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19 attractive summer color combinations for men

BingMag.com 19 <b>attractive</b> <b>summer</b> <b>color</b> <b>combinations</b> for men

Colors can have an immediate and dramatic effect on mood. Everywhere we look we can see different colors. In the fashion world, different colors and their proportions are the same and can improve or worsen the style.

Colors play a key role in choosing clothes. Choosing the right color creates a chic look, but if you choose the wrong one, it may look like a color cycle and there is no match between the colors of your clothes.

Suppose you are wearing expensive clothes that are made of quality fabrics, but Their color combination has no proportions with each other and has created an inappropriate appearance. That's why knowing how to choose the right color combination for clothes is essential to have a stylish, modern and tidy style. In this article, we will examine the right color combination for men's summer style.

The right summer color combination for men

In summer, choosing the right color combination can differentiate a person's style from others. Apart from choosing the best color combination for summer, you should choose light colors and lighter fabrics.

The color wheel was invented in the 18th century by Isaac Newton when he was trying to show the relationship between the color spectrum. This cycle has 12 colors. Red, yellow and blue are the main colors of this cycle and other colors are derived from these three colors. Secondary colors are all possible colors that are created by combining primary colors. Mixed or tertiary colors are also created from the combination of primary and secondary colors.

Different types of color combinations

BingMag.com 19 <b>attractive</b> <b>summer</b> <b>color</b> <b>combinations</b> for men

  • Monochrome; This model is more than just a solid color combination and can be boring while stylish. For this model, try to combine similar colors.
  • Combining similar colors or the whole family; This model means combining two to five colors of the whole family that are in harmony and balance.
  • Triple color combination; This model means combining three colors It is the same.
  • Complementary color combination; This model means combining a secondary color with a primary color that are contrasting in the color cycle.
  • split-complementary coloring; This model means combining adjacent colors with their complementary contrasting colors in the color cycle.
  • Quadruple or quadrilateral coloring; This model consists of a primary color and a complementary color with two adjacent colors of complementary colors.

Tips for colors

for choosing colors It is necessary to follow a series of points, but when you were skeptical and unsure about the choice of color, choose neutral colors.

Psychology of colors; fashion is one of the types of art and Especially in relation to colors has a scientific basis. Know that there is a psychology behind every color, but not all men take it seriously. No problem at first, and if you are happy with the color combination, focus on having a stylish style.

Planning; The important point here is to combine matching colors. It often depends on how the clothes are set. As mentioned earlier, plan your outfit beforehand to find out which outfits are the best combination.

Warm colors; These colors make a person look slimmer. So it is a great choice for men who wear oversized clothes.

Accessories; Colors are not limited to clothes and can be used in accessories. The rules for colors that we have stated for clothing also apply to accessories. Even adding a small piece such as a tie or leather to the style can make a huge difference in appearance.

Skin color tonnage; Set the color of your style with the color of your skin. White and yellow tones are more compatible with cooler colors and darker tones are warmer with warmer colors.

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You should not choose color

In choosing the colors of your clothes, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points.

Do not choose too much color; Choose a large number color is not a good thing in style, so do not try to use too many colors in your style, because then you will look like a festival decor. Men's clothes in neutral colors are never blown because they are practical.

Avoid choosing too many contrasting colors; It's okay to have a slight contrast in your style, for example, a light-colored top with a dress Wear a darker lower body, but strongly avoid creating too much contrast in your style.

Avoid choosing clothes that are close to the color of your skin; This will make you look pale. Remember that complementarity is more important than liking.

Combining colors suitable for men's summer style

Here are 19 color combinations suitable for men's summer style.

1. Different types of white

Try to combine different types of white. For example, pair a white shell polo shirt with white porcelain sneakers. You can also choose black or brown shoes for this style to avoid uniformity.

2. Natural colors close to the color of the soil

The range of different colors of brown is never blown and can be used in all seasons. This summer, pair a brown shirt with brown pants and keep in mind that the top should be darker than the bottom. In addition, put your shirt inside the pants.

3. The combination of blue and white

BingMag.com 19 <b>attractive</b> <b>summer</b> <b>color</b> <b>combinations</b> for men

The combination of blue and white creates a beautiful and attractive style if combined correctly. Try pairing a crimson polo shirt with bone white sneakers.

Combination of gray and white striped dresses

men who are short are always looking for vertical striped dresses that show their height. This is just a matter of fashion and style, and never think that being short prevents you from having a stylish style.

5 combinations of blue and different types of white

colors Select the basis of the position. For example, white and blue are both basic colors, so combining them with adding a contrasting color like white to a shirt is a great idea. Also, to have a good style, consider your body type in choosing clothes.

6. Combine blue and cream

Match the colors to your personal style. Pair a blue denim or sky blue shirt with cream sneakers. In addition, you can make your style more attractive by choosing shoes such as Chelsea boots.

7. Suitable summer colors for men's suit

BingMag.com 19 <b>attractive</b> <b>summer</b> <b>color</b> <b>combinations</b> for men

Choose neutral and simple colors for men's summer suit Select. Blue and white colors are good choices in this field. But do not settle for just one color and combine several colors. One of the most important points in this regard is that the shirt should be lighter than the color of the suit.

8. Stripes and black

Adding patterned clothes to style is a great idea. For example, you can wear striped clothes with black pants and add sunglasses and a hat to it.

9. Blue and orange combination

Orange and blue combination is a great set to use in a combination of shirt and linen pants. Orange shirts and blue pants create a beautiful and attractive summer style.

10. Beige and black combination

The simple combination of black T-shirt and beige pants can be one of the practical styles in summer. In addition, instead of beige, you can use khaki or any color that is close to beige.

11. Combining two jeans

First of all, you should know that combining denim clothes in the same color does not create a good style. If you are interested in a combination style of two jeans, be sure to choose one of them in a darker color. For example, a light blue denim shirt with dark blue jeans creates a beautiful combination.

12. Black and gray

Contrasting colors black and gray look beautiful in combination. For example, pair a gray sweater with black pants.

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13. Blue and gray

Set light blue jeans with a gray shirt. Use brown shoes to complete this style and prevent it from becoming uniform.

14. A combination of sailor blue and white

BingMag.com 19 <b>attractive</b> <b>summer</b> <b>color</b> <b>combinations</b> for men

sailor blue never in duplicate masculine styles It is not possible. This style looks beautiful and eye-catching and creates an attractive appearance. Different tonnages of blue are a great choice for the warmer months of the year.

Men's stylish street style color combination

Polo shirts are not only suitable for winter and cold weather. They are also suitable for summer use, as their long sleeves can protect the skin from direct sunlight. Black is one of the most practical and attractive colors that can never be blown away and can be paired with light blue jeans.

16. Monochrome style

This style is applicable for all seasons. The important point in this style is that not all clothes need to be exactly the same color, but try to combine the same colors. In addition to create a single style color It is also possible to combine neutral colors.

17. Patterned Clothes

BingMag.com 19 <b>attractive</b> <b>summer</b> <b>color</b> <b>combinations</b> for men

This style can be a combination of one or more colors. In summer, depending on your comfort and taste, wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans or linen shorts.

18. Men's stylish summer shoes

Toe sandals are one of the most suitable men's shoes for summer. If you wish, you can choose sneakers such as Converse or Vance, which are made of lightweight materials. Is. People who are thin should look for clothes that have horizontal stripes because they make them look bigger. In addition, they should avoid wearing loose styles because it makes them look more detailed.

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What colors are suitable for formal style in summer?

To create a formal summer style, look for neutral colors and colors such as blue and white. Contrasting colors such as black, brown and gray are also suitable for this style.

Which colors are suitable for informal summer style?

If you are looking for a suitable color for informal summer style Looking for lighter colors such as pastel and yellow.

What colors are suitable for men's style in summer?

In addition to light colors, men should look for colors such as white, gray , Blue and black, which are functional colors and are never blown. Earth colors are also suitable options. It depends on how you combine two or more colors in the style. A very important point is to predict the result and make sure that no ugly combination is obtained.

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