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18 ways to reduce the high cost of foreign travel

BingMag.com 18 <b>ways</b> to <b>reduce</b> the <b>high</b> <b>cost</b> of <b>foreign</b> travel

Traveling can be very expensive, especially for foreign travelers. But sometimes we do things on the road that cost a lot more than usual. To travel, especially abroad, you need to consider a few things so that you can reduce your travel expenses as much as possible. The more you travel, the more ways you will manage your expenses. Stay tuned to Digi Kala Mag to read more about tricks to reduce your travel expenses.

Why is it important to reduce your travel expenses?

BingMag.com 18 <b>ways</b> to <b>reduce</b> the <b>high</b> <b>cost</b> of <b>foreign</b> travel

In foreign travel, we usually deal with currencies that are more expensive than our country's currency. For this reason, even small expenses such as buying mineral water can end up being very expensive for us. In addition, we may have limited financial resources for foreign travel. If we spend too much, there may be emergencies that require money.

For these reasons, you need to manage your travel expenses so that your overseas trip is more than necessary. There are no costs.

18 Tricks to reduce foreign travel Expenses

The following tricks are the result of the experience of people who travel a lot and have learned different ways to reduce their expenses. Some of these tips should work before you travel, but some are for the length of the trip. In addition, some of the points raised are for those who travel without a tour themselves. For example, the points that are made about the choice of flight and the date of travel are not applicable to those who travel with the tour.

1. Buy a cheaper ticket

BingMag.com 18 <b>ways</b> to <b>reduce</b> the <b>high</b> <b>cost</b> of <b>foreign</b> travel

There are several ways you can get a cheaper ticket. The first method is to go to flight cost comparison websites. On these sites, you can select your destination and date, and the site search engine shows all the flights that are right for you.

If you register on these sites and become a member of their newsletter or information system, this Websites will let you know about auctioned flights at great discounts.

Two sites where you can compare international flights are Skyscanner and Webjet. Of course, this trick can also be used for domestic travel.

Another way to reduce travel costs is to get to know cheap airlines and check their flights. Some of the world's airlines are known as cheap airlines. These centers usually have cheap flights and offer a lot of discounts to their regular customers.

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2. Flexibility in the Itinerary

One of the reasons we pay so much for plane tickets and hotel reservations is that we usually have limited travel time. We have to fly on a certain day and return home on a certain day. If you can be flexible in your itinerary and do not have to go back on a specific date, there are several ways you can reduce your travel expenses.

For example, to buy a flight ticket if you can choose mid-week or Saturday night You will get cheaper flights. Or if you can travel during the off-season, the total cost of your trip, from the flight to the ticket and even the entrance fee to the tourist centers, will be drastically reduced.

3. Borrowing essentials

Sometimes we need to buy new things to travel. For example, you may not have a large suitcase for a foreign trip. Purchasing these items will increase the travel costs of your trip. You may think that it is not bad to spend for one time and get these items. But if you seldom need such items and you are financially constrained while traveling, you do not need to buy everything.

Instead of buying new items, you can borrow from your friends and loved ones. For example, a large suitcase or even a winter coat for a cold destination for travel.

4. Save on Water Purchase

In many parts of the world, in cities and airports, tap water is not drinkable. In this case, you have to buy water constantly, and these low costs will increase greatly over time. In this case, always have a water bottle with you. On trips where it is possible to thaw the thermos from the milk, having this bottle or thermos will help prevent the production of plastic waste. Whenever you have access to drinking water, fill your bottle so you do not have to buy water on the street and at the airport.

5. Shop for snacks and magazines before you arrive at the airport

If you are buying snacks for the duration of your trip or would like to read a magazine, make these purchases at your local grocery store. Usually at airports, shopping These things are much more expensive. Even products sold on the aircraft themselves are usually more expensive than out-of-store stores.

Plan and book in advance

Most of the time for different parts of the trip such as airport transfer, visiting tourist attractions, traveling by train and If you book your ticket in advance, you can reduce travel expenses a lot. . Tickets that are booked sooner are cheaper to encourage visitors and travelers to book in advance.

Take advantage of discounts

Take advantage of discounts for students and retirees wherever possible around the world. To take advantage of these discounts, you need to research your travel destination in advance and find these discounts. Also bring the necessary documents to prove your qualifications, such as a student card.

There are many discounts for many travel routes, such as trains, for children of different ages. In Europe, many train trips are cheaper for young people.

Buy Discount Tickets

BingMag.com 18 <b>ways</b> to <b>reduce</b> the <b>high</b> <b>cost</b> of <b>foreign</b> travel

If you are going to stay in a big city for a few days and visit all its attractions It is better to buy multi-day tickets for public transport. In large cities, public transportation is usually offered on multi-day and double-decker subway and bus tickets, as well as multi-day and monthly tickets, which are much cheaper. These tickets are usually available for all types of public transportation, such as subways, buses, trams, etc.

9. Buy a local SIM card

Use local SIM cards to communicate and use the Internet when traveling abroad. International roaming and using your own SIM card can be very costly. But in most tourist destinations in the world, you can buy a local credit SIM card at the same airport and use it to call different places and use data and internet services.

Today, all hotels have free internet, but sometimes in You need internet on the street and outside the hotel, so it is not bad to have a SIM card and internet with you.

10. Make a list of attractions and recreational activities

Before traveling, determine exactly which recreational activities you would like to experience and which attractions to see during your trip. Having this list helps you focus on the activities you want to do and not waste money on other things.

In some tourist destinations, when you get there, at the hotel or even on the street, different tours It is recommended to you. Some of these tours and attractions may seem appealing to you and you decide to give it a try; For example, they introduce an unknown destination that catches your attention. In many cases, these tours are an excuse to harass travelers and no special attraction awaits you.

Or you can experience the same attraction at a lower cost with just a subway. So, during the trip, try to have a specific plan to visit the attractions and entertainment and stick to it.

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11. Traveling with others

If you are considering accommodation options such as renting a house, you can travel with someone to split the cost of your stay. You can even find a taxi or book a train compartment to save money and reduce your expenses.

12. Care in choosing the type of accommodation

If you are planning a long trip, you should be more careful in choosing your accommodation. For long trips, renting a house or apartment for a short period of time can make more sense than a hotel. When you rent a house, you also have cooking facilities and you can cook at home and eat less outside and in restaurants. In fact, you save on both the cost of renting accommodation and the cost of buying food.

13. Staying away from tourist centers

If you want to experience the best tourist destinations and the cost of your trip will be reduced, stay away from tourist centers. For example, instead of a popular and crowded restaurant in the city center, choose small local restaurants to eat. You can even choose small, local cultural events instead of big festivals to attend cultural events.

These kinds of experiences give you a better view of the life of the people of that city. In fact, you experience a more indigenous journey away from the hustle and bustle of tourists. The cost of your trip will be much lower.

14. Participate in walking tours

BingMag.com 18 <b>ways</b> to <b>reduce</b> the <b>high</b> <b>cost</b> of <b>foreign</b> travel

In many tourist cities of the world, most of the important attractions and sights of the city are within a short distance. Are apart. In these cities, walking tours are usually held in the city center, which are very cheap. On these tours, you will walk around the city and get a guide The tour describes the attractions.

Walking tours are a good opportunity to get up close and personal with the townspeople and walk the alleys and back alleys of the tourist destinations. In these walks you can see parts of the real life of the people of the city and enjoy seeing new cultures.

15. Consult with locals

If you know the language of your destination, it will be much easier for you to reduce your travel expenses abroad. By consulting the locals and making friends with one of them, you can get useful tips about sightseeing in the city. These people can guide you to find cheap souvenirs, cheap food, good and cheap restaurants, cheap attractions and hotels.

16. Getting travel Insurance

One of the costs that can come with traveling is the cost of health care. These costs can be very high for travelers and they can not even afford it. That's why it's so important to get travel insurance. This insurance can give you peace of mind and save a lot of money on unexpected travel expenses. Trips come in handy.

17. Choosing the right accommodation

If you can cook for yourself during the trip, you can save a lot of travel costs. For this purpose, you should consider a place for your stay that has a kitchen with the necessary facilities for cooking and storing food. In this case, you can prepare the food you need and store it in the refrigerator and cook it yourself. Homemade food is much cheaper than restaurant food and you will have more confidence in it.

In addition, the food of your destination may not fit your taste. In this case, you can prepare any food you like at home.

If you can prepare a place where you can wash your clothes yourself, you will not have to pay for the laundry and laundry by the hotel.

18. Carrying essentials

If you are carrying a backpack and you are going to stay in a hostel, it is best to have things like a travel towel with you so that you do not have to pay extra each time you prepare it. Bring your own toiletries and cosmetics. You can also get a good lock on your backpack and luggage so you do not have to pay for a safe deposit box at the hotel or hostel.

Last word

There are many tricks to reduce your travel expenses abroad. But using these tricks depends on the destination of your trip and the duration of the trip. In some destinations it may be necessary to pay for things like a safe. In some cities of the world, walking tours may not be a good option for sightseeing.

Depending on your travel destination, you can apply some strategies and reduce your travel expenses. The money you save this way can be used to buy souvenirs for your loved ones or to spend on more important parts of the trip, such as accommodation.

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