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18 models of clothes and accessories that show your height shorter!

BingMag.com 18 <b>models</b> of <b>clothes</b> and <b>accessories</b> <b>that</b> <b>show</b> <b>your</b> <b>height</b> shorter!

It does not matter if you are short or tall; In any case, looking shorter is not usually what most people look for when dressing. Unless you are very tall. Some clothes and styles make people look shorter than they really are and make their bodies wider. In fact, sometimes you unknowingly wear clothes that make you look shorter and fatter. Here are some of the things that make you look shorter. If you want to look taller, you should avoid wearing these clothes and this style.

clothes that make you look shorter

If you want to look taller, Avoid wearing clothes and using the following accessories.

1. Skirts with medium height

BingMag.com 18 <b>models</b> of <b>clothes</b> and <b>accessories</b> <b>that</b> <b>show</b> <b>your</b> <b>height</b> shorter!

One of the clothes that strongly affects the height of people is the types of skirts. Medium-height skirts can make you look much shorter than you really are; Especially if you have short legs.

Where the bottom edge of the skirt is, plays an important role in showing taller or shorter height. In fact, this rule can be considered for most clothes, such as coats.

Skirts or coats of medium height usually look beautiful rarely; Especially if you are short. You should try to wear skirts that show the height of the legs better or create a balance between the height of the upper body and the height of the legs in your appearance. Of course, mid-rise skirts or coats are not always bad, you just have to see where the bottom of the skirt or coat fits. If it covers most of the height of your legs, it will make you look shorter.

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2. Medium-length shirts

Just like skirts, medium-length shirts can cover a large part of your legs and make you look shorter. Medium-length shirts are usually placed below the knee. For this reason, when you look at a person in a medium shirt, only a short part of the leg is found, which is why your legs, and therefore your overall height, look shorter.

Of course, this does not mean that shorts They can not wear a medium shirt. They just have to be careful in choosing the type of shirt. For example, a shirt with a slit can solve some problems. Or if the bottom of the skirt is a little higher than the knee, this problem is almost solved.

In general, you should choose shirts that show more of the legs, either with the help of a slit or with a suitable height./p>

3. Square-toed shoes

One part of any cover that is often overlooked is the model of the shoe.

Shoes with a square toe show shorter legs . In fact, by wearing these shoes, the legs look shorter when the line of the foot is cut by a vertical line or the toe of the shoe. It does not cut horizontally and continues to the bottom of the shoe. This should be considered for both high-heeled and flat shoes.

Improperly edged clothing

Improperly edged clothing means clothing that ends at the widest point of the body. For example, consider half-length T-shirts, the ends of which are located right on the abdomen and the widest part of the body. Or skirts that end just above the widest part of the legs, ie the thighs.

If you want to wear a skirt that is above the knee, try to have the skirt end slightly higher or slightly lower than the widest part of the foot. When the bottom of the dress ends right at the widest part of the foot, all parts of your foot will look just as wide and your height will be shorter.

5. Wide belts

BingMag.com 18 <b>models</b> of <b>clothes</b> and <b>accessories</b> <b>that</b> <b>show</b> <b>your</b> <b>height</b> shorter!

Belt is another detail of clothing that plays an important role in showing the height of people. If you want to look taller, you should avoid wearing wide belts. A wide belt is any type of belt that is more than 7 cm wide. These belts cover a large part of your torso and make your limbs look shorter.

In general, you should consider this rule; Every accessory you use that covers a large part of your body will make you look shorter.

To look taller, use belts that are between 5 and 7 cm wide. These belts are both beautiful, do the job of the belt, and do not make you look shorter.

6. Shorts or capri

BingMag.com 18 <b>models</b> of <b>clothes</b> and <b>accessories</b> <b>that</b> <b>show</b> <b>your</b> <b>height</b> shorter!

Shorts are pants that are longer than shorts and shorter than regular pants. These pants play an important role in shorter show height. In fact, with these pants, your height looks like the height of your pants.

If you want to look taller, do not use shorts or be sure to wear high heels with them.

7. Tall shrubs to mid-calf

Tall shrubs that reach to the middle of the calf show shorter stature. In the case of boots, just like shorts, your legs look exactly the same as the height of the boot, which is why they look shorter.

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8. Stilettos

One of the things women usually wear to look taller is stilettos. But wearing these shoes does the opposite and shows shorter height. Shoe lodges, because they are so thick and tall, make your legs look shorter.

In fact, these shoes increase the height of the body; But they do not work to improve the fit of the upper body and lower body. As a result, your legs will still look short despite being taller.

9. Chanky shrubs

BingMag.com 18 <b>models</b> of <b>clothes</b> and <b>accessories</b> <b>that</b> <b>show</b> <b>your</b> <b>height</b> shorter!

Chanky shrubs are shrubs that have thick, large, and toothed heels. These plants soon became very popular in the fashion world. One of the reasons that you can look shorter with these boots is that the heel of the shoe is very heavy and bulky and makes your legs look shorter and slimmer.

10. Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots have also found their way into the fashion world and are very popular, but they can make your legs look shorter. One of the main reasons for this is that the bushes are usually up to half of the leg. As we said before, these shrubs hide a large part of your legs.

Another reason is that these shrubs usually have large heels. The combination of the two makes cowboy boots not a good choice for short people.

11. Ugg Boots

These models of Boots, which are usually bulky, make your legs appear shorter. The heels of these shoes are very heavy and the shoes themselves are very bulky. Both of these factors go hand in hand to make your legs look shorter. The shorter your legs are, the shorter your height will look.

In general, for those who are short, slender, short, as well as short shrubs are the best choice.

12 . Oversized shirts

Oversized shirts that do not have a special design and are loose and loose in most parts are not a good choice at all for those who like to look taller.

In general, any shirt that is loose Yes, it shows the body shorter because these types of shirts make the shape of the body invisible and make the body look wider and wider. If you are short, you have probably heard a lot that loose clothing is not good for you, but this is also true for tall people. Loose-fitting clothes make your body appear wider than it really is.

If you like to wear loose-fitting clothes, choose clothes that do not hide your body shape completely under the fabric.


Most fashion experts do not recommend wearing this style of shirt, but if you like to wear them, you should know that they show shorter height. If you are too thin, this type of shirt is more suitable for you.

13. Tall tops

The height of the tops you wear can affect the overall shape of your body. Tops with ends longer than the widest part of the body indicate shorter height. In fact, by wearing a long top, it gets closer to the ground where your feet start. As a result, the legs look shorter.

Shorter toes raise the starting line of the legs, which makes the legs look taller. Most fashion experts recommend that short people do not wear high heels. Or if you have a long top, put it in your pants. The tops you buy should always be on the waistline.

14. Tall coats

BingMag.com 18 <b>models</b> of <b>clothes</b> and <b>accessories</b> <b>that</b> <b>show</b> <b>your</b> <b>height</b> shorter!

Tall coats are not at all suitable for those who are short. These coats make the legs look shorter and make you look much shorter. Apart from being tall, these coats are usually a little wider and looser, thus having a mutual effect in showing shorter height.

15. Horizontal Corrugated clothes

You must have heard that horizontal corrugated clothing should not be worn to look slimmer. This can also be used to show height.

Horizontal lines, especially if they are very wide, make the body appear wider and the height shorter.

In general, remember Keep in mind that any piece of clothing that makes the body wider also affects height. To look taller and slimmer, wear clothes with a narrow and vertical stripe design.

16. Large handbags

Any device, accessory or clothing that is large in size makes it Look shorter because it covers a large part of the body. This includes large handbags. Choose small or medium handbags to look taller and slimmer. In fact, you should buy bags that do not cover a large area of the body.

Having large bags makes the upper and lower body fit can not be seen. Different applications and styles

17. Long Collars

Have you ever noticed how a ski collar or any other long collar affects the appearance of your body?

These collars make you look shorter. Because long collars are completely out of sight, they make your neck look shorter and look shorter overall. This is why open collars are a more attractive option for short people.

The more neck, the taller your neck and, consequently, your height.

18 . Oversized Jackets

BingMag.com 18 <b>models</b> of <b>clothes</b> and <b>accessories</b> <b>that</b> <b>show</b> <b>your</b> <b>height</b> shorter!

These jackets and sweaters have become very popular in the last one or two years. These dresses look attractive, but if you do not want to look shorter, they are not a good choice for you.

Most of these sweaters have loose sleeves. These clothes are very comfortable, but they may also make you look fatter.


Choosing clothes can play an important role in showing shorter or taller. If you want to wear clothes that do not show your height shorter, you should consider these few general points:

  • Do not wear clothes and accessories that show your legs shorter; For example, tall boots.
  • Do not use accessories that cover a large part of the body; For example, large handbags and wide belts.
  • Loose clothing indicates a wider body and shorter height.
  • Horizontal stripe design, especially if wide, shows the body is wider and shorter height

Choose your clothes with these few points in mind. You should try to see more height from the neck and more part of the leg. As a result, dresses with long collars or shoes with high heels are not suitable for short people.

Even choosing the right shoes can make you look taller or shorter. Shoes that have a sharper tip, are thinner, and do not have large, bulky heels, make you look taller. In contrast, shoes with a square toe show a shorter height. Shorts, long tops and loose-fitting sweatshirts are other clothes that make you look shorter.

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