14 necessary accessories that you should have with a suit

All men like to have their best possible style. But being stylish is not possible by just putting together a few different clothes and it requires more effort. To be handsome, you need to have some knowledge and thinking.

BingMag.com 14 necessary accessories that you should have with a suit

All men like to have their best possible style. But being stylish is not possible by just putting together a few different clothes and it requires more effort. To be handsome, you need to have some knowledge and thinking.

To have the right look, you need to match the right accessories with your suit and improve your style. To be stylish, not only the suit is important, but the accessories you use with it are also very important. Remember what we introduced with the suit.

1. Belt

To fasten or not to fasten a belt was among the challenging questions for a long time. A belt is one of the practical accessories because it prevents pants from falling. The golden and very important rule is that if the size of your pants does not fit, you should use a belt.

If your jacket and pants have pants that are custom-made and tailored to your size, they should fit your body. In such a situation, you don't need a belt for practical reasons.

Instead, you can tie a belt to make the style more stylish. Belts can be functional and attractive. If you want to tuck your shirt into your pants and leave the buttons of your jacket unbuttoned, it is better to use a belt for more beauty. It draws attention away from the suit.

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2. Bow tie

BingMag.com 14 necessary accessories that you should have with a suit

If you like to wear a tie but don't like old fashioned tie styles or just want Choose something different, a bow tie is a good option.

Bow ties are not used as much as regular ties and this allows you to stand out. Black is a classic color for bow ties. You should use a black or white bow tie with a formal suit.

A bow tie is a final accessory for any suit, a single coat with a formal shirt. When you're dressing for a formal event, wear a subtle bow tie in black, gray, or navy. But for informal events, you can use bright colors and glamorous materials.

Bow ties have different models, including woven, wooden and silk bow ties. If you don't want to bother with tying them, you can buy pre-made models. Of course, you can tie them yourself. The most common shape for bow ties is a butterfly knot, but they also tie it in the shape of a bat and a diamond.

3. Cold button

BingMag.com 14 necessary accessories that you should have with a suit

For a long time, the cold button was considered one of the sophisticated accessories. In addition, it caused confusion for many people because most people did not know when and where to use it. Although most of the buttons were used for formal situations, can they be used for informal situations as well? These accessories are usually used with French cuffs. This accessory is both functional and decorative and is available in different materials, shapes, sizes and models. The way to use it is that it is placed inside the pockets of long-sleeved shirts. Shirts such as those with French cuffs do not have buttons and must be buttoned.

The event you are attending will determine what type of button you should use. Use a simple button down when attending a formal event. Cufflinks, which are more glamorous than traditional models, should be used in informal events.

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4. Coat collar flower

BingMag.com 14 necessary accessories that you should have with a suit

Although the collar flower is also known as a collar pin, the reality is this which should be placed in its own category. A long time ago, the use of collared flowers was very common, but then these accessories were only seen in weddings and parties. But now they have returned to the world of fashion and have become part of the accessories of everyday suits.

Natural flowers or artificial flowers made of silk or wool can be used for collar flowers. This model of collar flowers are attached to the collar with pins or clips. In addition, their metal and glazed models can also be used. This collar flowers give texture to the suit. There are also collar flowers in striped, checkered and collar designs.

5. Lapel pin

Lapel pin causes addition The beauty and uniqueness of the suit. When using a lapel pin, you can display your style without going away from the overall style. The new model of the collar pin is that the pins have a long root.

These pins are closed with a pin clip and are produced in various models including linear, geometric designs and metal models. Pixel pins are another type of lapel pins. This model is used to display things like the national flag or family symbol.

There are a few things you should pay attention to when using a brooch. First, the brooch should be placed inside the left collar pocket. If your suit does not have a lapel, you can put the brooch directly into the fabric. The brooch should be above the lapel and at an angle that matches the angle of the collar.

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6. Tie

BingMag.com 14 necessary accessories that you should have with a suit

Tie is one of the most common and simple suit accessories. Ties come in a variety of fabrics, widths, and designs. When wearing a shirt, you should pay attention to the tie and its knot. It often seems that a suit is not complete without a tie.

The thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the design and color of the tie should match the shirt, jacket and coat. When matching a tie in style, you should pay attention to a number of points.

If you wear a plain shirt in one of the classic white or light blue colors with a navy suit, you can choose your tie in any color or pattern. . If you wear a patterned suit, you should pay attention to the rule that the design of the tie should not be the same as the design of the jacket, but the size of the designs can be different.

7. Jacket

A jacket is a dream accessory that adds color to a suit. The pocket is on the chest of the coat. This accessory is very practical and gives personality to the suit. According to some people, the jacket is one of the essential accessories of the suit.

The jacket can be plain or patterned. If your suit is patterned, you should choose a simple jacket to complete it. If your suit is monochromatic and neutral in color, you can choose a patterned or colored model for the jacket.

If you want to dress for a formal event, you should use a jacket. For example, with a formal suit, you can use a white silk jacket. If you are in the habit of using a handkerchief, be sure to remove it from your pocket.

The pocket is not a handkerchief and should not be used like one. You don't need to match the jacket with a tie. You should choose the primary color for the jacket, shirt or tie and consider the secondary color for the jacket.

A jacket can enhance the look of a suit for informal situations. Of course, folding the jacket is also very important. There are several ways to fold a pocket square, some are simple and some are more complicated.

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8. Shoes

BingMag.com 14 necessary accessories that you should have with a suit

We all know that shoes can make or break a style. It doesn't matter how stylish your suit is, if you wear the wrong shoes, your whole style will be messed up.

Formal shoes come in different models and colors. Not only formal shoes should match your suit, but they should also have a beautiful shape.

9. Socks

Socks are often overlooked as a suit accessory, but they shouldn't be. Socks are exactly where you can let your personality shine. Bright colors can be used to have a prominent appearance.

Light socks are suitable for simple suits. When deciding to choose socks, think about socks with a prominent and striped design.

10. Sunglasses

BingMag.com 14 necessary accessories that you should have with a suit

Sunglasses are an optional accessory but a good choice to enhance the style of a suit. they are going. Sunglasses can be worn on the face or hung from the front pocket of the jacket.

The best thing about this accessory is that there are no specific rules regarding them. Choose sunglasses that are suitable for you and that fit your face. It is better to avoid buying plastic and colored glasses.

11. Sasband or suspenders

Today suspenders are being forgotten. When you think of suspenders, you probably think of models that have a metal clip at the end and were attached to the waist of the pants.

Old suspenders were attached to the waist of the pants with a leather end and thick fabric at the end. The fabric of the suits was thick and as a result did not stretch. These suspenders are much more durable and stay in place.

When you have a pair of high quality suspenders, you can create a stylish style with them. These accessories can also hold the pants in place They have, so the pants fit well.

You cannot use suspenders and belts at the same time, you must use one of them. Both of these accessories are to keep the pants in their proper place and you don't need to use both together.

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12. Tie clip

BingMag.com 14 necessary accessories that you should have with a suit

Tie clip is often the smallest accessory worn with a suit. Tie pins and tie clips can make a suit look more stylish. These accessories are also very practical and popular and are used to keep the tie in place and attach it to the formal shirt.

There is no need to use a tie clip when using a tie or vest. These accessories are available in different colors, sizes and models. The most important thing is that the tie clip should not be wider than the tie.

The best place to place the tie clip is somewhere between the third and fourth button of the shirt. If you are wearing a straight tie, you can use any type of clip or tie pin. Just be careful that the width of the tie clip should be 3/4 of the width of the tie.

13. Umbrella

Umbrella is a unique accessory that can be matched with a suit. If the weather conditions are unfavorable, the umbrella becomes a practical accessory. When the weather is not rainy, you can also take the umbrella with you.

Although the umbrella may not really be a suit accessory, it can create a nice look. To have a stylish style, choose an umbrella that has a wooden handle.

14. Wristwatch

A wristwatch is one of the simple and essential accessories for a suit. Many of us hold our phones in our hands most of the time, and this has caused watches to lose their functionality compared to the past.

Of course, having a wristwatch still gives a very beautiful appearance. If it is financially possible for you, buy several different wrist watches.

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