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18 The creative use of solid soap that surprises you

The unconventional use of detergents, such as solid soap, has long been the focus of creative people. In recent years, with the advent of a variety of detergents such as soaps and laundry detergents, the widespread use of classic solid soaps has waned. But it's interesting to know that you can do a lot of interesting things with solid soap and reduce your costs!

In this article from BingMag, we introduce you to 18 creative uses of solid soap. Join us.

1. Lubrication of sliding doors and drawers

solid soap, in addition to having a cleansing property, due to its semi-greasy structure, can also be a very good lubricant. If you have a comedy in the house with sliding doors or drawers that are difficult to move, you can rub the corners of the solid soap into the moving hinges to make the doors and drawers easier to move. The advantage of using solid soap instead of fatty substances such as lubricating oils is that the fat does not seep into the surrounding areas and does not smell bad.

2. Fragrances inside drawers, cupboards, suitcases and cars

Fragrant solid soap can easily act as a gentle, yet very durable fragrance. Make a fragrant solid soap and, after removing it from the package, wrap it in a thin cotton cloth and place it in your drawer, cupboard, suitcase or car. The strong scent of soap can prevent the spread of bad odors in these enclosed spaces and keep insects away. you can also apply this method to shoes and boots that are not used much.

3. Easily assemble wooden furniture in the house

Working with wooden furniture is usually difficult due to their scratched structure. If you want to reassemble a cupboard or shelf or rebuild something, you can use soap to lubricate the corners of the wood. Rubbing a little soap on the screws can also help them fit more easily. solid soap can even be used to mark parts of wood that need to be cut.

Fill holes in the walls

BingMag.com 18 The <b>creative</b> <b>use</b> of <b>solid</b> <b>soap</b> <b>that</b> <b>surprises</b> you

If you have holes in the walls of your room, such as nails, and you want to get rid of them Get rid of them, make a solid soap the same color as the wall and rub it on the hole until it is full and hidden from view. you can paint that area later without any problems.

5. Avoid getting your walls and doors dirty

If you are planning to paint a place, one of your worries is that paint particles will not spread on the walls, doors and places that do not need to be painted. In such cases, you can apply a solid soap on the parts that need to be protected from paint bites, and after painting, shave the soap with a small spatula. In other words, solid soap can act as a very impenetrable insulator, and it is much cheaper and easier than covering walls and doors with glue.

6. Lubricating Locks

Covering the key with a layer of solid soap can help lubricate the lock and open the door more easily. Keep in mind that you will have to repeat this several times to open the door and fix the lock. After a while, solid soap appears as a lubricant, making the lock much easier to use.

Dehumidifying door hinges and drawers

you can use solid soap instead of lubricating oil to lubricate the hinges and de-squeak them. Repeat this several times to soak all parts of the hinges with soap. Whenever you feel the squeaking sound again, repeat rubbing solid soap on the hinges.

8. Prevent mirrors and glass from evaporating

BingMag.com 18 The <b>creative</b> <b>use</b> of <b>solid</b> <b>soap</b> <b>that</b> <b>surprises</b> you

It must have occurred to you that after taking a shower you ask use a mirror in the bathroom, but you will not be able to see your reflection due to the steam evaporating. In this case, wetting the mirror or wiping it with a towel will not help to remove the steam. It is best to apply solid soap on the surface of the mirror before wetting it, and spread the layers of solid soap on the surface of the mirror using a dry cloth. Once this is done, the mirror will no longer steam. you can also try this method on different types of glass (including different types of glasses).

9. Determining the location of the air outlet

To determine the location of a hole in an inflatable pool or bicycle wheel that could be a possible outlet for air, you can soak a solid bar of soap and rub it on the areas you suspect. soap foam forms bubbles in places where air escapes, which can help determine where the air exits. Another noteworthy point is that you can also use the soap scum to determine where the gas is coming from.

10. Keep household items safe From pet bites

If you have a pet that likes to bite and chew on household items, you can cover the items with a layer of solid soap. By doing this, you create both insulating devices between the animal's mouth and the surface, giving them an inappropriate taste that they will later avoid. you can also use solid soap to soften the sharp edges of household items so that children and pets are not harmed.

Avoid getting your hands dirty

Cover your nails with a thick layer of solid soap before doing anything like oiling, changing car oil, cleaning pots and planting flowers. By doing this, you prevent the space under the nails from getting sore and dirty, which is extremely difficult and painful to clean.

Plant Protection

BingMag.com 18 The <b>creative</b> <b>use</b> of <b>solid</b> <b>soap</b> <b>that</b> <b>surprises</b> you

Prepare a solid soap and rub it on the surface of potting soil or garden soil. . The strong aroma and alkaline properties of the soap keep pests and insects away from plants. you can also place soap in the area around the plant storage area or hang it on a thin cloth from the ceiling.

13. Easier to clean the bottom of dishes

Before placing the pan or pot on the flame, cover the bottom with a layer of solid soap. By doing this, after finishing cooking, you can more easily clean the soot and dirt attached to the bottom of the dish and prevent stains on your dishes. Doing so is especially effective during the holidays and while cooking on the fire.

14. Lubricating zippers

We all have the experience of using clothes and bags that have improper zippers. What you may not have noticed so far is that you can smooth the movement by rubbing solid soap on the zipper. Do not worry about spreading soap powder on clothes. By opening and closing the zipper several times, the soap penetrates the ribs of the zipper and does not damage the fabric.

15. Easier to sew

solid soap has many uses in the field of sewing, perhaps the most common of which is to mark where to cut or sew fabric. Another clever use of soap is to use it as a spy. Cover a solid soap with a thin cloth and use it to hold your needles. By doing this, you not only keep the needles together, but also help the needle move more smoothly on the fabric while sewing.

16. Removing Stubborn Stains on Fabrics

BingMag.com 18 The <b>creative</b> <b>use</b> of <b>solid</b> <b>soap</b> <b>that</b> <b>surprises</b> you

Although a variety of solid soaps are created specifically to remove stains you can use any type of solid soap to remove stubborn stains on fabrics. For a more effective and better cleansing, use an odorless solid soap with no additives.

17. Preparation of liquid soap

Mix about 100 grams of grated solid soap with 4 glasses of boiling water and stir until a one-handed solution is formed. Then pour the solution into suitable containers and use it as a liquid soap. Remember to shake the container well before use.

18. Preparing Home Washing Powder

solid soap is one of the main ingredients for making washing powder. Just mix a little sodium carbonate with a little baking powder and borax to make your own home washing powder. you can use this powder manually or in the washing machine.


solid soap has many uses as a classic detergent that may not be obvious at first glance. The important thing is that due to its many applications, you can significantly reduce your costs and gain the ability to prepare detergents and lubricants by yourself at home. So, the next time you go to the store to buy detergent, be sure to get a pack of solid soap and enjoy its many uses.

Source: Thespruce

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