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15 wonderful natural ingredients for the treatment of thrush

BingMag.com 15 wonderful natural ingredients for the treatment of thrush

Oral thrush is a relatively common yeast infection that affects most adults and adolescents. This condition usually affects the mouth and is more likely to occur as a result of a disturbance in the body's pH. Oral thrush can also occur as a result of an underlying disease. This complication is usually treated with medication, however you can also use natural ingredients to treat thrush. In today's article by BingMag, we are going to provide you with 15 natural ingredients to eliminate thrush. In addition, we want to acquaint you with the causes, symptoms and methods of prevention. Stay tuned for the rest of this article.

What is oral thrush?

Oral thrush is a fungal infection caused by Candida albicans infection. Candida is a yeast infection that is always present in small amounts in most people's mouths. If the yeasts find a suitable environment, they multiply rapidly and lead to infection. The infection usually causes a white layer that covers the entire mouth and throat. These lesions are similar to cottage cheese and can form on the inside of the neck and tongue. You may also experience redness and irritation of the mouth as a result of this infection. Oral thrush can be treated with antifungal drugs. This type of infection usually goes away in one to two weeks.

Causes of Oral thrush

Oral thrush is usually mild and does not cause concern. The symptoms of this complication are usually not severe and can be easily relieved. The following are the causes of thrush in adults and infants.

The causes of thrush in adults

The causes of thrush in adults are as follows.

1 . Cancer treatment methods

Cancer treatment methods, including chemotherapy, can damage the oral mucosa and lead to oral infections.

2. Using dentures

Using dentures can lead to thrush. However, there is no scientific research in this field.

3. Diseases People with diseases such as AIDS and diabetes can get thrush.

4. Smoking

Smoking can be one of the causes of thrush. However, it is not clear how smoking can increase candidate growth.

5. Taking some medications

Taking certain medications, including antibiotics and corticosteroids, may cause thrush. However, you should keep in mind that there is no specific scientific research in this area.

Causes of thrush in infants

Causes of thrush in infants are listed below.

1. Taking Antibiotics

Babies are more likely to get thrush when the mother has been taking antibiotics for a long time or has given the baby a high dose of antibiotics.

2. Weak Immune System

Babies have a weak immune system and may easily become infected with yeast and develop thrush.

Symptoms of thrush

Symptoms Oral thrush is difficult to understand. These symptoms develop over time and are usually mild to moderate. The most common symptoms of thrush are listed below. Corners of the mouth

  • Bleeding on the white layer formed in the mouth
  • Protrusion of the white layer in the mouth that may also be painful.
  • Difficulty swallowing and speaking
  • Babies with this condition may have difficulty eating.
  • Although these symptoms are usually harmless, if left untreated, they can make the condition worse. They become disturbed and disrupt your daily life. It is recommended that you treat thrush as soon as you notice it. The treatments listed in this article can help fight yeast infections and their symptoms. Use the mouth. However, you should consult your doctor before using any of these methods to make sure there is no problem. In the following, we have introduced these natural materials.

    1. Apple Cider Vinegar

    BingMag.com 15 wonderful natural ingredients for the treatment of thrush

    Apple cider vinegar is known for its antifungal properties. Daily consumption of apple cider vinegar can help fight yeast infections that cause thrush.


    • Hot water: A glass
    • Vinegar Apple: a tablespoon

    How to use

  • Take a glass of warm water and add apple cider vinegar to it.
  • You can add this drink Add some honey. Drink slowly.
  • How often?

    Drink twice a day.

    2. Coconut oil

    Coconut oil can help treat thrush. The reason for this is that the mentioned oil has antifungal properties and may help to eliminate yeast fungus.


    • Coconut oil: in the required amount

    How to use

  • Gargle coconut oil every morning on an empty stomach.
  • Do this for 10 to 15 minutes. Then remove the oil from your mouth.
  • How often?

    Use the above trick every morning to get rid of thrush in your mouth.

    3. Yogurt

    Yogurt increases the production of probiotics in the body. Some people believe that probiotics may help you to get rid of fungal infections. However, more research is needed in this area.


    • Yogurt: One tablespoon

    How to use

  • Keep a tablespoon of yogurt in your mouth.
  • Wait 5 minutes. Then swallow it.
  • How often?

    Use this treatment three times a day.

    4. Soda

    Soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, can kill fungal compounds that cause infections. This may help treat thrush. Keep in mind that more research is needed.


    • Soda: Half a tablespoon
    • Water: A glass

    How to use

  • Mix water and baking soda together.
  • Rinse your mouth with this mixture.
  • How often?

    Two to three times a day is enough to rinse your mouth with the above mixture.

    5. Essential oils Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic compound with anti-inflammatory properties.

    Tea tree oil may fight thrush-causing fungi. You can also use peppermint oil instead of tea tree oil. Peppermint oil has antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties and may help treat thrush.


    • Tea tree oil: Two tablespoons
    • Water: Two tablespoons

    How to use

  • Combine tea tree oil and water.
  • If you use peppermint oil Add two to three drops to the water.
  • Rinse the mixture in your mouth for 30 to 60 seconds. Then take it out of your mouth.
  • How often?

    Apply the above trick 5 times a day for best results.


    6. Garlic Garlic contains allicin, which is an antifungal, antiviral and antibiotic compound. Garlic may be helpful in treating the symptoms of thrush. However, more research is needed in this area.


    • Raw garlic: One clove

    How to use

    Chew a clove of raw garlic for 2-3 minutes and then swallow it.

    How often?

    Three times a day to use this Treatment is sufficient.

    7. Salt water

    Salt is naturally antifungal. This compound may be effective in fighting fungi.


    • Lukewarm water: One glass
    • Salt: Half a tablespoon

    How to use

  • Add salt to lukewarm water.
  • Rinse your mouth with this mixture.
  • Times?

    You can use this home method three times a day.

    8. Cranberry juice

    Cranberry juice is rich in nutrients and acidic. This drink creates an acidic environment in the mouth and may kill most fungi. The proanthocyanidins in cranberries have been shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Ingredients Unsweetened cranberry juice: One cup

    How to use

    If you have thrush, drink a cup of unsweetened cranberry juice.

    How often?

    Once or twice Drink cranberry juice a day.

    9. Lemon juice

    Lemon juice is rich in antifungal properties and may help treat thrush.


    • Lemon juice: half a number
    • Water: A glass

    How to use

  • Take half a lemon juice and add it to a glass of water.
  • >
  • Drink the mixture immediately.
  • How often?

    Drink the above drink two to three times a day.

    10. Vitamin C

    BingMag.com 15 wonderful natural ingredients for the treatment of thrush

    Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant and has an acidic nature. This vitamin strengthens the immune system and may help fight thrush. However, there is not enough information in this field.


    • 1000 mg vitamin C capsule

    How to use

    Take 1000 mg vitamin C capsules twice a day. Be sure to consult your doctor before using this treatment trick.

    How often? Twice a day is enough to take vitamin C capsules.


    Oral thrush may be due to a deficiency of vitamin B3, iron or vitamin D. In such cases, you should take supplements of the mentioned vitamins and minerals.

    11. Grape seed extract

    Grape seed extract can cure various diseases. This compound is effective in fighting Candida infection because of its antifungal properties. Grape seed extract also strengthens the immune system and prevents the possibility of recurrence of fungal infections.


    • Grape seed extract: 250 mg

    How to use

    Take a supplement of grape seed extract to get results.

    How often?

    Three times Use the above supplement daily.

    12. Pineapple

    Pineapple contains an antifungal compound called bromelain that breaks down microorganisms and kills them. It helps fight fungal infections.

    • 9 Incredible Properties of Pineapple for Health and Disease Prevention


    • Pineapple: a quarter of a number

    How to use

    Finely chop a quarter of a pineapple and eat some of it every few minutes .

    How often?

    If you have thrush, eat pineapple two to three times a day.

    13. Orange juice

    Oranges fall into the category of citrus fruits, which have numerous health benefits for the body. Oranges are rich in vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid. This vitamin helps control the Candida fungus.


    • Orange: One
    • Water: One glass

    How to use

  • Peel an orange and peel it.
  • Peel an orange and pour it into a blender with a glass of water.
  • Pulse the material two to three times. Then pour it into a glass and drink immediately.
  • How often?

    Drink the above drink once a day.

    14. Aloe vera gel and water Aloe vera gel has antifungal and antimicrobial properties and may help treat oral infections.


    • Aloe vera gel: As needed
    • Aloe vera juice: A quarter cup

    How to use

  • Remove some aloe vera gel from the leaves and apply it on the tongue And rub the inside of your cheeks.
  • You can also drink a quarter cup of aloe vera water every day.
  • 15. Mouthwashes

    BingMag.com 15 wonderful natural ingredients for the treatment of thrush

    Mouthwashes usually contain antifungal chemicals and may help treat thrush. Mouthwashes are effective in fighting fungal infections.


    • Mouthwashes

    How to use

    Next Rinse your mouth at each meal with an antifungal mouthwash containing fluconazole.

    How often?

    Rinse your mouth with mouthwash three times a day.

    Tips for preventing thrush

    To prevent thrush, you need to maintain good oral hygiene and follow a healthy diet. You can use the following methods to prevent thrush.

    • Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss regularly.
    • If you use inhaled corticosteroids Rinse your mouth after each use.
    • If you are taking antibiotics, include yogurt in your diet.
    • If you have a fungal infection of the vagina, treat it immediately. Disinfect your dentures, especially after an infection.
    • Rinse your mouth with a mixture of warm water and salt.
    • Eat sugary foods Reduce. Also, avoid certain dairy products, processed vegetable oils, caffeinated beverages, and fish such as tuna.
    • Eat a diet rich in vegetables, protein, and fermented foods such as yogurt and kimchi.

    When to see a doctor

    If you notice white patches or painful red lesions on your tongue, consult your doctor immediately. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment of thrush can reduce its progression and severity.

    Last word

    In today's BingMag article on thrush, its causes, symptoms, natural remedies and We talked about ways to prevent it. Natural ingredients for treating thrush include cranberry juice, aloe vera juice, vitamin C, lemon juice, salt water, garlic, essential oils such as tea tree oil, and more. If you suffer from this complication, be sure to use the methods mentioned in this article to get rid of thrush as soon as possible.

    This article is for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the Digitica Magazine Disclaimer .

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