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16 words you should not say to anyone; Even if your intention is good!

BingMag.com 16 <b>words</b> <b>you</b> <b>should</b> not <b>say</b> to <b>anyone;</b> <b>Even</b> if <b>your</b> <b>intention</b> is good!

We have all done this, subconsciously said something or asked a question that upset others. you may not be upset if someone says the same thing to you or asks you the same question, but you have to keep in mind that people are different. In this article that we have prepared for you today at BingMag Meg, we are going to introduce you to 16 questions and words that you should never ask or say to others. Stay tuned for the rest of this article.

What not to say about how others look

Try to learn that everyone's appearance is relevant to us and we are not in a position to comment on others .

. What happened to you?

When people usually see someone in a wheelchair, the first question they ask is why this happened to you and how paralyzed you are! If knowing this question has nothing to do with others and can deeply upset the other person or evoke bitter memories of the past.

What can we say instead of this question?

What is your physical disability? Of course, this should not be one of the first questions you ask a typical person, but if you can not control your curiosity, then it is better to ask this question instead of the first one. Another important point is to never, as far as possible, bend over to talk to the person in the wheelchair, as you are likely to upset that person.

2. where are you from? No, where are you really from?

This question is usually asked of people whose skin color is different or has a different appearance.

What can we say instead of this question?

Which city does your family come from? However, some people do not want to answer this question, because it is a personal question and no one has to answer such a question. This should not be one of the first questions you ask others when you first see them.

Is this really your eye (or hair) color?

Some people constantly ask others about their hair or eye color, and sometimes Even get so surprised that they accuse others of lying about their eye and hair color. ! Others do not have to prove to you what color their hair or eyes are. Moreover, Even if it is not their color, eye color or real hair, it is still insulting to ask such a question.

What to say instead of this question?

How much eye color ( Or your hair) is beautiful.

4. Can I touch your hair (your child's hair)?

Many people enjoy touching other people's curly or silky hair, but many people may not like it or feel different. Try to avoid touching children's hair as well.

What can we say instead of this question?

you have beautiful hair.

5. you are very thin, short or tall!

BingMag.com 16 <b>words</b> <b>you</b> <b>should</b> not <b>say</b> to <b>anyone;</b> <b>Even</b> if <b>your</b> <b>intention</b> is good!

Everyone knows better than anyone else what they look like And what does his body look like? you do not need to act like a mirror and remind them that they are very thin or have distinctive physical features. Some people may look unusual to you, but they are not. Reminding them of these qualities makes them feel weird. When it comes to other people's weight, you do not know what eating disorders or diseases they have that have caused them to gain too little or too much weight. you may find other people's physical characteristics (thin or obese) attractive, but you do not need to tell others about it.

What can we say instead of this question?


6. Do you like basketball? (To someone who is very tall.)

People's height usually goes back to their genetics, and not all tall people love to play basketball! Just because a person is tall does not mean that they have a natural ability or a special interest in a sport. If that tall person has never played basketball in his life, your question will give him the feeling that he has something missing.

What can we say instead of this question?


7. How old are you?

you might think that this question should not be asked of women, but the fact is that many men do not like to be asked this question. Do not tell others that they look younger or older. you may think you are complimenting them, but they may be upset by what you say.

What can we say instead of this question?

What year did you graduate from university? Or it is better not to say anything.

8. When is your baby born?

Many people ask non-pregnant women about when their baby will be born, because they look as if they are pregnant. Put yourself in that lady's shoes to find out how much she's asking it is sad. A woman may be wearing a dress that looks like a maternity dress, however this does not allow you to ask others such a question. In addition, the woman may be really pregnant, but she is not yet ready to announce the news to others. your question makes her feel bad.

What can we say instead of this question?

Even if a woman looks like she has been pregnant for 11 months, He did not say anything.

90. smile. (Or you will be more beautiful if you smile.)

Men usually tell women to smile. you have to keep in mind that women do not have to look beautiful or happy. Women also have the right to be upset and not always have a smile on their face.

What can we say instead of this question?


What not to tell others about Tell Marriage and Their Relationships

Learn not to say the following to others and do not interfere in other people's relationships.

When will you have children?

BingMag.com 16 <b>words</b> <b>you</b> <b>should</b> not <b>say</b> to <b>anyone;</b> <b>Even</b> if <b>your</b> <b>intention</b> is good!

It's hard to believe, but there are still people from couples who do not have children about They ask when they will have children. It has nothing to do with anyone, and the only people who can make a decision about it are the couple and no one else. They may not be ready to have children or they may never want to have children. your question will annoy them. So do not ask this question of any couple in any way.

What can we say instead of this question?

Nothing; Do not ask any questions about this.

Is this your first marriage?

By asking this question, others come to the conclusion that getting married at a certain age (for example, at the age of 40) is a strange thing. In addition, they may feel that their marriage has a problem that you have asked them such a question. The past of others has nothing to do with us and knowing about it will not solve any of our problems.

What can we say instead of this question?

Congratulations on your marriage.


What not to say to others when arguing

Do not say the following when arguing with others.

12. Calm down

Others are not going to be really calmed down by telling you to calm down. Incidentally, your words make them angry Even worse. If you can not do anything to calm others down, it is better to be silent and not make them more angry with your words.

What can we say instead of this question?

I realize that I am very upset and angry. Existence. Is there anything I can do for you?

13. I'm sorry you feel that way

when you do something wrong to others, you have to apologize to them. Instead of apologizing to them and saying you'm sorry they're upset, you're more upsetting them.

What to say instead?

Sorry I did the wrong thing . It was my fault. I will not do anything next time.

What you should not tell your parents

14. Why do not you have children?

BingMag.com 16 <b>words</b> <b>you</b> <b>should</b> not <b>say</b> to <b>anyone;</b> <b>Even</b> if <b>your</b> <b>intention</b> is good!

What difference does it make if others bring children or not? Is there going to be a change in our lives? The answer to these questions is definitely no. So it is better to never ask such a question of others. Someone may have an infertility problem and be upset by your question. Some people decide to never have children for various reasons in their lives. Respect the decisions of others and avoid interfering in the privacy of others.

What can we say instead of this question?

Do you have siblings or nieces and nephews?

15. Would you like your child to be a girl (or boy)?

This question is often asked of parents who have a child and whose other child has just been born with a different gender than the previous child. your question gives them a sense of why their child has not become a girl or a boy! Do not ask this question to anyone.

What can we say instead of this question?

Happy new step.

16. your head is very busy

People often say this to people who find it difficult to do certain things or whose child is making noise in public. This statement does not help them at all and makes them think that they are being judged.

What can we say instead of this question?

Either do not tell them anything or Ask them how you can help them.

Concluding remarks

Sometimes we ask questions of others and say things that offend them. you need to cultivate the habit of not asking private questions of others, because knowing the answers to such questions will not cure any pain. In today's article on BingMag Meg Mental Health, we introduce you to the skills and questions you should never ask others. What other questions do you think we should not ask others? Share your thoughts with us and others in the comments section.

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