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22 emotional stimulants that disturb peace of mind

BingMag.com 22 emotional stimulants that disturb peace of mind

Have you ever been in a state of calm for less than a second just because of what others say or do? Has anger changed?

If you remember such an experience, then you are probably somewhat familiar with the triggers of anger in yourself. But what about other emotions?

Sometimes a person with high self-esteem may suddenly feel insecure and scared when they hear a word or see something or even smell a certain smell. Overcome.

In some other cases, a person who is normally calm and calm even in the most stressful work situations may suddenly have a panic attack after encountering a specific factor that means nothing to others. And lose their mental balance completely. But what is the reason for such events?

In the continuation of this article from BingMag, we will talk about emotional stimuli. What do they include and how do they affect our mental and emotional state? In addition, at the end of the article you will learn what you can do in the face of these emotional stimuli. Join us.

What are emotional stimuli?

BingMag.com 22 emotional stimulants that disturb peace of mind

When That you feel deprived of what you need (or feel a strong need for it), or even when you feel that something is out of your reach, that need becomes an emotional stimulus for you. The stronger the need, the stronger the emotional stimulus.

How exactly each person is stimulated can have a completely individual and variable pattern, but the following emotional concepts can be great ideas. Give you some of the emotional stimuli:

  • being valuable/worthless
  • being beautiful/ugly
  • being strong/weak
  • >
  • Clever, Brilliant, Genius/Stupid, Ignorant, Dumb
  • Brave, Heroic/Cowardly, Cowardly
  • Authentic, Real/Fake, Fake
  • to be competent/incompetent
  • to be independent/needy, to be hung
  • important, necessary/insignificant, to be negligible
  • Extraordinary, Indestructibility/Normal, Normal, Forgetfulness

The following list of emotional stimuli addresses some of our most important and deepest fears that have a lot to do with our needs and address them in behavior. We reflect.

The emotional stimuli associated with you are naturally related to your personal values and deep desires.

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A few tips for people who are emotionally aroused

BingMag.com 22 emotional stimulants that disturb peace of mind

Because until you are able to see and understand the deepest layers of one's existence, you do not know what other people are doing. Experience m Yes, even if one of their emotional stimuli is similar to yours. Or do not use "as if you were recently aroused by something" unless you are close enough to the person and ask the question out of love and concern.

When someone feels that in terms of Emotionally aroused, all you need to do is get someone's attention or try to calm someone down with their words because of their confusion or upset.

Your emotional arousal is too much It does not make sense. In fact, it's not something you can turn off, and you have to remember that emotional arousal never makes you feel weak.

This is a very common emotional event among all human beings. p>

Knowing no one is perfect, and most of us are amazed at how irritable we are to certain phenomena.

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How to deal with emotional stimuli?

BingMag.com 22 emotional stimulants that disturb peace of mind

Some of the following examples of emotional stimuli may be stronger than others and have a more lasting effect on the individual. Definitely not a pleasant experience for any of them, but some of them provoke a stronger reaction in you.

Browse the list below and see which ones are familiar to you.

Not being accepted

If you have never been unconditionally accepted by the most important people in your life, or even if you yourself have difficulty accepting who you are, when someone judges or accepts you, The intensity of the stimulation.

2. Not being respected

If you do not treat yourself and others with respect, when others disrespect you or do not respect you as much as you expect, it will make you feel bigger and more colorful.

3. Not being liked by others

When we do not really like ourselves or believe that we are not a lovable person, not accepting and expressing the interest of others in us is more likely to provoke emotional damage and damage our emotions. It can be.

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4. Misunderstanding or misunderstanding others

BingMag.com 22 emotional stimulants that disturb peace of mind

If one of your parents caused it as a child Whether you feel that others are constantly misunderstanding you or you are not worth taking the time to understand you, you will be overwhelmed and frustrated when others come to the wrong conclusions about you.

5. Feeling no need for you by others

If this is an emotional stimulus for you, hearing words like "useless" and other synonymous words can probably be very painful for you, because You want others to need and appreciate you for what you can do and help others through them.

Feeling worthless

If people who were supposed to understand your worth in the early stages of life make you feel worthless, you will probably be provoked whenever others do the same to you.

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7. The feeling of not having control over the situation

BingMag.com 22 emotional stimulants that disturb peace of mind

The feeling of control over different aspects of life is a fragile feeling and easily And is disrupted by the slightest problems. In addition, when a sense of control over the environment causes us to experience a sense of security, acceptance, or worth, we feel its existence more and better.

8. Unjust treatment of others

If you have been forced to fight for justice at an early age or have been harmed in defending justice, it is likely that whenever someone treats you or someone else unfairly. Does, you get emotionally aroused.

9. Not paying attention to you

If as a child you felt that no one could see you and you always wanted to be paid more attention, you were ignored by others or considered insignificant by someone else It's probably a strong emotional stimulus for you.

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10. Restriction of personal freedoms

BingMag.com 22 emotional stimulants that disturb peace of mind

if at any point in your life you have had to free yourself from Fight the strict limits of the person who dominates you, it is possible that whenever someone threatens your freedom, you will be strongly aroused.

11. Misunderstanding Your Thoughts and Beliefs by Others

If at any point in your life, someone has repeatedly tried to deceive you into believing that your beliefs and perceptions of the truth are wrong, probably at any time. If someone else tries the same method on you, you will be aroused and you will have an explosive encounter with that person.

12. Feeling ashamed of who you really are

If you have experienced embarrassment in the past because you felt you had a problem or are not a good choice for others to love, it may be time to Others point out your problems or mistakes, get emotional. Because in your subconscious you feel that your mistakes make you unworthy of love and affection.

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13. Feeling uncomfortable and upset

BingMag.com 22 emotional stimulants that disturb peace of mind

If you have had to deal with long-term and severe discomfort in the past Be patient and nothing has been done to fix it, you may be aroused by any factor that threatens your current level of comfort.

14. Excessive clutter

If you look around and see chaos, you may feel cluttered inside. This feeling can be overwhelming and upsetting, especially if discipline makes you feel more secure or has more control over the situation.


If your experience of a bad economic situation and bipolarity is recorded in your memory as a nightmare, you can never completely forget it, probably whenever something threatens you that it may happen again. Immerse yourself in that situation, you feel irritated.

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16. Feeling insecure

BingMag.com 22 emotional stimulants that disturb peace of mind

A traumatic childhood experience may make you feel that You are never really safe. As a result, anything that threatens your safety is likely to provoke you emotionally.

Feeling unloved

If as a child you felt that you did not care about others, you probably did your best to feel the least dependent and needy on others, in the hope that if you felt needed and dependent The less you have for others, the more they will love you.

18. Feeling unattractive

If at a young age you feel for some reason that the interest of others in you depends on your attractiveness, you are probably trying harder to look good and make any derogatory remarks. Your appearance hurts you a lot because it makes you feel like you are not lovable and nobody cares about you.

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  • >

19. Feeling Stupid

BingMag.com 22 emotional stimulants that disturb peace of mind

If at any point in your life you felt that people loved you or appreciated you They depend on your existential value to your intelligence (or their perception of it), it is probably important for you that others know you as smart. As a result, anyone who makes you feel stupid is a potential threat to you.

20. Feeling broken

Someone in your life may also use your emotional stimuli to abuse and manipulate your emotions. Not only is this annoying but it is also extremely harmful to your mental health. The most helpful thing you can do to deal with such people is to stay away from them as much as possible.

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    21. Feeling betrayed or abandoned

    BingMag.com 22 emotional stimulants that disturb peace of mind

    If at some point in your life you were counting on someone He will not defend you or leave you behind in difficult situations, but he has left you in exactly such a situation, it is natural for you to feel betrayed and unloved. As a result, you are likely to feel emotionally aroused every time someone exhibits similar behavior.

    Being insulted or hated

    If you desperately need the approval and acceptance of others, when they rebuke you and speak to you in an insulting tone, it can be very frustrating and likely Do you feel emotionally aroused?

    Did you find your emotional stimuli?

    Now that you are familiar with more emotional stimuli, you probably know that your emotional stimuli and stimuli. What they are and how they came to be in you.

    Once you know this, you can address these emotional needs and address the factors that shape them. As a result, the factors that are now provoking you will lose their negative impact on you after the treatment process. Use your emotions. Not only is this annoying but it is also extremely harmful to your mental health. The most helpful thing you can do to deal with such people is to stay away from them as much as possible.

    The more honestly you approach your needs, the more easily and masterfully you can influence the stimuli associated with them. Minimize Emotions.

    Therefore, make a list of the stimuli listed above that you feel are present in you, and write the need for that emotional stimulus in front of it. In order to understand and get to know yourself a little more in the first step.

    The good thing about doing this simple exercise and reflecting on your own personality is that you will probably eventually get a better understanding of the other people you know. You will arrive.

    This article is for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

Source: Emotionally Abused

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