty. Be sure to design and light the ceiling with a soothing color. If the bedroom space is secluded, you can use more crowded canopies for the ceiling space. Wood, knauf, light and wallpaper are usually used to decorate the ceiling.

7. Consider a cozy corner for yourself

BingMag.com 23 key points for bedroom layout and creating a relaxing atmosphere

If your bedroom after making the bed and dressing table , Looks lonely and has a lot of empty space, try to design a safe corner for yourself. Of course, as long as it does not cause problems for the commute. For example, place a small armchair by the window to watch the sunset in the evenings.

8. Follow your personal style and interests

After reading all the above, it is better to take a pen and paper and write down your interests for having a dream bedroom. After all, it is you who are supposed to rest in the bedroom and relax from there. If something does not suit your interests, forget it.

How to arrange a small bedroom

BingMag.com 23 key points for bedroom layout and creating a relaxing atmosphere

A well-designed bedroom will make a big difference in how you feel. With a few design tips, you can easily make your good little room bigger and make good use of the space.

9. Try to have space for storage with multipurpose items

The first and most important point in designing a small bedroom is to organize the space for storage and placement of its accessories. Try to look for creative accessories. Ordinary accessories on the market will not work for you. For example, in a small bedroom, you should use boards that have large drawers so that you can put your seasonal clothes and accessories in it.

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10. Be careful in designing closet doors and choosing a bedside table

BingMag.com 23 key points for bedroom layout and creating a relaxing atmosphere

Doors should be in small bedrooms Open slidingly so that no space is occupied when opening them. Also, bedside tables should be selected from minimal and small designs.

11. Do not use open clothes racks in the room. Try to place your accessories in the closet as much as you can.

12. It is better to avoid choosing large and small accessories

In the layout of a large bedroom, it is usually recommended to use several cushions with different designs and colors to decorate the space on the bed. But this is not a good choice for a small bedroom at all. Because many components, at the same time small, make the bedroom space smaller.

13. Use your utmost creativity in designing the empty space behind the bed

BingMag.com 23 key points for bedroom layout and creating a relaxing atmosphere

Usually the wall sconce for the bed Small rooms can be turned into a functional space. For example, you can design it so that you can put your photo frame in it and there is no need for a table to place the photo frame.

14. Use vertical spaces

You need to be able to think vertically. You have to accept that you do not have floor space in the layout of your room, so it is better to use walls and even ceilings to arrange and hang appliances. For example, floor-to-ceiling cabinets are good options for storage space.

15. Use a large mirror

BingMag.com 23 key points for bedroom layout and creating a relaxing atmosphere

Putting a mirror in the room makes the room look bigger than Show what it really is. But because of the return of energy from the mirror, try to cover the mirror at night while sleeping.

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16. Try to use a color palette

Painting the walls with different colors is not a good choice for a small bedroom. It is better to use a color palette to paint the room. Even room lighting is best done in one color, preferably white. Because white color makes the room more open.

A few simple ideas to decorate the bedroom

BingMag.com 23 key points for bedroom layout and creating a relaxing atmosphere

In decorating the bedroom, what matters most is your taste. But here are some practical tips that you can use to have a more attractive bedroom.

17. Try to combine modern and old items

While you have bought the main accessories of your room from the most modern and newest models, just adding a few old accessories can make the bedroom space a little nostalgic and Make good sense to you. For example, a small mirror similar to the mirrors of the 1940s will take the room out of the cold.

18. Change the heating system to your liking

If you are one of those people who always feel good about old houses, try to design a fireplace in your bedroom.

19. You can take advantage of the charm of southern decorative accessories

Woods, mats and kilims are accessories that retain a great sense of warmth. It is not bad to use these wooden accessories instead of cushions or newspapers. Using a colored kilim will bring vitality.

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20. Do not forget the woven bedspread and scarf

Try to pay special attention to the woven models when buying the bedspread. If your room is covered in neutral colors, the color scheme of these woven bedspreads can be an attractive option for you.

21. Be sure to use natural flowers in your bedroom layout

Every interior designer will tell you that adding fresh flowers to your home is an easy way to complete your home. The best flower for the bedroom space is aloe vera, which helps to purify the air in the bedroom during sleep, and by using this flower, the air in the room always stays fresh.

22. When decorating a room, be sure to consider one color as the base color.

We illustrate this with an example. As mentioned in the previous section, try to use neutral colors to design your room. But do not use multiple colors at the same time to add a new color. Consider a color as the base color so that everyone who enters your room knows what color was your favorite color. If you want to add green to neutral colors, try other things in the green family.

23. If your room is large, choose a wall as your gallery wall

Avoid placing tables and photo frames on it. It is better to consider a wall as a gallery wall and place the photos on it with the principles related to the wall layout.


try the bedroom Do not overcrowd yourself and consider being extremely practical in the layout of this space. Remember that you need this room to find comfort, so adding extra accessories and decorations can disturb your sense of comfort. The bedroom space should be cool in summer and warm in winter where you can easily relax. Because timely and adequate rest not only affects the health of your body but also determines the quality of your mood. Therefore, considering the peak of comfort and relaxation in the bedroom layout and also choosing the accessories of this room, should be your priority.

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