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17 fascinating ideas for having a beautiful home library

BingMag.com 17 <b>fascinating</b> <b>ideas</b> for <b>having</b> a <b>beautiful</b> <b>home</b> library

Although we may be in the digital age, no technology can match the feeling of having a good book in your hands. While public and academic libraries are often large and magnificent, home libraries are more intimate. It does not matter if your room is formal and very stylish or very intimate and cozy, after designing the focal points for the fireplace, bed and closet, you can consider a special place to have a library, in harmony with your room.

In this article from BingMag, we are going to tell you 17 ideas for designing a beautiful home library. We hope that by reading this text, you will find an interesting idea for a home library and you will be able to design the most beautiful place for reading books in your home, so join us.

1. Modern white shelving

BingMag.com 17 <b>fascinating</b> <b>ideas</b> for <b>having</b> a <b>beautiful</b> <b>home</b> library

White shelves can be anyone's choice for designing a modern home library. The simplicity of this model of libraries creates conditions that are compatible with a variety of decorations and can cover all tastes. Their simplicity allows them to be implemented in any home of any size.

Sometimes you do not even need to take a big step to design, you just need to design shelves with a few eggshells and your desired library Install at home.

2. Soaring wooden shelves

BingMag.com 17 <b>fascinating</b> <b>ideas</b> for <b>having</b> a <b>beautiful</b> <b>home</b> library

If in parts of the house, exaggerated decoration of old appliances is replaced A library with tall wooden columns can show the harmony of different parts of the house.

Katherine Newman About Toronto Postmodern library Designed by Peter Cebulak "It has a vague allusion to the classical Ionic order," he says. The engraved capitals of the room are completed with a large number of antiques, a choice that is worth considering.

3. Multipurpose library

BingMag.com 17 <b>fascinating</b> <b>ideas</b> for <b>having</b> a <b>beautiful</b> <b>home</b> library

If you do not have enough space to have a library in your private room, this is an attractive idea for a library in Be sure to consider the public space of the house. That way, even your guests can use your books.

Barbara Goldsmith, a well-known author, believes that versatility has been the most important goal in designing her library. He wanted to have a dining room surrounded by a large collection of books.

library designed at the entrance of your house

If the entrance to your house is in the form of a corridor, instead of placing decorative accessories, design it to the library.

It is not always necessary to use the entrance door of your house with Fill an oversized party glass for a contemporary floral arrangement. Fill the library with a variety of books and try to make the entrance feel beautiful with a library.

5. Designing a Tall library

If you have a house with a high ceiling, designing a tall library can add to the beauty of your dcor. Also, empty space up to the ceiling should be covered with a bookshelf rather than an empty wall.

If your home overlooks green space, it is best to design this type of library as your highest room. This will make the time spent reading outside the green space.

6. library with Exterior View

BingMag.com 17 <b>fascinating</b> <b>ideas</b> for <b>having</b> a <b>beautiful</b> <b>home</b> library

If you can turn one of the walls of your room into a window, design A library in another part of the room is a smart choice.

Upper East Side Library, a modern view of old books

David Ling, in designing the library for one of his doctor's clients, tried to create a space where antique and old books could be placed in a modern place. Show. Considering a completely modern table and chairs in this space creates a sense of beautiful contrast.

So keep in mind that you do not have to look for an antique library for your old books. Sometimes contradiction shows the most beautiful ideas.

8. Create harmony by adding fine details

If you feel that the space of your home is too old or too new and your books do not match it, try to create this harmony by designing different volumes. It is also a wiser choice to create a space that matches the design of the library.

You can increase the coordination by considering the details. A library acts as a bridge that connects the existing design to what you want.

Artistic Twist Bookcase

Thomas Jayne, a New York City-based decorator, restored a 19th-century Philadelphia home to its former glory. In the library, where the seats of the French Empire are next to a royal table They are in English, and the bookshelf became the backdrop for the art show. We recommend this type of library to those whose home decoration type is filled with classic accessories and crowded woodcuts.

10. Custom and classic built-in bookshelves

BingMag.com 17 <b>fascinating</b> <b>ideas</b> for <b>having</b> a <b>beautiful</b> <b>home</b> library

It is better to identify wall indentations and this curvature with a bookcase. fill. In current homes, considering a built-in cabinet or cupboards will make the house look bigger. This type of design is an attractive idea for a library for a home that does not have enough space to place a separate book or cupboard.

  • How to build a library in today's small homes?

11. Do you have a fireplace? Do not forget the library next to it

BingMag.com 17 <b>fascinating</b> <b>ideas</b> for <b>having</b> a <b>beautiful</b> <b>home</b> library

If the walls by the fireplace are empty, put small shelves for books in Consider. People usually consider the walls next to the fireplace to hang old decorative items, which it is better to reconsider. Short or long bookshelves next to the fireplace make this space a quiet and cozy place to study.

12. Think of a Ladder library

Never throw away old appliances. If you have a ladder at home, use it and turn it into a library. Implementing a culture of redesigning antique appliances is something you should think about right now. The convenience of carrying this library is its competitive advantage.

13. Using Natural Raw Materials to Design a library

BingMag.com 17 <b>fascinating</b> <b>ideas</b> for <b>having</b> a <b>beautiful</b> <b>home</b> library

For a house on Harbor Island in the Bahamas, Lea Ciavarra And Anne Marie Lubrano, the architects of Lubrano Sivara, used the wood of dried trees that were completely resistant to termites. This has provoked positive reactions from environmentalists.

If you have access to wood or natural materials, try to be extremely creative in your design. Check out old designs for ideas.

Wooden shelf combined with woven fabrics

In the trend of 2022, the use of different fabrics in home decoration has become inevitable. Libraries are no exception. You can use these accessories to decorate your desk or library furniture.>

15. Create a cozy atmosphere with the library

It is better to turn the library space into an environment for relaxation. This will increase the desire to read the book. For example, by spreading a carpet on the floor, you will give warmth to this space.

At the home of the famous entrepreneur J. Christopher Burch in Southampton, New York, one of Walton Ford Installed in a library with an oak screen. A rug designed by Christopher Maya has turned the space into a completely cozy space.

16. Floor-to-ceiling shelves are the right choice for the use of space

If you think that in addition to the library, you need a showcase that can hold your decorative accessories, this design is the right choice.

17. Use bright and vibrant colors.

BingMag.com 17 <b>fascinating</b> <b>ideas</b> for <b>having</b> a <b>beautiful</b> <b>home</b> library

The best choice for the library is when a teenager stays at home. This is what makes the space so lively. It is true that dark brown creates a sense of nostalgia for reading, but do not forget that cheerful colors can work better to create a sense of reading. Especially if you are considering a library for your teen or toddler.


If you look at old stories and movies, you will always see people who have a special social status. At home they kept a collection of books in special libraries. But today, reading books like in the past is no longer in the hands of a certain group of people. We can all keep a collection of our favorite books on our bookshelf. It should be noted that the place where the book is kept is like his house. Try to consider your taste in designing it. Inspired by old designs is the most beautiful and principled roadmap.

Source: architecturaldigest

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