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17 Creative Ideas For Decorating An Empty Fireplace

BingMag.com 17 <b>Creative</b> <b>Ideas</b> <b>For</b> <b>Decorating</b> An <b>Empty</b> Fireplace

We may all like to sit by the cozy Fireplace on a cold winter night and enjoy the warmth. But having a Fireplace brings with it some troubles. The Fireplace not only needs regular maintenance, but also creates dust and stains, and its dirt often spreads to other parts of the house.

So it is not surprising that many fireplaces are no longer functional. Or remain unused. Now the question arises what to do with the Empty Fireplace of our house? The Fireplace is often the focal point of the home space and paying attention to it can play an important role in making the house more beautiful. In the continuation of this article from BingMag Meg, we will tell you 17 Creative Ideas For Decorating an Empty fireplace.

1. Put a heating system inside the Fireplace

Even if your Fireplace is no longer functional, it can still be a source of heat. Put an electric heater, a wood stove or heater inside your Fireplace to create a Creative and functional heating point. In this way, you can use the heat of the Fireplace and enjoy it without the hassle of burning wood in the fireplace.

2. Put some plants in the Fireplace

Plants can be the center and focal point of your space decoration. Just put one or two plants in your Empty Fireplace to make this Empty space, which is often dark, look a little greener and more beautiful. If there is a niche above your fireplace, you can also place some of your plants on the ledge or on the Fireplace stone. In addition to plants, you can decorate this space with seasonal flowers and put a large pot with a beautiful bouquet inside it or use a few small pots with beautiful and colorful flowers.

3. Create a rustic atmosphere

BingMag.com 17 <b>Creative</b> <b>Ideas</b> <b>For</b> <b>Decorating</b> An <b>Empty</b> Fireplace

You like the rustic and traditional look of a wood fireplace, but from Avoid cleaning and maintaining it? It is enough to put some firewood and pieces of wood in the Fireplace space to create a rustic and traditional feeling of the Fireplace without turning it on. You may not be able to use the real heat of the Fireplace in this situation, but no doubt such a decoration with wood and firewood inside the Fireplace will give a pleasant warmth to your space and will turn your space into a cozy and pleasant space. p>

4. Decorate the Fireplace according to the season

Your Empty Fireplace can be a unique and special space For your seasonal decoration. Placing a pot full of spring flowers in the spring or a few pumpkins in the fall will definitely play an important role in making your home dcor more beautiful and different.

5. Leave the Fireplace as it is

If your Fireplace looks more like an antique and antique work than a heating source, leave it the same. Instead of trying to cover or repair it, make it the focal point of your space. Clean the outside as much as you can. Then add some decorative items such as photo frames, vases, candles and to the ledge above the Fireplace or the stone next to it. Leaving the old Fireplace as it is is perfectly suited For spaces with vintage decoration style.

6. Paint the Fireplace

To create a minimalist look, you can make the Fireplace completely white or cream. But the point to keep in mind is that you must paint the Fireplace evenly and thoroughly. A Fireplace that is irregularly and dirty painted will have a completely negative effect on the appearance of your space. We recommend that you do not use index colors, except in special decorations. Neutral colors are a better choice For painting the fireplace.

Black is also a suitable and stylish option that gives depth to your space and hides any stains and damage to a large extent.

7. Decorate the inside of the Fireplace with bricks

A brick Fireplace creates a Creative and very attractive look. Arrange the pale bricks in a unique vertical or diagonal pattern to create an attractive and eye-catching texture. Instead of bricks, you can also use stones such as stone, which are suitable For spaces with a classic and Artedco style. The choice of material depends entirely on the style of your home and your taste.

8. Use the Fireplace as storage space

BingMag.com 17 <b>Creative</b> <b>Ideas</b> <b>For</b> <b>Decorating</b> An <b>Empty</b> Fireplace

Your unused Fireplace can be an ideal storage space Be your accessories. You can put a beautiful wicker basket in your Fireplace and put in the basket, the items you like, such as blankets, books, cushions, etc. p

This fireplace, if it is in your child's bedroom, You can even use the Fireplace to decorate your child's room as a place to store your child's toys and accessories.

9. Tile around the Fireplace

As mentioned earlier, the Fireplace can be the focal point of your space. By emphasizing it more, you make the Fireplace look and finally your space more. A stylish and beautiful way to do this is to install a few unique tiles around the fireplace. Try to use quality tiles with unique designs and patterns.

10. Make the wall behind the Fireplace stand out

Another thing you can do to make your Fireplace look more distinctive is to work on the wall behind the fireplace. You can make it look artistic and beautiful in a variety of special and beautiful ways. Paint it, wallpaper it, brick it or tile it. Allow your creativity to flourish, you will definitely be surprised by the result.

11. Do not forget the living space

If you have placed furniture around your Fireplace and you do not intend to use or decorate your Fireplace in another way, you can place two puffs or ottomans in front of the Fireplace to make your living space Make it look a little different.

12. Heat an Empty Fireplace with a candle

A Creative way is to use a candle inside your Fireplace instead of lighting it. This will not only make the look of your Fireplace very beautiful and impressive, but also give you the feeling of a bright fireplace. You can place several simple candles with different heights in the Fireplace and create a dreamy and special atmosphere.

13. Fill the Fireplace With a Book or Magazine

BingMag.com 17 <b>Creative</b> <b>Ideas</b> <b>For</b> <b>Decorating</b> An <b>Empty</b> Fireplace

Another fun and Creative way to decorate Making an Empty Fireplace is picking up books or magazines. If you do not have enough space to place your books, think a little differently. You can use the Empty space inside the Fireplace to put your books and put them in a beautiful way in the fireplace. It will definitely give an attractive and different look to your space.

14. Turn a Fireplace into an art gallery

You can put your favorite artwork or, if you have created a particular work of art yourself, inside the Fireplace and turn it into a compact and beautiful gallery. Lean your favorite paintings against the wall of the fireplace, and you can make this arrangement even more prominent by placing one or two sculptures.

15. Put a mirror inside the Fireplace

Having a simple or worked mirror inside the fireplace, in addition to giving a unique look to your space, will make your space look bigger. Using a mirror to decorate an Empty Fireplace can also be very effective in making your space look.

16. Put your collection in the Fireplace

If you are collecting a special collection or you have valuable souvenirs that you want to display, you can put them in the Fireplace in an artistic and beautiful way and multiply the appearance of your favorite accessories. .

17. Classify the inside of the Fireplace

BingMag.com 17 <b>Creative</b> <b>Ideas</b> <b>For</b> <b>Decorating</b> An <b>Empty</b> Fireplace

You can classify the inside of your Fireplace in one or two rows and book , Place your favorite magazines or decorative accessories on the floors. You can also paint the inside of the Fireplace and the floors to make it look different and more impressive.

Last word

At first, the Empty space of the Fireplace may seem useless and even an extra space, but It is enough to use your creativity a little and try different ways of Decorating an Empty Fireplace to use this Empty space without using it in the most beautiful way possible and multiply the appearance and beauty of your space.

Sources: houzz, mydomaine

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