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145 Bad Habits You Should Always Avoid

BingMag.com 145 Bad Habits You Should Always Avoid

Forming bad habits in humans is much easier and easier than creating good and useful habits. Every human being has habits that he knows he must break for some reason. But how do you know if each of your habits is really a bad habit or just a weird one?

A tip! Strange habits are usually funny, but bad habits do not seem so funny. For example, the last time someone brushed their teeth at the dinner table with their fingers, did you feel clumsy and disgusted, or was this behavior interesting and pleasant for you?

Bad habits can have profound consequences for you and your loved ones. And have a long-term. Therefore, in the continuation of this article from BingMag 145, bad behavior habits are introduced that you should identify in your behavior and avoid them. By reading this list and examining your own behavioral habits, you can get an accurate assessment of your own public image from the perspective of others.

What types of behaviors are considered bad habits?

BingMag.com 145 Bad Habits You Should Always Avoid

The badness of any habit can be easily discovered with a simple analysis of that habit. In this way, when you honestly evaluate the effects of this habit on your life, you will come to the conclusion that the cost of maintaining this habit outweighs its benefits and that you tend to quit the habit.

with all your being You want to do this. But it is difficult for you because you are on the side of a habit and you always do this habit without thinking and that sometimes, this habit makes your life a little more bearable in a moment.

However, Some people call excessive behavioral habits "bad" habits that may not really bother you.

So how do you know if a habit is really bad and not just a weird behavior? You should look for the following clues:

  • This habit can negatively affect the physical, mental or emotional health of you and those around you.
  • Your loved ones find this habit annoying or unpleasant. They know and wish that you give up this habit.
  • By doing this habit, you break social customs or laws.
  • You can do it voluntarily and with Consistency left the habit.
  • This habit does not allow you to reach the ideal state you are looking for.

Some bad habits are worse than others. Even you may have habits that upset the other person, so that he compares himself to your good habits while comparing himself to you. But the bad thing is that such bad habits do not in any way upset the person who does them.

Deciding which of your habits to break is not the right way. The truth is, this is your life, and it's you who is most deeply influenced by your habits. Instead, ask yourself, 'Do you want to see yourself with the same habits for another five years?'> 10 of the most common bad habits

BingMag.com 145 Bad Habits You Should Always Avoid

These are habits that are everywhere as Bad habits are called, and some of them may not even be possible to quit, or the person may not prioritize quitting.

But whether you like it or not, these bad habits in your life Or your loved ones will be negatively affected and sooner or later they will become big problems that you can no longer ignore.

  • Nail biting
  • 24-hour social media addiction
  • > Bad eating habits (overeating during stress, bulimia nervosa, skipping meals)
  • Bad sleep habits (too much, too little or too little sleep)
  • Excessive spending
  • >
  • Common use of rude words
  • Doing several things at the same time
  • Smoking
  • Procrastination and procrastination
  • Excessive Thinking and Worrying
  • In the following lists, more general or pervasive examples of bad habits are broken down into more specific habits.

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    27 of the Most Annoying Bad Habits

    BingMag.com 145 Bad Habits You Should Always Avoid

    Some bad habits are more annoying than others. Some will only distract you, while others will make your life and the lives of your loved ones more stressful. Some of these habits can destroy your chances of advancement in various areas, while others may negatively affect your relationships.

    Look at the list below and learn about the habits that life You (or others) may be challenged, honestly evaluate your behavior.

  • Always sigh and moan
  • Talk like a child
  • Present Answers More Than You've Been Asked and Irrelevant Answers
    • Crowded and cluttered living or working space
    • Dumping garbage in public spaces
    • Do not flush the siphon after washing
    • Throwing your clothes on the floor and Around the house
    • Putting a wet bath towel on the floor
    • Pretending things are tidy when this is not the case.
    • Take all the talk and jokes of others as personal Excessive obsession with one's appearance
    • Expressing feelings and intimacy too much in public
    • Use of abbreviated forms of expressions in oral conversations. For example LOL!
  • Excessive use of slang in any situation
  • Excessive use of profanity and rude words
  • Checking your cell phone at When eating
  • Giving a long and intense speech while eating
  • Eating with the mouth open
  • Financially abusing others and imposing oneself on others
  • Talking while watching a movie
  • Inflating gum, popping or playing with it in public
  • Eating a loud drink
  • burping loudly in public
  • self-criticism (out of habit)
  • laughing out loud at everything
  • 33 habits harmful to health and Fitness

    BingMag.com 145 Bad Habits You Should Always Avoid

    Some of these habits directly affect your mental and physical health. The best way to fix them is to take care of yourself. Not all aspects of your life need to be perfect, but no one should live their life in a state of crisis and struggle for survival.

    Stay away from you.

  • Staying up late
  • Irregular sleep patterns and lack of sleep
  • Sedentary or sedentary lifestyle
  • Drinking Alcohol
  • Overeating
  • Inadequate nutrition and malnutrition
  • Lack of self-care and self-care in order to do more work
  • Humpback ( Poor posture)
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Drinking too much coffee/caffeine
  • Driving distraction
  • Using headphones for a while Prolonged
  • Wearing inappropriate shoes
  • Overeating
  • Eating too fast or distracted
  • Not resting at work
  • Eat fast food to save time
  • Eat dangerous stimulants (drinks with too much caffeine and energy and)
  • Eat fast food and low quality after exercise
  • Exercise too much (This will not give your muscles a chance to recover.)
  • Taking anabolic steroids and doping
  • Lifting weights too fast or at an awkward angle
  • Show off in the gym (lifting a lot of weight, etc.)
  • Count aloud the number of repetitions of your workouts (while others around you do it quietly)
  • >
  • Do not return weight to the rack
  • Drop your sweat on bodybuilding equipment
  • Play with bodybuilding equipment (while others are waiting to use it)
  • >
  • Eating a meal on the gym floor
  • Eating a meal in the bathroom or toilet
  • Saying yes to everything (over-committing)
  • Over-watching TV
  • Washing hands after using the toilet or handling dirty items
  • Eating things that fall to the floor (although there are exceptions). li>
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    23 wrong financial habits

    BingMag.com 145 Bad Habits You Should Always Avoid

    Some bad habits can cause financial problems for you and those around you, the correction of which can completely change your financial well-being.

    To all that Think about what you have done or are doing that you are still doing that prevents you from sticking to a reasonable financial budget and living within your means. Then ask yourself what conflicting habits do you need to change it?

    • Buy things you do not need.
    • Renew monthly subscriptions you do not need or do not use .
    • Addiction to shopping or emotional shopping
    • Sudden and unplanned shopping
    • Shopping for food when hungry
    • Shopping for a newspaper or book And not reading them
    • Reckless spending on things you do not need.
    • Buying coffee, snacks and every day
    • buying more food What you can eat.
    • Buying a gift at the last minute
    • Lack of commitment to financial and budgeting (and increasing debt)
    • Turning on the lights when leaving Room
    • Turn on the faucet when not in use.
    • Betting
    • Permanently turn on the air conditioner or heating system without setting them to automatic
    • Do not plug in high-consumption electronics such as irons or electric heaters
    • Turn on the washing machine or dishwasher only Due to the small amount of clothing or utensils
    • staring aimlessly into the refrigerator while it is open.
    • Sleeping without turning off the TV or audio system
    • Getting Money and Not Paying It Back
    • Overpaying for things you buy regularly.
    • Eating too much outdoors
    • Spending too much Too much for expensive devices that enhance your social image.
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      33 bad habits that affect your communication Negatively affect others

      BingMag.com 145 Bad Habits You Should Always Avoid

      Some bad habits affect our relationships and our ability to communicate effectively It has a direct effect on others. In addition, some of these bad habits can even ruin your important relationships.

      The more you break these bad habits or replace them with better ones, the better and more effective your relationships will be. You will experience it with others.

    • Gossiping about others or judging people
    • Gossiping or gossiping about others
    • Discrimination and classifying stereotypes of others (e.g. Racist views, social classification, insulting a nationality, etc.)/li>
    • End others' sentences based on your own assumptions
    • Start arguing with others
    • Criticize others
    • Lie Common)
    • Long, self-centered speeches and conversations for others
    • Changing the subject of others' conversations to your own interests
    • Turning your eyes when others speak
    • Staring at others to intimidate them
    • Touching others badly Van Let
    • Undermine the privacy of others
    • Blame others for avoiding responsibility
    • Try to distort the feelings and attitudes of people who oppose you or you They do not like it.
    • Talking to yourself in front of others
    • Breaking the collar of your fingers
    • Whispering to yourself
    • And "Wow"
    • Biting your pen or pencil
    • Playing with your auto-button consecutively
    • Agreeing with everyone just to stay calm and prevent Argument
    • Speak fast and slow
    • Speak too slowly or in a monotone
    • Be impatient or impatient when others talk to you
    • Staring at the ground or avoiding eye contact with others
    • Staying away from others and not paying attention to what others are saying.
    • Directing all conversations towards Yourself and your interests
    • Checking your cell phone in the middle of a conversation
    • Shaking your foot or tapping your fingers on the table for boredom in the middle of a conversation
    • Do not return and Borrowed money or money
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      19 Very Bad Personal Hygiene Habits

      BingMag.com 145 Bad Habits You Should Always Avoid

      Some bad habits make others (especially those who are more aware of infectious diseases) more likely to The person is disgusted that they may decide to stay away from you and even warn others about you. Or talk to everyone about your "hateful" habits and cause irreparable damage to your reputation. Indicates

  • cleaning teeth by hand or flossing in public
  • biting nails
  • cleaning the nose in front of others
  • Scratching yourself for a long time in front of others
  • Sleeping with makeup
  • Showering or bathing at long intervals
  • Washing clothes late
  • Do not pick up short nails from the floor
  • Put curled nails on the sink or around the house
  • Use someone else's toothbrush
  • Use tools Hygiene of others without permission
  • Sneezing without covering the mouth
  • Sneezing in your hands and sitting on your hands
  • Removing wounds or skin on damaged parts in the presence of others
  • Do not brush
  • Final Tip

    Now that you have read the list of 145 bad habits, which one do you look familiar with? Are they coming? And which one is more serious about your decision to correct?

    It's okay if you feel you don't need to correct all your bad habits. Start with the things that cause the most trouble for you or others. Let's focus more on the things that can hurt you or those around you, even if they are minor. We are not looking for perfection here. We are looking for a more complete and beautiful life. Replacing your worst habits with better ones will increase your beauty and happiness.

    This is for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the Digitica Magazine Disclaimer .

    Source: Live Bold and Bloom

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