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21 clever and practical ideas for wall shelving

BingMag.com 21 <b>clever</b> and <b>practical</b> <b>ideas</b> for <b>wall</b> shelving

wall shelving can be an effective way to regulate the endless hustle and bustle of home furnishings. Especially when you have little storage space and you are trying to keep your house tidy and tidy at all times, but clutter still dominates your equipment. The fact is that in most homes there is not much space for storage, work cabinets, showcases and spacious cabinets. If you have this problem, you are temporarily living in a house and you do not want to provide heavy and bulky cabinets, then shelving empty walls can be a great and painless option for you.

When talking shelving can be reminiscent of old metal and wooden shelves, which were often installed in warehouses without elegance and beauty, but we must say that if the shelving is to be done indoors, its beauty and visibility should be as important as its use./p>

Join us in this article from Digicalamg to read about 21 attractive and clever ideas for wall shelving. Join us.

1. Square boxes are great

If you have small and large items that are difficult to arrange in a drawer or closet, wall boxes will be a smart choice. These boxes can be the same size or can be installed together in various dimensions according to the application you have in mind for them.

These shelves are also one of the best choices for a child's room. The child can easily access, classify and organize all his tools. For small appliances, we suggest making cloth, felt, or even plastic baskets and putting them in boxes.

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2. Remove the pedestals

Most people who turn to wall shelving complain about the lack of space in their home and shelf wherever they can from floor to ceiling. It is true that every small part of the house is important and useful, but also keep in mind that shelves and cupboards that are large and large, will impose a sense of suffocation on your space. So it is better to remove the short bases that stick to the floor and go to the options that are farther from the ground. This way you will have a more open and pleasant atmosphere.

3. Ask a carpenter to make custom shelves for you

BingMag.com 21 <b>clever</b> and <b>practical</b> <b>ideas</b> for <b>wall</b> shelving

Sometimes the best choice is to go for products that They are designed and built for you. If you have a crooked wall or the corners of your room are not upright and you can not use ready-made tools in the market, leave the work to an experienced carpenter to make your own shelves.

4. Add hooks under shelves and shelves

If you have a niche-like space in the house or you have a few square boxes on the wall, do not neglect the space under them and add a few clamps or hooks. This will give you a floating storage space where bags, jackets and blankets that hang on the sofa or on the floor will be organized.

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5. Get creative

shelving is not going to turn your room shelf into a colorless, soulful storeroom. Consider beauty as much as the use of tools. By changing the dimensions, playing with surfaces, variety in materials and colors, you can turn the shelving into a beautiful focal point in the decoration.

6. Choose a lightweight material for shelving

If you need storage space but do not want to provide a showcase and closet and visually clutter your room, think of light, compact and transparent shelves that are easy to install on the walls. They become and, while being spacious, give a clean and secluded look to your space.

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7. Try Peg Board

BingMag.com 21 <b>clever</b> and <b>practical</b> <b>ideas</b> for <b>wall</b> shelving

From a small kitchen to an office space or dressing room, almost anywhere There is no Peg Board that can not regulate it. Making such a shelf is relatively easy. You will need a wooden plate for the back of the work, a few wooden rods and boards as a floor. Once you have used it, you can easily replace the bars and floors and customize your storage space.

8. Dedicate a room entirely to storage

You may be one of those people who do not like to store a lot of appliances in their kitchen, bedroom or living room and prefer solitude and minimalism. In this case, our suggestion is to dedicate a room completely to the warehouse and cover it from floor to floor Shelf. When it is closed in this room, the rest of the space of your house will always be clean and tidy.

9. Do not neglect the positive energy of plants

If the shelving you have for your wall is such that the fixtures are perfectly visible, do not stack them as much as possible. Put empty space between the tools and use green plants in it. The freshness and positive energy of plants can greatly neutralize the feeling of suffocation and accumulation.

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10. Use Wallpaper

BingMag.com 21 <b>clever</b> and <b>practical</b> <b>ideas</b> for <b>wall</b> shelving

What could be more than a brightly colored wallpaper with a striking design? Quickly change the mood of a house? If you have chosen all the elements of your decoration minimal, simple and light color, then spend a little variety and decorate the wall behind the shelf with an attractive and cheerful wallpaper.

11. Black is a Bold Choice

Black is not a common choice for decoration, and most people think that matching a black component in a decoration with other items is not an easy task, but rest assured that a black shelf can be the same thing. To double the beauty of the objects placed on it.

12. Showcase your books

Cover design for books and magazines is a work of art. You do not need to have a large display case full of books. If you have a limited number of books or magazines whose cover image matches your dcor, make the most of this artwork available and place it on your living room shelves.

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13. Give way to specific ideas

We are not all going to have houses of the same shape. A home is a place where everyone expresses their personal taste by choosing fixtures, colors and materials. If you have a special mood and artistic taste, do not limit yourself and give way to specific ideas and create an environment in line with your interests.

14. Minimalism is a safe choice

BingMag.com 21 <b>clever</b> and <b>practical</b> <b>ideas</b> for <b>wall</b> shelving

A simple, minimalist decor is a choice that has stood the test of time . If you like stylish and secluded decor, keep everything simple and put a few limited items on the shelves. Choose thin lines, smooth edges, and neutral colors for minimal visual clutter.

Take old appliances out of storage

You do not have to spend money to buy new items to have beautiful wall shelves. Old appliances that you have left unused in the warehouse can return to the consumption cycle with a slight change and meet part of your need for storage space.

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16. Take a look at the garage

Do you think a garage should be a beautiful space? The fact is that beauty and air conditioning are not a priority for a place like a garage or warehouse, but why be tidy and tasteful. Organize the garage space with a little time and prepare cheap shelves so that there is order and cleanliness like any room in the house.

17. You can also do things for the bathroom

In today's homes, the bathroom has the smallest area and usually people have trouble keeping the sanitary ware. Our suggestion is to shelf the empty space above the toilet with low-width boards and put the necessary equipment there. The empty space under the sink is also a good place to build a closed closet.

18. Try woven mats

BingMag.com 21 <b>clever</b> and <b>practical</b> <b>ideas</b> for <b>wall</b> shelving

Wicker products and handicrafts are one of the fascinating decoration trends these days. If you are also interested in woven mats, then you have a world of beautiful ideas for decorating your home. Wooden wall shelving along with wicker baskets will give your home a different and, of course, nature-friendly look.

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19. Make your own

Handmade items that also have the manufacturer's personal signature have an incredible effect on the positive feeling of a space. Give yourself a chance to experience building a shelf. Take a look at the carpentry and tool shop and see what catches your eye. Get to work and make your own home decor.

20. Bathroom mirrors can also be upgraded

Behind bathroom mirrors can also be a good place to shelve and store towels, detergents and other sanitary products. We recommend that you take out your regular bathroom mirror and replace it with a small, wide shelf or cupboard where the mirror can be placed and opened and closed.

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21. until the Where you can add hooks and pegs

If you are temporarily somewhere, do not want to spend money on cabinets and shelves or are worried about the color of the walls, buy some hooks and pegs and hang your tools. The advantage of hooks and pegs is that they are inexpensive and you can move and replace them whenever you want without damaging the walls.

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