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14 colorful apartment plants that double the charm of the house

Not all apartment flowers are green. You can find plants in the vast world of houseplants that have leaves with different and special colors; From purple and red leaves to patterned leaves with white, yellow and silver colors. To get acquainted with some examples of colorful houseplants, stay tuned to BingMag.

Colorful houseplants

Houseplants are very diverse. Each of them is specific to a particular climate and has a variety of colors and designs. Some of them produce attractive colorful flowers in ideal conditions, but most of them usually do not bloom at home, but they themselves have very diverse and beautiful leaves.

It does not matter what color your home decoration is. In any case, you can find one of the types of colorful houseplants that match the other colors of your home decor and give it a special charm. Apartment flowers are the best option to beautify the indoor environment.

Here are some colorful houseplants. Some of them are familiar and popular plants and others you may have seen less of. These plants either have very beautiful ornamental leaves with special colors or their flowers are colorful and dazzling.

1. African violet

BingMag.com 14 colorful apartment plants that double the charm of the house

One of the houseplants that has long been of interest to house plant enthusiasts, violet He is African. This plant with its fluffy leaves and beautiful and unique flowers, can decorate the decoration of any house in the most beautiful way possible.

The common color of the flowers of this plant is purple, just like the name of this plant is African violet. But in addition to this common color, it gives flowers to other colors; White, different shades of blue and pink. This plant is native to Africa and sometimes has multicolored leaves. The petals may also be multicolored or marginal.

This plant grows slowly, so it is a good choice for those who have little space to store flowers. You should water it regularly and put it in indirect and high light.

2. Alocasia

Alocasia is a collection of different plants that have the same name but are very diverse. This plant is also known by various names such as black shield, elephant ear or African mask. This houseplant is just like a statue, beautiful and stunning and has an interesting appearance. The glossy green leaves of this plant have white streaks on the leaves while the underside of the leaves is purple. This plant with a beautiful and stunning appearance can be the center of attention in your home decoration.

One of the types of alucazia is known as Amazonica, which is usually sold as an apartment plant. Its height reaches 30 to 60 cm. This plant needs a lot of indirect light and should be only two centimeters above the soil surface before watering it again.

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3. Anthurium or herbaceous plant

BingMag.com 14 colorful apartment plants that double the charm of the house

Anthurium is known by various names and is sometimes called flamingo flower. This plant with its red and pink flowers, which usually has a long life, gives a stunning beauty to home decoration. The flowers of this plant not only have attractive and beautiful colors but also are shiny and can be seen in the shape of a heart. That's why they give a romantic and beautiful look to a young couple's house. Despite the combination of green and red, they are also suitable for Christmas decorations.

This plant can be kept indoors with moderate to high light. You should water this plant regularly because it does not like the soil to dry out. With proper care, this plant grows up to 45 cm in height and up to 30 cm in width.

4. Syngonium podophyllum

This beautiful and popular houseplant has leaves with different and attractive appearances. The color of its leaves is varied and can be seen from light green to light pink, and it is very suitable for spaces with light decoration. This plant likes warm and humid environments and the appropriate light for it is indirect sunlight and relatively high light. This plant, as a process plant, is very suitable for storage in hanging pots. The length of its creeping stems reaches 15 cm.

5. Chicken of Paradise

BingMag.com 14 colorful apartment plants that double the charm of the house

If you are looking for an attractive tropical plant with special and different flowers that make your home Transformed with its stunning appearance, the Bird of Paradise plant is the best choice.

The beautiful and special flowers of this plant, which have a bird-like appearance, are shiny and appear in beautiful orange and blue colors. The combination of orange and blue on the beautiful green leaves has given an attractive and different look to the chicken of paradise. This plant should be placed next to a south sunny window. This beautiful plant creates a tropical and attractive atmosphere in the house.

The hen in the cold months of the year should receive direct sunlight. In the warmer months of the year, indirect sunlight and plenty of light are sufficient for it. Between each watering of the plant, only two centimeters above the soil should be dry.

6. Calatia

Calatia is an ornamental houseplant you may have seen before. But you may have underestimated its stunning beauty. Among the different types of kalatia plants, which are also called prayer plants, some of them have leaves with different appearance and have a special design and role. The leaves of Catalonia have attractive geometric designs and the streaks and spots on it can be seen in different colors; From dark and light green to white, red and purple.

These evergreens do not bloom, but their leaves alone are beautiful and stunning, and if placed next to other houseplants, they can add charm to your home dcor. Double you.

Catalia is called the praying plant because its leaves shrink during the night. Catalonia loves a humid and warm environment and should be kept away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight causes the leaves to turn white. Keep this plant in indirect light and do not forget that the soil should always be moist; But do not water it too much.

7. Aglonaema or Chinese evergreen

BingMag.com 14 colorful apartment plants that double the charm of the house

Chinese evergreen is the name of a collection of different species of agglomerate. Aglonaema is one of the most popular houseplants and is available in green and white. Some varieties may have leaves with red streaks or colored margins that will amaze any viewer.

This plant is also one of the plants used in Christmas decorations due to its combination of red and green colors. Is used. The height and width of this plant reaches 45 cm. Chinese evergreen grows well in low to moderately high and indirect light. You should not allow the potting soil to dry between waterings. This plant generally needs a little care and even if you are a novice, you can easily maintain it and enjoy its beautiful appearance at home.

8. Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus flowers with beautiful and dazzling colors. The color of these flowers is very diverse; From white, pink, red and purple to yellow. This houseplant is a medium-sized plant and can add a wide range of beautiful flowers and special textures to your home dcor. You can plant it in a hanging pot or place it growing down. This plant needs a little care and with a little attention, it will make your home beautiful and pleasant.

This plant needs a lot of indirect sunlight during its growing season. When the pot dries a few inches above the soil, it is time to water the pot. In order for this plant to flower all year round, it must be kept at a cooler temperature and experience longer nights.

Christmas cactus is one of the long-lived houseplants. So when choosing a vase, buy your favorite color.

9. Hassan Yousef

BingMag.com 14 colorful apartment plants that double the charm of the house

Hassan Yousef is one of the most common and very compatible houseplants. You may have underestimated its stunning beauty. This tropical evergreen plant grows very well indoors and can continue to grow for several years. Hassan Yousef has very diverse and beautiful colors and even designs on its leaves are varied.

Hassan Yousef plant needs little care and you can tolerate different light conditions until indirect light shines on it. The soil of this plant should not be completely dry, but you should not water it too much. In fact, the soil should be moist, but Hassan Yousef's pot should not be filled with water.

10. Croton

If you are looking for one of the most beautiful colorful houseplants that will beautify your home dcor with its attractive and varied colors, the croton plant is what you are looking for. This plant has light-colored spotted leaves and you can find it in a combination of different colors; For example, green, yellow, orange and red.

If this number of colors is not enough for you, you can choose some types of croutons that also have pink and purple colors. The leaves of different types of croutons are also different. Despite all this variety, you can undoubtedly find a crouton plant with the leaf shape you want and the colors you are considering.

Unlike most of the colorful houseplants we introduced in this article, croutons are direct light It loves the sun and this light makes it have more colorful leaves.

Croton soil should always be moist during the growing season, but the pot should not be full of water. With proper maintenance, this plant reaches a height of 180 cm and a width of one and a half meters. So if you are going to take care of this plant, make sure you have enough space for it to grow.

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11. Cyclamen or Mary's Claw

BingMag.com 14 colorful apartment plants that double the charm of the house

This beautiful plant belongs to the primrose family, and if there is little space to store flowers And you have a plant, you can keep this plant in a relatively small apartment. Cyclamen is known for the beauty of its leaves and flowers. This plant has inverted flowers and its leaves are heart-shaped. Cyclamen flowers come in a variety of colors; From white and pink and red to purple. The heart-shaped leaves of the plant also have silver designs.

This plant does not grow too large. Its width and height reach 22 cm. Cyclamen should be stored in bright, indirect light. The soil of the cyclamen plant should remain moist except during the dormancy of this plant, which is in summer. In summer, you should water it less.

12. Gerbera

Flowers that children paint are usually similar to gerbera flowers. You can find this flower in florists, which are sold to be placed in bouquets. But in addition to these arranged flowers, you can also keep it in the form of a houseplant.

Gerbera flowers add beautiful summer colors to your home decoration. These flowers can be found in almost any beautiful color. The flower reaches a height of 45 cm, so it is a good choice to place on the table.

Gerbera flowers need a few hours of direct sunlight during the day, but prefer cooler weather. If you keep them indoors, the east sun window is the best place to store gerberas. When the pot dries two inches from the top of the soil, water it again.

13. Kalanchoe

BingMag.com 14 colorful apartment plants that double the charm of the house

You are probably familiar with the green varieties of Kalanchoe. This plant belongs to the category of succulents or succulents and produces small white, red, pink, orange, yellow or purple flowers. Some types of kalanchoe have an unusual appearance. Their leaves have a variety of designs and small seedlings grow on the margins of the leaves. From this type of houseplant, there are many different types with different colors that you can buy your favorite color to suit your home decoration.

14. Phytonia

Another colorful and popular houseplant is Phytonia. Phytonia is best known for its beautiful streaked leaves. This plant is also known as mosaic plant. The veins of this plant have a different color from the leaves themselves and are usually seen in yellow, white and silver colors. This color difference makes this plant look very attractive.

The leaves of Phytonia plant are dark green or light green. Some varieties also have red or pink veins. Phytonia is the best plant to keep in a terrarium because it likes a humid environment. Putting several phytonutrients together in different colors can give your home dcor a stunning beauty; A charm that no one can easily overlook.

Phytonia grows in low to high light and should be shone indirectly. The soil of the plant and its surroundings should always be moist. Therefore, in addition to watering, you must use other methods to provide moisture. For example, place an incense burner near it or spray it regularly. Dusting machines are also a good choice for supplying moisture to various plants.

Another method is to place it in a tray full of pebbles and pour water into the tray. This plant withers very quickly in the absence of moisture, but when it provides the moisture it needs, it regenerates very quickly./ul>


Houseplants are not limited to green. You can use colorful houseplants to make a beautiful change in your home decoration. Some houseplants have different colored leaves or colorful flowers. Due to the predominant color of home decoration, any plant with any color you can imagine can be found in nature. Choose one of these colorful houseplants and enjoy keeping them at home.

Source: Gardenerspath

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