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21 inhuman characteristics of hard-hearted people that distinguish them

BingMag.com 21 inhuman characteristics of hard-hearted people that distinguish them

It is usually the case that either you know someone who is extremely cruel and cruel to you, or those around you, as you They look at someone who is callous and callous.

You may even have asked yourself at some point in your life, "Why am I so callous?" Or "Why do I have no feelings when my feelings need to be aroused?" Could it be that you have lost a part of your being because of this emotional damage?

While some may see you as merely a heartless person, you believe deep down that There are deeper and more complex issues about your feelings.

In fact, a person's apparent coldness in a relationship may be more a sign of that person's personality type or even some related traits than a sign of resentment towards others. Related to autism.

Despite all this, what is the difference between someone who is simply cold-hearted and really cold-hearted? In the continuation of this article from BingMag, we will describe the most important characteristics of callous and hard-hearted people, and then we will examine the risks that such people may pose to you in relation to you. Join us.

Who is a callous person?

BingMag.com 21 inhuman characteristics of hard-hearted people that distinguish them

in the community when dealing with a The unfeeling person may experience the following:

  • They hate any physical contact and empathy.
  • If these people have children, they are They have an avoidant attachment pattern.
  • In every room they enter, everyone feels that a hostile or cold presence has taken over the room.
  • In any situation, it is completely insensitive, inaccessible. And they seem neutral.
  • Even if they have a temporary emotional connection with someone, this is not one of their fixed patterns of behavior and is rarely repeated.

21 Personality Traits of Heartless and Hard-hearted People

Considering that anyone who has a cold attitude towards others is not necessarily a heartless and hard-hearted person What exactly are the behavioral and personality traits of heartless people?

Although not all heartless people have the same behavioral symptoms, those who are truly hard-hearted display many of the following characteristics.


1. They distance themselves from others and separate themselves from others.

BingMag.com 21 inhuman characteristics of hard-hearted people that distinguish them

These people usually distance themselves from others. Others separate. But this is not necessarily because they do not like others, but because it is not really comfortable for them to be comfortable with others and to experience social interactions.

They do not experience any kind of emotion towards others in order to express it. In fact, they distance themselves from others in order to avoid those who may want to get to know them.

2. It is difficult for these people to empathize with others.

They usually find others too sensitive or accuse them of overreacting in different situations.

Seeing someone emotionally disturbed is likely to leave the scene quickly to avoid encountering what they call a "humiliating show."

The last thing they might do in their lifetime That is, to sympathize with someone who is in pain.

3. Heartless people keep their distance from others in any situation

BingMag.com 21 inhuman characteristics of hard-hearted people that distinguish them

That he is close enough to be able to recognize them, so keeping his distance from others is their default state, which also has different ways of doing it.

If you ask them something about themselves, they will quickly come to terms with it. They distort or change the argument.

It takes more than just friendly action or empathy to melt their ice.

They consider themselves superior and superior to others.

If you believe in your inherent superiority, you can more easily distance yourself from others.

Therefore, the heartless person always behaves in such a way that It's as if your life and worries don't matter in relation to their problems, probably because they really believe they are superior to other human beings.

It is normal, they increase their sense of superiority.

5. They are often self-centered people

Their main focus is on themselves. Therefore, they often seem self-centered or selfish.

For example, if you try to talk to them about your concerns, they will probably interrupt you or seize the opportunity. To change the course of the conversation and talk about themselves.

They also resist your attempts to bring the conversation back to its original subject, because other people's issues have nothing to do with them.


6. They are often untrustworthy people

These people may reveal your secrets to anyone without the slightest remorse if they feel it is in their best interest to reveal the secrets of others.

If Thinking that fulfilling their obligations (paying joint installments, their debts, or even a business appointment) will not benefit them, they will shirk their responsibilities without the slightest hesitation.

If the opportunity arises, these people will do it. They put their hard work on others, but expect to enjoy all the benefits of doing so.

They have a hard time trusting others

BingMag.com 21 inhuman characteristics of hard-hearted people that distinguish them

They are not used to trusting others, even some There is no dispute about their reliability. Whatever your benefits to them as a friend, they will never trust you to the point where they make themselves vulnerable to you.

To a hard-hearted person, only a fool can be a person. No longer complete trust.

8. They are self-reliant

They do not like to ask for help from others and strongly resist the concept of interdependence. They value independence and self-sufficiency.

Unfeeling people do not like to be dependent on others because they expect the other person to disappoint or even betray them at all times. As much as possible, they protect their own interests without relying on others.

9. They Rarely Apologize

Hard-hearted people are more likely to blame you or others for any behavior they may not like.

People who apologize They consider "weak" or "obedient" and look at "domination" as part of their identity and success process. To protect it from it.

10. They do not want anyone to control them

BingMag.com 21 inhuman characteristics of hard-hearted people that distinguish them

To control and to free themselves from the domination and control of others, even those who care about them, fight hard against others.

They resist hardships, even if it means making choices that they regret. Because in the end, they can always blame the consequences of their decisions on anyone but themselves.

They interrupt or jump in the middle of what others are saying

What these people think is probably not as important as what they want to say, and they naturally do not waste their time listening to what you have to say. They usually interrupt you without preamble and steer the conversation in a direction that interests them.

If you try to keep talking, they will be more inclined to Show your will in the fight stronger than you.

12. There is a high probability that these people will betray you

BingMag.com 21 inhuman characteristics of hard-hearted people that distinguish them

More valuable than maintaining someone else's trust, no doubt they prioritize their own interests and desires.

These people, just as they do not trust others, to build trust in others about themselves. They make no effort unless it is to their advantage.

Usually, their motivation to build trust in others suddenly disappears when they get what they want.


13. If humiliation or harm to others benefits them, they will no doubt do so.

If it benefits them, they have no fear of harming or humiliating others, even if they do. In society and in the presence of others, and it is unlikely that this will cause the slightest harm to their peace of mind, unless the unforeseen consequences of their behavior threaten them in any way.

In general, for this People are humiliated and the pain of others is more fun than it hurts them. This may even entertain them and distract them from their other problems.

They do not waste their time on regrets.

These people avoid unpleasant feelings as much as possible, and regret is one of the most unpleasant feelings for them. Their goal is to remain completely indifferent to the pain and suffering that people below them experience so that they can always remain above them.

It never occurs to them that avoiding negative emotions At any cost, it can jeopardize their ability to experience positive emotions.

They find a new emotional partner very quickly

BingMag.com 21 inhuman characteristics of hard-hearted people that distinguish them

if these people feel limited in their relationship They easily separate from their emotional partner to regain their freedom.

After the separation, they easily seek to form a new relationship, while their ex-partner is still struggling to understand. Why it all came to an abrupt end. They are not influenced by love stories and emotional films in any way. They usually avoid such things because they find them boring and they also definitely prefer to avoid talking about them. .

If someone forces them to watch a romantic movie together, those parts of the story that make everyone cry make them just tired and bored, and in their hearts there is a moment to finish the movie. They will. They may even criticize the elements of the story and distort the experience of watching the film for others.

17. They will let you go quickly when needed

BingMag.com 21 inhuman characteristics of hard-hearted people that distinguish them

What did you think about your relationship with them? ? Your relationship at any level and quality is not so important to them that they can not leave you at any stage of the relationship and distance themselves from you without an introduction.

In fact, they often They push you away because they feel you are too close to them. Your attachment to them is a great threat to them.

They seek to protect themselves more in their relationships with others than in creating a real and meaningful relationship.

18. They May Psychologically Abuse Others

Hardhearted and heartless people often abuse others to achieve their goals and manipulate their emotions toward their own desires. If they can make you feel guilty about doing something for their own good, they will do so without the slightest hesitation. Otherwise, they may take advantage of your desire to be friends with them and use this technique to make unreasonable demands on you.

For them, you are merely a means to an end and nothing at all. They do not consider your face to be equal.

19. They can show destructive behaviors.

The heartless person has no doubts about ending their relationship, because they do not expect their relationship to be lasting or to benefit them in the long run. For them, the sooner a relationship ends, the sooner they can move on to a new relationship and pursue new interests in that relationship.

For them, the idea of a relationship that may last for years is more like a prison. To a safe haven.

20. They are usually always single

BingMag.com 21 inhuman characteristics of hard-hearted people that distinguish them

They have no interest in the concept of "eternal love". When their emotional partners show a desire to have a deeper relationship with them, they are more likely to quickly sever their relationship with their emotional partner.

They often end their relationship with their emotional partner because of this. They say they do not trust him or expect their relationship to last long or even end well. Terminating the relationship on their own also minimizes the potential for unwanted problems and confusion.

They hate expressing interest in public places and in the presence of others.

Expressing interest in public places is for couples who love each other so much that they can't stop themselves. But insensitive people are unlikely to allow themselves or the other person to treat them in public and force them to respond to such controlling behaviors.

Unless they express interest in places Publicly and in the presence of others to somehow secure their interests, in which case they are unlikely to object to such behaviors on the part of their emotional partner.

How to deal with a heartless and hard-hearted person ?

BingMag.com 21 inhuman characteristics of hard-hearted people that distinguish them

It should be noted that all people who behave coldly or in isolation They are not necessarily callous or hard-hearted. Some of these people simply reduce the level of their relationships with others because life has taught them that the cost of too much intimacy and vulnerability to others is high.

Others have a certain personality type that You are not as warm and intimate as others. At the same time, the apparent coldness in a person's relationship does not necessarily make him a naughty, seductive and hard-hearted person.

However, if you know a person who exhibits some or all of the above characteristics Here are some tips for dealing with such people:

  • Be kind to these people but always keep your distance from them, both physically and emotionally.
  • Always remember their attitude towards other people with a logical attitude. They care about no one but themselves.
  • Try not to owe them as much as possible.

Final point

As well That being said, a person's cold social behavior may be more related to that person's personality type or autism-related traits than to a sign of resentment towards others. The cold treatment of others by you is quite tangible and of course worrying. Mistrust in relationships is reciprocal, and you will quickly learn how to adapt to the situation and take care of yourself.

Whether you know a cold-tempered person or think others are You look like a ruthless person, if possible, write your thoughts in a notebook today and try to expand the information available about yourself and others over time so that you can make a better decision.

Humans are more complex than they seem, and that includes you.

This is just about education and information. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

Source: Live Bold and Bloom

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