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145 fun questions that, contrary to expectations, have difficult answers

BingMag.com 145 fun questions that, contrary to expectations, have difficult answers

When we admit that we do not know the answers to all the questions, life becomes an exciting adventure full of various questions. In fact, curiosity allows us to open our minds to new worlds and share our ideas and thoughts with others. But for every question we have an answer to, there are thousands of other unanswered questions.

Some of these questions are really deep, while others may be very superficial. Either way, asking different questions can be a great way to get to know others, or start a conversation and create dynamism at a party, and most importantly, broaden your horizons and worldview.

To help you with this. Amazing Revelation In this article from BingMag, we have collected over a hundred in-depth and less frequently asked questions that you can ask yourself or someone else. Join us.

Unanswered but good questions

BingMag.com 145 fun questions that, contrary to expectations, have difficult answers

something under There is no such thing as a stupid question, but some questions make you think more than others. The answered question will only show you the destination, while the unanswered questions will lead you to a new adventure. They challenge our attachments.

Here are some common features of such questions:

  • They make you think deeply.
  • A belief They challenge the basics in you.
  • Makes you laugh.
  • Helps you get to know someone else better.

But What do you think makes a question an unanswered question, and what is the purpose of asking such questions? The answer is that even asking yourself such confusing questions can lead to greater clarity and clarity of thought. In fact, it is an astonishing and profound question, challenging both the person asking it and the respondent, opening the space for deeper discussions.

145 fascinating and astonishing questions

BingMag.com 145 fun questions that, contrary to expectations, have difficult answers

Here are 145 interesting and surprising questions in different areas that you can ask yourself or others can be a lot of fun. . You may not know the answer to any of these questions, but the result of your thinking about these questions may in itself be the answer you are looking for.

Some exciting questions about life

  • Why do we exist?
  • Why do we dream?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Why are we always unhappy?
  • Where do we go after death?
  • At what age does youth end? At what age do we start to age?
  • Where does our self-esteem come from?
  • How do you know you are not in an AI-based simulation?
  • What would you like to be remembered for after death?
  • Is suffering an inevitable part of our existence and life?
  • Is there more than one way to experience consciousness in the universe? Is there?
  • Is being late a real concept?
  • If you were to write your autobiography, on what basis would you divide your life into different chapters?
  • If you did not know how old you are, how old would you feel?
  • Is free will conceivable?
  • Are we the only species in the world? If not, why not get in touch with strangers?
  • Why do we remember things happier than they really were?
  • If you feel like wasting time, are you really wasting your time? Gone?
  • Why are we looking for a normal routine for each phenomenon?
  • Why are we interested in chaos?
  • Why are we all looking for a romantic experience? Are we?
  • Can anyone live without lying?
  • What can unite all human beings?
  • What is freedom?
  • >
  • Why do humans have such a strong desire for power?
  • What is the best way to be happy?
  • What is scary about death?
  • If you knew the destiny of your life, would you try to change it?
  • Do you take more from society than what you give back to society?
  • Can human beings exist without religion?
  • Should life have only one meaning? Is it aphids?
  • Why do we need to know the meaning of life?
  • Should there be a limit to human abilities?
  • What is the role of entertainment in having a good life? Does it matter?
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    Amazing but humorous questions

    BingMag.com 145 fun questions that, contrary to expectations, have difficult answers

    Most of our world is meaningless. Sometimes it is better not to try too hard to understand the unanswered phenomena, but just laugh as a question. If one day at a party you feel tired and bored, you can ask your friends some of these funny questions.

  • If anything is possible, is it possible that something is impossible?
  • If you intentionally fail, did you actually succeed?
  • Does repeated push of the elevator button cause Does the elevator appear faster?
  • Why do we park on the highway and drive in the parking lot?
  • Is the safe a place for cows to hide?
  • Is a black zebra by the way Is it white or white with black stripes?
  • If the body's hormones determine our happiness and depression, then do external events really affect our mood?
  • The first human being to He milked the cow, what was his intention in doing this move? Why did he take the next step after milking?
  • Why aren't eyebrows part of the bill?
  • We know the speed of light, but how fast is darkness?
  • Why do we use the word day at night to refer to the last 24 hours?
  • Do foreigners also write "Musa" as "Musa" but call it "Musa"?
  • What was the reason for naming the melon with this name?
  • On the plane, which category is your backing and which one is your neighbor?
  • If something is both new and improved, Exactly which part of it has improved over what?
  • If a zombie is bitten by a vampire, will it become a zombie vampire or vice versa?
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    Amazing questions that have no answers

    BingMag.com 145 fun questions that, contrary to expectations, have difficult answers

    While some of the previous questions may be solved in a few hours and there is an answer to them. But with this set of questions, we invite you to a deeper challenge:

  • What determines the artisticness of a work?
  • How was the world created?
  • Where exactly is the world? According to multi-world theory, there may be more than one world, so where is our world in between?
  • Why do cats snore?
  • If reincarnation and past lives are real Can we remember their memories?
  • Why does a gene need more genes to produce tomatoes than humans do?
  • If time travel was possible, do you think that Turned into a weapon or tool?
  • Why do storks raise one leg when they sleep? (Definitely not the answer: because if they raise two legs, they will fall!)
  • Is it easier to love or hate?
  • Do our long-term achievements matter?
  • Does knowing the future change the outcome?
  • How does the bicycle work?
  • Is it possible for us to know everything?
  • >
  • Will immortality be the end of humanity?
  • What is the pattern that dictates prime numbers?
  • Are our memories true? Can we understand them correctly?
  • What color do you think the mirror is?
  • Where do our thoughts go when our strands of thought are broken?
  • Why do we value logic and reason so much when there are so many things they can not explain?
  • Why is there a concept of time?
  • What existed before the Big Bang Did you have Can we even imagine it?
  • Why are there exceptions to all laws?
  • Why do we think beautiful things are beautiful?
  • What does the inside of a black hole look like?/li>
    • Is knowledge inherently valuable or does it depend on how it is used?
    • How much does our environment affect us compared to how we are educated?
    • Can God create a mountain that cannot move?
    • Why do we not do what we know we should do?
    • Are you awake or asleep right now?
  • Do animals also have souls?
  • Can there be will and destiny at the same time?
  • Is it good? And is there evil outside of their human structure?
  • Beyond the meaning of life, why is life important to us?
  • If I ask a question with the phrase "I do not know!" Answer, have you answered that question?
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    Deep questions that make you think

    BingMag.com 145 fun questions that, contrary to expectations, have difficult answers

  • How do you know that what you see through your eyesight is the same as what others see?
  • Why is it okay to eat a cow but it is bad to eat a cat?
  • If human consciousness ends at the moment of death, will you realize that you are dead?
  • What space is expanding?
  • If we can live more than 150 years, will the suicide rate increase?
  • Since time is a human structure, does it really exist? <//>
    • Why do bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people?
    • Is it harder to forget a problem or solve it?
    • Do not plan for yourself and just let your life decide for you, what do you think will happen?
    • If you were your best friend, would you be kinder to yourself?
    • Is it a pet? Does he think of you when he's not around?
    • Why do we eat things that smell bad?
    • If you never knew what day it was, you could Feel what day you are in.
    • If the best is always on the way, will we ever reach the best?
    • If one day you reincarnate as someone else, did you know? Who are you?
    • Since the best things in life are free, is there a reason to buy things?
    • If you have never learned a language, how do you think about it? Did your mind appear?
    • If God is everywhere, then where is Satan?
    • If love is the answer to everything, what is the question?
    • Are there two people? Can they experience exactly the same thing together in a single moment?
      • What is the difference between principles and values?

      Strange questions

      BingMag.com 145 fun questions that, contrary to expectations, have difficult answers

      Whether you are looking to challenge yourself or want to know more about the world, ask Questions Surprisingly, it can help you train parts of the brain that often remain idle during the day.

    • Is the answer yes?
    • Are you in the background? How many pictures do you have?
    • Are we in the process of living or dying since we were born?
    • Is there anything you pretend you don't know?
    • Is the missing half a real concept?
    • If things that are fashionable are the best option, then why are they constantly changing?
    • How do we know that pain is a bad thing and pleasure? Is something good?
    • What is more important: doing the right thing or doing the right thing?
    • If your brain is dreaming, then how does it rest?
    • li>
    • Is a brain transplant exactly like a body transplant?
    • What determines who you are?
    • If the world gets bigger, it may one day take up the entire universe Slow?
    • Does the giant with one eye blink or blink?
    • What happens if we can upload our consciousness to the computer?
    • If something Description What do you call "impenetrable", do you not really describe it?
    • If we have only explored five percent of the ocean, what else is there? Do you want to know?
    • How many people have touched the cash in your wallet?
    • If growth is due to making mistakes, then why are we so afraid to make them? <//> li>
    • Do you need language to communicate? How can we express ourselves without it?
    • If you met God, would you believe that he really is God?
    • Where do our thoughts come from?
    • If you lose all that is important to you right now, what will enable you to continue living?
    • What will be humanity's response to the proof of extraterrestrial existence?
    • How does the earth accommodate the growth of the human population?
    • If everything in the world freezes and stops moving completely, will time continue or stop?
    • Why does music evoke emotions?
    • Can you be wise without being smart? Can you be smart without being wise?
    • Why are the same things that calm one painful for another?
    • What if you knew you came to this world on a divine mission? Do you do that?
    • If anything is possible, how can you determine what is worth trying?
    • Is it better to fail or to never do something from the beginning?
    • Which is worse, that I will never forget or that we will never remember?
    • Is there a place you know for sure you will never visit for the rest of your life?
    • >
    • Is it possible that one day we will hear about a perfect crime?
    • Can we experience things regardless of our mentality, experiences and emotions?
    • Where does the future go after we live in it?
    • Do we have a moral duty to heal ourselves?
    • Is there a way for someone to understand your memory? Has changed?
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      How to Use these amazing questions?

      BingMag.com 145 fun questions that, contrary to expectations, have difficult answers

      There are many opportunities to ask different questions of others. In fact, these questions are our main way of knowing each other and the world. Every great work or discovery made by a person has, at some point, asked something to which no one knew the answer.

      When our existing knowledge of our curiosities fails, we seek answers. We put our questions in the world of the unknown. This journey may be exciting and may be scary, but it will eventually lead to the boundless wisdom that quenches our curiosity.

      Here are some ways to use these questions:

      • Use them to better discover your new interests. Their answers will reveal a lot to you in no time.
      • Make a game. Whoever gives the best answer to the questions wins.
      • Take a notebook and answer one of these questions every day.

      These may be questions that may confuse your mind to some extent, but sometimes our imbalance leads to growth and the discovery of new dimensions of life. Unanswered questions are often more exciting than questions that can be answered.

      Do you have any such questions in mind? Share them with us in the comments section.

      This article is for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

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