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14 Korean beauty secrets you should know

BingMag.com 14 <b>Korean</b> <b>beauty</b> <b>secrets</b> <b>you</b> <b>should</b> know

If you are a fan of Korean music or series, you must have been surprised to see their smooth and perfect skin. Maybe you have been asked why Koreans have healthy and beautiful skin and their hair is bare and without frizz. Stay with DigiStyle to reveal some Korean beauty secrets.

Why do Koreans have healthy and perfect skin and hair?

Many parts of human appearance, such as hair type It depends on the race of the people. But taking some care and using some natural ingredients will help you have healthy and beautiful skin and hair. Koreans also have many old instructions to maintain the beauty and health of the skin. you can also include these care and beauty tips in your skin care routine and see its amazing effect on the health and beauty of skin and hair. 14 secrets of Korean skin and hair beauty To have skin like Koreans, remember these tips.

1. Facial steam massage

In South Korea, wherever you go, you will find a skin clinic that offers services such as facial massage. In this country, you can easily and cheaply get manicure and facial massage services. If this service is not available near you, don't worry. you can massage your face at home. To get the best results, perform facial massage in the bathroom and in steam.

When massaging your face, your movements should be circular. First, start from your forehead and then massage your cheekbones, cheeks and jawline. Massaging the skin increases blood circulation. you can use this opportunity to hydrate your skin more. If there is water vapor in the environment, the moisture of the skin increases. you can even use facial cleansing oils while massaging.

If you don't know how to massage your face, first watch some videos on the internet to learn how to do it.

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2. Leaf peeling

You may have noticed that Korean women have very few wrinkles on their face even though they are very old. One of their secrets is the continuous use of a soft fiber and facial massage. To wash your face with a soft cloth, you must first moisten it with lukewarm water. Your movements during massage should be upwards.

3. Using a charcoal sheet mask

BingMag.com 14 <b>Korean</b> <b>beauty</b> <b>secrets</b> <b>you</b> <b>should</b> know

One of the products that is bought a lot in Korea and as much as buying paper towels. It is common to buy sheet masks. One of the best types of sheet masks is the charcoal mask. This mask exfoliates and detoxifies the facial skin. All you have to do is put the sheet masks on your face for 15 to 20 minutes and relax.

4. Using the blurring technique

Use the blurring technique to cover imperfections, spots and skin problems. In this technique, you should have light cream powder with good coverage and apply it with a special brush or pad on the parts of the skin that are needed.

5. Using useful extracts between two moisturizing layers

Today's women in Korea use the unique properties of extracts for their skin. Today, of course, extracts are not consumed in pure and traditional form, and companies producing cosmetic and skin care products prepare various serums with these extracts. To use the wonderful benefits of these serums, first apply a moisturizing layer on the skin. In the next step, use a serum rich in nutrients and apply moisturizer on it again.

By doing this, the elasticity and elasticity of your skin will increase and it will be hydrated.

6. Using lip balm

One of the tips that Koreans consider is using the natural features of the face. Instead of excessive use of cosmetics, they try to make their face more visible. For example, they use lip balm. Lip balms usually have soft and natural colors or are colorless. Lip balm makes the lip skin soft and smooth and makes your lips look shiny, beautiful and smooth.

Lip balm usually has moisturizing properties. For this reason, using it daily will gradually reduce wrinkles on the lip skin.

7. Using Lip Tint

BingMag.com 14 <b>Korean</b> <b>beauty</b> <b>secrets</b> <b>you</b> <b>should</b> know

If you like to enhance the skin of your lips and at the same time, a little color Give it more, use lip tint. Lip tint is a product that is made from nutrients and useful oils and has a soft and attractive color without sticking to the lips.

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8. Using night masks

Night is exactly the time when skin cells are regenerated and the skin, the problems that happened to it during the day, restores For this reason, nights are the best opportunity to hydrate the skin. Use hydrating masks at night to get rid of dark spots and prevent dull skin. With this, when you wake up in the morning, you will have clean and clear skin just by washing with water.

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9. Drinking mugicha or barley tea

If you've been to Korean restaurants, you might have tried this tea. Roasted barley seeds are used to prepare this tea. This tea is usually given to Korean babies and children to strengthen their skin and improve their overall health. Barley is rich in antioxidants, and the results of a study have shown that drinking this drink can improve circulation. Blood in the body helps. Some researchers have come to the conclusion that consuming this drink can speed up the process of losing weight.

10. Use of skin ampoules

One of the products that has recently increased in the market of skin care products and has become very popular is the skin ampoule. Ampoules are high-concentration combinations of nutrients that are useful for repair and regeneration, cell repair, and overall correction of skin problems in the shortest possible time.

Ampoules are produced for different purposes; Prevention of acne, treatment of dullness and darkness of the skin, etc. Prepare the ampoule according to the needs of your skin and use it in your skin care routine.

11. Mouth stretching exercise

One of the ways to reduce wrinkles around the lips and mouth is massaging these areas with mouth stretching exercises. For this purpose, try to pronounce the English vowels (A-E-I-O-U) in an exaggerated way. That is, when pronouncing these letters, you should stretch and open your mouth more than usual. This exercise is a kind of massage for the parts around the mouth.

12. More skin care products, less makeup products

BingMag.com 14 <b>Korean</b> <b>beauty</b> <b>secrets</b> <b>you</b> <b>should</b> know

Another characteristic of Korean women in skin care routines that make them beautiful Their skin is that they usually buy less cosmetic products but spend more on skin care products. They usually have very simple and gentle makeup. But they buy a lot of face masks, serums and ampoules, strengthening and moisturizing creams. With proper skin care and having healthy and clear skin, your need for cosmetic products will be much less.

13. Cleansing the face with cleansing oil

Cleansing the face with cleansing oils in addition to removing impurities from the skin and removing dead skin cells, makes you have smooth and clear skin. After massaging the oil on the face and neck, remove the oil from the face with a tissue or soft cotton. These oils are also the best option for removing makeup.

14. Using eye cream

One of the skin care products that you should take seriously is eye cream. The skin around the eyes is thinner and prone to wrinkles and aging much earlier than the skin of other parts of the face. In order to prevent the aging of this part of the skin, you should use eye creams before creating any wrinkles and rejuvenating. It depends on genetics and more on their skin care methods. If you like to have fresh and beautiful skin like Koreans, don't forget to regularly use skin care products, exfoliate, use masks and hydrate the skin.

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