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17 attractive and creative ways to fill the empty corners of the house

BingMag.com 17 <b>attractive</b> and <b>creative</b> <b>ways</b> to <b>fill</b> the <b>empty</b> <b>corners</b> of the house

Whether you live in a small apartment or a large villa, you are likely to face empty, unused corners somewhere in your home. You will. Spaces where it is not possible to place appliances and furniture, and on the other hand, if left empty and unused, they will have an inappropriate appearance. If you have such spaces in your home, you need to know that there are various creative ways and tricks to fill this part of the house. In the continuation of this article from BingMag Meg, we will tell you 17 simple and beautiful ways to fill the empty corners of the house.

1. fill the space with plants

If there are unsightly, empty corners next to your large window, use plants to fill it. Place different types of plants at different heights, from large deciduous plants to hanging ivy and cacti. Use pots that fit your home dcor style and place them on a pedestal to create a beautiful visual landscape. Make your home more beautiful.

2. Create an Art Corner

Create a gallery-like view in small corners of your space by hanging artwork on both walls. Place the boards in any number and at any height you like, but make sure that the number of boards is the same on both walls. You can use striped or patterned wallpaper for your wall to make it look more special, or paint it in a color that catches your eye, or just a simple, neutral color for your wall. The choice of each depends on your taste and style of home.

3. Maximize storage space

An empty corner can always be a good choice for a variety of storage spaces. A combination of baskets on the floor, clothes hangers, wall shelves and all the beautiful storage space can be used to fill an empty corner. This idea is also a great solution for the space under the stairs or near the entrance.

4. Create a living space

Unsuitable and empty corners in the living space can easily be turned into a small and simple sitting area and living space. In this space, place a pair of chairs or a comfortable sofa, then place a console table or bar stool next to the furniture. You can decorate it with catering accessories, drinks, photo frames, decorative accessories, etc. p

5. Create a workspace or study

BingMag.com 17 <b>attractive</b> and <b>creative</b> <b>ways</b> to <b>fill</b> the <b>empty</b> <b>corners</b> of the house

empty corners if they allow you to Put it on a table, it will be a great space for work and study. A simple desk, a chair and a beautiful reading lamp will complete your work space.

6. Provide a sports space

If you exercise at home and dream of a home club, consider this alternative; Turn an empty corner into a dedicated practice space. You can fill this space with home exercise machines and other sports equipment and enjoy your workouts.

7. Design a play area for children

If you have a small child in the house, empty corners are the best space for children to play. You can put a small rug in this corner and arrange the children's favorite furniture and toys to have a good view of your child.

8. Create a dedicated corner for study

empty corners of the house are the best space to become your cozy and private space. In these spaces, you can place a comfortable chair or sofa so that you can study in that safe and cozy place during the day. With a little creativity and taste, you can decorate it with your favorite decorative accessories and enjoy your own point.

Instead of a sofa or chair, you can use hanging chairs or rocking chairs to create space. You will be different and more pleasant.

9. fill the space with a bookshelf

Using a bookshelf is one of the best ways to fill in any gaps. Since bookshelves come in a variety of sizes, you will surely find a shelf that fits in the corner of your space. You can even order in the dimensions and type you want to make it fit your space. You can also choose a shelf that does not take up much space and decorate it with books and other decorative accessories that look stylish and beautiful.

10. Place artwork along the wall

BingMag.com 17 <b>attractive</b> and <b>creative</b> <b>ways</b> to <b>fill</b> the <b>empty</b> <b>corners</b> of the house

When the empty corner of your space allows you to place the console Or it does not give you a bookshelf, put a few works of art or paintings along the wall. Instead of hanging the paintings once, just lean them against the wall to see how much this different change will be effective in making your space more special and beautiful.

11. Create a space for changing shoes

If this empty corner is close to the front door, you can create a comfortable puff or sofa and a tall mirror with beautiful lighting so that you can change your shoes there. And at the same time create a stylish and beautiful atmosphere.

12. Create beautiful and eye-catching lighting

A tall and beautiful lampshade or a table lampshade, each depending on your taste and space, can be used to fill a corner in the best and most beautiful way possible. By placing a lampshade, in addition to completing the decoration of your space, you will also provide enough light for studying at night.

13. Provide a corner for eating

BingMag.com 17 <b>attractive</b> and <b>creative</b> <b>ways</b> to <b>fill</b> the <b>empty</b> <b>corners</b> of the house

empty corners of the house that are close to the living space or kitchen, They provide the best opportunity to create a small, friendly and intimate dining space. Next to the wall, you can place an all-round bench and combine it with a dining table and a few chairs.

14. Put a dresser

empty corners of the bedroom and even the house are the best space to replace the dresser with hangers. A lightweight regal that can be moved will fill your space in the most beautiful way and will be very practical and will give you more space to hang clothes.

15. Place wicker baskets to store accessories

Wicker baskets of different sizes and heights in the corner of an empty space can be a good choice as a storage space. In addition to the fact that you can put your crumbs in it, you can also use them as a dirty laundry basket or space to put extra pillows and sheets.

16. Install a few hooks on the wall

Several hooks can be considered to cover narrow, unused corners. You can hang a backpack, a small number of clothes, a hat or any other device on this hook with your creativity and fill the empty space in a beautiful and simple way.

17. fill the corner space between the wall and the sofa with a mirror

Furniture should not be attached to the wall and should be slightly away from the wall to look more beautiful and fit. Now, if the corner of the wall from which you separated the furniture looks very empty, you can fill it by placing a beautiful and large mirror on the floor. Using a large mirror, in addition to having a beautiful effect, its reflection will make the space of your home look bigger.

Last word

There are always attractive and various ways to fill the corners. There is an empty house. All you have to do is try different methods to get the best combination possible. In doing so, do not forget your creativity and allow your creative mind to implement its ideas and opinions. Do not doubt that you will reach the best possible combination to fill the empty corners of your space.

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