21 simple reasons that make life complicated!

In today's world, many people have stressful and complicated lives that are always trying and going and going and sometimes they don't get any results. Many people have a lot of work and limited time and often try to have everything under control and do everything. If you are one of these people, or even from time to time, you should know that you are actually making life harder for yourself. The opposite is also true and eliminating stress can pave the right path for life.

BingMag.com 21 simple reasons that make life complicated!

In today's world, many people have stressful and complicated lives that are always trying and going and going and sometimes they don't get any results. Many people have a lot of work and limited time and often try to have everything under control and do everything. If you are one of these people, or even from time to time, you should know that you are actually making life harder for yourself. The opposite is also true and eliminating stress can pave the right path for life.

Maybe what you need is not to work too much and do too much, but the only thing you need to do is is to clear the emotional, physical and mental to-do list. If you do so much work in one day that you cannot remember one of the tasks and feel satisfied and happy doing it, then your life is too busy and complicated.

Reasons of complicating life

In the following, we have explained 21 reasons why we complicate life and how to stop them.

1. Procrastination

Projects keep piling up, certain tasks are always at the top of our to-do list, there are emails and messages we haven't answered, and there are people we need to meet. Pay attention to them. Nothing confuses us more than the things we haven't done.

When we don't do things when we know we should, we get confused. Confusion prevents us from ever completing projects because we feel like we'll never get to the backlog we need to do. Procrastination is a kind of complication.

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2. Anxiety and worry

BingMag.com 21 simple reasons that make life complicated!

Mother worry is a complicated life. The more we worry, the fewer problems and issues will be solved. Many times we are not facing real problems but we are dealing with problems that we have created in our mind. However, we are still worried. Worry takes away our joy and peace and ruins our lives.

No problem is stronger than the power you put into solving it. The energy we spend on problems can be well spent on finding solutions.

3. Waiting

It seems that the best time is never the present, so we always wait to get there. It seems we can't achieve our dreams now so we wait for a better time. It seems too difficult to do in the present so we wait for it to get a little lighter.

As a result we are always waiting and eventually we will find that we have been waiting all our lives to achieve the things we have now. We have the time, money, talent and power to achieve them. When you are not in control, it is good to wait, but when you have the power and ability to create opportunities, you should not wait for opportunities.

4. Working more than necessary

This means saying yes to anything and anyone. Being overly committed puts a smile on everyone's face but your own. Filling every minute of the day with meeting other people, working on projects, and going places is fascinating; But have you ever asked yourself if all these things are necessary? Give yourself as much space as possible. Learn the art of saying no, think, plan. Do everything that is obligatory and necessary and leave the rest.

5. Accept too many interruptions

BingMag.com 21 simple reasons that make life complicated!

When we are always busy, we have very little time to stop. We will have a negative response when we are stopped unfairly. Interruptions should be as few as possible and if they are not necessary, don't spend time on them. If you let other people come into your room every 10 minutes with meaningless goals and projects they can do themselves, you'll always be busy. Take those that really need your focus and attention.

6. Seeking approval and encouragement from others

This often happens unconsciously, but in reality, many people do it and want to be loved by others. The more others don't like us, the more we will try to correct this problem, which brings us a lot of stress. In fact, trying to be loved leads to feeling rejected.

One of the hardest things to do is to make others happy. The reason it's so hard is because you'll never succeed. In fact, it is an absurd game. This is the goal Love and approve what you do, pay attention to your thoughts, create the life you want and don't care if others approve of you or not. Don't be afraid to love the path you're on and the life you've built for yourself.

7. Lack of real productivity

Being busy and productive are two opposite ends of the same axis. If you are busy, you will probably not be very productive. If you're productive, chances are you're not too busy to see anything else. Busyness causes overtiredness and complicates life.

Allow yourself to take a step back, analyze the things you do, and choose the most important things that bring the most results. Do it.

8. The desire to control everything

BingMag.com 21 simple reasons that make life complicated!

Often we try to control things more than we should and We do not enjoy our journey and destination. Control is not the purpose of life. Connect with yourself and others. If you try to control everything in life, you will quickly become tired and exhausted.

Learn to let things go. Give your mind and heart a break from making decisions, getting caught up in all the details, and trying to control everything. Let go of some of your high-level expectations.

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9. Limiting and closing the wings of your freedom

If you don't have the desire to let go of some things and some people, you can't get your life out of complexity. What you had five years ago may not be what you need now. The people who helped you reach your goals last year may not be the people you need now. Make your life easier by letting go and not taking it hard. Accept differences and embrace change. Allow yourself to let go of some things so that you have the space to reach for the next opportunities down the road.

10. Engaging in grief

Grief is one of the complex and unpleasant aspects of life. Participating in other people's grief and letting go of your own grief will make you more stressed and depressed. Some people are not happy until they see the sadness of others and in fact they feed on sadness. Stop judging and start loving. Try to make your choice to see the good in others and help them to be good. 11. Taking one step forward and two steps back

In other words, we hesitate. We hesitate to start so we stop. We see possible situations, we move forward, we reach the obstacle and finally we get out of the way. Isn't taking risks and seeing if we succeed better than not taking risks? Life is full of opportunities and situations that we can simply see and accept. Be persistent and believe that you can achieve anything you want. Keep your head up and don't listen to the sound of failure.

12. Grumbling and Complaining

BingMag.com 21 simple reasons that make life complicated!

When we find things to grumble and complain about, but think there is nothing to There is no gratitude, we stress ourselves. Complaining almost never changes anything. When we focus on the next thing like the next raise, the next promotion, the next degree, the bigger house and the better car, we forget and ignore everything we have and the people around us right now.

Stop herding and Complaining is another part of the process of simplifying a complicated life. In fact, we should be thankful for ourselves and the things we have now. Thinking about the past and the future prevents us from enjoying life in the present. Do not spend your mental energy on unpleasant thoughts.

13. Not setting boundaries

Not all tasks are high priority. Not everyone needs your attention. If you travel, relax and watch the sunset, the world will still be as usual. Boundaries affect one's identity, beliefs and where you are. Set your boundaries, accept and respect them. If you can't do something by setting a boundary, it doesn't mean that you are weak, but in fact, you will find an opportunity to show your strengths.

When we create boundaries, we give health, time, We respect our energy and life. When we choose when to say yes and when to say no, we are actually taking control of our lives. If you respect your boundaries, others will respect them.

14. Comparing yourself with others

BingMag.com 21 simple reasons that make life complicated!

Don't compare the appearance of other people's life with the inside of your life, or in other words, chapter First, don't compare your life with the twentieth chapter of other people's lives. You have to accept your life as it is, make the changes you know you can make, and Walk your way to success. Comparing yourself to others sets you up for failure. The reason many people fail is that they try hard to be like someone else and act like someone else.

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15. Not being honest

Not being honest is a path that quickly leads to depression and heartbreak. You must be honest with yourself and others. You should evaluate your life and priorities freely and honestly. Choose to believe the truth and reject the lie. Lies make life more complicated. If we really love ourselves, we talk to ourselves honestly and tell the truth. If we love others, we will tell them the truth. We must be honest not only in words and speech but also in action and attitude.

16. Not forgiving

Holding hurt feelings, bitterness, suppressed frustration and emotions like hatred and anger will only make things worse. By doing this, you destroy your mentality and mood. When you remove these feelings from your life and intentionally forgive yourself and the people who hurt you, even if they didn't apologize and don't deserve to be forgiven, you will be very free and liberated. As long as you allow these feelings to manifest throughout your life, so let them go for your own sake.

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17. Focusing on yourself instead of others

BingMag.com 21 simple reasons that make life complicated!

We live in a world that focuses on self-centeredness. So many people are often only concerned with themselves, what they want, what they like, what they can buy, how to get ahead, how much money they can make, where they can go and what they can eat. However, when we think only of ourselves, we miss out on greater joys and blessings. If we always focus only on ourselves, our life will be complicated. Learn to help, forgive, serve and love others.

18. Not trying to improve relationships

It doesn't matter if you're an introvert or an extrovert, you still need to connect with other people. Man is inherently created as a social being. The happiest people in the world have meaningful, honest and deep relationships with others. It doesn't mean that you develop close friendships with every person you meet.

Although there are people in your life who know you, you know those with whom you feel a deep and intimate connection. You should spend time and love on such relationships and nurture them. When we are with people who really matter to us and we matter to them, it creates a high level of feelings such as honesty, mutual reliance, selflessness and commitment that is very strong and lasting.

19. Living in the past

BingMag.com 21 simple reasons that make life complicated!

The only benefit of the past is to learn from it. Most people do what they shouldn't do and don't do what they should do. They also do things they wish they hadn't done. All this is part of the process of growing up. We have to remind ourselves that the past is the past, learn from it, let it go and move forward.

Sometimes we wish we could go back, some things like our decisions and We want to change our attitude in the past, but the truth is that we cannot do this. If we could change the past, we would not be the person we are today. So accept your mistakes and failures, learn from them, laugh at them and move forward.

20. Trying to cheat

You should always make doing the right thing your main goal throughout your life. Cheating never helped anyone. When we seek to do the right thing and make the right decisions that have scientific and rational support and are based on accurate information, we may make mistakes, but we never blame ourselves for not doing something in a certain way. Always do the right thing and be honest. If something is bad, say it, but if something is good, do it. No one may know the value of your good work, but you yourself are aware of it.

21. Avoiding difficult tasks

Many people do not like conflict and challenge. Whenever an unpleasant situation arises, they are quick to remove themselves from the situation, but the problem that is avoided grows bigger and bigger until it is not faced. Do you tend to have difficult conversations? You will have a better life if you are willing to do difficult things. A conflict and challenge that is not addressed now will only lead to bigger problems in the future. A person's ability to succeed and manage life as many things and people as possible It depends on who they are willing to deal with and the amount of hard work they want to do.

In the end

In this article, we examined 21 reasons that lead to a complicated life. Have you made life difficult and complicated for yourself? Which factor do you feel the most influence in your life?

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